Living the Higher Dimensional Dream 24/7 - What does your Soul ache for?

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Finding your real passion
What is it that really makes you tick in life? What is it that gets you out of bed in the cold, dark hours before the sun rises - have you discovered it yet? Is there something that you would give your whole life for - something that is more important even than breathing?

Well, I can safely say that I'm one of those fortunate beings to have discovered the answer for me. And in sharing a reflection, you might well find some inspiration for you too...

Living, breathing, thriving, growing, evolving being

Many people are thrown off the scent of true destiny by fate. They're fated to be distracted from their dream because they settle for too little too soon. They can feel their soul yearning for something, but rather than riding the wave a little longer, working a little more diligently, having a touch more patience, instead they fall off the wave and onto the soft shoulder of placation: comfort eating; filling the quietness with noise; another distraction; some kind of physical attainment.

But what is the soul really all about?

There's a living, breathing, thriving, growing, evolving being at the core of everything that you do, everything you achieve, accomplish and even fail at. There's a you which is yearning to create and yet to 'whom' the creation itself matters hardly a jot.

Cherished, held, nurtured and supported

What matters most is the dream itself... the sense of interconnected flow, the knowing that you're a part of something bigger, a deeper meaning, a transcendent dialogue with the divine that speaks into the core of your being. And this co-creative dream has just one purpose:

To express in every moment the fullness of who you are, right now!

If you can touch this truth and align with it, if you can keep surrendering to it, then I believe something will happen to you that happened to me:

You realise there's nothing else in life worth having, because there's nothing else that is real going on. What could surpass this superlative sense of being an interconnected part of the universe - cherished, held, nurtured and supported as if nothing else mattered?

A never ending weaving and dancing intimacy

Yes you'll create things. Yes you'll having deeply loving relationships. Yes you'll taste the real juice of life. In fact you'll drink these bounteous pleasures with a sensuality you've never known before. Because you don't try to own them, they don't own you. You're simply flowing through them, expressing through them, evolving and growing through them.

Your evolutionary expression becomes the meaning of life. And the whole of life helps you in that 'goal' - a never ending, weaving and dancing intimacy.

It's something you can never fail at and always win, no matter what takes place in the physicality of life.

The soul is never the same twice

It's not easy though. Sometimes finding and unleashing the fullness of being can be immensely challenging and tough. Yes there are times when it will feel effortless, like falling off a log, where the letting go is the toughest part. But then there are other times when you have to work hard at it, deeply confront the moment, transcend through the internal contractions and resistances to the moment. It's because there are greatly different facets to the soul, and different blends want to express at different times.

And it's never the same twice. Each moment is always unique and so the expression will always be unique - providing you've worked to find that degree of flexibility and malleability.

Can you go hungry? What happens when you're irritable? Can you keep going when you're dog tired? Can you still go when all around you are giving up and telling you not to? That's exactly when to persist, to push on through. I call it "Alchemy of Transcendence" - when you're in that zone, that's when pure, unadulterated magic happens.

Live the Dream

I encourage all to begin living the dream. To stop efforting for a particular goal or physical manifestation, rather to let these become the effects of your own bounteous causality, the infinite potential of You...

continually unfolding and expressing the awesome majesty that you are.

Each of you is totally unique. Each of you has an expression which no one else can accurately copy. You came into incarnation for a reason: to express something which no one else can. And the whole universe is conspiring to help you reveal it.

Who are you, now in this moment? From the very simplest of expressions to the grandest earth shattering ones, what's the greatest that you can be?

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Inspiring article and a great opportunity to do some free wheeling after hibernation :)

What is the soul yearning for?
What is more important than breathing?

Definitely to know the Truth.

Unknowingly and as a child I was searching for ‘truth’ by exploring abandoned wrecked houses around my neighbourhood – the truth was ‘out there’ but intensely felt ‘in here’. Then, as a teenager, the zest for knowing the Truth was established and of course propelled by an experience of existential depression and meaninglessness – the truth was somehow ‘out there’ and ‘in here’. Since then, I got ‘distracted’ many times from this yearning , though sooner or later realised that ‘distractions’ are indeed the sign posts that guide us back onto the wave we fell off from – they are to be appreciated and listened to deeply.

Embarking on a ‘spiritual’ practice often fuels this yearning for Truth – inner and outer. Engaging in forms of activism also fuels the same yearning on many levels (3d, 5d etc). Even the yearning to know the Truth reinforces its own yearning. So, there tends to be a strong sense of mission and purpose behind this, which feels like a deep connection to a bigger perspective, to a felt sense of oneness that is all-encompassing, which calls us for action…for sharing it with others in all its unique forms.

I know this happened to me about 7 years ago. A painful, unglamorous awakening (deep powerful insight), which keeps maturing and includes experiences of wonder and amazement, and which fired up inside me a sense of missionary zeal. It felt energising, empowering and of course alluring too. My work/life were/are a mission….I see this now more as a process of maturation into the awakening I experienced.

The ego of course tries to own the yearning for the Truth and hence the purpose/mission. It uses the mission as a platform to re-construct itself. At times my ego pops up (e.g. trying to convince people) and although I see her, I still get hooked. So, the universe decided to once again show me the openway through various and different reflections in 3d (which made sense to me) that included articles, a talk, a book/teaching, work-related challenges and flu symptoms (throat blocked, coughing and tiredness - still experiencing).

Yesterday was a delightful day. I took a walk that lasted a lot longer than expected in one part of the luscious woods I often go to, where I hadn’t walked before. I got lost for a while and then discovered the most amazing spot ever right at the heart of the woods! A refreshing stream with numerous rock formations around it; tall trees at the banks with lots of bluebells and other beautiful plants; deer, an enormous fox; and a HUGE ant colony working their way back and forth from their immense nest! They were crawling up on tree branches, on the rocks, on leaves, everywhere.

It’s just so great that every time I feel/am lost that’s when I find myself and what I need. Amazing sight! I definitely felt “cherished, held, nurtured and supported”. And the ants were definitely showing their support by crawling all over my legs and taking a bite. Part of me was “oh no!” and another part was “oh yes!” Ha ha. It’s like how I sometimes feel … I can feel anger and laugh at the same time, feel sad and smile at the same time, annoyed and interested at the same time, so expressing all facets of the soul at the same time!

Blessings :)


Thanks Open for re-posting this article. It spoke to me this morning.

Right now, I would say that my real passion is "working on myself", although perhaps passion is a bit too strong a word, as I don't really feel very passionate about anything, to be honest. I think I'm still finding my way to my true passion, to expressing my authentic self - & that's proving to be a long, slow & oftentimes arduous journey. I need lots of patience, & I was grateful your article reminded me of that.

I've had glimpses of passions before, including growing cactus & succulent plants, certain complementary therapies, travel, some sports, relationships, cinema, but none of these have been true, lasting passions.

I'm currently having weekly Skype sessions of spiritual coaching with Cynthia, one of the Openhand facilitators, which are helping to unravel some of what's holding me back from being able to be truly authentic. It's painful & de-stabilizing work at times, & at other times very liberating.

I yearn to be free to be me, & I believe that this is happening, slowly & gradually. So far in my life, slowness of change & growth has been a hallmark. Acceptance & patience have been important lessons for me to learn.

Yes, I am passionate about "working on myself". That's still my priority. For a long time now, I've had a sense that I won't be starting my true working career until about the age of 60. I'm nearly 52 now, & still feel very much in training & preparation for what's to come.

Just for today, I will be accepting of my lot, patient with myself, & kind & loving towards myself & others.




I am ‘ghost writing’ a book for a colleague at the moment, who does not feel they can write well, but has the most amazing story to share. As I listen to their journey of accepting labels, struggling with an identity, defining themselves through others eyes, even behaving in a way that fits that perception, I can quite literally ‘feel’ their emotional pain. This makes the process so effortless for me, for it is though I am writing about myself – and of course, I am. What has touched me so profoundly is the privilege of watching another soul slowly wake up. To witness that dawning recognition of their true self, watching the layers peel back, see the light shine a little brighter each day as they recognise how unique they are, to understand the understanding. There really is nothing quite like it – not only to be part of it, but to be able to support that process – wow! Awesomely awesome!


This prayer has been with me for over 20 years now, Serenity Prayer. O God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time. I believe it maybe tattooed on the inside of heart, It has help me through some very rough times on my journey to where I am today.

Love and Gratitude to Open, Openhand and to All


    "Please grant us the grace to accept the things we cannot change, the strength to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference".

It's always been a favourite one for me too Michelle.

Open *OK*


Open shared: "Your evolutionary expression becomes the meaning of life. And the whole of life helps you in that 'goal' - a never ending, weaving and dancing intimacy".

I have recently been exploring manifestation and how much effort / energy to put to things and how much to allow.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend who was struggling with a particular issue. I was trying to remember how the words go for the prayer:

"Please grant us the grace to accept the things we cannot change, the strength to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference".

I couldn't quite remember it well enough for it to be meaningful though so we talked around it. As soon as we hung up, an email pinged through from another lovely friend who I had been speaking to the night before; she felt to send the email because it echoed what we had been talking about - it definitely did and more than that the last paragraph had the exact words to the prayer which I had wanted to share with my other friend, so I was able to forward it on - what a gift and blessing!

The beautiful weave and dance of the universe and the multi-faceted layers of each moment never cease to blow me away, especially when I am not trying to own or shape it - living the dream!

With lots of love Michelle xxx


Thanks for the lovely support guys.
It's so heart warming when you sense you've touched something positive in someone else.

Much love

Open *OK*


No two moments are ever the same - experience each moment fully - allowing different facets of the soul to express uniquely for that moment.

That is so powerful for me, thank you xxx


I began my day by reading this amazing insightfull reminder and what followed later unfolded amazingly well ; nearly effortlessly ; Soulfully nourished by the flow of signs and natural actions . Thanks so Much Open .