Middle East Madness: Black Snake Being Stirred Up in the Shift

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It's hard not to watch the footage of the latest war in the Middle East and not be moved to the core by the plight of desperate civilians being bombed and murdered. Yet again, this bears all the hallmarks of engineered hostilities to encapsulate world attention, drive society into fear, and make people more acquiescent to the controlling agenda. That's why we must respond differently. Not to contract down in fear, but instead forge spiritual stoicism, to strengthen backbone for challenging times ahead.

When the going gets tough, the tough must get going!

The Shift Strongly Unwinding the Old Construct

As soon as I witnessed the initial scenes of the "invasion" into Israel, the images bore all the hallmarks of something orchestrated to terrorise and create emotive headlines, to (mainly) stir up fear and trigger reactivity. The first images I saw were of a tractor taking out highly sophisticated border defences, with billions spent on them and aeons of preparedness. Really? Where was the Defence force? Apparently looking the other way.

That's not in any way, shape or form, to belittle the heart-rending plight of those who were murdered and maimed in the original attack, which was despicable, but that's the point: innocents get dragged in by the shadow to create emotional hostages wider afield in the world. It's orchestrated to "justify" all manner of spurious reactions. Like, for example, the merciless bombing of thousands of innocent people, including, and especially, women and children.

Whatever behind-the-scenes machinations created this, whatever backroom deals were made, for me, speaking as an energy worker, there's one layer of consciousness behind it, with one purpose:

This is the surface manifestation of Black Snake energy being stirred up in the underlying field. It was to be expected. Massive shifts of late have happened in breaking down the foundational layers of the Matrix. The Shift is unwinding the old construct strongly. And so this virulent ground layer is writhing in fear. Hence it's reactivity.

Okay, it's a complex situation - but that's the crux. What is this Black Snake energy of which I speak?

Explore the Ancient Nature of the Black Snake Energy

Exposing Ancient Black Snake Entities

Consider all reality as a quantum field, where sentient life takes form as the Torus, the Flower of Life, that exists in and through all things. If we look at it in the human field, for example, then just like the apple, you have a core vortex up the spine where the chakras connect into the singularity; you have the layers of the apple that comprise the multidimensional body; then you have the soul which infuses through it.

The Torus of a person is (meant to be) interconnected with that of Gaia, then the Solar Logos, then the Galactic Core. That's the 11:11 alignment: four centres all interconnected. But where a being is caused, or forced, to contract down and attach to the emotional physicality of the external, then the flow of the Torus breaks down, usually around one of the chakras, whereupon Black Snake entities from the core manifest in the field, bind in distortion, and if you let them, they run amock in your reality.

It's a more sophisticated, quantum field way, of considering the Black Snake in the Garden of Eden metaphor. Except this is no pontification. It's real, virulent, and very much in our faces.

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Living Vibrantly, Adventurously and Without Fear

What we need to hoist on board is that the Matrix in which we currently reside is multilayered and complex, with many interrelating dynamics. The Black Snake is the ancient foundational layer. It's a distorted and perverted elemental of the natural kingdom, which is being exposed as the coherency of the intervention is wobbling and breaking down.

There's no avoiding it, as you bring in the light, it stirs up the dross.

The crucial thing is not to bunker down in fear, because that's exactly why it is doing this. Due to the 11:11 convergence of grand cosmic cycles, there's a tremendous expansion of consciousness happening in the field. The shadow and its amoral bankruptcy are being exposed, left, right, and centre. It simply had to react, it's programmed that way, until it eventually withers and dies away.

We must NOT feed Black Snake in its dramatic finale. That will only drag it out. Instead, we must stay open as spiritual beings, we must keep grounding the light in our own lives; we must live vibrantly, adventurously, and without fear. We must NOT let this darkened veil draw across our resplendent skies. The light IS breaking in, we can feel it, and we must anchor it, amplify it, and ripple it far and wide through the field.

Let's honour those suffering, absolutely. But let's do so by rippling strength, divine connection and love through the field. Let's not give the underlying energy of fear anything to feed from. Let's definitely not polarise and project at people. Let's be clear also to take ownership our own distortions - not projecting them onto others.

Standing Strong with Spiritual Stoicism

I recall just a few years ago when so many bunkered down in the face of the bogus pandemic. We must NOT let that happen again. We must stand strong and sovereign. And in our lives, we must forge spiritual stoicism. That's the opportunity for spiritual growth that's being called for now. It's a feeling, an energy, a centredness and an anchoredness. It's a determination that the external machinations of the shadow will NOT define us!

Do whatever it takes to activate and embody this energy of spiritual stoicism: whether that be powerful meditations such as the Openhand Bow; whether it be strong consciousness bodywork or empowered walking in nature; whether it be cold plunging or some form of martial arts. I guarantee you, for sure, this spiritual stoicism is antidote to this latest round of the shadow's plandemonium.

Rest assured too, that Benevolence is working hand in hand with planetary shift facilitators to confront the virluent Black Snake entities in the field and bring them back into the Torus, to realign them, to take the sting out of their tail. There's no quick fix. It will take time. And it's a fundamental aspect of the unravelling shift. It's exactly why so many mystics in the past have prophecised such calamity, as we now clearly move into End Times as the old 3D construct unravels.

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Become Actively Open in Your Spirituality

So have faith. Build inner trust. Take this latest round of violent charades as an opportunity NOT to hunker down, but actively open up in your spirituality; to forge spiritual stoicism in the face of the shadow. Demonstrate that you will NOT be governed by fear. Yet again, just like the bogus pandemic, here's another opportunity to grow in the face of the exposed shadow.

If you feel compelled to enhance the backbone of your spiritual stoicism, then explore the ground breaking work of Openhand:

Openhand Ascension Portal

Stoic blessings to all

Open 💎

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16/11/2023 Shift Update

In this community, we've defined the term "Black Snake" as an effective metaphor of a foundational layer of the 3D construct we live within. It may be considered a quantum field energy, an "elemental", that's gotten wayward and gone "rogue". It's detached from the natural Flower of Life that defines the Torus, and creating distorted realities designed to suck people in, usually tethering within the lower three chakras. It's adept at creating polarisation and projection both within, and between, community groups. We witness it never more prevalent right now than in the Middle East and the various protagonists on all sides. It's especially there in the commentary you witness about the situation. But to be clear, it's certainly not limited to that. Once it finds it's way into the psyche it can reap havoc, especially in relationships. Hence I felt to repost my article above today, considering the concept.

Black Snake is highly adept, surreptitious and clever. Where one might have a judgment about someone, which let's face it can be easily done, then if that viewpoint is allowed to cement, it will come through the grey area so as to amplify it a degree within. The projected viewpoint then carries extra energy with it, designed to cause dissonance through the spiking energy. This is what we must each be personally aware of.

Once you "call it" within, then it tends to quickly retract, but can pop up in another guise - perhaps where there's some kind of distortion on the physical plane. Let's say, for example, through distorted masculine or feminine energies - excessive strength, or excessive surrender. It can embed within those distortions.

How best to deal with it?

Black Snake can only sustain in one's field where a chakra point is closed down, contracted or distorted. It would then tether in that location. But then to appear and distract through other chakras - the Third Eye for example. Distorted "Goddess Energy" is a classic phenomenon of that - the desire for attention, worship, or masquerading as empowerment. So the key is to work on opening all the chakras and bringing them into alignment within one's own Torus. That way, the energy will either be ejected, or else return and realign within. the Torus itself.

Hence I felt to share links to both the chakra attunement meditations of Openhand and the removal of entities one. Thousands of people around the world in the Shift have been greatly helped by them. So if you feel they might be of value to you, then do check them out. You can sample them freely and they're linked below.

In conclusion, I would point out that this virulent release of Black Snake energy into our reality was to be expected, because the very fabric of the Intervention is being deconstructed - hence that layer of the weave in was being exposed. Let's take ownership when it appears in our own vicinity and work it through. Then it has progressively less to latch onto.

Bright blessings to all

Open 💎

This is Openhand's Chakra Opening and Attunment Meditation, which has been adapated from the ancient Kriya Yoga and frequently used during Openhand's courses and events. It applies breathing and relaxation to bring awareness to the chakras, to open and attune them for greater authenticity and alignment in life, through the choices that you make from relationships to careers and general living circumstances.

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This is Openhand's Chakra Opening and Attunment Meditation, which has been adapated from the ancient Kriya Yoga and frequently used during Openhand's courses and events. It applies breathing and relaxation to bring awareness to the chakras, to open and attune them for greater authenticity and alignment in life, through the choices that you make from relationships to careers and general living circumstances.


I felt to share this typical example of a mainstream media "discussion" about the current situation in the Middle East. Where one person offering a balanced viewpoint about how there are atrocities on both sides, then gets rounded upon emotively for "condoning" terrorism. It's classic black snake energy that riles people through emotion which means they're not able to see the truth on both sides of the fence. Instead by two of the panel, you can clearly feel an unwillingness to consider other possibilities than their own myopic view. Black Snake energy plays exactly on this judgmentalism...

We're seeing plenty of media reports and commentary about the Hamas atrocities, against children and even babies, which of course is despicable. But how much emotion is being stirred up so as to justify criminal state atrocities in revenge? Take a look at the current situation in the Gaza Strip, which seems to be under almost total bombardment, where half the population is children...

My point is, that it seems clear to me, the mainstream media is responsible for winding up emotion, so as to justify massive military action, which it seems to become ever clear, was orchestrated in the first place. Because of secret agendas behind the scenes.

Let's NOT play these games of emotional blackmail. That's classic Black Snake energy in the field. Let's be stoic, manage our emotions, work to acknowledge distortion, and truth, on both sides, and take the sting out of this energy through the field. Let's hold balanced loving compassion for ALL those suffering on WHATEVER side. What needs to happen now, is de-energising the situation. My concern is that there is only orchestrated build-up happening. We need to work the field to take out the emotive reactivity. We need balanced, calm, and compassionate consciousness to prevail. That's what I'll be meditating on.

Stoic compassion,

Open 🙏

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Hi Open,

I have seen this dynamic so much these days unfortunately.  Which sadly perpetuates and worsens the terrible situation, as you have people being selective about who to show compassion to.

People only being compassionate to one side, arguing with others who are also being compassionate to the other side only.

This only perpetuates the problem. It is not genuine compassion. Or at best it's narrow minded. And at worse, it's hatred in disguise, among people. And among leaders, it's pure hypocricy, showing compassion to one side, not because they empathise with the inoccent of that side, but because of their selfish, greedy interests. It's pure disgusting, and in my eyes, even worse than the horrors we see. Because they purposefully want divison and the fighting to secure their interests. Peace is their enemy! Because they want to divide and conquer.

I think we need people and leaders who can empathise with the innocent on both ( ALL)  sides. And choose peace. We are all interconnected. Someone else's problem is not ours until it is. 

We as people have a choice to engage in this emotional sh*t storm, and perpetuate and worsen it by fighting, or we can choose peace. 

Same for the leaders. They have a choice. They can choose peace. Or they can choose to escalate. 

Let's meditate on peace! Let's choose peace!

 ☮️ 🕊 

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Nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could

It's just impossible, simple message to understand, but obviously not for humans. New episode of massive madness, they got us again, millions of people reacting, spreading dark energies, feeding dark entities, always the same game. I guess this illness is so severe that people subconsciously really want nothingness.

By blaming whoever, by supporting any side, by just naively believe anything from this charade, you are actually actively participating in these horrors. It is really hard to watch people doing it, with madness in their faces, and it is so normal...

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Daniel, that's such an illuminating point of clarity.... "By Taking sides in this Middle East conflict, you're actually supporting the horror".

Yes, absolutely. It's to feed the division and give energy to the underlying Black Snake energy, that is positively revelling in all the emotive attention.

 Let's keep working in the field to take the "sting" out of it all. Synchronistically you shared the perfect song!

Open 🙏

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The concept of fear is fascinating. It can arise from distortion in any chakra. Can we describe fear as a scale of distortion and misalignment then? When the energy of emotion is released through inner work, through triggers, we experience a range of emotion from discomfort through to outright fear. Is there merit, then, in dismantling fear in its own right? At the end of the day I resonate with, the only thing to fear is fear. So if I put myself in a mixture of challenging situations and sit in that, am I unravelling black snake interference and distortion? I understand the premise behind amplifying fear by penetrating it and bowing into it. But does walking towards fear and sitting in it constitute breakthrough? I met a palestinian woman many years ago, very sweet and soft. Now I see her on social media with a bandana screeching for justice, her voice full of hatred. This is a very elegant demonstration of black snake infection. I am so grateful for these reflections, including these beautifully crafted posts. I honour the guidance and illumination provided by openhand,( including that group of 9, the 'galactic council)'. 🙏

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Hi Andy, you ask an important and pertinent question regarding Black Snake energy. And it's essential for all to consider...

When the energy of emotion is released through inner work, through triggers, we experience a range of emotion from discomfort through to outright fear. Is there merit, then, in dismantling fear in its own right? At the end of the day I resonate with, the only thing to fear is fear. So if I put myself in a mixture of challenging situations and sit in that, am I unravelling black snake interference and distortion?

I feel to answer the question in a slightly different way - to come at it from a different angle that seems relevant.

The way I've observed Black Snake energy functioning, especially in community groups, is that there's a surface identity level of expression in the processing. It looks like you're processing. And it can feel that way. However, where the expression is then disseminated through the group or in the practice, it's kind of like distributing the pain, so as not to take ownership at a much deeper level.

So the processing gets active and expressive, then seems to subside, but hasn't really gone deep enough.

That's why whatever is going on in the external, whatever distortion or emotional expression someone else might be sharing and processing, to always look within. Is it triggering anything in me? Is there anything in my own subconsciousness I'm not seeing? And then if there is, to get into the subtle layers and vibrations. Because this is where Black Snake (especially) resides.

By the way, the Group of 9 is NOT the Galactic Council. In my book, there is no such thing. No truly evolved group would intentionally elevate themselves with such an identity. However, Black Snake energy would tarnish their energy and reputation in that way. It's done so plenty of times throughout history.

Bright blessings

Open 💎


To my mind it's absolutely right to take strong positive action against terrorism - the scenes we witnessed of what took place in the "invasion" into Israel by Hamas was deeply emotive and distressing. However, at the same time, to me, it bore all the hallmarks of an orchestrated event. The Israeli Defence Force is one of the best trained, most well prepared and well funded on the planet. They're constantly patrolling and conducting fine trigger response reflexes. How is it they were apparently caught completely off guard? How did a tractor break through highly sophisticated border defences without anyone firing a shot? How were the most advanced tanks on the planet simply overran? With the most informed and active intelligence agency, how is it that everyone was simply looking the other way?

To me, now we start to see some of the real reasoning in the massive build-up of the response: extensive bombing of civilians in Gaza, a huge influx of international military from the USA and Britain. It's a sledge hammer to crack a nut, unless that is, there's other, broader, intentionality behind it.

Let's not be fooled by the purposeful emotive imagery in an attempt to drag consciousness in. Yes let's empathise and send loving support to the innocents caught up in this maniacal madness. Yet's stay stoic in the face of this madness and to carefully manage our emotions. Especially in a time that is rife with the interplay of Black Snake energies within society. Let's stay calm, centred and anchored.

Stoic blessings to all

Open 💎

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There are nuances of 911 where the US national air defence was stood down while terrorists with box cutters where able to fly airliners into the twin towers ( allegedly). An article from sage journal quotes the following:-

The prominent conspiracy theorist, David Icke, contends that problem–reaction–solution (PRS), known also as order out of chaos, is a device used by the powerful, social ruling elite to manipulate and shape public opinion with the intention of gaining approval for the implementation of societal controls (Icke, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010) He posits that PRS involves three discrete, but interrelated phases (Icke, 2010). Initially, dominant individuals, groups, and/or organizations covertly engineer or exploit a problem to legitimize the enactment of laws, rules, and restrictions. Then, via an unquestioning media, the issue is broadcast, amplified, and popularized. Bringing the problem to the forefront of public attention arouses a strong social demand for action (reaction), which advances acceptance of a “predetermined” solution (Icke, 2005, 2010). According to Icke, PRS via this process insti- gates social change, legitimizes centralized power, and increases hegemonic authority (Icke, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010). Concomitant with Icke’s theorizing, many conspiracy theorists view PRS as a propaganda technique and a power- ful form of mind manipulation (Chomsky, 2002; Robertson, 2016).

The divide and conquer principle also comes to view. Passions are high and its easy to see how people could start projecting on each other, fracturing communities. I'm seeing at the outset that the temptation is to follow the news to see what happens next. In my case, having reviewed a fair bit of news, I found difficulty in sleeping as negative images played out in my mind. I certainly see the danger in being dragged in. 


The ONE (God) is the absolute Truth. However, in low dimensional (vibration) realities it may seem faraway or even absent.

For those transcending dimensions of realities, the perspective of truth becomes more clear and attainable. How is that?

Truth, the pure Light Energy of Love & Peace, is the opposite of the illusion, the darkness or shadow field of fear & hate; or black snake fake energy of deceit.

As we approach the Light, or in other words , as we seek the Truth, its Light shines more upon us and becomes more present in our Hearts. Automatically, the darkness unwinds and exposes itself in vain to tempt us to look back at it and give it our attention, through the ego.

It’s everybody’s (last-minute) choice.



I trust in my article above you'll gain a deeper, spiritual insight, into the recent hostilites in the Middle East. Why is it happening and how can we, as energy workers, deal with the reverberrations in the field? Do review my article and see how it might help you forge "spiritual stoicism" in the face of the latest shadow shenanigans.

It reminds me of the early years of the lockdowns, and how we responded then. Just look at the opening effects since that time...