Openhand Shift Diaries: "Samadhi"

Submitted by TeamOpenhand on Sun, 02/18/2018 - 06:50

There is a state of being, which is to come from the sense of presence the whole time. It's where you've surrendered completely into the absoluteness that you truly are. It feels as if no one is here! This place is known by some as "Samadhi"

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Amazing video! It pretty much sums up why we are here.
Now I'm curious about those stones arranged in circles! Thinking


Hi Vimal & Horse - glad you enjoyed it.
It was certainly a lovely feeling in the making. Connecting with Raven was special. The air was crisp and clear, all around there was ice and snow too, which had shaped into the most amazing crystalline forms due to earlier winds. A beautiful experience - I'm glad it inspired you too.

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Right you are Vimal, Fantastic video. I watched it first this morning. Open I took this video to the ocean shore here in Cape Breton. As I watched this video there, I felt nothing but blissful. There were hundreds of ducks in the ponds of open water in the sea ice, crows and ravens everywhere. To top it off, there were 3 pairs of eagles all in a wonderful flight of courtship. Amazing to watch and take part in. To cap the trip off I listened to some Jont on the drive back to the matrix.

Much love,


Fantastic video Open and 'raven'.  What an incredible place to be in samadhi,  i can feel the energy of it through the video even. While watching the video some distractions within the family were coming up wanting to engage me in.  It is easier to be victimized by it when i lose my centre and peace within it.  But i kept surrendering into it with your message in the background. Thankyou for being and continously reminding us all.  

Love and gratitude


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