How to Transcend the Moment...Coming into Your Fullness

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I find there is nothing quite like riding the blade edge of life. It's where you've moved beyond any intention for the moment, beyond requiring any particular outcome or goal, definitely where you've moved beyond expectation or need of it. Then to completely and wholly immerse yourself in what is. It does take application and commitment, patience and perseverance. The One in you is not found by distancing yourself from life, but becoming intimately intimate with it, sensitively engrossed in the sensuality of it, yet not at all lost - deeply exploring and feeling into it. Yesterday I was out enjoying my most favourite of 'games', which I call "free wheeling". Wow, I had some incredible experiences, riding the blade edge of life...

Lost in Time

Yesterday the pull had taken me to a favourite coffee shop on the Island of La Palma where we run the Openhand annual New Year Retreats. The place is aptly called "El Time", and it has an absolutely magnificent view, across a vast swathe of the island. It's a bit of a tourist photographic haven, but if you get up there early enough, then you can enjoy some peace and quiet before it gets busy.

I was drinking in the panorama, feeling the expansiveness of it, using a favourite Breathing Meditation to intensify the feeling of it, when it seemed like the whole of me had simply dissolved into the landscape. I was flying in it, reveling in it, an intimate part of it.

Very quickly I'm lost in time, "El Time" had completely disappeared as I melted into the canvas of life itself. I must have been transcendent like this for more than an hour, when suddenly my attention was drawn to a small crowd of tourists who'd gathered now, photographing the resplendent panorama.

Be completely in the Moment

I couldn't help thinking, "stop photographing, just be completely in the moment, feel it". At which point, a beautiful kestrel rose up the cliff in front of us and hung in the air, and yet still people were photographing. It struck me how disconnected life is when you're distanced from it, in this way. How isolating it is to make yourself that separated identity. Rather than feeling into it, with the breath, and totally immersing yourself in the experience of the bird.

As the kestrel hung majestically in front of us, riding the spiraling thermals, I had my ipod on shuffle, when this incredible music by Pink Floyd randomly selected itself, "Coming back to life". To which I found a great video on youtube, and felt to share with you. It's an encouragement to go beyond, to immerse yourself wholly in the moment, through deep sensitivity and sensuality.

Breathe life into every pore, and every pore into life...

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, I wish for you some beautifully transcendent moments in your day.


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We're just gearing up for the La Palma New Year Retreat 2020, and I'll shortly be sharing details of how you can join us through the ether. I'll be introducing a new phrase into the work as a sense of how to work internally: equalise, normalise, transcend.

Essentially we're exploring within and witnessing what can be felt, what is triggering. The first thing to do is to equalise with what is coming up, meaning to go right into the heart of it so there's no separation. Sometimes this will be straightforwards, but other times you're be triggering density, so you'll have to use something like the Breakthrough Approach to work it through. Once you're completely okay with what's coming up, you become so accepting of it that you 'normalise' with it - meaning you don't need it to go away, it's just there. Maybe by now the feelings are more subtle, they usually are once you've completely equalised with them. When you 'normalise' them in this way, then you're expanding through as the one. You now transcend those feelings and that layer by working through and around the feelings till you're picking up other subtle layers. It takes you ever deeper in, ever closer experientially to the source. So that's a key thing we'll be working with in La Palma: equalise, normalise, transcend.

Do share what you experience when you work this way. I'll be fascinated to hear.

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If we want to progress spiritually, we must fully embrace everything that shows up, especially what's challenging - and not try to push it away. Instead turn right into it, embrace it, don't try to change or fix it. Bring awareness right into the heart of it. Work to let go of any judgment or fixed opinion of how the moment feels - it just "is". Become so intimate with it that you become 'normalised' in it. Then you explode the myth that it always was. As Rich, the Openhand webmaster so eloquently says: "In the unresolution, lies the progress".

As hard as it may seem, especially in these most "real" of circumstances, nevertheless, here is the opportunity.

At the highest levels, how can you and a loved one be separated?
At the highest levels, how can you or a loved one be hurt?
If we embrace "all is one", then both of the above must also be true.

That's not to say it's easy to find that level of acceptance.
But in these moments, especially these intimately challenging ones,
lies the possibility for expansive growth.
And that's exactly why we manifest them!

With love and empathy

Open <3

Dear Steve ,
I have been in the presence of Death so many times now . And it's a powerful catalyst seeing all that you held dear ,all the images and the stories reducing to dust in front of your eyes. It strips away all our well constructed defences and makes us come to face with our quivering fragile humanity . I have been there with many babies and their families. I was there when my father died after a two year long battle with brain tumour . It was horrendous seeibg my beloved Dad being reduced to a vegetable with no bladder or bowel control.And yet ,as I suspect you see already ,there is such Grace in this . The heartbreak that you are experiencing can if you allow it,take you the very essence of yourself and your loved one. I was never able to have the conversations I wanted to with my Dad. I was never able to ask him about what he felt about dying ,stripped of the dignity he held so dear . And yet ,I did have them at some level .
It is probably one of the hardest things we deal with in our lifetime . And like most hardships ,there is a fierce beauty ,a subtle blessing that we are able to perceive only after we have allowed ourselves to feel the very depth of our grief .
My heart goes out to you !

What a beautiful sharing, thank you it has inspired me and reminded me of the subtle beauty we are blessed with when we are put in such life and death experiences. We often overlook the gift we are being presented with.


Wow Megha - what a sharing - what a tremendous role you're fulfilling - the very blade edge of life itself. The world is blessed to have you there, doing what you're doing *give_rose*

Hi Steve, this is the meditation I was speaking of...Breakthrough Breathing Meditation.
And yes, we will be doing plenty more!

Sending love

Open <3

I love the phrase "riding the blade edge of life " Open . I have something to share that exemplifies the blade edge in my life . I am a neonatologist and I deal with very tiny babies ,barely alive . For me the challenge is to bring humanity to the ICU space with its soulless beeping monitors and yet exuberently alive little ones . It is often challenging in the extre . Since the 9th ( full scorpio moon ) I have been inundated with babies that have been small or really sick . And it has been challenging in the extreme . My best friend and husband were travelling and I was being a mom to my 8 year old and mom to these little ones without my usual supports .
6-7 nights of very little sleep ,occasional swims and lots of breathing later I found myself awake and doing what I do in times of such drama. Attempting to feel into my body . Past the knots of anxiety and the heartfelt anguish of the parents ,I found Gratitude . I spent the whole morning weeping with the beauty of the fact that of all the things I could be doing ,i get to do THIS. I get to be here in this razor blade's edge between life and death ,between pleasure and pain . I get to be of such deep ,life altering service . I must have incredible karma to be HERE ,RIGHT NOW ,IN THIS .
Sorry for that rave .....but thats what this sharing brought up in me !

You say 'Open'
"I was drinking in the panorama, feeling the expansiveness of it, using a favourite Breathing Meditation to intensify the feeling of it"

If i may ask you share this favourite breathing meditation? maybe add it to your downloadable meditations on the site that we may purchase? i don't want to sound to bold or take away any of your Personal ways but I am glad i asked this same question at the Seatle 5 gateways retreat, Then you shared your Meditation on How to bring back our Love and gratitude completing the feed back loop to to our Twin Flame. I have used this meditation daily since and I find it particularly extremly beneficial, i always feel it almost Instantly right after the meditation, It really works!

Edited: I feel i have a good understanding of that mediation i speak of above but i would also Love to have your assitance in a guided medittion to download and Purchase.



My heart goes out to you. When I read your words and felt your feelings, I was flooded with memories of sitting by the beside of my own father as he lay dying. My heart shattered into pieces witnessing his suffering, fear, vulnerability, and brokenness. But in those last days we connected soul to soul and experienced immense healing and forgiveness. His final words of recognition about who I am as a soul have continued to inspire me with courage throughout my life since then and have helped me to step up and embrace my destiny.

You are such a beautifully sensitive and compassionate soul. Much love to you.

x Cathy

Hi Steve

Its a beautiful thing to hold space for another who may not be as consciously awake like you are doing for your father. Its a strong person who can sit with the sadness. For years I thought tears were weakness but they are not they are strength. One huge realisation I had after the passing of my mum was that we all have our different gifts - mine is to be with people in their most vulnerable moments and I have the strength for that and it includes honouring my grief. For a long time I felt less than my sister - she is "successful" in the matrix kind of way yet she couldn't sit with my parents and hold space like I could. Her gifts helped in other ways. I have done this for the last few years for both my parents watched them both suffer and struggle while feeling so sad yet keeping one eye on the greater picture that this is just a moment in the real vastness of a souls experience. I can still remember seeing my strong resourceful father lying in a hospital bed after a heart attack looking the opposite so weakened. Yet it seemed this is when he started to become much wiser and stronger in other ways instead of just physically. I kept asking the angels to surround them and me. At one point my mum who had dementia came around somewhat and said to me "oh there are four angels around the bed and you are one of my angels aren't you love" and "theres my mum and brothers standing over there". I know it gave her comfort and it certainly gave me comfort. Such difficult times but now thinking of it really it was a huge blessing and honour to be with them through their difficult times and their transitioning. Even expressing how sad and how helpless you feel is a great strength I think.
blessings to you

Hi Aspasia, Steve & Cathy, thanks for showing up and supporting the vibe. When people connect, in their hearts, with the energy of the sharing, it helps radiate the vibe much further afield, and embodies it further for us.


Open *give_rose*

Thank you, Open. I bow in reverence to the power of music and the magic of metaphor to shine light into the dark corners of my wounded heart. To unlock my feelings.

"I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood." ~The Animals

There is no greater sadness than feeling misunderstood, burned and broken. There is no greater power than coming home to oneself. Flying straight into the shining sun. Ad vitam. Back to life.

The everyday chatter and distractions fade as I lose myself more and more in the presence of the radiant beauty that surrounds me. I hear the sweet melody of birds singing. My heart sings with them.

x Cathy

That Video, The words, The Title, have brought me to tears, standing helplessly by watching my fahter after his 12 to 13hr Open heart surgery slowly recovering, Once a strong man he has been reduced to weakness beyond description, he is Extremely tired, tired of fighting, Ups and downs on a hourly basis have become the Norm, i sit there and watch, nothing can be done but Hold the space, that just does not seem enuff. I continue to sit and try and feel through this, the only real feelings are helplessness, deep sadness and feeling futile...I try to hold the space and i am finding out how incredibly difficult this is, watching my father in the state he is in...tears well up inside of me untill there is no way but to let them flow...sadness, deep sadness :( i have asked benevelonce for guidance and i do feel there are definite signs telling me how to be through this Experience.

Thank-you for the catalysing tools that are Openhand, that are keeping me a float <3


A stunning music video (and in my list now)!
An upwelling of awe, wonder, love and grief. Can grief arise from a non-divided beingness? yes, it can - it is.

Lovely :)