Inflexion Point: The Shift gets sticky..."Tie Yourself to the Mast"

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It's getting 'sticky' and disruptive in the field out there right now. I can feel the Opposing Consciousness like an old whirlpool trying to suck people back in - every excuse why not to take the straight and narrow path forwards. If you set about following your highest truth, at times you'll feel pulled in two opposing directions. Now is not the time to waiver! Believe in yourself, believe in your soul, believe that you are connected to a higher power that has your interests, and that of all sentient life, at heart. Now is the time to push on, to breakthrough. In the stormy waters we're passing through, tie yourself to the mast my friend!...

People Feeling the "Inflexion Point"

I spoke of the Inflexion point in a previous article (How the Inflexion Point is Affecting People). It's a critical phase in the shift, where fragmented light that's been stuck in the old reality consciousness, weaves together, and starts to move strongly in the ascending vibrational flow. Those still heavily invested in the old consensus reality will feel increasingly insecure, and especially the Opposing Consciousness that binds the old construct together.

This is not some esoteric pontification, the movement of consciousness will be affecting ALL sentient life on the planet. Even for those who wouldn't consider themselves 'spiritual', the energy will be pulling deep in the emotional body and psyche, activating karma when their vibration is high enough. Make no mistake, the resolving flow will impact every feeling, emotion, thought and choice.

At times you may feel like you're passing through a storm. It's a good analogy to hold. You'll be battered by waves of energy at times, and knocked off course. Remember why you began this journey. Remember where it's heading - to a calm shore of peace, alignment, interconnectedness, higher truth and light. It's a view I shared in this video below...

Watch Your Distortions Carefully

Beware that the Opposing Consciousness will play on any inner distortion. If there's some subtle fear or inner shadow, it will maximise it. It is also exceedingly clever and evolved itself. So beware the deception and "Tom Foolery". "What is compassion and true empathy?" you might be asked this in your relationships. Empathy is NOT sympathy (and the two are often easily confused internally). Sympathy simply pulls everyone back into the whirlpool. When you're in a pit, true empathy feels your challenge and points to whatever 'ladder' you might need.
(Here's an article on mastering the challenges of true empathy)

Others around you, in your families and at work, may be going into fear at times, also resentment and projection. You might feel to support in a particular way, but be sure you're coming from your true alignment - that there isn't some subtle sense of obligation or that you must heal them in some way or be tempted to carry their burden - which is essentially their own self-realisational opportunity.

Remember always that each has their own path and manifests EXACTLY the conditions they need to heal, align and find the higher truth themselves. We may shine a light forwards, but it is not for us to walk the path for another - true empowerment and soul sovereignty comes from your own soul integration, forged in the crucible of life's challenges.

Let Go of Fear, Doubt and Uncertainty - the Storm will End!

But you may feel pulled off course by the distortions, and at times deceptions, yes. When this has happened to me in the past, my higher consciousness "Team" gave me the lyrics of a song (by the Verve) which I share with you now... 

One day maybe I will dance again
One day maybe I will love again
One day maybe we will dance again
You know you've gotta
Tie yourself to the mast my friend
And the storm will end
One day maybe you will love again
You've gotta tie yourself to the mast my friend
And the storm will end.

Have no doubt, the storm will end! The stronger you bind yourself to the 'mast' - the light of your highest truth - the faster and more integrated you will come through. You won't always know where the path is heading. It will take you through difficult times and many 'dark alleys' through society, through work and relationships, through the very field itself. Work to trust in the path, in your highest truth and the flow - that it knows where it's meant to go. Then sure enough, you'll come shining through, 'the dots' will all join up somewhere in your future and make absolute sense. Your heart will be full of love, your mind still, and you'll be at peace in the light of the divine.

So push on my friends, push through, an army of benevolence is willing you on!

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In loving support

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Hey Open, I'm so glad you 'titally' agree, ha ha that gave me a laugh. Thankyou for your support, so appreciated.

And Megha, what you said re- process first, know later really rang true for me, thanks.

The old mind just wants to be in on everything and screws it up! ay! 

Big etheric hugs to you both.



There with you Zee and Megha Heart

Yes I titally concur - it's often best to process first and know after. That way you don't second guess the feeling or cut them short. We must go fully through.

Sending love and support

Open Praying Emoji


Dear Zee,

I am so glad that what I am sharing makes sense to you and therefore brings you comfort . This is definitely the website for authentic Beingness. Right now after a high of getting many synchronicities and the world 'speaking ' to me ,I am again in density . This time it's not Grey density. It feels like old karma I'm feeling into with deep pain emerging in my heart and in my sacrum . I'm feeling like I'm in New territory here- I feel like I have the flu and I am getting shivers down my body .  As always when it's time to feel ,I'm unable to process intellectually very much and Zee ,I think it's important you know that it's okay to not know the why's ,wherefores or how's. At least in my experience ,I make the connection AFTER I have been with the emotions for a while  . It's feeling with as much depth as is possible to you ,that does the trick. Also taking out time to consciously replete yourself in Nature and self soothing like music . Lots of love to you on your path !  


PS: It's only after I posted the reply did I read the post tethered above . Exactly what I needed to see! 



Hey Open,

It sure is sticky! I am caked in mud, waiting for the breakthrough! And I am riveted,tied and glued to the mast. 

I need to trust the flow is what hits me between the eyes! Thanks for the reminder!

I got drawn to this article and read the comments wow! So apt.

Megha I so much relate to your postings. Its nice to know i am not alone in this energy tsunami. Thankyou so much for sharing.

And a BIG THANK YOU to all you fellow travellers sharing your feelings, and to the openhand team for this site. I am so grateful I found you guys. 

Big hugs to all.

Zee : )


Thanks Open for the reminder. Just yesterday my daughter was over and without going in to detail I had to be fully aware of the moment not to get caught up in the drama. I could feel the tightness. I was compassionate and caring and stayed anchored. A few minutes later I could feel the tightness dissolve away. 

Much LovePraying EmojiSquirrelPraying Emoji



I felt to re-share this article today, because I can feel a turgid stickiness in the field - on the plane of the intellect, which can bind up the third eye, and distort forward visioning. So this article seemed appropriate to repost...

Inflexion Point: The Shift gets sticky..."Tie Yourself to the Mast"

You may find yourself being pulled in different directions at the moment. There may be people around you in confusion at times, anxiety and fear. And because you care about them, a connection forms, and so you have to work not to get sucked into their drama. Remember true empathy is not the same as sympathy - sympathy get's sucked into the whirlpool too, whilst empathy helps illuminate the way out. So let's be compassionate and caring, yes, but let's remember our divine connection and keep aligning internally with that. As you do so, you find your soul unwinding through and out. What's more, you have a positive realigning impact on the field too.

Stay with it my friends - tie yourself to the mast!

Much love

Open Praying Emoji


I'm with your Megha Heart

That's the key, just keep feeling within. Find the tightness, soften into it and unwind through.

Know that each step is taken by unwinding density - without even knowing where that might be heading. Work to trust in the flow itself, that it knows where you're heading. You'll come up smiling and expanded.

Sending love

Open Praying Emoji


I am feeling the inflexion point for sure . Old old programs ,I thought I had felt through have re-emerged . I am struggling to retain my composure under the onslaught of such powerful emotion ,such neediness within . Breathing ,feeling and re-reading the Five Gateways book is what is helping me retain some sense of perspective.  


Yes.  That is exactly what I am feeling to "Tie Yourself to the Mast" as I am sitting here looking outside the window in the middle of the wintry storm.  The snow is falling in the South and I am not sure how i will get to the New Year retreat in La Palma.  I might have to make changes and adjustments again and just go with the flow.  I need to remember to hold things lightly including the spiritual journeys as well.

Interesting synchronicity happened yesterday evening right before the storm as I was reading the last chapter in Divinicus book on transcendence by embodying the light of your soul through the bodymind. As i was reading it, the spotlight on the side of the house starting working which hasn't worked in ages.  Wow!

With Love and Flow