Openhand Spiritual Facilitator Training in the Land of Oz (Review)

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Hi everyone. The pace of the 5D shift quickens day by day. Whether people recognise it or not, everyone is progressively being affected by the shift in one way or another. The activation of soul calls for greater authenticity in relationships for example, to be more truthful and honest with oneanother. It invites us to be more aligned in the jobs and careers, and to make more conscious choices in how we generally live. Plenty will be in avoidance, often subconsciously. Here's where inner conflict causes stress and trauma, hence the role of the spiritual facilitator to help people touch that disharmony and unwind it.
So what does it take to become a spiritual facilitator?

Developing Empathic Sensitivity

This week I've been working with an enthusiastic group in Byron Bay Australia, at the Serene Earth Sanctuary. We're going way beyond the level of mind. We're working at a very deep level energetically. So it requires a great deal of internal sensitivity. Primarily it requires one to be able to embrace your client within your own field, then to feel, as your own, what they are feeling. When you have the capacity to do this, then facilitation really takes off.

Developing this empathic sensitivity means that you're then able to activate subconscious density within your client - it brings forth that which is limiting them out into the light so it can be felt and worked with. Often it's trapped karma from past lives that needs to be processed for example.

Metaphorically, you're 'stirring up the bed of their inner stream', where fragments of 'soul-gold' have broken away and got buried in the sediment of the river of life. You're helping reintegrate those lost nuggets, for increased sense of completeness and higher vibrational state.

Soul retrieval

Shamans would call this 'soul-retrieval'. That's pretty much exactly what you're helping to facilitate. In piercing the density, the client is able to feel that lost aspect of themselves once more, which can then be integrated back into the mainstream of the soul. It is tremendously liberating and empowering - like coming home to yourself. There is literally nothing like it.

This is very advanced work and takes time to develop. It's certainly no 'box-ticking' course! Consequently it's incredibly rewarding - you feel like you're achieving something truly special.

Developing facilitators in this way is a crucial part of the Openhand Mission here. It means that more and more people will have profound skills to actually facilitate the shift into the Fifth Density New Paradigm. Only a shift in personal consciousness is going to achieve that - only by breaking through the density and releasing the 'ballast' that prevents the soul fully integrating and 'ascending' into 5D consciousness.

What might interest you about Facilitator Training?

I felt to share some deeper insight on some of the other aspects involved in Openhand Facilitator Training here below, from my time in Australia. So do tune in, feel free to ask questions and share your views.

In loving support

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Finding out more about the Openhand Facilitator Program Here

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Our two weeks of Facilitator Training and Development is now complete here in sunny Byron Bay. Phew, what a tremendous occasion! We had a lovely diverse group of rainbow souls, from America, Canada, Europe and Australia - what an amazing blend, all completely unqiue, and yet bonding together tremendously as a group.

Where to begin? Here's a collage....

Exploring effective questioning technique (who'll forget the "World Bean Bag throwing championships!); Diving deep into empathic feeling of another's energy; guiding meditations to open chakras, get through the layers of identity and into karmic past life processing; astral journeying to far off constellations and communion with the solar logos; trance channeling to connect with starsoul groups in the ether; and the tremendous group energy work around sacred sites of Byron Bay to support Gaia and get the Toroidal flow flowing.
Beyond that, it was beyond words!

I have no doubt our work will not only support and unleash individual soul journeys, but also have a beneficial effect on the locality and the planetary shift as a whole. What amazing folk you all are. It was an honour and a privilege to host you...

With deep gratitude and love for all that you are.

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Thanks for tuning in Tonya - great to have you connecting through the ether - it was indeed a very magical and highly energetic event.

Much love

Open Heart


As one of Openhand's facilitators over here in the UK over the other side of the world to you, I can just feel the depth of the work you've been doing this week. Awesome work, team - and much love to you all! <3



So in the Openhand Facilitation work, we're using the SEER approach (see above) essentially to amplify what's known as "The Toroidal Field" in someone. We all have it, and it's when the energy is flowing freely through you. The energy will get stuck in density in various inner layers (physical, emotional, mental, karmic). By using our own field to amplify these points of 'tightness', we can illuminate what caused them, what effect they might be having on your personal life (in relationships, careers and general living circumstances), then work to release the attachment so the flow can be restored in that place once more. It's deeply alchemical and immensely rewarding to witness the transitions people make. Here's a video I shot here in Byron Bay on a previous trip that captures the sense of it....


We're having another tremendous Facilitator Week here in Byron Bay at the Serene Earth Sanctuary. There's far too much going on to write in detail at this moment, but I felt to whet your appetite with some early photos. Come catch the vibe...

Our photo journal from the week...

Two Aussies David inquiring with Toni

Deborah and Jef going deep into trance and exploring Orion connections...

Rhonda working her shaman energies with Toni...

Deoborah and Heather..

The 'Other Heather' with Ann - exploring into the frustration of the divine feminine...

September - it's not great being in a physical body sometimes!

This is a tremendous rainbow tribe group - the astral travelling takes us to far off destinations...





There can be few things as rewarding as facilitating in the great shift of consciousness taking place around us. To watch the emergence of soul in someone that you might have supported is deeply rewarding and fulfilling.

For that reason, Openhand places tremendous importance in our Facilitator Program. Here's a glimpse (scroll above) of the kinds of training that goes on. 

We've got two Facilitator Training Programs happening in the magical Byron Bay on the PARADIGM SHIFT world tour. One is for people new to the facilitation program, and the other is for those who've already done the Openhand Foundation course and wish to develop their skills. Plus because the energy tends to be so strong, it's a great way for facilitators to process their own karma and integrate soul too. It's a win win all round...


5th-9th Nov: Facilitator Foundation Course: BYRON BAY/AUS
Develop Deeper Divine Connection and Rewarding Career
There can be nothing more rewarding in life than to be of divine service, and especially to the PARADIGM SHIFT. Uncover your miraculous facilitation gifts. Discover how to activate soul and dissolve people's karma. Become a positive force for change, live a life of miracles, mystery and magic.
There's nothing like being of service to the Divine!

12th - 17th Nov: Facilitator School 2018: BYRON BAY/AUS
Unravel Personal Karma, Develop your Craft as a Facilitator
For this annual Openhand event, We'll be staying at the superb Serene Earth Sanctuary close to Mount Warning, honing your craft, working with the energies of the PARADIGM SHIFT and conducting soul-stirring shamanic ceremony - including firewalking.
Sure to be one of those lifetime experiences.


Flow riders indeed! Dolphin

And another new wave of beautiful uniquely gifted people joining the Facilitator Network for the service of All. Feeling the vibe!Heart

Wise Love


We've been having a tremendous time here facilitator training in the Land of Oz. It seems to me our sensitivity is increasing now literally day-by-day. To effect true and lasting change is to be able to truly feel into the field so we can realign it. That's the essence of what facilitator training is all about.

We may know at an intellectual level that everything is inside of you. The challenge is that we're too often distracted into the outer. But as you increasingly explore the layers of the inner world, you progressively realise that's where you can beneficially support realignment in the field.

It's all about feeling the connections into the dimensions inside of yourself. Then sensing how the flow wants to realign - bringing your own consciousness to bear within that, so you become an amplifier for the flow itself.

What this does, is connect with, and activate karmic blockages in people - the real source of all life's challenges. By activating the blockages, we can retrieve the lost nuggets of "soul-gold" buried in the karma. The karmic tethers are dissolved, the soul reintegrates, which feels magical - like coming home. It leads to transformative alchemical change. 

It feels like a divine privilege for people to be working at this level - you recognise yourself as a servant to the benevolent shift of consciousness. There few things that are so rewarding.

Our photo journal from the week...

Deborah takes Kelly deep...

Monica connecting with deep empathic sensitivity...

Trevor and Klaus presided over by the Gods...

Alison getting to the source of the issue with Tony...

Meanwhile Ganesh is providing supporting hand...

Leanne takes a welcome "Tea and Light" break

Back into the thick of things with a karmic past life regression...

Trevor and Tony, a meeting of minds...

Our intrepid Oz facilitator team. It's all about riding the wave!...


At the core of Openhand facilitation is a process we call "SEER". It has the capacity to take people deeply through the inner layers very quickly, and right into karma - the reason we incarnated here.Here's a brief insight, bearing in mind that although it appears simple, it is not at all easy! 

The "S" stands for Set-up and Situation: facilitators establish an energetic space - a field of clear consciousness - in which to work. This has many considerations including reducing clutter and electromagnetic smog. It's about opening a bridge into higher dimensions, connecting with benevolent forces to work with you. Then it's about embracing the client in this space - embracing them within your own field. This in itself begins to resonate authentic beingness and activate subconscious blockages such as karma. Within this protective and energetically nurturing space, the facilitator will then ascertain from the client what they feel the session is meant to be about - bearing in mind, this can change through the initial meditation itself.

The first "E" stands for Exploration and Entrainment: through the use of skillful intuitive questioning, the facilitator helps the client explore their situation - what is arising in their life as challenging and to be worked with? The facilitator is trained to look for 'spiking' words that naturally emerge - words that spike in the field. For example: worthlessness, loneliness, fear, worry, sense of lack, neediness, responsibility or obligation. The approach is to then 'entrain' to this energy. Which means to give attention to it and activate what's underlying it - the karmic source pain which limits people's reality and creates the circumstances of their lives.

The second "E" stands for Expression and Empowerment: the facilitator encourages the client to express outwards the feeling of the source pain that their touching - that which is subverting their life situation. By fully expressing this pain, means you can become as-One with it. Instead of rejecting it and creating inner polarity (which is the cause of suffering), we completely embrace the pain by honouring it. There comes a crucial point where you - as the One - can then step through the pain and into presence. Here comes the empowerment part - because as presence you don't need the pain to go away. You can totally accept it. Here's the beauty of it - in that place, you reintegrate lost fragments of soul that were holding in place that eddy current of pain. The pain has no more anchor in consciousness. Upon which, you can work with the infusing soul to wash the pain away. The karma disappears! Instead of being disempowered by subconscious limitation, now the soul is empowered and the client can authentically create an entirely new narrative in their lives. It happens effortlessly as an arising flow through them. It's literally breath-taking to behold!

The "R" stands for "Right Action". As you become the One through the karma, then you reclaim the lost nugget of 'soul gold' that was buried there. At this point, people will be feeling the sense of a new aspect of soul coming through. This is utterly essential to authentic transformation. We're working then to help the partner express this new aspect of themselves so that it comes strongly through. They embody the new aspect of soul. Following which, we'll help them intuit what aligned actions to take in daily living. Old neural pathways which caused the previous limiting behaviourisms now progressively dissolve because the anchoring source karma which formed the roots have gone. It means more aligned and authentic behaviours can naturally come through. Hence people shape a more harmonious life aligned with the core of their soul.

It leads to successful and fulfilling living.


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