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Intentional Manifestation by Openhand

I still see plenty of people advocating and teaching intentional manifesting. There are two dangers behind this: (1) It's still coming from identity, which is saying it needs something, or for it to be a certain way, when The One in you can embrace all states. Therefore you build in a constraint, another limitation, another box. You inadvertantly surpress and deny The One in you. Thus you are not free. (2) There is an Interdimensional ET consciousness that is getting people to apply these techniques to trap them into an artificial synthetic 4D reality based on Smart technology and AI - "you can manifest what you want" - but who is manifesting?

I speak from experience because it happened to me. I used to drive into a town and all the traffic lights would turn green and I could manifest anything. Seems good right? But on a planet of finite resources what about everyone else? I realised an intentional energy had seeped into my consciousness. And when I ejected it, then turned on me in a full-on 2 day attack until I was able to dispatch it from my field. We are ALREADY in a miraculous co-creation, that the flow of the divine is effortlessly creating in a way that serves ALL life when we get the ego and small "I" identity out of the way. Opposing Consciousness cannot control such freedom, cannot manipulate you through deceptive desires.

A reality is ALREADY being imagined and shaped by the natural flow of the divine Torus. We are as surfers on a wave. We don't dictate the way the wave goes, that's fallacy, a bubble which is doomed to burst eventually. Instead we ride the wave by each expressing our unique beingness and in the process, enjoy a miraculous ride!
See you on the wave.

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"Accept the person you don't like (in the mirror)".

Perfectly said Sam - accept it all. Equalise with it all. Nornmalise in it all. Then you discover you're not the person you throught you were in the first place!

PS - I use the name "Open" even though it is not a name, and even though it is not an identity. It always reminds me to open into the emptiness of the presence, to open to the flow, and to be that.

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Thank you Open for leading this inquiry. Sam and Marije thank you for jumping in and adding your vibrant colors! Your reflections really opened me into more clarity and insight, and also brought home a strong feedback loop that it's OK and even beneficial for me to open my mouth and express in public, something I've held deep reticence towards for quite a long time.

Early this morning I was practicing stillness without having yet read any of these most recent posts, incorporating what had resonated thus far and sitting down with a calm curiosity towards going into the stillness "it is what it is."

After a good while of gradually softening through - especially the physical - this body ain't the most flexible thing currently - I noticed that the breath began to feel like a "living ocean," where the ebbs and flows felt and sounded like waves softly and powerfully running through. 

A while longer after that, a subtle tension in the throat landed, which then amplified significantly when my open awareness was brought into it. Subtle, fragmented images began to pop up with it, along with a connected pain in the left side of my chest - the feminine side. The karmic images were of a man passing on by decapitation, cut through the neck and martyred by a large group of other men for speaking his truth - at least the truth as he knew it.

The throat tension continued to amplify and at its peak the Ray 3 (just as you describe, Open) gently asked "What did he want to say that he never got to" -- it was that he loved his wife in that incarnation. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her, even though he'd left to follow his own path. There was deep regret that had crystallized around how he'd left - he'd left her abruptly in betrayed, abject confusion. I helped him put his head back on, then a red heart and a white heart appeared and rose up which I gave to him with brotherly love, compassion and forgiveness.

True to form, the flow amplified in 3D life. Later on in the morning I was driving and nodding while reading these most recent four posts for the first time - especially nodding about Ray 3 and the inquiry around impatience. At that exact moment, a red truck with three men crammed into it sped up out of nowhere and began impatiently tailgating the crap out of me. From a place of increased stillness, I watched and felt my initial tension around the rude intrusion into my space, as the diplomatic thought landed "well for all I know they are late for work" - which didn't excuse the behavior of course, but took the personal affront out of it - then realized I was being shown a living metaphor of "impatience," and the recognition of the synchronicity softened me right up, which brought me right back to the "it is was it is" state - and at that exact moment of softening the truck immediately backed off like magic. The entire moment was maybe 5 seconds tops - amazing how much experience can be packed into the tiniest chunk of time.


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Hi Eric - this is a very powerful sharing in so many ways - thanks for posting.

It demonstrates perfectly the subtle interplays that go on internally, which if we have a way to explore through, then we can open out through the karmic layers - those that are supressing, diverting or derailing in some. That's what I mean when I say the subtle flutterings and perceptions beyond the physical/emotiona/thought layers can impact positively so much.

I recall a workshop in Australia where a guy came to me at the end and asked if I could help him with being blocked. So I tuned into his field and felt there was no energy below the waist. I asked, "what do you feel below the waist?" Nothing, we his reply, but in a way meaning there was nothing wrong there - he wasn't aware of the subtle energies and that there might be some karma. Intuitively I shared the word "eunuch", which immediately triggered inside him - he'd been a eunuch in a past life in Egypt, had been castrated, which meant the energies couldn't flow below the waist. What followed for him was three days of karmic dreaming and processing of his past lives in Egypt. It caused a powerful opening, something that I observe frequently.

Down to the rays. You can also blend the rays - but of course do watch for this wanting to naturally happen. So the ray 3 is the inquiring principle that is naturally there and the encouragement is to allow it to simply be - then you don't create the identity "inquirer" or "doubter" (although you may already have to unpack these - most people do). But this can, and does, naturally blend with other rays for different qualities of inquiry. So let's say you're feeling deep compassion, what will animate that energy? An image of the divine mother for example (Quan Yin is something that works strongly for me). Now if you naturally feel a glimmer of that energy, you could go inwards on that frequency. An extreme example of it would be devotional chanting, although I'm not necessarily advocating that (although I go to the odd devotional singing evening myself from time to time - very beautiful and highly effective). Or you might apply the ray 1 warrior energy in deep consciousness bodywork or dance.

So the rays will connect you up to the source in different ways and can take you through deeper layers - but they will also activate karma, so this needs to be processed too.

Great inquiries!

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Following this thread with interest! Eric, some of the things you raised in your first post are very much aligned with my own inquiry that got triggered when reading Open’s article. Such as the risk of creating a new identity that has the intention to have no intention as well as the struggle with the sense of apathy and inaction (and impatience!). I have noticed that I have made some ‘progress’ in my inquiry on the latter, realizing that they are mostly judgements/labels that I put onto subconscious boxes with expectations when they remain empty (in other words when nothing happens). Let’s say knowing what my next destination is going to be, but that remains blank for a while. So there is a limited and narrow focus on something with an expectation for something to happen in that ‘gaze’ (and a sense of apathy/inaction if it doesn’t), but if I expand my focus beyond that there is actually a lot going on and moving, it might just be outside of the boxes that my focus has been on.  I also realize that my mind doesn’t suffer from any apathy or inaction, it could actually use some more of that Smliing.

In addition to what Eric already queried, I realize that I am not so invested in the ‘I want’ of intentionally manifesting things, but that a lot of my energy goes into ‘I do not want’, which I suppose is another pitfall of intentional manifestation of trying to intentionally avoid certain things from happening. Physical pain and conflict with other people for example are high on my ‘I do not want’ list and I am sure I am creating a big doorway for OC to come in on with that. This avoidance tends to go hand in hand with a sense of fear and resistance. Although I know the trick is to dive right into those, the idea of focusing my intention for those things not to manifest can be so much more luring!


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Hi Marije,

Thanks so much for bringing up the "I do NOT want" polarity. That's been a major blind spot around these parts.

How interesting - When in "formal" meditation, I find myself much more typically drawn towards to actively "turning into the conflict," especially with practices like the Bow and Breakthrough. I'd always found these actionable approaches much more preferable (i.e. comfortable) relative to the prospect of sitting in stillness without doing anything at all.

And in daily life, it's nearly the opposite: anything to avoid that physical discomfort and relationship conflict. Heading straight for the drama in meditation, and avoiding the crap out of it in the outer reflection.

Quite some mirror you just held up. Thank you!


Post/edit: Heh. Seeking conflict in meditation to avoid a fear of stillness, and inaction in daily life to avoid a fear of conflict. How ironic to see it this way - all of it just being distraction from getting into remaining core fear. 

LOL this just now randomly popped up Tears

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....I felt to add Sam, and to all reading, the importance of only taking a reflection from someone else for your self inquiry. Because your experience will be unique to you, as will mine to me. That's why I only offer a framework for inquiry. I have however seen and worked with plenty of people, so I do come across the different challenges people experience. But it doesn't change the fact that everyone is unique.

So my advice is to take what is offered, but work with it in a way that generates fulfillment for you.

A good way of going, is to ask the quesiton, "how can this feel more aligned to me? How can it feel more attuned and 'right'"?

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It's a great question Sam Thumbs Up Sign

You said...

try to go into deep stillness, how deep is deep stillness, .... They are all related by some sort of action from within. There is some monitoring going on inside when you decide to do something. This is not present in the stillness.

Maybe consider it this way: there is ALREADY a great deal of efforting happening in subconscious programming of the ego that are constantly running in the background. It doesn't have to be another efforting to unravel these. There only needs to be awareness to confront them and go beyond. The they unravel themselves in the light of this awareness. It just happens by witnessing.

What is it then that is looking? Is this ego too? No.

Remember the 7 rays of consciousness from the level 2 course? There is a natural aspect of the soul which is the inquiring principle - the ray 3 - what is reality now? What is going on now? This will naturally run without any intention or efforting at all. But, it can, and does, become the identity the "inquirer" or the "questioner" or the "doubter" - because of all the questioning, which people then try to bury or distract from - which just becomes another layer of programming.

So my question is to explore, can you allow the questioning without it crystallising into the questioner? Can you just let it flow and not attach?

If there is no monitoring going on within the stillness, then there is no stillness, because nothing is having an experience.

The presence is intimately interrelated with the relativity. Both must be allowed to co-exist: the presence and the light of the soul.

The ego can decide to ride the ray 3 of the soul deeper inwards. And it will strip away ego in the process.

My personal approach is to go inwards with the breath first. But then to watch the first thread of experience that arises. Watch it, and then equalise with it, meaning not to judge whatever it is. Okay, if pain or impatience come up, then I would allow them to express so as to see if there might be any identification with it. The approach is to keep normalising with the experience. Then to drop through the experience into a deeper layer. Which might be a subtle percpetion. Again I equalise with this, but drop through it. Deeper and deeper. But there is always the ray 3 watching. The ray 3 is mostly, for me, what leads the inquiry.

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Hi Sam, welcome to the inquiry. It's a big one - what happens when we go into the stillness?

You said...

The "attention instead of intention " approach gave me that extra split second to stop responding and seeing the old game. The same routine that brings me into selfjudgement, emotional unbalance and the unavoidable freeze. It's a spiral, the weight we tie to emotions is pulling us down.

A key thing to enquire about and work through would be expectation. I'm sure just about everyone will have heard from someone the amazing benefits of deep stillness. And then heard everything that arises from it. So you sit and work to go deep. But then nothing. All you get is nothing! Sometimes some people will have extraordinary visions of light or deep knowings. Sometimes each will have incredible peak experiences, and sharing personally, I indeed have had those. But mostly when I sit there is an ordinaryness to it. What I've learned to do, is not judge the ordinaryness, which takes a while to break through, especially if there's some kind of expectation.

What I've come to know, is as you deepen through the layers and approach the source experientially, it gets quieter and quieter, less and less to experience. This is okay, it's fine. It gets ever more formless in the higher dimensions. But then you start to notice subtle perceptions which don't seem to be much at all. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. I've realised they're the source of authentic flow. Getting to this point is tricky, because the mind and emotions are so loud and distracting. That's why some kind of carrying meditation is important - at Openhand we use the breath, others might use a mantra - although personally I'm wary of those because the risk is they become quite programming.

Two things start to happen as you get deep into the presence and start picking up the subtle perceptions... (1) the flow starts to open up through you much more in your daily life. Signs and synchronicity come stronger; perceptions about how reality is truly unfolding and its multidimensional nature - so it feeds into your daily awakened life (2) a state of bliss can easily unfold from that place. Although I hasten to add, it must be a natural arising from there rather than efforting for it - it's not there all the time, and doesn't need to be.

So I would say a key thing to confront and overcome is expectation. The expectation that you'll get something by sitting in stillness. Let go of the idea that you will have, or should have, a peak experience.

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I would say we're still on the same page Eric - if you know that regularly you've experienced resistance and impatience to meditation, then I guess you will have honoured it to a degree already. So maybe you have created the space by bringing awareness to it. And now another ray expression has come through.

I'll be interested to know what now happens to the impatience.

Best wishes - great inquiry.

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Thanks Open,

Everything you share in your unpacking of the word "intention" resonates strongly with me.

Sitting in stillness quite often feels like a chore to me. I know how massively beneficial and essential it is from countless experience, but it is still not something I tend to look forward to. For up to an hour before even getting to my meditation spot, all the way to the point where I finally sit my butt down, I feel like a dog sniffing left and right, pacing back and forth, looking for the "perfect place" to do his or her business. Just settle in and do it already! Smiling With Sweat Emoji

That same feeling of impatience will sometimes arise later on in another guise in meditation to "get it over with." The Openhand approach I'd typically (correct me if I'm off base) would be to fully allow and express and surrender into that feeling of impatience as it arises, and then open a door through it - and I was plenty freaking frustrated and wanted to express that - but yesterday I just let it be what it is and doubled down on going deeper into stillness. To me it felt more like applying a calmly determined Ray 1 to go deeper instead of allowing/surrendering/expressing, but I can see how it's a similar energetic process from differing vantage points.

Still in midst of contemplation of apathy, which is definitely wrapped up here. It's like a smoke screen. The feeling is of being prevented from fully connecting up with higher consciousness. (As soon as I typed "wrapped" the black snake energy flashed through).






Hi Eric - you raise some really essential points to do with intentional manifesting and I commend all to read and explore the kinds of queries you're having, because I know that inside, many will be having them.

So to paraphrase one of the inquiries, 'if I have no intention, I slip into apathy and inaction'. There's so much to this comment. Firstly is there a negative loading of the sense of inaction? Does inaction become apathy? Because you could say that meditating is inaction. Yet by becoming ever stiller, deeper and deeper in through the layers, we'll get ever closer to the source where natural soul impulse arises from. So it would be useful to explore what apathy means to you. Is the ego owning the concept of meditative inaction and thereby loading it negatively? In which case, it would shut down the flow. So it would be worth exploring deep into the sense of apathy - where did it come from? One possibility is that we've gotten sick and tired of being pushed into other people's agendas that then didn't work out. So I would say an exploration of this would be worthwhile.

Another point that comes up from your sharing is that we need to unpack the word "intention", because to different people it can mean different things and the mainstream intentional manifestors have mainly owned it in a particular way. When people speak of "set your intention", this mostly must be a mind/emotion led idea, that is a strategy to approach and tackle any given situation in a particular way. This is what is so deceptive because it overrides the soul. Hence it's difficult to be authentic and real. You create just another layer of identity. But there comes a point on the journey of complete surrender, when enough of the soul has infused and integrated. At Openhand we call it the Realignment - it's a natural Gateway shift in the journey of the soul. Now at this point, enough soul has integrated to realise that surrender to the flow is the only really worthwhile action to undertake - everything else leads to untruth and blind alleyways. So a natural "intention" can arise to be open to the soul in any given moment. This would be more a "yearning" or an heart felt "orientation". So there's a natural commitment to align oneself with the soul - the distorted aspect of oneself, the ego, is surrendering.

From this orientation to the soul, the inner surrender opens gateways through the inner layers leading back to the source - which can feel (to the ego) like inaction. But we keep exploring, keep delving, keep surrendering because the rest is illusion. From this inner opening out, you start to feel and sense the arising of soul much more clearly and strongly. Now there comes an alignment and commitment to the soul in daily actions - you energise the embodiment and expression of soul by allowing emotion and heart felt 'intent' - impulse - to build around it. I call it "yearning".

Now when this authenticity comes through, it will feel like many things - including joy, because you've truly touched the soul and embodied it.

So to summarise, you could begin with a higher 'intention' just to connect with the soul as much as possible and orientate yourself from there. This will require a deep inner opening out - plenty of stillness. Then commiting to the soul and giving it energy as it comes through - heart felt yearning and impulse. This is entirely different from 'setting your intention' to do 'this' or 'that' in terms of some external goal.

I'd be interested in your feedback on that.

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Hi Open,

This question of "intention" has always been a hard one for me to get. On one hand, I've always resonated intellectually with the aspect of Openhand philosophy that states to hold an intention is to not accept reality as it truly is, which automatically creates a separated ego identity along with an illusionary separation from the Source. But then experientially I've always struggled to reconcile that with apathy and inaction, and all of the fun things that can come along with that like self-judgment, non-acceptance, depression, and frustration, which I'm sure plenty of people around here can empathize with.

And then to state "I have no intention," or even "my intention is to have no intention" creates the same polarity. For me especially I've noticed that in disconnected states I tend to become heavily polarized against any sense of ritual whatsoever, and this further encourages distortions towards lack of cohesiveness, lack of organization, lack of commitment, and lack of action.

But then what about prayer? What if the emotions passing through me are lower vibrational ones, like fear or guilt, and I'm tired of them, so I intend to feel and embody a higher emotion, like gratitude, or joy? From a more distorted "small I" identified state of mind, "who" is even to say what's "natural" and "aligned?"

Especially from this "lower" state of mind, given what my own tendencies are, personally I've found it's really helpful to set some form of intention. For me that often means simply setting the heartfelt intention to align with my highest expression (or Soul or Highest Self or God or Source or whatever catalyzes the feeling of infinite potential) and then like you say, allow active attention to direct how the creative flow wants to embody and move through me. What's been beneficial to me is your Kingfisher analogy you've expounded upon in the past - where you don't know exactly where you're going, but you still intend to aim for the Soul, then hit the water, and trust.

With thanks,


What I see happening out there in the field is an underlying Opposing Consciousness that's bending the authentic way the soul creates and diverting it into controllable intentions and behaviours. When you put out an energy that says, "I want", then two things happen (1) you create the identity around "I" - building programs around a false self, even if these are what you might call positive intentions. This intentionality removes you from the natural flow and therefore disconnects you from the source. (2) Althought you may feel like you're in a more expanded state by applying intentional manifestation meditations, but most often, this is merely a 4D bubble that is divorced from the flow.

This is the bubble that is being manipulated, amplified and directed by and ET Opposing Consciousness, bent on creating an alernative synthetic reality based on Smart Technology and AI. It will ultimately lead to taking people off planet as the 3D becomes increasingly challenged. My strong encouragement is NOT to be drawn down this route - it is the burying of the soul.

So the difference I'm putting forwards in the Openhand Philosophy is to work into any given moment first to come into the infinite potential by being more open and surrendered - more accepting, then to work to embody authentic beingness which you feel as a sense of rightness coming through - you feel like you're in your groove. From this place allow active attention (instead of intention) to direct you along the natural flow. Step into the creations that are wanting to land - either in relationship, how you work or how you generally live.

What's your experience with this? If you feel to, do share...