Planetary Shift Facilitators: Changing the Nature of the Game

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If you've been drawn to the title then I guess you see yourself as a facilitator in this great planetary shift that's unfolding all around us. Or perhaps you haven't quite realised that yet? There have been plenty of shifts before us and there will be plenty to come. You may feel eager and keen to get things moving, or you may find yourself buckling under the strain at times - how to find the right pace and balance? It's crucial to know how to measure success and who you are in it all.

Pivotal Defining Moment of Life on the Planet

Take a look back at the last two years. Whatever you think might think is unfolding on the surface of the planet in the 3D, whatever story or drama you might be following, whichever point of view you believe is real, I'm sure we can all agree on one thing: we're in a pivotal defining moment of life on the planet.

There will always be these crunch points of maximum change where consciousness shifts and the cogs grind through the gears. There will be victories as you bring some light in and watch it ripple outwards. But there will also be heartache as your creations get trampled on, and bite the dust. It's a mental/emotional roller-coaster for sure.

This is no quick sprint. It's a marathon of opportunity, and that's how we must look at it - constant opportunity to grow and reveal you. With each layer shed, you are succeeding. One day you look back at everything you've been through, all the ups and downs, the peaks and the troughs, but then revelation brings you to tears: you realise it's YOU that has changed, YOU that has grown; that's what it was really all about - the revelation of YOU.

Now you feel yourself in a completely different place and space to where you once were.

Changing the Nature of the Game

We need to change the nature of the game in this way. We need to change the playing field and the goal posts. We've been shooting in the wrong direction. It's the revelation of YOU which is the true winning.

I see you out there: the misfit and the maverick. You've been broken down by the system time and again; shoved into shoe boxes that never did fit; downtrodden and disrespected; bashed and broken - very few could ever see your light or appreciate it. It even got so bad, that at times, you lost trust in your own value and beingness - your own true self.

This has been the tragedy, the travesty, which I for one would like to change the nature of. I see you. Having worked with misfits and mavericks in the shift for around 20 years here now, I see the challenges and the burdens you've had to bear - the cross that has been, at times, unbearable. Your consciousness is so rare and so unique, how do you fit that marvellous rainbow of colours into society's monotone landscape?

Let's come together and change the nature of this game. Let's infuse it with light and change its colour.

Unleash the 5D Human in You: Inspirational Video

It's all about Perception and Focus

What's necessary is a change in perception, a change of focus. What is this game really all about? How do we truly facilitate it? How do we help uplift the planet?

It's crucial to recognise the mechanism that's already swinging into play. The planet and humanity have been locked down for thousands of years by an interdimensional intervention that is highly skilled in manipulating and controlling energy. It has changed - botched - human DNA, and mercilessly suppressed the natural frequency of the planet. Who knows what it would do given free rein?

Don't worry, it won't get that far.

Gaia is a part of a great realigning mechanism, together with the sun and the galactic core, that will see this whole sorry mess stripped bare and stripped from the planet. This great cleansing mechanism, leading to the culminating solar nova "Event", is well underway now - hallelujah, there isn't long to wait.

Explore the mechanism of the shift from 3D to 5D Earth

The Flower of Life - Dancing with the Divine

However, we must forgo the temptation to just sit back and wait. "Raising your vibration" doesn't happen by chance. It certainly doesn't happen by sitting back comfortably on the sofa. We must engage with the shift with full energy and focus. Where do we get tight and close down? Where do we get fearful, worrisome, and tense? These are places and circumstances where we need to take ownership, dig deep, uncover the attachment to the old status quo, break down the fear of change and then find ourselves unleashing the flow itself.

The flow gears up through you as the Torus, the flower of life. You'll feel euphoric, loved, cherished and held by the universe - an intimate part of a greater benevolence. But don't be surprised if you soon get plunged back into the density again. The emergence is progressive, and as the shift accelerates, it keeps digging up new layers as the karmic tethering is confronted.

The Torus is the key - recognising this feeling of freedom and flow within you - feeling it come through you in your own unique way, in all the daily circumstances of life, and then marvelling as it mirrors into your outer landscape. You pinch yourself awake, as everything clicks into place and you're now riding the surfboard, dancing on the wave, co-creating with the divine.

Here's How to Truly Raise Your Vibration

The Ocean Merges into the Drop

This is when you realise the enormous power you have. Not over nature, but WITH nature. You become a part of it. The drop merges into the ocean and then, miraculously, the ocean merges into the drop. That's when YOU, having been the misfit and the maverick all your life, realise your true place and power.

The landscape of life shifts because your focus on it changes. No longer is it about somehow trying to fit into someone else's value system. No longer is it about someone else's short-term goal or dream. That was always too little for you. Each moment of life is about changing yourself to the next grand iteration, the next grandest version of you. It soon dawns that you're changing the whole of life around you too.

Don't worry a jot if others don't see it. Plenty won't. It's not their time yet. Their blinkers are still on. Instead look for the signs and synchronicity to give you the feedback: sacred geometry and numerology - nature that cherishes, nurtures and reflects back to you.

Now, you're in the true game - the revelation of YOU.

As you settle into this as your daily process, you're realising that this is the true engine of life itself - that this miraculous mechanism, in and of itself, shapes and creates life around you. Until you realise, the more you engage with it, the more you dive into the deep end of it, the greater the effect you are having.

Planetary Shift Facilitators - Avalon is Rising!

If you recognise and resonate with some of what I'm saying, then you have begun the process of revealing yourself as a planetary shift facilitator. Now is the time to step up and step out. Now is the time to change gears and landscape - to shift your focus to the true game that's really going on and to align with it. Your life will change, progressively and then dramatically - marvellously!! You'll realise true love and support by the Universe, by the divine. It won't be for a particular creation, but YOU in that creation. And then the new YOU that you reveal, starts to resonate and ripple outwards. It couldn't be more rewarding, more fulfilling. And what's more, your every step will be met.

That's why right now, in order to win the "game", we must change the nature of it. It must become about changing OUR nature.

This is why I'm calling together all misfits and mavericks, to step out of the box that society has created, to change focus and realise yourselves as wayshowers and pioneers in Gaia's great planetary shift - the REAL one that has begun to unfold around us. If you feel this calling in your Soul, and you revel in the possibility of the potential for great alchemy and adventure, then come and get involved with the Openhand work, and the possibility of becoming a Planetary Shift Facilitator.

Here's what that's all about...

Planetary Shift Facilitators in Gaia's Ascension to 5D

See you there!

Open 💙🙏


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08/11/2023 Shift Update

I believe that what's necessary in the Shift right now is that we help people see the bigger picture of what's really unfolding and thereby to "change the nature of the game" that humanity is currently engaged within - but without necessarily seeing where this is all heading. Hence my sharing in the article above about what's really involved in becoming a Planetary Shift Facilitator - the sense of alchemy and adventure with that.

So are you ready? Ready to change the nature of the game?

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Breaking through insecurities. Breaking through self imposed limitation learned from the environment. Something in me is tired of playing it small and know there's a grander version of me wanting to emerge. I'm feeling the draconian energies but it is coming through as anger not to anyone but to the knowing that I have played so small for a lifetime. 

I woke up today with a torture like karmix experience. I don't have much words to express this experience but this I have experienced many times since childhood and every time it deepens in sensitivity. It could also be projection by reptilian entities in the field where I see violent images. It's not physical or even emotional but mental chaos. I'm just being the witnesser seeing this played out. I invited the kali energy through the experience and something shifted after a while, release like oozing out from my field. 

I have been having exploration around money and how the relationship with it has been so distorted, fearful, guilt ridden, limiting through out my life. Something in me is tired within this relationship. The limitations have been fueled by strong poverty conditioning from childhood, karma and spiritual identities. I witnessed many of this strongly being activated in the recent himlayan pilgrimage and it is being unwound. I was having severe digestion problems for the last many years. I think this has greatly improved after the retreat. Probably the after effects of dealing with the Lemurian karma, the fear of coming into physicality. 

Im coming in terms with the unknown and what that brings. Surely it can't be worse than living in this limitation where the compassion towards others is distorted, where I'm afraid to set my boundaries and reclaim my power. I'm tired of giving away my base consciousness and natural inherent warrior energies. I dont know what is in store or how future will be like and I don't want to know. I have been witnessing intervention consciousness conveniently projecting visions and imaginations to keep in the box of smallhood. I feel like I'm gonna live my life the way I want it and not on somebody else's terms! 

Vimal 🙏

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Hi Vimal - you ask a poignant question...

Im coming in terms with the unknown and what that brings. Surely it can't be worse than living in this limitation where the compassion towards others is distorted, where I'm afraid to set my boundaries and reclaim my power.

You get to the point where you realise carrying the baggage that feels acceptably comfortable is no longer an option. Because it only ever delivers limitation. That's the point to accept whatever consequences may come as the result of setting the baggage down. And that's the point of great alchemical transformation.

Love and well wishes

Open 🙏

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Yes! Thankyou for your reflection. It surely can't be worse than carrying the baggage. But to know that ,the acceptably comfortable must becomes uncomfortable atleast to a degree at some point. It happens through self inquiry. Only so far we can delude ourselves to play small in the box. Why? I think the human identity program is built this way to seek for comfort and security.

I was wondering where did the energy to move forward, create and flow vanish!? Of course I get it now, it was being suppressed with baggage of holding on to the reality I have known and created and the hidden fear of letting go of that. 

But the future is calling, a life of adventure, where there are no mistakes, nowhere particular to reach, where every step is a revelation of authentic beingness, coming home to who we really are. There is no way we can avoid the unpleasant, uncomfortable density to dig the soul gold of beingness.

You stand us a great reflection Open - every single day with a new iteration to show that this is possible, that's the only way to be! The new post and article is an amazing synchronistic reflection as I can feel the energy of adventure, excitement for the steps that I'm invited to take. This energy sees fear as an opportunity and not as a problem to fix! That's the greatest transformation - the capacity to feel gratitude for the challenges. To know without doubt, it's helping us, working for us to reveal new gifts, to make reality better for us.

It doesn't happen overnight but every single steps that we take towards freedom counts. Then some major breakthrough happens which marks the end of a particular cycle. And then the invitation is to deepen further into more layers! I think somewhere over the line, as we inquired in the retreat, the service to the self had become self service. There was value in it, but this bubble of Illusion had done it's part.

It's like stepping into what is really real! To know with excitement and curiosity of a new born, how this reality works and why wr create the world we create! 

Back on track. The paradox - there is no track! 

Vimal 🌈🙏


Much love, appreciation and gratitude for continually inspiring and motivating us to orientate our life's to the real game , the bigger picture ones that's informed by the flow itself. I'm grateful to be part of this divine mission, to give my life to it. I'm increasingly finding that playing by the old rules doesn't give me any sort of fulfillment. So why waste my time and energy on that which doesn't matter. Each day gives an opportunity to surrender my orientation to the divine. I'm the inquiry creature tirelessly revealing my attachment to the drama animating the soul emerging from the shackles of conditioning. I'm giving myself the permission to be , me. And I think the more we do that , the more the fullness of our being comes into the picture. I made this short video inspired from a similar feeling.


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That's brilliant Vimal - so simple, yet that's the power of it - simplicity and authenticity.

In the Openhand overall message, there's a lot of complexity to communicate - hence recently we felt the need to break things down into bite-sized pieces. You've done that brilliantly here.

Gratitude is such a blessing and creative power. If you can genuinely feel gratitude for what is happening to you in your life, even the challenging times where you realise you drew them to you, then this grace will become a part of one's nature. That is absolutely going to reflect and create into the outer.

My encouragement is to keep working on this kind of presentation Vimal - it has a life and a future all of its own.

Bright blessings

Open 💙

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Hi Open - How beautiful it is that you resonates with the simplicity of it and relates it with Openhand approach. I love it. In this video , it felt right to capture the stillness through that simplicity-that's why I didn't even add music in the beginning. 

This is a big one - feeling gratitude for even the challenging experiences. For that I think one has to see how the challenging experiences are working to reveal true beingness. Wow! Settle in that way of life. Truly spectacular. That's what I'm seeing in my life. 

I set out this travel, with an intention - how to live and create without intention. I'm seeing how my twin flame is working patiently and painfully to unravel the control mechanism for greater sensitivity. From that felt sensitivity ,experiences wants to happen all by itself. Beautiful. 

Vimal 💜✌

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Oh Vimal, that was so deeply touching. 


Your flavour rippling out into the world 

encouraging awakening, so beautiful.

Much love



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Dear Erin - so great to hear from you and get reminded of our beautiful buddy sessions. Your flavour rippling out into the world. Wonderful way to put it! Thankyou for a touch of your flavour :)

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Yes I did enjoy our buddy sessions, so free flowing and enriching! I learnt heaps.


I think flavour is a good description but I reckon the word fragrance is more fitting, dont you think! Like a beautiful flower releasing its essence for those that would stop and enjoy it.

Your vids are so deep and moving Vimal! what a beautiful gift to the world.

Bless you bro,

Much love n big hugs

Erin 💚⚘

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I watched, felt and listened then without warning...I cried. Something internally spoke, 'Yes' this is also my journey. The journey of the One, through the many, as the One...

Thank you Vimal. The simplicity of it all is so profoundly available when the messenger embodies the message. 

Cedar xo 

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So, so, so beautiful!  Thank you.  You are such a bright light. 

Much love and gratitude for this inspiration.



My dear friends, I trust my article will inspire and help you in life and the shift today.
I do know it's tough - I'm hearing from you out there all the time and my heart goes out to you ♥️

You've been downtrodden and beaten up by this crazy system way too long now. It's high time to level the playing field and shift the goal posts. Can it be done? Yes!! Absolutely!
In fact all it needs is an inner change of perspective and orientation.
Let's begin today, right now. Let's liberate ourselves from this 3D mess.
It's high time to win this game!

Scroll up and join me in this bright new paradigm unfolding around us.

Bright blessings

Open 💙