Be all in - Go All the Way...Inspirational Video Poetry

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There can be no half measures if we truly want to progress along the path. We have to be all in - you have to go all the way, in. You can't dip just your toe in and expect that you'll succeed. You won't. Because it's the fiery crucible that stirs the inner emotions of consciousness, those that cause breakthrough; it's where your spirit truly moves. And it won't fully move without that. Progression on the path means the stirring up of this consciousness, so it wells up within you. It's there that you find out who you truly are - where you define who you truly are. That's what I adore about this video poem by Charles Bukowski. Be all in - Go all the way...

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I just linked to this, and I can't leave without writing something. Or maybe no words are appropriate. Wow I love everything about his words and energy, I just looked at some other of his writing, powerful. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Rayko,

Sending love and support to you - you are not alone!

And know that we never make a mistake. You had to do what you did, and it could happen no other way. Consciousness always draws. Just work to settle into what's happening and resolve what comes up. Then other choices will follow. There's no mistake in what we learn from.

So stay with it - be all in - and come out the other side too!


Open *OK*

I saw a man who had lost his hands, no fingers and no wrists. Using play dough, he created the cutest cat sculptures on top of pens! I regret not buying one!

Don't quit! He was happier than a man flown half-way across the world with a fully functional body capable of performing research in regards to how to improve the tools doctors have in regards to diagnosing cancer.
He was happier! He was happier!
He was happier than me...

I am an idiot...
Not a thought neither a feeling to guide past the mine in front,
Guidance systems non-existent, long blown out
Carelessness, hubris, gluttony and sloth approach!
Cleverly disguised amongst the endless array of people!
AAA Seriously!
I've moved to Hong Kong, one of the most densely populated cities on Earth, and I live in its busiest district of Mong Kok... On its busiest streeet. Hmmm yea that was an accident. I didn't think about it, I didn't feel like it, but I sent a 1 line e-mail. Few e-mails and 4-5 months later I am here.

So what it is like? Well I lived in the South west of the UK in the little city of Exeter with 130 000 people. On average, for the last 7 years there I cried about 4 times per year and fell ill about 2 per year.
Now: Mong Kok, 130 000 people per square kilometer, in 27 days I have cried 4 times and fallen ill twice. So I thought I should report somewhere and as always I got confused where and I've landed here.

Every night I see the people from the Hong Kong umbrella movement walking along my street. And annoyance with the Chinese internet firewall is growing in the East, but it is not my place to get involved with such movements. Naa I just tell them how you end up in Hong Kong with a 1 line e-mail. And aaa no way! Now I got a video to help ahahaha

Thank you for having this website here! It's wicked! And I apologize, I know I am poisoned. Happened long ago! Now I just cry of not dieing alone again...

Thanks profoundly Trin, Steve, Mark, Cathy and B for tuning in.
I'm sitting here in the early hours before sun-up, morning meditation complete, and tuning into your writings. I have to say they moved me to tears.

Mark - Bukowski is a new discovery for me. How incredible. Such deep, deep knowing.

Steve - keep going, keep going, keep going!!! There have been many times on the path where I've hit new densities and had to graft away, dig, dig, dig, in the darkness with apparently no end in sight, feeling like you're hardly progressing at all. Paradoxically though, what I've discovered, is that's usually when I'm making the MOST progress! So keep going. Keep digging. "There is light in the darkness".

Cathy - that's one of my all time favourite clips... There is no perfection. It's never about some great victory, although there will be big breakthroughs. It's the progressive journey of expansion itself that brings the joy. And there must be commitment, we must be all-in. There are things to "go for", but in the going for, that's where most is discovered about oneself. Humbly - thankyou.

Thankyou all

You melt my heart

Open *give_rose*

Its funny I'd always lived my life full on face on but when spirituality took centre stage in my life I got caught up in those parts of me that were ungrounded and somehow rather than honing them in I walked with them further away from reality. Its great now to be able to see more clearly what's going on and also to reconnect with lost parts of me and most of all to be grounded. Some of the things I've done to get to this point have put me in a situation where there is now a lot of pressure from practically everyone around me to take medication, something I've never done and that I know would have terrible and long-lasting side-effects. I grew up very one-sided and being firm is something 've learnt only recently. This nowfeels like an opporutnity to learn sticking my ground. For the rest I've accepted that I'm often going to feel like I'm a sand dune and need isolation in equal measures x

You have become such a highly regarded Soul friend to me... We have never met but that matters not, I see you <3 I have said this too you more than once but I will keep saying it too you, I have so much admiration for you and all that you have been through, even tho I realize I know only a glimpse of your challenges, you have been an inspiration to me from the beginning and you never cease to surprise me and to amaze me... I could go on and on but I will leave you with a simple but Heart felt Namaste dear beautiful Soul friend. <3


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Steve! Many thanks for your kind words. Your shining, sincere, straight-up, loving spirit inspires me big time! I also like your motorcycle! :)

I've observed that Openhanders have led challenging lives. There's a purpose to that, I feel. It's too easy to get stuck in the comfort zone and lose incentive "to go all the way" as Bukowski says. Many get lost there.

Kahlil Gibran's quote nails it!

"Verily the lust for
comfort murders the
passion of the soul,
and then walks
grinning in the

Many sorrows have I known. As many of us have. There's a gift in that. I'm easily pleased. The smallest things in life fill my heart with great joy. And I'm ever ready to have a good laugh.

Lotsa Love,


Hey, Steve, Biker Dude!

I've been where you're at many times in my spiritual journey. Feeling abject despair and utter hopelessness. Like there's no point. Cause I feel so damn dark and shitty and aren't I supposed to feel more enlightened and jolly after all I've been through? Enough already. I've had it. And in those times, I've dropped out and licked my wounds, isolating myself like a wolf in pain.

I, too, take heart from Trinity's words especially these, "Even those moments we fall off track we are STILL ALL IN." It can end there of course unless "we pick ourselves up and let go into our deepest depths again and again and again," as Trinity says. Sometimes I long for it to be "Abracadabra". Just a wave of the magic wand and all my illusions fall away. Poof! And there I am shimmering gloriously in the sun like an iridescent dragonfly. Pure light forever and always. Our true essence.

But then I'm reminded that every moment has a purpose. Every moment is a chance to self-realize as the One. It may not instant karma. We may have to fall and fall again and again and go deeper and deeper still down that dark rabbit hole through all those layers of crappy conditioning piled on down through the eons. But in the end, I truly feel we're all destined for Nirvana. We're all destined to shine on eternally -- like the moon and the stars and the sun as John Lennon sang.

Here's a clip from the film, "The Peaceful Warrior", a film I've watched countless times because it always inspires me to honour whatever I'm feeling but not get stuck there. Letting it flow through in whatever time it takes. Reminding me to pick myself up from the cold, hard floor. And begin again.

So now I'm hearing the '60's song, "He's a Rebel". How can a biker dude like you possibly lose your magnificent, rebel soul? No way, bro!

A favourite quote from "The Peaceful Warrior":

"A warrior is not about perfection or victory or invulnerability. He's about absolute vulnerability."

Lotsa Love,


I just saw this Pop up in My FB news feed, It left me breathless...i am going through wave after wave of uncomfortableness in the last 2.5 months, it seemed to start shortly after My breakthough week in Seatle. I have been completely overwhelmed and just today i was inquiring on the validity of all this so called spiritual practice, just an overall personal assesment of it, Why i am doing it? is it worth it? am i kidding myself? what really am i gaining!???

The Synchronicity for me of this video Today is like an answer for me....1) my commitment needs to remain steadfast( through my inquiry i was questioning my commitment)i feel i need to stay on course and step it up, Ouf! that statement alone sounds overwhelming to me...but i need to stay on course <3. I am lost and lonely and this message/video has brought tears to my eyes , my Heart was touched <3.

Trinity i absolutely love how you word it, it equally touched me, i could feel the Angelic support in your words, Bless You Trinity <3

edited: Trinity i trust you wont mind me sharing your words on this Poem on My FB? they touched me so deeply that i felt a need to share these beautiful Angelic words with Everyone <3


Thank you, Open. Bukowski, OMG - what an incredible genius he was. <3