Red Lightning

Visible sprites of red lightning flash.
Invisible lavender smells become visible by
vibrating purple plants swaying in storm winds.
As thunder clashes, this warrior takes a break.

Setting down sword and shield for a moment,
the invisible becomes visible. I see the game
for what it is. There is nothing to war about.
It is time to stop and ask for openness.

Sticking to familiar hides invisible potentials.
Response is allowed to come.
Action becomes visible. Exchanging
sword for hoe, warrior becomes gardener.

Invisible, the planted seed changes within.
Sprouted, its growth affects the external.
Invisible potentials become visible bursts of colors
cultivating dreams that change landscape.

Impulsive sprites shift from ego to spirit.
Once visible, they fade with the storm.
Detectable only in lightning charged air,
invisible waits the chance to be visible once again.

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Thanks for commenting, I am starting to write more about natural phenomenon, so much is happening in our world. thanks, laurie