La Palma Pioneers...Fly Straight, with Perfection!

Submitted by Open on Mon, 01/16/2017 - 05:35

Openhand is moving with a new energy, heading in a new direction, a new location, in a new land. Where will it be? This week we've been hosting a small but dedicated team of Facilitator Trainees on the magical island of La Palma in the Canary Islands off North Africa. We've had such a marvelous time, not just in the learning and assimilation of the Openhand Spiritual Facilitation Processes, but also soaking up the very mystical and magical energy of La Palma. Far removed from the matrix, secluded and peaceful, it's got a strong 5D vibe. You can literally feel it all around you. Here's a taster of what the trepid Openhand Pioneers have experienced this week...

"Roll Up, Roll Up, get your skates on, there's all the time in the world, but no time to waste!" Amy & Erica: "Yes we'll get down to it, but only after another cup of Tea!" OMG, it's JC... *secret* And Mother Mary too! *mosking* Finally "Aunty Amy" gets down to the facilitation... Marije & Erica have found a quiet spot... The Foliage of this place upholds the higher vibe - it's totally stunning... I just love the cacti... And of course the Palm Trees too... Not forgetting the course work - Etta getting an energetic grilling. "What, did you think it was... a holiday?" It's all too much - these guys are wearing me out! Rich takes over with early morning Yoga... And Fiona is our angel in the kitchen. *angel* Great job Fiona! Lunch amongst the ubiquitous palm trees And whose going to make it to the delectable Chocolate and Avocado pudding first? Hands off, it's mine! "You've been Framed" - capturing the energy for all you guys out there in the community. We love you! *give_rose* A day out on the beach. "Yes the sand is black, it's a volanic island silly!" "Mr Zen" - you're supposed to stack those stones not lie on them! Out and about - looks like a scene from the Godfather..."I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse!" "No Chad, it's like this!" "No Open, it's like that!" Meanwhile Rich has no idea how it is! "No, that's NOT a coffee in my open hand". "Don't worry Open, our lips are sealed!" And after the coffee we're on top of the world. Literally, on the magnificent Volcano up above the clouds. Marije looking cool "Erica don't fall off - that's 2,500m down!" "Is that Yoga Rich? Or are you about to dive right in!" Etta catching her breath - "it's breathtaking!" With it's stunningly clear skies, La Palma is a premier world observatory. Our trepid explorers... "Are we observing the stars? The world? Or just ourselves?" We just knew it was going to be a magical trip...on our way up the volcano, a huge Raven - which is the power-animal of mysticism and magic - literally walked across the road in front of our car. "Mr Raven, fly straight with perfection, find me a new direction..." See you out here everyone! Namaste, Open

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Hi Aspa & Heike - I'm so glad my sharing touched you, and invoked something - what a lovely synchronicity with the song Aspa - awesome :-)

I think one of the most important messages to get, is to work to move away from personalising things too much - so in seeing the suffering, it is a greater suffering - a cosmic unraveling by the universe. Not to say we shouldn't feel and do something where we can - yes, totally. But inside, you can only do what you're given to and are able to.

As energy workers, if we let the feelings well up, then realignment (of suffering for example) surely will happen through the field. It will take time - but then we have all the time in the world!

Sending love



Thank you, Open, for the reminder - to not grasp and cling, and to remember that I don't need anything outside of me to make me complete. Very synchronistic, too, as I'm leaving for New Zealand in three days' time and had already noticed an inclination to get "clingy" again. So now I'm focusing awareness on staying soft and open inside, and I'm really looking forward to bringing this sort of awareness to NZ.

And until then I'm basking in the feeling that "Paradise Found" was the message you felt to share on my birthday. :-)


What a beautiful sharing, very touching. Seeing the beauty in everything around us and within us – seeing/touching/tasting/hearing/smelling divine love and feeling the source of it inside.
Today it was raining and I went for a walk and meditation time in the woods. In a very dear place of mine where I can be away from the ugliness I encounter in my surroundings near home and all around. The ugliness I see refers to the violence and enslavement inflicted on all animals.
In the woods I always see and feel the beauty of the trees, the river, the birds, the Dartmoor ponies who come over to me for apples, the ducks, the rocks, the leaves…everything radiates love. “I love you” I always say to each one of them, no matter how big or small. I lie on the roots of the tall trees and I find myself sinking into their loving embrace. It brings tears to my eyes every time. I am grateful. I am also aware that at times, out of a sense of lack, I try to ‘make love stay’. Today, the message of the trees was clear “love is You, you are love”, totally unexpected. It all felt warm. “Love me like you do”, the ultimate surrender.
But, I am fading in and out on the edge of paradise…on my way back to my car grief, which was lingering on the background, swelled up and I felt so sad about the animals, thinking: “how can I feel love when they don’t?”, “how can I accept this feeling, when it has been taken away from them?”, “how can I be happy when they are not?”. Nothing to do or say, it’s just is.
After teaching a pilates class tonight, I went to do some shopping and as I was leaving the shop the song “Love me like you do” played on the background… a sense of trust in divine love returned while feeling through and processing the grief.


Hi friends - I've had just the most incredible day I wanted to share with you all. I'm on retreat at the moment on the magical island of La Palma - testing its viability as a long term Openhand base. It's known by the locals as "Isla Bonita" - beautiful island. Everywhere I looked there was great beauty - the palm trees, cacti, the magnificent birds and the sun shining across the indigo blue ocean.

It is paradise on earth. So exquisite was it, that at one point, I noticed an aspect of mind was wanting to 'bottle it up' , and own it a degree - there was a subtle sense of lack, needing something from it - to own it and hold onto it. But then practically immediately my soul burst through, reminding me - it's all a reflection of what you already contain within. At which point, the dam broke, and a river of love coursed through me the whole day.

From that moment, I was seeing and feeling reflections of great beauty all around, but feeling it within, filling me up. So I felt to remind everyone: look upon the great beauty of this world, in the landscape, in people, in creatures, but always remember to feel the source of it inside of you. Then you will never go wanting. Deep love to you all.

On the way back to my cabin, I was guided to flick through the Spanish radio channels, somehow something always spoke. But this one rocked me to my core - the sense of a heavenly - Twin Flame - angel singing through the ether...
"love me like you do" - where's yours?...

Open *give_rose*


You more than repaid the Yoga with the fabulous food, Fi!
Muchissimas gracias, muchacha.

So glad you so enjoyed Marye!
(lovin' your username Tulip)

Nos vemos!



I think the photos already speak for themselves, so what else can I say than that the week in La Palma was absolutely magical! It has been such a privilege to be one of the La Palma pioneers and to feel a beloved member of the growing Openhand family. One of the most precious things that sets this family apart from others for me, is that you can so absolutely be YOU in it. So if you are hanging out and something happens to kick off for you, you can just stay with it and let it be there, without feeling a need to keep up appearances in any way. How cool is that! Thanks so much to my fellow pioneers for all the adventures on this stunning island!


What a beautiful and joyous week we shared in stunning La Palma.

Many thanks to Open and you shining souls who journeyed deep. You guys are amazing and I wish you all the best for your unfolding journeys. It's really awesome to have more Openhand facilitators, each with unique and wonderful gifts to bring to the world. (f)

Thanks Rich for the wonderful yoga in the morning, a great way to start any day :)

With love, Fiona


Struggling to find the words to express the magic of the last week. Still unfolding, processing, healing and integrating... The spirit of La Palma and the time spent with such beautiful souls holds a special place in my heart.


This has been such an inspiring and fulfilling week.
So delicious to meet new folk as we wake, get up, and walk the path together.
Love to you all.

La Palma is a perfect backdrop.
A strong supporting and full energy ... and always the sea close by.

Whoa! ... the mountain tops ... sublime, uplifting, glorious.
How can something be so cosmic and so Earthy at the same time?

I look forward to seeing old friends out here, and meeting new ones.

Sending warm hugs out to all you who tuned in from afar.

Love always brother and sisters, always love.


The "La Palma Pioneer" gathering out here has touched all our hearts. There was many a tear at the airport as we hugged and said cheerio. Except of course, parting is never parting when you're conscious. Everything is inside of you!

But of course here in the realm of the 3D, there are stunning reflections to savour and enjoy. Here are a final few snaps from our last day....

Chad chilling out for the boat trip - you've done this before!

Amy & Erica: letting the wind blow away any final cobwebs...

Fiona looking radiant after an angelic week's work...

This is what everyone went for - dolphins and pilot whales in abundance...

Is this La Palma or Hawaii?...

The caves are spectacular too - catch that Pleiadian blue...

And finally, shortly before the flight home, the "crew" picture. I love you all guys...

See you down the path!


Open *OK*


Hey Tonya, Jen, Heike, Margaret and Aspa, thanks so much for the well-wishes - I can feel them coming through the ether all the way out here. Keep the heart-space open guys and you'll be here in the vibe in no time. It's simply awesome!

Open *OK*

PS - Aspa, the energy of "Vulcan", the Roman god of fire and craftsmanship - feels amazing as I contemplate it. Huge thanks, big hug.


Lovely photos! We can now be with you all! La Palma, so much reminds me of the Greek island Santorini (Thera) which is also a volcanic island. The legend goes that the eruption of Thera sunk Atlantis one of the greatest civilisations. The black sand on the beaches is stunning! Never been to La Palma but the energy of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and craftsmanship - Hephaistos in Greek mythology- feels very alive. And the black raven, to me, speaks of that fire.

An opening of the heavens,




Awesome pics guys! Looking forward to meeting you guys in the years to come. The network is expanding, the Openhand energy is evolving and the location looks stunning too. Exciting times!


It is so good to see you guys! Your vibe strongly emanates from the pictures. Lovely group. And what an absolutely gorgeous place.

It feels like Openhand is getting nestled in la Palma. As I look at the pictures, the location seems to have plenty of soothing and feminine vibes, as well as energies that evoke feeling of standing out on a limb. Perfection. I'm curious to see how things will shape up for the Openhand physical headquarters. For some reason it makes me think how everything (living conditions, relationships, etc.) is transient and temporary, but in a moment it's all there is. Until another moment filled with new elements and that is also infinite.

"Mr. Raven, fly straight with perfection
Find me a new direction
My friend, you're black
And when you fly, you're wild"



Wonderful images, thank you for sharing. It's such a gorgeous landscape, the colours are so vibrant and alive. And everyone's smiling! Definitely looking forward to future gatherings in that lovely place. :-)

Oh, but that last photo! I get a little (a lot) misty-eyed everytime I look at it. It's as though he's calling all the Openhanders to La Palma...


Heartwarming, beautiful, connecting... So so grateful for the Openhand energy and seeing these photos feels like a loving soothing elixir. Thank you for sharing - looks like you had an out of this world experience!! Much love, Jen


Awesome, guys. Looks truly inspirational (and nice pics, Rich/ Fiona?)! Look forward to joining you there sometime in future. <3