A Pivotal Moment in the Great Planetary Shift is Upon Us

Submitted by Open on Sat, 07/09/2022 - 05:26

It's my life's purpose to be tuned in to what's unfolding in this great planetary shift. Right now, I'm positively enthused by the prospect of what is transpiring. Since incarnating here through a soul exchange in 2002 it's felt like being at the centre of a humungous interdimensional battle - a confused and confusing landscape that you've had to work extremely hard to make sense of. I do believe that now, the light is building with strong inflows and we've reached a pivotal convergence point. Why do I say that?

The Multidmensional Landscape

The key problem has been the various machinations of all the different ET groups acting through the field with varying intentions and agendas. Some have been downright malevolent, such as the bogus pandemic, and therefore easy to track. Others have appeared benevolent, angelic even, yet deceptive and distorting.

It's those closest to the truth you have to watch most carefully.

That said, there is a key pointer we can always process support and guidance through: Does it help liberate you and forge your own soul sovereignty?

A Genuine Commitment for Resolution?

I'm getting the strong sense that we've reached a pivotal point in the shift for humanity and the planet. Namely:

There seems to be a genuine commitment by a range of these various interdimensional groups to come together and support the emergence of a new liberated and sovereign soul consciousness.

That's what was communicated to me on a recent vision quest in the high-energy field of Avebury, close to Stonehenge. To me, it was affirmed by several crop circles supporting the communication, including this tremendous one...

To me, it clearly depicts a coming together and meeting of worlds - a synergistic convergence of consciousness. If what I'm intuiting is true, it's a crucial development. Why so important?

Control and Manipulation DO NOT WORK!

Humanity's consciousness has been unwittingly plugged into these various ET groups and has been greatly influenced by them. Homo Sapiens is actually the hybridised product of this intervention - the DNA has been programmed for that influence. That's why life on the planet has been so convoluted and disharmonious.

In awakening to the soul and forging soul sovereignty through your being, you are breaking this influence - an unravelling process which is fortunately now accelerating more widely. It was greatly precipitated in the eroneous measures of the planedomonium, which is now backfiring spectacularly - control and manipulation DO NOT WORK!

Various of the ET groups are highly advanced energy workers able to manipulate the planetary field and have mercilessly done so. During the last 20 years, I've been party to high-level benevolent action, continually resonating the frequency in their midst that control and manipulation simply do not work - they backfire on those perpetuating it. It enslaves you by your own efforting and struggle.

In any case, it is utterly fruitless - the grand cosmic cycles of completion, like the ones we're currently moving into, are designed to break such karmic intervention and crystallisation down. That process is well underway here and nearing completion. We stand on the precipice of the culminating Event, whereupon, there is only one effective way to mediate through it - complete and absolute surrender!

Explore the nature of the upcoming culminating Event

Higher Dimensional Ascended Master Communication

The Higher Dimensional Team of Ascended Masters, which I call "Openhand", has been instrumental in this communication process. I do believe this message has now landed. The result appears to be a coming together in the field and a sense of commitment to support the unravelling transformation. Hallelujah!

For me, the crop circles are indicating this pivotal moment in history. Am I right?

Only time can tell. But it's perfect timing that Openhand has two events coming up in this summer of high alchemy from which we can help people capitalise:

Firstly there's the upcoming Facilitator Conference in the crop circle grand central of Avebury. We will be working to connect with these various interdimensional groups and truly test what their intentions are - to then anchor the benevolent resonances. Secondly, we'll then channel this energy into Avalon Rising 22, our World Ascension Summit.

Quantum Manifesting for Greater Resource and Support

This time at Avalon Rising, we're going to be focussing on Quantum Manifesting - how can you draw on these energies in the 4D field, in an authentic and aligned way, to bring greater resource and support to your life here? That's the subject of Openhand's latest 1-minute short. Take a moment to be encouraged and inspired...

For anyone in the Openhand community who doesn't yet have a ticket, the risk is missing out on a monumental moment in history. We wouldn't want you to do that! Be sure to pick up a ticket from the website while we still have them available. Openhanders may also benefit from this coupon code to claim a 10% discount on the listed prices... Avalon22

Avalon Rising 22: World Ascension Summit

See you there!

Open 🙏


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Generally I agree with much of what you have said.  Because of all the prophecy both metaphysical and religious about this time period, I also feel this crop circle as moving forward into the light leaving the denser vibrations behind.  So concepts such as the solar flash, the rapture, YRFT vision of the Tree of Life and and dropping off of denser vibrations into the pit, Cosmic calendar cycles, etc all have to do with the separation of the World each according to their measure.  So I just offer that the crop circle is indication that we have reached that point or very near.  Thanks



I sat today in that very crop circle you've pictured above with a small group of light weavers. The energy was astounding...it began with unease, then ease, then balance...and after a time we were simply 'full'. It felt like opposing sides joining and reconciling just as you have described Open.

Exciting times

Alex xxx 



Hey Openhanders, I trust you are uplifted and inspired today by my sharing on this pivotal moment in the Shift (scroll up). Tell us what you think about the new 1-minute short video format. How did you find the latest? A big thanks to Thomas, our new Outreach Coordinator for putting them together ♥️

Here's the second format from facebook in case that suits your device better....