Magic Moments

The ground awakens the moment
your feet touch the earth.
Receive flow and allow.
So often, we look for fulfillment where
it can’t be found.
Subconscious underlying assumptions
seem to work even when they don’t.
Unhappy irritations are just thoughts,
adding up until you are stuck.
By noticing and shifting even a bit,
Those thoughts don’t take over.
Each moment counts.

Awareness uncovers internal struggle.
Who are you fighting and why?
They are only passing on what
happened to them.
Be strong, hold steady, let it pass.
What ever happens is less than what
might have happened.
Faith is about moving through
what you don’t understand and knowing
your heart has a different way
of seeing things.

Balance by being present.
You only know
what you’ve earned the right to know,
so enjoy being where you are.
Broken pieces heal and are
Covered with new integration.
We remember the risks of getting hurt
but move on.
Waiting or not, patient or not,
each moment comes.
Be aware of your emotional state,
and your breath can
transform anger into smiles.
That is the magic of moments.

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I had an amazing magic moment a couple of days ago I will try to describe.

Can you imagine a peachy coloured sky with a huge rainbow? Well thats what I saw, I've  never seen such a beautiful backdrop for a rainbow before, and the strange thing is, that it wasnt even raining! Its so dry in my region, it crackles when you walk on the grass and is dusty as anything! The rainbow was such a blessing and felt like a big encouragement to me!

What a magic moment!




thanks Margaret, yes I wrote it but after I read a few spirit channeling. I'm trying to practice being more in the moment so I wrote this poem to remind myself.