Journey of Ascension: 5 Gateways of Consciousness into the 5th Dimension

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A profound route map for human evolution The world is undergoing a very turbulent evolutionary process. As the very fabric of our society begins to fracture, a New Paradigm is beckoning founded on unconditional love, joy and mutual respect for all life. The question is, how do you join it? There are many ways up the ‘spiritual mountain’, for each there will be a unique path. Yet those who have climbed before, often speak of five key expansions, five key 'altitudes', through which all tend to pass. It is a common journey into higher dimensions of consciousness that has been established by spiritual masters through the ages.

Come and explore what people are really referring to when they speak of 'Ascension into the 5th Dimension'...

Inner transitions to a higher level of consciousness

Our reality is arrayed in dimensional realms of existence, based on densities (what some call dimensions) and we have an etheric relationship to these. The spiritual journey involves the educational incarnation into these densities in order to master life there by the release of attachment of the soul in these various experiences. In so doing, you experience expansions of consciousness, that progressively take you into a new energetic paradigm - a new Dimensional Realm; one that is present, here and now, all around us.

The sense is as if you are being tested in each level of consciousness, until you embrace, enfold and integrate the 'lessons' you came here to evolve through. As you process and integrate those lessons, you release yourself from the attachment to that particular density - the emotional for example - upon which, your internal configuration of consciousness shifts quite dramatically, which is then mirrored into your outer world by a 'ceremony' to mark the occasion. It could be the ending of a relationship, leaving a job, moving to a more uplifting environment, having a life changing illness or accident. Such events can be the marker, indicating the internal shift from one state to the other - that you've passed through a Gateway.

Many consider that Gaia is now ascending into the Fifth Density. So in order to ascend with her into the Higher Paradigm, you might well expect that you have to transition five key barriers/bridges, and indeed this is clearly the case. Whilst every soul and every journey is unique, we are hearing from people all around the world that they too have been experiencing these life changing transitions. As souls ascend the 'spiritual mountain', we may all take a different path, but it is becoming ever more obvious we pass through key transitional 'altitudes' on route to the summit, each with its consistent challenges and opportunities.

Like for example processing your emotional attachments, which tends to happen in the Second Gateway, dealing with inner child identities in the third, or past life karma as you unfold through the Fourth Gateway - that of Enlightenment.

PS It's important to note: this shift is not linear in this way, and although you only complete each Gateway in turn, you'll likely be working on several together. The 5 Gateways should therefore more be viewed as a spiral staircase.

The five key expansions

So what are the 5Gateways, these five key expansions? Here is a pictorial summary...

Many thanks to David Rotter for a wonderful diagram!

A 'Diagnosis' for your journey

The classic view in society is that we shape our reality by the intentional choices we make in a 3D sense. So if we become dissatisfied in some way, we may change our partner, our job, or our location for example. But what is mostly not realised, is that every aspect of our lives is shaped by our inner configuration of consciousness. You may change the circumstances, but if you have not shifted internally, then you will simply recreate - manifest - the same old patterns, with the tendency to trip over them again in the future, unless you deal with the pattern itself. This is what many are referring to as The Law of Attraction. But in my view (and plenty of others) this is being much misunderstood. By The Law of Attraction, you draw to yourself exactly the right situations and circumstances to create mirroring experiences - a window to the soul. If you then try to intentionally manifest a more cosy outer world by manipulating the inner one to your desires (those only of the ego), you may temporarily create a more materially abundant reality, yes, but it is still an illusion that risks diverting you from your divine destiny - Ascension into the higher 5D paradigm.

So our inner configuration of consciousness influences and affects every single thought, emotion and feeling we have. By looking into the mirror of our choices - the external world of effects - we may compare the experiences against the route map and determine exactly why our lives are shaping as they are. We get to understand the causality.

So for example, you may be experiencing difficulty in relationships or you might be struggling to find a fulfilling relationship. Perhaps then you are dealing with your emotional attachments within Gateway 2? Perhaps you must learn to let go of the need for a particular partner, for our partner to be a certain way, or to have a partner at all (at least for a period). So understanding these Gateways, and how they integrate within your life, can be of profound benefit. That is why people have likened it to a routemap through the darkness.

Changing your world from within

Some might consider that focusing so intently on one's own evolutionary Ascension when there are so many problems in the world is somehow selfish. But to me, this would be quite a limited viewpoint. We exist in a co-creative, consensus reality, where every aspect of how we live and interact, is influenced by what we are being within.

Whether you fully realise it or not, there is a universal organising energy at work in the world, acting through every circumstance and event. When you fully tune into the synchronicity, you get to read the bigger picture and appreciate that we are being guided forwards and 'upwards' into higher dimensions of existence. The only way we can fully tune into that bigger picture is by tuning within. So a new reality - a Renewed Earth in the 5th Density - is unfolding all around us, which humanity is being invited to join. But the only way to access it is inside. And as you walk your unique pathway of the Five Gateways, you unfold the soul and infuse it into every aspect of your life. The light shines ever brighter through you, which then ripples into your outer world, changing it for the good of all.

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5GATEWAYS Documentary: Ascension into the 5th Dimension

To conclude with, here is the acclaimed 5GATEWAYS documentary, which was first released back in 2011, that has now helped thousands of people around the world. It provides an overview of each Gateway and how to transition through. Sit back and enjoy...

Are You Ascending? Explore Openhand's 5D Shift Project

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In fact here was the very first interview that went towards making the 5GATEWAYS film. Taken outside the mervellous Magdalen Chapel in Glastonbury. I can tell you it's pretty strange looking back to those times, but a touch nostalgic too!...


All this week we're focussing in on Our Journey of Ascension here at Openhand, with our most popular material over the years.

Of course it all kicked off with the 5GATEWAYS routemap, the five expansions of consciousness on the Journey of Ascension. It seems now like aeons ago, yet daily people express how much they got from the philsophy and the movie - and especially the 5GATEWAYS book, which goes much deeper.

The two versions of the 5GATEWAYS film have had around 500k views, and although small in internet standards, I still get complete strangers walking up to me saying, "you're the guy who was in that movie 5GATEWAYS!" The last time it happened was by a waiter on, of all places, the Island of La Palma. It's a small world!

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