Our Immaculate Home Coming - The Path To The One

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You and I are continually blessed with an incredible opportunity. Everything we ever yearned for, wanted, desired or needed is answered by the hallowed space of The One, right at the core of us, bursting through the canvas of our lives, constantly reminding us to stop, wake up, and realise the one thing that can bring us back alive in every moment. And the paradox is, that whenever you're in some kind of density removed from it, exactly there is your doorway back to it. All it really takes is the commitment to embrace the situation exactly as it is, and then surrender into it, through the layers of constriction you might be feeling. This is the Path to The One...

Where All The Lights in The Universe Suddenly Come On!

In our lives the soul is dancing through the separation. The soul is our lens, which gets blurred by the illusion, distorted by it as you attach to the objects and situations in the circumstances of life. If you can find your way back to alignment, back to focus, in any given situation, then all the lights in the Universe come on. Suddenly you realise the purpose of life itself - to see a reflection of the wonder of you. And there is absolutely NOTHING else going on!

Yes we'll have jobs and families and dreams that engage us, and that's what the soul is exploring through. But it's where the mind attaches to these and fixates on controlling them in some way that the lens becomes foggy again - The One disappears in the mist. Where this happens, we must immediately turn into the truth of the situation and remember what we're really looking for, what we really require. Because realising The One again will bring rightness to all of life's relativistic situations - we set the soul free to dance without distortion.

Looking Deep Into the Repetitive Cycles

To give an example I often come across in the Openhand work...

People often twist themselves in mental knots about the pleasures they enjoy in life. The joy of relationship which turns into depleting neediness; the fulfillment of a dream, which becomes the monotony of the 9 to 5; the sweetness of food, that sours with addiction when life gets tough. Before long, you're in some kind of self judgment which can then lock in the distortion. It's hard to realise the source of it.

But it needn't be this way, if we simply stop and look deep into the real pain. Instead of simply placating the situation and giving in to the repetitive cycles, pause, just for a little while. Turn towards that situation which seems to amplify the pain. But don't look outwards for some kind of fix. Look into the mirror, and most essentially, scan through your body for the source of the tightness. It won't necessarily be immediately obvious. Especially if we've blocked it out over years of repetitive behaviourisms. But if you're committed about it, you will find it.

The Sensitives Shall Inherit the Earth

Often sensitive people, with strong gifts of empathy who find their way to this work, struggle to be so soft and open, so sensitive and vulnerable in the midst of a world with so much dishamony and angst in it. And at the first sign of challange, the human vehicle leaps into fight or flight. Whereas the deepening softness of your soul was the answer all along. It's in this open potential that the real answer is ready to emerge. It's from the infinite potential of The One from which it will spring forth.

It is said that in the shift, "The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth". What does meek mean? The definition is, "quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive". Let's take out the 'easily imposed on' bit shall we! We can be quiet, gentle and submissive to the infinite potential of the Universe and find great strength from there, great possibility to succeed.

That's why it's essential to resist any of the automatic reactions, including the fight or flight. Let 'the lamb lie down with the lion', until you get right down to the deepest depths of openness. Allow yourself to soften right into that vulnerability. Let go of the need to control. Work through anything in the mind that would have you reach for some kind of crutch. Yes, it's great to enjoy chocolate, but not that you need it to be you!

Locate the Emerging Thread of Authentic Beingness

Dig deep my friends. Herein lies the oasis where you can continually bathe in the immaculate freedom of you, no matter what is going on. Soften through the contraction with surrender, WHATEVER is happening around you. You're not looking for a fix of the situation. You're not looking for an answer. The surrender is the pathway into the presence of The One.

And then something with arise - some expression of soul will spring forth, that can then mediate through the situation and prosper in it. You'll prosper because aligned action always does. It always finds a way. It almost certainly won't be the way you imagined it, but the light weaves through all situations and circumstances. If you can locate this emerging thread of authentic beingness and express, it will create all manner of miracles and magic. That's what I mean by "Living the Shift". Because every single situation you fnd yourself in offers the glorious potential to come home to You, and express You, the real You. And nothing feels like that. Nothing can ever replace it.

And NOTHING will succeed in any given situation like it.

That's what I was working to express during this seminar some while back. My purpose is to inspire you to breakthrough, this day and every day, this moment and every moment...

In loving support

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Let's remember always, epsecially when Christmas goes into overdrive, that's life is about the inner connection, and that we divorce ourselves from it at our peril.

Let's stay connected this Christmas.
Let your number one present be deeper presence.


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Yesterday I was travelling through the matrix having visited some distant family, buying the odd present, and getting  some food in for the Christmas break. It was pretty crazy out there, as if everyone had gone mad! Yet by staying attuned to the feeling-flow through active attention (rather than fixed intention), I found a successfull 5D movement through it, with situations clicking in to support my movement, with a few pleasant surprises of chance meetings and occurances. I find it especially lovely to pick up the divine amongst the glare of the tinsel and 'glittorati'.

That's why I felt to post this article today...

Our Immaculate Home Coming - The Path To The One
(scroll to the top)

Isn't that what the festive season really supposed to be about LOL?

It's at this time of year the external seems to go into overdrive. That's why it's essential we 'double down' on the internal connection. Take time out to tune into the inner, and 'tie yourself to the mast' of centred True Self. All it really takes, is the will to do it, and some good centred breathwork - like the Openhand Breakthrough Breathing for example.

Just 5 minutes here and there can be enough to keep you connected, keep you centred, keep you sane!

So I felt to remind people tuning in of that today.

And nature helps enormously too of course. So I felt to share the sense of both with this gift to you all - a few minutes breathing and the sense of nature to some divine music. Enjoy....

And if you feel to, do tune into the sense of the Openhand energies this festive break. It's really the feeling at the calm centre of the Toridal Flow - like a flowing mountain stream from it's source.

Meet you in the space between the spaces!

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Hi Zee - huge heart fulls of love coming your way Heart

This is when it gets very real. I know all too well. It's where the words start to fail.

I can tell you that in my life I have lost everything (more than once!), job, home, family, all possessions that I could not immediately carry. Yes it was painful. AND, there are always two sides to the coin. If you can let go of the identification with loss, then you soften into the Void - yes, that's what the Bow is all about! You soften in and come into infinite potential. Now doing this in a studio is one thing, BUT, when you're faced with doing it for real out there in the kinds of circumstances you're facing, it will for sure raise the energy greatly. It's real now. Very real. And so therefore, the most unimaginable gift. There is nothing like coming into the void. And the sense of losing it all is the vehicle that's often necessary to carry you there.

So I feel sad and happy for you all at the same time.

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Hey Open, 

It was very timely the vid you reposted, thankyou.

I am in the midst of not only drought but apocalyptic bushfires in my area, and the whole state of nsw.

I am being faced with the possible loss of my home and stock which is a big one indeed. Very scary and sad.

I brought it into my life! wow!

I realize I have been distracting BIG TIME surprise surprise! As its been such a massive thing to face. Part of me wants so badly to run but I can't  anymore as it creates its own pain in a way.

So i have to buckle in and feeeeeel! Ok here I go.

Its like waiting for an injection or a bandaid to be ripped off a sore, aargh!

I may post after I get through it if I dont get burnt out in the meantime.

I too may end up living in a forest-a burnt one!

So off to do the bow!

Thanks again for your encouragement Open, you're such a good egg.

Big hugs

Namaste ok







I felt to post this again today - about our Immaculate Home Coming to the One.

There will be plenty of twists and turns on the Journey of the 5D Shift, it is the next chapter in the Human story. However let's not forget, that everything which is truly authentic in life builds from the absolute presence of the One. So it's essential that the sense of this becomes the anchor, the mast in the storm of transition.

So do take a few minutes to review the video above. It can definitely help you find centred peace.

In loving support

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Hi Sindi,

Well maybe it looks easy (being in the flow), but the truth is it requires a lot of attention and awareness. Plus above all, commitment. Then it will surely come. But it does take time in this density - so just keep going and remember that where mastering the flow is concerned, you can't make a mistake - just providing you always make the commitment to learn from what happens.

Wishing you well

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Greetings All,

Ive become even more painfully aware of the unnecessary consumption and distractions that one goes through periods of.

I can honestly say that I can bounce back and forth in terms of Fight or Flight! And between consumption and distractions and being focused on the enquiry About being my most authentic self.

I keep thinking of how you made that analogy of that first hit, Open, and you mentioned it above again hahaha! And boy did you make it looks so easy and natural to just say in the flow and get your natural high from living the flow. Yet some of us faulter and it’s the guilt trip that goes with it that makes it even more upsetting. Yet the cycles find a way to persist. 

Very thought provoking indeed.


Hi Zee - great to hear from you - yes that deep inhale, hits the spot every time!

And the challenge of someone whose empathic is often to know when something is yours or external. If it's yours, it will tend to stick in particular places and emotions. It'll be more resistant. But if it's the field, it will flow through and around you more. Plus you'll still be able to feel other aspects of yourself. So work always to unwind your own reaction - yes it takes practice and lots of inner confrontation work - lots of breathing!

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Dear everyone,

I am reading with interest everybody's take on Fight and Flight. And reflecting on my journey the last few years. I have gone from being a regular flighter ( food,travel ,reading ,chitchatting) to a much more lean in and let's feel it person. Of course I often 'forget ' . But these a days ,much more than before I will sit my ass back on my yoga mat . Breathe into tight muscles that don't want me to feel . And BREATHE . And cry and wail . And walk and connect with myself and the Earth as also this website. 

Last night I was taking care of a wee baby. 695 grams and his parents were insistent they didn't want the baby. Inevitably the baby came out kicking screaming and ready to take on the world. 😄. In the middle of it ,I helped a woman make a presentation about "Our self and our world" for doctors. And was emotionally present for a woman going through divorce . And navigating my brothers severe side effects to antipsychotic medication. Another ( much bigger !)baby I held in my arms and murmured to ,graced me with connection through half open eyes and heart healing. 

Inevitably I woke early. Then did 40 min of yoga and plenty of snotty sniffles on the mat. Walked around my condo and breathed in the beauty of the spring flowers( They are wide open - speaks to my heart ❤️). I am now going to do the Kundalini meditation after a nice warm shower.  I feel so much more connected ! I also had my umpteenth cup of chai ( my distraction) ,but if needed I will stretch on the mat again in the evening . 

It's been an interesting week and it's not even half way yet. Sending you all so much love from this side of the world ❤️❤️❤️



Aloha! Open,  I'll  jump in too, since Flight is one of my biggies!

When I feel tight, anxious, upset, angry that usually causes me to reach for a durry(ciggy) So I guess thats consumption. I have been trying to observe myself in it and look at why I like it. One thing is the nice big inhale and exhale, which I realize I could get when I do a meditiation. There is fear associated with stopping too which I will undoubtedly have to face into. 

I have also been working with my flight mechanism which some months back was so automatic. Now I am able to, after some distraction ha ha and dilly dallying around sit with the pain. Sometimes it takes a few goes at it to breakthrough but I guess it gets easier in a way, the more skilled one becomes at facing into the tightness immediately. I do feel encouraged by so much of what I read on this site, I am very grateful. 

I have a question too, about feeling stuff- At the moment where I live is in drought and has bushfires, so there is a full on heaviness in the ether from all the tragedy, which I feel v strongly.

My question is how does one know whether the tightness is from my own stuff or the heaviness I seem to pickup from around me? 

Any thoughts?

Its certainly a challenge at this time.

Big hugs 



Hi Vimal - you ask about the importance of looking outwards and being active/effective but without efforting. Yes, this is quite a journey of forging the soul and alignment.

What works best for me in that regard, is when I retain 50:50 focus - 50% (or there abouts) is turned inwards to the inner flame, and 50% is looking outwards at the effect my soul is having. It's not easy though and requires much mastery.

But that way I find you don't loose the inner divine connection and can be effective in the outer at the same time. And when things look less productive or flowing outside, then it feels fine to rest in the awareness.

Wishing you well

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Hi Open,

I see the truth in your words. I come from an idea of myself very often. An idea gives a sense of control as opposed to vulnerability. It's my way of mapping out the steps that I could take. I catch myself spending much time in the head often.

You ask " what is the expectation you have of yourself, rather than to be"

I believe its the need to have purpose, being useful, having value etc. This has been an important reflection today. I see that when I'm on the bright side I actively engage in the world and everythings fine. I have been holding this question without much clarity for some time now. How can I consume, take on from this world and others without providing any value or being useful. Intuitively I know the answer is that our very being is enough and useful. Then why doesn't it feel that way at times. What about those who consume without giving back. This is also a reflection or something I perceive in my immediate circumstance.

I'm our last conversation you talked about the importance of looking( a source of income in this case) without efforting. But it's also said that in 5D manifestation things come towards us and all we need to do is to commit to it. Indeed this has also been my experience in few cases. But it's often one or the other for me. How does one keep a balance?

Thankyou <3



Vimal - people will always worry. You can't stop that. It's totally up to them. So why let it govern you? Let them be with their worries if that's what serves them right now.

And what is it you expect of yourself, other than to be?

It sounds like you're settling into you as an idea of who you are. Rather than the inner core feeling of who you are.

Instead of entertaining the thoughts, can you drop through them - because there'll never be a solution to them unless you go beyond. Just entertaining them gives fuel to them.

So let them run, but work to drop through into the deep inner feeling. A flicker that becomes a flame, a feeling of warmth. Let that feeling become You.

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Yes Vimal, sometimes the mountain will seem too tall. Until you realise YOU ARE THE MOUNTAIN.

All you have to do is keep folding into yourself.

If it's fear of resources, just keep inquiring. Early on in my journey here, the Universe took just about everything from me except a back-pack and a push bike. I found the sense of freedom glorious. I thought I'd end up living in a forest. That's when the path turned, and took me fully into this work. And what I need manifests to fulfill what is given, what the soul is choosing.

You are the mountain!

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In reply to by Open


Open, it's not the resources but more the shame associated with it. When you say that it seems more like something adventurous but living it here in my situation is a different story mainly because the the expectation associated with it. Its interesting life has manifested in such a way that I'm living with a larger family like I used to when I was a kid. On one hand this is beautiful x there is so much more connection and togetherness which I love. My brother is also in the same situation as me. So basically it's the question of how others around see us both maybe as being worthless or having lost on this world. In my case especially having 'performed' as something special all my life. I know this is mostly my way of perceiving things. But there is truth in it as well. So it's much more difficult to express my truth or come from beingness. This sudden change in situation has also activated within my relations as well which are getting projected on to others. I had lived more or less like you mention ina different place. But that time it was just me and the world. Yes there was glorious freedom, I remember.
I quite easily run for some fix and can't find the patience to sit, feel and soften into what I'm already creating. But yet some part of me has broken through this repeating pattern having seen the futility of it. I realize if I hadn't self expectation, then the expectation of others woudnt matter to me. But I'm continously becoming an uncomfortable question for others especially my mother. And really I'm tired of becoming the cause for others worries.


Hi Paul - no worries, you're doing just great in your processing, and so important that you express. We gain so much more that way. The situation becomes ever clearer.

You said...

“live a little - just do or incorporate this one thing over time and see what happens.”

That's it. You don't have to jump the mountain in one giant leap! Just keep innovating. Pick the first thread, the first thing that comes up and then explore into that. The layers of the onion will steadily fall off!

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Paul, you are defintely not contaminating the space. But while reading your post I had thought, why the path has to be so tough often as I'm also not on the bright side of things for a few days now. The mountain seems too tall for my mind sometimes. Yet when things get clear in a few days, I'm not ready to swap what the love I feel and the lessons and realizations I had for anything in the outside world.

Open, I just want to let you know, how invaluable these articles are as they provide a timely reminder and anchor me to the immaculate space within.
The biggest challenge I'm facing nowadays is lack of trust in the divine. I may have mentioned it here directly or indirectly before. I think I had more trust in the initial days. Though the density was hard there was this underlying belief that it was for a divine purpose. This I can't see nowadays. When I have density nowadays I easily chose the fight or flight mechanism. I could also relate to the other article you wrote, wheres your loyalty in this shift? I can't honestly say, it's in the new world because I get carried away by the 3 D requirements and sense of lack easily. There is a lot of resistance to this change in loyalty within me, maybe because I thought this woudnt happen. I remember years before, someone quite evolved mentioning here that he gets envious by the people around reaching higher in the corporate ladder and I found myself thinking at that time - why would anyone feel this way having found the divinity within. Now I'm at that exact position. I take my hat off to everyone living the shift within relationships having family and kids. Being a bridge in this world is no easy task!

To top it all, I have severe digestion problem and constipation and this has been going on and off for a almost a year now. I wonder if I'm missing the lesson in this one. 

Good day to all




Jumping in - I would say my primary program is distraction - and at times it becomes very much a conscious effort to consume in order to avoid. 

Or if I’m getting an authentic impulse to do something and small “I” is afraid of what might happen, it becomes a battle between one voice saying “just give up - you’re not good enough anyway - who do you think you are,” and the other “live a little - just do or incorporate this one thing over time and see what happens.”  Then in the meantime small “I” will jump in and start judging for not doing enough fast enough.

I’ve definitely noticed that the longer it takes for me to soften into and make the space to unwind emotional density, the more challenging the processing is when I’m finally able to get into it. (Duh.) Then at that point, I feel the same self judgment for not just facing up earlier and getting it over with. It’s a self fulfilling loop - procrastinating about judging myself for procrastinating. 

It has been a very testing, very loud and dense past several days for me, where family was right on top of each other. Today was nuts too, and when I was able to make space to feel directly into the near constant fight or flight vibe surrounding me for the past three days, I felt a combination of fear of ridicule and banishment. I did feel tension in the sacrum, but also the heart, throat, and third eye. My forehead feels like it’s damn near about to burst, my throat is sore, and the left side of my heart feels “collapsed.” 

Just writing this I notice that I want to get the heck out of here and just X out of this comment window for fear that my expression will somehow “contaminate” others with my own crap. Like I need to be in quarantine.

Good times. :) 



Okay, Openhanders, and especially if you've opened into your sensitivity, do you notice when the fight or flight mechanism in you kicks in?

What do you recognise as your typical program for dealing with it? is it consumption or distraction?

What do you feel if you DON'T immediately succumb to that?

And is it possible to soften into the tightness? Where do you feel it most - in the sacrum?

Let's get a dailogue going and then we can bring this one to the surface.

In loving support

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