The Human Merkabah: How Reality Creates in Spiral Dynamics

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It's high time an understanding of the Human Merkabah and how it creates reality begins to ripple through human consciousness. The lower self becomes a chalice for the higher faculties to cascade in, but then how we co-create with the divine becomes the fascinating part. The Universe manifests from spiral dynamics and so too does the Merkabah.

What does this mean in a practical sense?

Time is not Linear

The perception by the ego is that time is linear and we create that way - one thing, one event or circumstance follows on from the other in a linear progression: you get up, have a shower, eat breakfast and head out to work. You finish at the office at the end of the day, drive home and take some leisure. There are timed appointments and schedules throughout the day. The perception is that everything creates in a linear fashion. But this is only because the ego is caught in a trap - the matrix.

Firstly, we can accurately say there is only one moment of now; that linear time is an illusion. How can this be?

Imagine the Universe as a humungous jellyfish, which is all moving together at once. As the jellyfish moves, it all moves. You could imagine that the jellyfish - the Universe - never looks the same twice. It is constantly shapeshifting to new forms. Hence, although there is only one moment of now, there is a progression from one shape to the next. Hence we get the sense of past, present and future:

Reality is constantly reshaping as it moves progressively through new iterations, new crystallisations. At point B, the present, there are still elements of the configuration at point A, the past, plus aspects of point C, which is the next iteration it is coming to. Hence you can have progression, a sense of linear time, as we shift through events and circumstances from A to B to C: from work to home and then leisure. It's all happening in one moment, just different forms of it.

You might argue this is semantics. It doesn't change how we experience reality. True, but only if you're reacting to it. It's a completely different ball game if you're co-creating with reality. Let's explore how.

Exploring the Human Merkabah

The key is to progressively move into the new human form - what we can call the Merkabah. The Lower Self has been progressively purified: mental attachments and limiting judgments broken down; emotional reactivity has been realigned; the physical has been deeply cleansed and we've fully embodied the soul through it. Through daily meditation with chakra attunement, our higher spiritual faculties have been activated - the spirit light body for example. Now we're starting to receive Higher Self infusions and impulses THROUGH the Lower Self.

This is where life becomes fascinating, alchemical, and mystical. This is where an understanding of how reality truly creates becomes paramount.

You'll start to get knowings, visions and intuitions of future-landing-now; meaning - you're already starting to perceive the shape of reality to come - the next form of the universal "jellyfish" that we're coming to. At least that is, the aspect and configuration you're living in.

You'll start seeing signs and synchronicities, repeating numerology, symbols and sacred geometry on your path. Regular patterns of colours will stand out to your awareness. Particular aspects of nature will speak to you - power animals for example and animal medicine.

Visions and Knowings of Future-Landing-Now

You'll get signs of future-landing-now, but most likely, in the beginning, you won't necessarily know what all the signs and synchronicities are pointing to. What are they saying?

And here's my main point: the Universe does NOT create in a linear fashion. It's creating in spirals. What this practically means, is that when I'm tuned into the flow, through the Merkabah, then reality will progressively crystallise, not all at once. It's rather like clouds moving in the heavens, taking on different shapes and forms. Or building a puzzle, where different aspects of the puzzle land through each part placed. As it builds, you'll start to get a sense of the form, the picture, it's taking; until finally, it's landed and the picture is complete.

What this means is, that when in the Merkabah, I'll get plenty of intuitions and senses about how the future wants to land and create in my life. But that it won't immediately make sense. Crucially, rather than efforting to make the pieces fit, or ignoring them because they don't apparently do so, is to hold the pieces lightly. Pay attention to them, but don't fixate on them too much. Now it is necessary to become the "juggler" of life.

What do I mean?

Becoming the Juggler of Reality

I find in this state, it really helps to imagine yourself as a juggler: you get some sense about how an aspect of your life is wanting to shape - say in a relationship for example or a change to how you live or work. But you don't know how?

Explore the sense of it, but then toss the ball back up into the air - give it back to the Universe to work on.

In the meantime, keep noticing how the signs and synchronicities are shaping - the numerology for example. By simply noticing, you're already weaving reality. Keep going with the feeling flow, especially how it directs you through higher knowing or the pull through the heart.

When a step lands, as reality crystallises in a particular way, then all the signs and synchronicity you've been observing will click in. You get that "aha" moment of landing, where it all makes sense - the patterns were pointing to this particular configuration. Life becomes pure joy as you're now co-creating with the divine. You're bringing your consciousness to bear in any given situation. And the more expanded, AND focused you become, the more successful your creative process becomes.

This is pure alchemy. You're living the magical flow of life - the Flower of Life, that which creates from the spiral dynamics of the Universe. Voila!

Becoming the Master Juggler of Life

Obviously, what I've written of here requires a high degree of mastery, both of the Self, and how that relates to the authentic creative flow of the Universe. It's going to require oodles of development and practice! That's where Openhand comes in. If you're intrigued and would like to explore further, dive into our ground-breaking work:

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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Thanks Openhand for insight to the Merkabah and how it relates to the body and our life experience from a quantum perspective. A month a go I suddenly started to see a Merkaba over my head, and sometimes around my whole body, when in meditation and during acupuncture treatments. It's been a synchronicity symbol on my healing journey. Last month I found out that I have an autoimmune illness - so it makes sense why the Merkabah appeared: The lower self is purging impurities through the illness/inflammation and the higher self is guiding the way. Very interesting!


11/05/2024 Shift Update: Spiral Dynamics

The Shift is definitely gearing up now, you can positively feel the increase in frequency. We can create more powerfully by connecting into the spinning torus - the field animates our kundalini energy. But we must also be clear how manifestation then comes into being?

Reality does not create in a linear fashion - from A to B to C. But rather in Spiral Dynamics. Which means you'll get visions of the future possibility that could create, but it won't necessarily land in the way you initially imagine it. It's like parts of a huge puzzle form in the ether around you, slowly taking shape until in one moment, it all clicks and lands.

How might we best approach our creative endeavours then?

Here's an overview that works for me...

1) Open to the field of possibility, then allow visions, dreams and senses of a future possibility come into your being
2) When you know the soul is beginning to stir in these possibilites, then begin to visualise how the pieces and flows might be starting to weave together - I call it "dreaming the possibilty"
3) Step positively, but also carefully toward and into the possibility, taking the steps that feel right and aligned
4) Maintain periphery vision: meaning to watch for new aspects - new iterations - of the dream to come into your creative web
5) Keep allowing the landscape to adjust as it moves toward it's final crytsallisation
6) Keep exploring and actualising what beingness wants to animate through you
7) Watch for the supportive synchronicities, flows, numerology and sacred geometry weaving your path, ensuring your alignment
8) Ground the energy as it comes through you, right down to the base, until the creation - your authentic aspiration - finally lands. Step into it and celebrate.

If you resonate, you can find more on how the Universe creates in spiral dynamics from the article above...

The Human Merkabah: How Reality Creates in Spiral Dynamics

Enjoy your creative flow!

Open 🙏


Open, you've opened many hearts and minds to deep fundamental truths regarding this Earth and reality.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.  Love to you - g


It's intirguing to read about this process, as it feels to be stepping more into the forefront of my days.  I'm starting to become especially keen in witnessing more about the sense of "me" that wants to make things happen, after tunning into the knowings of Future-Landing-Now. Embracing my personality, that is always ready to make things happen, there is the constant invation to soften the "I shall do it by myself" as the feeling sense in the background. 

It's mind blowing to realize how much has been created in my life from this place of following the impulse and  stepping positivley into the action and afterwards getting "owned by it", whilst in the process of creating. When I am able to bring in this facet of juggling, it truly brings a sense of liberation on the level of the Soul. Sometimes it's almost scarry to witness, how dropping this need for immediate outcome starts to derail my Psyche. It looks like another step in "rewiring the neuropathways" to gradually develop this new level of expression.

I'm sharing some of the wordplay, that brings me closer to the sense of Human Merkabah:

Premium activation offering Consciousness emanation.

Readers digest healing Starseed incest.

Internal recognition invoking Unity mission.

Daily Practice cultivation enabling LightBody restoration.

Cosmic storm becoming New Earth norm.

Flowing waters hewed in Volcanic craters.

Ancient illumination emerging as StarBeing nation.

InterDimensional Shift honoured as Universal Gift.


Ultimate Liberation embracing the Pain of Separation

Original Blueprint repairing through Heartfelt sharing.

Cosmic Home sensed in the Electromagnetic Dome.

Infinite Co-Creation unfold by Divine emancipation.


Best "juggling" wishes🤞



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Hi Miha, you said...

It's mind blowing to realize how much has been created in my life from this place of following the impulse and  stepping positivley into the action and afterwards getting "owned by it", whilst in the process of creating. When I am able to bring in this facet of juggling, it truly brings a sense of liberation on the level of the Soul.

Absolutely! Indeed, especially where someone is highly creative and where we step positively into our stream of creation, it (juggling) helps from getting too focused and owned by the external. It makes sure reality lands in the way it's meant to.


Open 💎



So Openhanders, how do you like the idea of juggling reality? Where circumstances and situations in your life don't make sense, to give them back up to the Universe like juggling balls, until they land, and you truly know the step to take. How does that work for you?

If you haven't already read it, check out my lead article above on creating with the Universe, through the Merkabah, in spiral dynamics. I think you'll find it fascinating!

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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I woke up this morning and meditated for a while, I felt light and expanded. I had a coffee and went for a walk with my ukulele. I sat in an expanded place shaded by trees and started writing and singing a few lines for a new song. This beautiful dog joined me and amplified the creative process with his love. I wrote about how I'm taking back my power from my mind. The mind, which has been heavily conditioned by the system, - how to live, work, earn, and create. It seems to work in terms of delivering something that can be called success in our society. As I came back, my friend told me about an artist who is doing many gigs in the city above the part-time job he is already doing. He is using most of the money to release his songs. This, to me, sounded like the left-brain approach to meeting the world, but it is fueled by passion and soul expression. It's quite compelling to operate this way. Yet when I orient myself with this approach, I lose touch with reality, and my centered connection in the heart and start to feel more and more depleted, and creation can't happen in this depleted state. So I asked the question while I was sitting there: "Is it possible to live purely from love?" The love that we embody in our hearts gets reflected in the outer world. Literally, I drew the dog to me, and the birds started to chirp in accordance with my expression.


It doesn't serve to be anywhere else other than here. There are many visions, and ideas in my mind that are aligned with my passion and orientation. It requires quite a degree of trust to hold it in the mind and not force it into creation. What I have observed is that when I let go of the need for it to happen in a particular way, something similar manifests, but in a way the mind couldn't expect. The tendency of the mind is to overthink it because it's not happening the way I expected or simply drop it because it feels like a burden. I think what we are looking for is the middle way, which, as written in the article, requires quite a degree of mastery. It's difficult because our distortions get in the way: expectations, attachments, fears, and desires. It's a progressive letting go of all of it until we realize it doesn't serve to be in the constant loop of the mind but to be in the flow.

Another quality that is essential to embody to create flow is patience. So, for example, sometimes a song takes several months to come to fruition, and we need to revisit it several times until it fully lands. Lack of patience creates effort, which simply comes from a sense of lack. Before we can create a way that is aligned with reality, we have to let go of the doing mentality and settle into beingness. The simple isness of living and the contentment of that

With that, I'd like to share a small snippet from a gig River and I played yesterday in the nearby village in a mudhouse. River wrote this song: Jeevitham Ippozha: - Life is right now!

What the cool breeze say to me
What the trees speak to me
What the butterflies sing
What the forest stream whistle

Life is right now!
Where are you off to?

Vimal Praying Emoji