Opposing Consciousness and Psychological Illnesses

So I have a question...

I am wondering what portion of many psychological illnesses are due to psychic attack by opposing consciousness entities?

My husband is medically diagnosed as schizoaffective. This is a combination of schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.

To me, it "feels" like he may have been "under attack" since he was a small child, even though the symptoms are becoming more severe with time.

Has anyone had experiences that could help shed any light on this?

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Hi Starry-night thanks for sharing your view - welcome to Openhand :-)

In many ways I agree with you. What we're trying to do here at Openhand is take a very grounded, yet also expanded, approach to spirituality. So really to us the term 'spiritual' simply refers to our expanded consciousness through multiple dimensions and how we might be being influenced in some way from those other densities.

I can absolutely see how if someone is still locked in the lower reality and quite identified with it, how the idea of 'dark forces' would 'freak them out' as you say. I have indeed witnessed that myself. And it is also my experience that when people are helped to realise their interconnectedness with all and to experience their connection into the higher dimensions, plus the crucial realisation that all is simply the One Self realising out distortion, and that nothing nor no one is ultimately to blame, then it greatly eases any kind of 'dark' experience. It gives a plausible reason for them and you visibly watch people let go. I observe the approach helps enormously.

Very best wishes


I absolutely agree with the discussion above. But also would like to add another perspective - based on my own experience and witnessing experiences of those around me, I have found it wise to take a very grounded approach to mental illness and mental illness-like effects experienced on the spiritual path. I think that the idea that you're under attack from the dark forces only makes a person feel more freaked out when already unstable. I also found a tendency to search solutions within the spiritual domain when psychological therapies can hold a lot of solutions but can be overlooked when the problem is considered spiritual.

I came across this video some years ago, and really liked it, and it came to my mind straight away reading your post, Tasha.

"MIRACULOUSLY" (as i did not remember anything about how and where i got to it back then) now I found it again for you.

So I share it with the hope it will be answering some of the questions. It's the best I know about the differences of bipolar disorder or spiritual awakening.

Honestly, we are all effected to a degree on the path.

Hope it helps,
with love,

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Thank you for the video, Reka. This perspective is very helpful in that it puts things into a spectrum. I agree that most people are affected in some way or other.
I still have a burning question after watching this video though, one that maybe no one can answer...
In a relationship, if one partner is somewhere towards the higher part of the spectrum, and the other is somewhere nearer to the lower part of the spectrum, then can they help each other because they are somewhat opposite, or does the gap hinder them due to it being hard to understand one another?

Hi Tasha,

To me many things within the state health services are miss diagnosed. All kinds of spurious conditions are supposed and blamed on mental health when there's practically no understanding of spiritual awakening or influence from other dimensions.

When the lower self begins to tune into the higher self, that can present as 'bipolar' (how the health services would term it). But rather then taking drugs to 'stabilise' the situation, we need to work with the feelings and integrate higher self into lower self. That removes the sense of bipolar and means we can't be influenced from negative entities in the field either.

It's nigh on impossible to get that across to the health services however - I have tried!

We just have to accept it for now and work as much as possible in the area of spiritual healing.


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Your words ring true, Open. I can see more clearly when I read your post, and after viewing the video that Reka kindly sent, that when the spirit is strong, but the negative past trauma is extremely strong, it is very difficult to integrate higher and lower self due to not having processed the trauma, so the bi polar/schizophrenic symptoms proliferate.

Acceptance would seem to be the key here.