A question for Open

may I ask this? I read about you in "about us" section but I actually still don´t quite understand...

Chris, where is your soul when Open uses your body?
Or are you two people working together simultaniously? How is that possible? Is that ethical to Chris´s soul?
Who is Trinity´s soulmate?

Is there any part of your website where you have explained that already?


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Hi Natalia,

I incarnated in what's termed a 'sacred soul-exchange' (what some call a 'walk-in'). So my soul had a sacred agreement with Chris's soul. It was his yearning to ascend and move on (just as many on our planet right now), and it was mine to come here and assist in the shift of consciousness. So we had an allied yearning.

Chris's soul has now moved onto the higher dimensions. This 'switch of souls' is actually more commonplace than people might imagine. There are thousands of people to which this has happened - although due to the density, most people quickly forget the place they came from.

The switch for me happened fully at the completion of Chris's Gateway 4 experience in 2005. Although for various reasons his soul lingered in my field for a number of years until finally leaving in mid 2013.