Becoming the 5D Human

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What exactly does it mean to become the 5D Human? Come and explore with Openhand during the DIVINICUS retreat. See what it takes, what you have to unfold through, and then the magnificent light that you can become - you're being a channel for the divine flow. With fun and laughter too!!

(watch the premiere at 8am UK time on June 11th)

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The last several addresses I've lived at over the years have all been a 4 numerology-wise, which I looked up, and it's self expression, contentment and mental well-being. 

After reading the comments here I checked to see what this new home was.  It's a 9.  I had to look it up to see 9 means COMPLETION.

It's the highest cardinal number in value, symbolically represents a culmination of wisdom and experience, and buzzes with the energy of both endings and new beginnings.    My friend had made the comment that he hoped this was the last home I'd live in, that I'd be here until the end.

How interesting.  Not sure what to make of it but there it is.  I'd wanted to live here but it was always no.  Until recently and now I'm living here once the timing was right.  So I'm ready for the new beginnings whatever they will be.

Sherri Praying EmojiHeart

Last week I had a beautiful experience after giving a workshop called 'A Musical Journey from Darkness to Light'. 

The workshop itself went great - I felt in my element there. It felt right. Actualizing my soul.

When I came home it was dark. As I reached my front door I felt a pull to turn around and look back down my garden path. There, flying up the path was a firefly (glow worm)! Literally, a light in the darkness!

It's only the 2nd time in my life I've ever seen one. It flew along the path, right up to me, stopped for a second or two, then flew away and extinguished it's light again. 

I was so uplifted by the experience I was laughing with utter joy. 

Thank you so much for all the recent posts and videos. They've been so valuable in what has been a rather challenging time.

Lots of love


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Hi Rich - thankyou so much for sharing your snippet - aren't these synchronicity gems so priceless when they happen?

That's what I mean about true abundance being when you feel held in your inquiry, on your path, by the divine.

Simply priceless.

Much love and support through difficult times.

Open 💙🙏

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For the last few years, I get a reoccurring sign.. 

I get the strong impulse to turn my head and/or reorientate my body - whilst my eyes will hone in on 'ST' or 'st' within a printed word.

I get that from 5-10 times a week. I tend to ignore it, because possibly the Holy Angels are having a laugh at me in Heaven!

But...I guess I've tolerated vast extremes in this lifetime...😇 (The British tendency to queue for ages being one of them).

There's only one thing it can mean...'ST' 'st'...and it's not Street!!..


Remy  🙏🏻



14/06/2022 Openhand Journal Update

The deeper you surrender into the quantum field by letting go of the attachment for how it crystallises, the more you see the absolute perfection of divinity. But there needs to be a profound self-honesty and complete acceptance of the reflections that come our way. Especially if they are inconvenient or uncomfortable.

Since DIVINICUS I noticed that my usual dialogue with the quantum field had changed. The interrelation through signs and synchronicity wasn't as sharp as usual - the bells and whistles had gotten slightly out of sync! Yet the higher dimensional inner perception of subtle movements was still as strong as ever - so no disconnect from the flow, but still not as clear as usual. We have to be prepared always to let go of sacred cows, that things will shift and move internally and so there'll always be adjustments necessary. But as in the video, if there's ever uncertainty, we just need to say "show me!", then to watch for the divine treasure to land.

With this directive on Sunday morning at dawn, I found myself sitting on a park bench near where I live. I was a degree hacked off - my brand new, all singing all dancing apple computer, had simply decided to shut down during the Ascension Exchanges the day before, and wouldn't fire up again. I had to hastily fire up another machine to rejoin the zoom meeting, in the midst of meditation. It had been a tad inconvenient!! I was also pissed off, that of all the computers I could have received, why that one? Why now? And why did the tech team in the ether that usually supports so well get it so wrong? But crucially, what was it telling me? Always, but always, why had I created the situation?

In the park, as I reflected on it, active attention brought my gaze down to my tracksuit. I was covered in little green aphids. I noticed how they twitched with their antennae. They were sensing and feeling the flow. Other than that there was no immediate reflection that landed.

I'd boxed the computer ready to send it back on Monday, but that evening I'd had a dream of several situations in my life. One was a tech problem, that only needed a quick fix. So on Monday, rather than posting the computer straight back, I called the company who explained that the likelihood was that a "random access memory board" had dislodged in transport. I could either send it back or try to fix it over the phone. I went for the latter, which involved inserting a pen into a circular crevice to flip open a flap. The only pen I had available was a green one, which left a green mark on the catch. Green stood out strongly once more and the immediate realisation that it represented the 4th chakra - the heart.

There were 4 Memory boards and sure enough, it was the 4th one in the sequence that had dislodged by just a millimeter. I pushed it fully back into the housing and the machine fired up right away. Wow! How reality twists and turns, how it reshapes with each step! I realised that at DIVINICUS, my vibe had shifted and raised to a degree so that although I was still perceiving the flow, there wasn't sufficient time for it to weave the 4D through the heart chakra (green) before I was making choices - crystallisations were thus landing prematurely. I had to steady the flow a degree more by holding it in the heart.

I then more deeply understood the synchronicity of the Red Admiral (below). The final time I'd seen it, it actually took off and flew behind a dragonfly - which always to me represents the higher speed of the air dragon. Yet the Red Admiral was clearly reflecting the base chakra (colour red). For the energy to weave more in the heart, there had to be full connection in the base too. There was a need to stay 100% grounded whilst flying at high speeds!!

Dontcha just love how it all weaves together.
Nothing happens by chance.
It all creates the story.
Open 💙

13/06/2022 Openhand Journal Update

We had a tremendous Ascension Exchanges gathering at the weekend, exploring the key facets of channeling higher dimensional consciousness through ones being, embodying it, and coming forth from there in 3D life. It is a mastery, yes. Not at all easy, but definitely doable here in the 3D plane. But there needs to be full commitment to it, an opening of sense and sensitivity - the preparedness to be vulnerable (as demonstrated in the video). What does that mean exactly?

You're opening yourself up to the infusion of consciousness. You're trusting that the subtleness of the higher dimensional inflow can carry you through this density, especially when it doesn't seem to make sense or line up with what's going on down here in the 3D. One of the synchronicities that happened as I was explaining this to the group, was that my video froze, but the audio kept working! Everything happens for a reason and is always reflective of your inner flow of consciousness.

We have to be prepared to put this into practice and soften through the density. Something else that happened during the Ascension Exchanges, was that my brand new apple computer suddenly shut down right in the middle of the gathering! But no worries. That's just the complexity of the 3D. If there's an opening out, a softening, and a flexibility, another way, an alternative solution will present itself - it always does, providing we're prepared to make ourselves, soft, open and vulnerable. Then the higher dimensional inflow will find a way - my old computer was quickly resurrected!!

What's your experience of bringing opening to higher consciousness and bringing into this complex 3D?
Do share, as I'd love to hear. 👍♥️

Ascension Exchanges

Ascension Exchanges are once monthly zoom gatherings where participants explore in meditation with me some of the immediate challenges they're facing at this time, how they fit with the latest movements in the shift, and how best to mediate through. The next gathering takes place on Saturday 9th July...

Spend a low-cost, easy entry, half-day with Open on Zoom. What's your most pressing issue in the 5D Earth Shift right now? What's the game-changer beingness that wants to activate and shape your new reality? Gain invaluable illumination for your pathway.
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Hi Openhanders,
Remember the power of simple vulnerability, like the majestic butterfly. I was out in nature yesterday and everywhere I went, the Red Admiral was there close to my footsteps. What did I notice, what was it saying to me?

It spoke of the power of vulnerability. It makes itself soft and open, attentive and responsive to the environment, yet able to pick up the gust of the wind at any moment.
That's what we, as spiritual folk, as the 5D beings we're unfolding into must be prepared to do - in this harsh world with its desperate need to control and constrain you, we must open our higher dimensional wings and ride on the breeze of vulnerability.
Never fear. The flow will always caress and look after you. <<< Open 👐

Suddenly I have a tight knots in my solar plexus, heart, throat chakras, all the chakras. The knots are growing, burning radiation is descending down my limbs, my breathing is restricted, I'm not sure I shall ever rest again.

Great film though. 

Remy 🙏🏻

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Hi Remy - intuitively/knowingly it's an infusion of soul, higher-self coming fully down into the lower chakras.

I'd say there has been a degree of out-of-bodiment.

It's a good sign - but challenging, yes.

Open 🙏

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Hi Open,

The previous post was a joke as I saw myself on film!! My chakras are as clean as a whistle and spinning to infinity!!

I've been specifically focusing on remaining embodied, as if it already is, within minutes or immediately I get the confirmation sense of coming into myself, concentrated intensely behind the back of the eyes. I'm calibrating this, and other specifics four or five times a day, the Universe is reflecting back beautifully!

I'm might make it specific times of the day, like the praying to Mecca..

Red Admiral is Spirit speaking to me too - go gently..

Remy 🙏🏻 

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I'm so fiercely adamant to be the embodiment, to liberate the Self, it simply is. 

I would pick up a sword and fight to the death anything less than this actuality. 

It doesn't matter about anybody, anything, Masters, Guides, or next doors cat.

Nothing can exist now between this human Soul and God. And nothing does.

Remy 🙏🏻 

That's fantastic film, Open! Perfect summary of the whole week and very helpful to recap it all. Thank you! Praying Emoji

My Divinicus or 5D being continues to flow in a similar way as I shared previously in my post-retreat experiences with even more subtle reflections of being. Feeling connected 'at its full' and in a very heartfelt conversations with the universe through the signs and synchronicity! I can share one but major message of it. There is a clear invitation to step into the new beingness and live from that divinity. Interestingly, the first day after returning from the Wales and the Divinicus retreat I logged in to my work laptop to check urgent things if any waiting for me (to land from the heavens of 5D into 3D as we are still here). Later that day this laptop appeared to be hacked in a most disastrous way! In result of that the hard drive needed to be completely reformatted, wiped out to the very basics and built up again on an empty clear ‘space’ with the needed software and programs. Moreover, when I was collecting this company laptop from IT support shop I asked an advise about other, my personal, laptop, which is a good machine but for some reason is working slower and slower. I was told that this as well needs to have done the same – the hard drive to be replaced! Here I got what couldn’t be clearer – the new beingness arrived and all false and old identities being wiped out completely to have the consciousness flowing faster and with more clarity, downloading the useful ‘software’ again to live from this consciousness effortlessly. These are essential moments of life. How awesome the message is!

Another, after three years of driving my current car (which I bought with the help of divine guidance) only now I realised the significance of that that my car registration number begins with 07D… Well, for me the car is the ‘vehicle of freedom’. Sometimes it takes long time to understand these things and now my understanding of this universal language becomes faster, lots of clarity landing every day. What could be more magical?

When you pick up this ‘golden light’ energy of higher dimensions (7D/6D/5D), yes, it is so intensive right now and it wants to be expressed. It feels as if I am standing in the middle of waterfall and the water (energy) is cascading down with its full power and potential! My little being is trying to hold it but its power is so strong that wants to dislodge all ‘corks’, like that steam of the train, and to be expressed through all kinds of my creations.

So, as I finished my another film last night (I thought I finished J ) and went straight to bed yet I couldn’t fall asleep. There was a feeling of some energy yet bubbling from deep inside. I was laying still listening to it, of what it wants to tell. And so there came a simple short poem through me. It was interesting to watch the process of that. I never say ‘I wrote the poem’ because that is not me who is creating this. It rises from the depths, I would say, of Universal Torus. Then hits the filters of the lower mind which finds quite hard to extract this into the human language – words. And so it was 'bubbling' up line by line, after each line I put all writing tools down and switched of the light. But it wanted to come out again and again, each line on its own. After the last line was written down instantly I went to sleep without even having a sense if there is any correlation between those lines. Only this morning I have read it all and here it is without any editing or corrections:

 ~ Heart ~

When Soul is in a flowing state

There is no need of choices to be made

It flows with such an ease and grace

In arms of Universe‘s full embrace

The One is yearning Self to realise

Creating effortlessly through our lives

By staying still surrender to the flow

Be brave to step into the magic of unknown

No doubt the life will happen on its own

In harmony

Expressing Seven Rays of Soul.

 ~ Heart ~

Yet, coming back to my film I was finishing yesterday, this morning it felt to have added some words to it as initially it was wordless (my own style). Here it is now to be shared with this community (and maybe the world, who knows...) This is the way my soul wants to express self without any expectation to the particular reaction / non-reaction from the external. Here is the energy flowing through my being and I do put it out into this world. This is a pure sense of how the soul wants To Be now... I hope you enjoy watching

With much love



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Such a beautiful, soulful video Asya - it took me into beautiful meditative state and the words were perfect.

Your videos go from strength to strength - thank you for sharing them, they are such a welcome respite from this mad 3D world🙏


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I've recorded your poem in my journal, with all the best quotes and ideas! it's very beautiful Asya.

And your 5D Being itself is a Joy to behold!

Remy 🙏🏻

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Both the poem and how it came through are so inspiring Asya.  And, yes, I relate to the computer hard drive analogy.  The Universe loves hiding messages in plain sight! 

And the video! Oh my--I felt it fully.

Thank you so much!

Much love and gratitude



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Thankyou to all of You, beautiful Souls, for the lovely feedback. It gives another impulse to go ahead and continue creating / improving my little expressions of soul into this world. Those reflections are greatly valuable as the universe is mirroring the beingness and it gives the sense / knowing what direction to flow now.

After I put this my video out there, the next morning I jumped ouf the bed with a burning sense of passion inside and headed off with my camera for another adventure. Yeayyy! I have sooo brilliant material for the new project that my only feeling of hunger is for making the new film. Such a great inspiration came from earlier synchronicities which were showing me the way!

Thanks again all you, wonderful beings. I feel blessed to meet you here! 🙏🏻

With all my love 


I've been busy this week weaving together a new video from the recent DIVINICUS retreat, entitled "Becoming the 5D Human". You can watch the premiere on Saturday 11th June at 8am UK time and then hereafter.

Do let me know what you think!

Open 👌😉

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Hi Open, 

I thoroughly enjoyed that video, it was so informative, and funny in places.  I've noticed when I do the chakra opening from lower to higher and open the crown and above, it feels like the movement of what's coming in and down gets restricted around the heart area.  I work through each chakra several times so I'm wondering if this torus moving is something that takes time to work all the way to the base chakra?

I know you had said something about opening the lower chakras also.  There are probably still some implants and I've been moving the torus to bring it down inside all the way to the base, knowing in time the implants will be removed.  So I'm thinking that the feeling, or impression, of it stopping in the heart area means to keep working to move it all the way down.  I also invite only benevolent beings for my best and highest good, to come in through the opening above the crown.

Thank you for sharing that awesome video.  Every time I get more and more from them.  I'm very appreciative!

Sherri Praying EmojiHeart

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