Dealing with the Heat of Dramatic Change

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2016 has been officially declared as the hottest on record, setting a new high for the third year in a row. Hard to believe perhaps when we're seeing parts of Spain, the Greek Islands and even North Africa blanketed in freezing snow. That's not to mention the deluging rain over California. Our climate system has been well and truly screwed. Any kind of predictability now goes out of the window in this Great 5D Shift. How does that make you feel? What does it do emotionally? It's essential to engage, because for sure, the shift energy is engaging you. But there is a way to ride the changes and positively thrive. It just requires a shift in perspective. What exactly I am referring to?

Embrace the truth, for only the truth can truly set us free

The honey moon period of climate change denial, bolstered by the new US administration, is sure to bite the California dust in the very near future. You can rewrite, reposition or reframe truth all you like, but ultimately the Universe will do what it's going to do. Yes, the Titanic did sink. Just as it must be clear to majority of awakened people by now, that abrupt and radical climate change is upon us. Just take a look at some of the downright freaky weather patterns shaping around the world right now:

Let's embrace the truth, because only the truth can truly set us free.

How do you deal personally with dramatic change?

Let's be honest, a lot of people struggle with the concept of dramatic change. Many are risk averse. It's not easy to step out of a reality that's been very comfortable. And so we pull the wool a while longer, trusting - hoping - those cosy old slippers will just hang on till next Christmas. It's understandable - we like to feel safe and secure. Society has programmed people that way.

But let's look at the reality of it. The Universe is anything but safe and secure. Star systems, constellations and even galaxies can be swallowed up practically in the blink of the universal eye. Many reading this, will no doubt be carrying karma relating back to Sirius, which exploded massively and suddenly in it's dramatic Ascension process 120 million years ago. In a Universe of constant change, change is the only constant.

This doesn't have to be a problem for you. Quite the opposite. You could embrace the very nature of change as an engine for your life. In fact I put it to you, that evolutionary growth - continually evolving change - is the true satisfaction, the true success of life. When you've committed yourself to growth, when you've invested courage and commitment, then you really feel like you're achieving something.

Find the excitement, the adventure, the thrill of change

You can do it. Dig a little deeper. You know exactly what your soul is calling for. Just step out, embrace the feeling of risk. What is that like? Does it jangle your nerves? Does it make you feel insecure? Well here's the thing, how can you possibly change without first feeling insecure about the old reality?

Let's look deeper within this insecurity, within this anxiety, within this fear. Think about the last rollercoaster you ever rode. Or that climbing expedition, or braving the thrashing rapids (and even if you haven't done them, visualise/feel something like them now). What's at the core of the nervousness? Can you touch the sense of adventure and excitement?

My point is, when most people relate back to something that was exciting, they also often relate to past-life karmic events of great insecurity and danger. Perhaps it led to some kind of disaster (like on Sirius for example). And so now when they feel the excitement of change, it gets poisoned by fear and anxiety (understandably so). The risk is, it stops people taking a positive step forwards in their lives.

But if you recognise this - by being completely honest with yourself - then you can work with it, in exactly the approach we're constantly applying here at Openhand.

Using the Openhand Breakthrough Approach to deal with the Fear of Change

Here's how we can process...

You feel into the anxiety, fear and worry. You notice where you get tight inside, You become as-one with the energy by totally honouring it with full expression You step through the expression as The One - finding presence within it You reclaim and unleash the new energies of your soul.

Understand Openhand Breakthrough by reading the book... Breakthrough Book
or coming on a workshop...Breakthrough Workshop

And what new energies of your soul might you discover? Besides being surrendering, loving and accepting, the soul is also courageous, willful and extraordinarily brave (when the ego gets out of the way). These are the energies of excitement and adventure. When we allow them to come through us, they feel thrilling, vibrant and uplifting. These are the essence of creating new life itself. So when you recognise the anxiety of radical change, if you can persevere with that course of action, but then dig deep into the emotional resistance, you'll touch the adventurous excitement - the truth of the soul is given wings, and the distortion now falls away. So it is with all soul realignments. So it is with all true growth.

Embrace Change - the vibrant life blood of the Soul

Radical change is happening right now - within the underlying field. I can feel it sitting right over here in my Canary Island Retreat (check out La Palma Pioneers). For me, although completely unintentional, quite dramatic change was clearly necessary to feel and harness that shift. If you imagine the old reality held in place by horizontal interconnecting lines of energy, I feel those threads being broken up, the consciousness realigning with the higher dimensional flow. The fixed eddy current of the old 3D reality is unwinding and rejoining the ascending mainstream.

Yes, if you're not living in some kind of denial you're going to feel it too. Yes it'll likely be unsettling and a degree nerve wracking. That's okay. It's entirely fine to feel that way. Don't try to bury the feeling down or surpress it with some kind of reality avoidance. Embrace it, dive right in. Because deep down in those bubbling emotional rapids, is the soul's truth of exciting, thrilling, adventuresome change. The vibrant life-blood of the soul.

The Climate of Change is heating up. Yes it will invoke anxiety and fear. That's okay, you can work with it. We have the tools - we just have to commit to the process. And in the midst of that, you'll be shining new jewels of creative change. It will be exciting, thrilling, enthralling - the adventure of a lifetime! Check out the video. Then do share with me your feelings about dramatic change in your life. You'll be surprised just how much it can help you integrate...

In loving support

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It may be that enlightened people are always connected throughout the ages, so I am not surprised that you both expressed this truth in your own unique way.

Thanks for your beautiful comments. I love they way you see it as a dynamic equilibrium and your Breakthrough book shows this very eloquently.I was very inspired! This is the gift I got/experienced in the the New Year course and felt to share it here through the lens of Heraclitus who I am very fond of.

Much love

So, “In a Universe of constant change, change is the only constant” is by Heraclitus? LOL - I thought it came from me - but then who is "me". Maybe I'm tuned into the Greeks who were tuned into the source. :-)

You said...

    "I feel that to ride the waves of change and to embrace change there needs to be trust in the unchanging where all change comes from."

Brilliant! I see it as dynamic equilibrium: relativity emerging from singularity. The singularity of presence is always there in the background, constant, never changing - the blank canvas through it all. And then, at the same time, painted on top is a wonderful dancing mosaic of stimulating aliveness. It's constantly ebbing and flowing.

The wonderful thing about being the presence upon which the movement is painted, is that you can experience the fullness of all, even great grief and sorrow, yet you still know the experience as transient - it we can let go of every experience, it will flow through and from us, until another wave arises.

Thanks for sharing

Open *OK*

“In a Universe of constant change, change is the only constant”. Beautiful.
I think this quote is attributed to Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher (its all Greek to me!) who lived in the 6th century. He is said to have talked about how everything changes and nothing stays still; he said that you could not step into the same river twice. This is because the water constantly changes.
Indeed change is happening in everybody’s lives constantly, even when there is an apparent sense of ‘stuckness’ or ‘being static’. This is because at any moment “Cold things grow hot, the hot cools, the wet dries, the parched moistens” as Heraclitus noted. I see this more as a mutual change, one element replaces the other, one transforms and transmutes into the other , so they replace each other in a series of transformations: they are interchangeable. He calls this the “law of identical opposites”. In other words, fear is transmuted to courage, anxiety to peace, tightness to lightness and so on.
But Heraclitus also talked about the unchanging… Fire (to me this is pure, loving awareness), the primary element from which all arises. Here are a couple of quotes I found that illustrate this point:
(quoted in Hippolytus, Refutations )
God is day and night, winter and summer, war and peace, fullness and hunger; he changes the way fire does when mixed with spices and is named according to each spice. [3]
(quoted in Aristotle, On the World )
Things which are put together [1] are both whole and not whole, brought together and taken apart, in harmony and out of harmony; one thing arises from all things, and all things arise from one thing.
Interpretation as follows:
“Everything that exists is derived from it (Fire) and returns to it again. The universe is, therefore, fire in the process of transformation, an ever-living, ever-changing force which takes innumerable forms but is never extinguished. That restless, all-consuming, all-transforming and vivifying activity, now darting and vibrating as a flame, now sinking to an ember, now soaring up and vanishing away as smoke, is at once the symbol and essence of life. At every moment it seems to pass away. The contents change but its substance is the same”.
I feel that to ride the waves of change and to embrace change there needs to be trust in the unchanging where all change comes from. And an understanding of the relationship between the changing and the unchanging. I am currently feeling into this!
I love this amazing song by Donna De Lory who expresses the trust in the unchanging (the ‘Lord’) amidst being in constant change. Enjoy everyone!