Phenomena, Anomalies, Spaceweather, etc.

I couldn't find a forum or topic where unusual anomalies and phenomena here on Earth and in space were being recorded (but please tell me if this belongs somewhere so it can be merged!).

So here is one I just noticed this amazing video captured on August 6th over Northern Italy (from Switzerland) of Red Sprites above a thunderstorm. These have fascinated me for some time, as many photos get shared, and I wonder what sort of an entity / energy they are - anyone know anything non-standard about them? Hopefully they aren't a threat!

Here is the link to photos and here is the link to the video to watch them in HD + I've embedded it below (hopefully!):

Looking forward to others sharing in this thread so we can see all the interesting things happening out there!


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Thanks for sharing Clare - fascinating indeed.

They could be electromagnetic effects like the Aurora Borealis. Or they could be elementals - live energies, as you say.


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Hi Open,

I had certainly considered a link to the Auroras, but every time I look at them I feel there is more to the story - especially since they appear above the top of thunderstorms and seem as though they are almost 'feeding' on them!! But maybe I just have an overactive imagination too, haha!