RESURRECTING our Divinity 2024/25: Openhand Events

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As the shadow simulation of reality goes into overdrive, as the deceptions and delusions escalate, there's only one way to go - inwards and upwards! In fact it's perfect motivation to do exactly that. It's time to turn our backs on the nonsense, and resurrect the truth of our immaculate divinity. Openhand has been inspiring the Shift here for over 22 years now, crafting processes and practices to accelerate your Ascension into the Golden Age of 5D/6D/7D. Explore what our new autumn program 2024 has in store.

It's jam-packed with alchemy and high adventure!

Our Immaculate Divinity

The shadow simulation of reality here on the planet is desperately twisting, this way and that, creating ever more stories and dramas, to suck the unconscious mind in. But it's also done evolving people a great favour: the deceptions and delusions have become ever more visible - on the internet, in social media, and in all aspects of society. That's perfect. We can clearly see what we are not, and what no longer serves us.

Disillusionment with the deceptions is the perfect motivator to begin the journey of the real. It softens the rigidity of identity consciousness, of playing it small, of efforting to squeeze round pegs into square holes. It's time to unleash the dragon from the dusty old bottle!

What we're capable of, is unfathomable to the human mind. When you strip away the dross of the egoic conditioning, we expand progressively into light. Which is now barreling into the limited old 3D/4D construct. We start to channel the light of much higher possibility. We can shred apart the conditioned ways that entrap the mouse on the spinning wheel. We can extract out of the game of charades, and harness the true presence of our immaculate, divine selves.

Kindred Spirits on the Path

Here at Openhand, that's what we live for, it's what we thrive for. There can be nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than supporting the journey of another, helping illuminate the breakthroughs, and resonating the new possibility that you can embody. And to do so, in the resonant vibration of soul tribe - kindred spirits.

That is our profound sense of commitment to you and your journey.

It's with this heart-felt passion, that we introduce our new body of work in the Openhand Ascension Academy, for autumn 2024. It has something for everyone - newbies to the path and seasoned practitioners alike. It's all energy work. It meets you where you are, and precipitates a deepening, an unravelling, and greater multidimensional expansion. We've got afternoons one-on-one on Zoom, in our highly popular Ascension Exchanges. We've got 1st Nations Pilgrimages out around the world, in places like Sedona and the Himalayas, connecting with the Original Lemurians and Star Being Nations. We've got RESURRECTION retreats, based on our new body of work, both online and in places like Sydney. And we'll be concluding the year with a very special pilgrimage in the heart chakra of the planet, Openhand's home town of Glastonbury. The alchemical juices are flowing just at the thought of it all!


Besides the self-realisation and Ascension processes we're well known for, we'll be incorporating practices from our new body of work, RESURRECTION, which is already being highly acclaimed.

“Just what the Earth needs right now. Genius!”
Sky Dancer

It's groundbreaking work, designed to help you journey inwards across the 4D Karmic "Red Sea". This it utterly priceless, because right now, humanity is being drawn onto the karmic plane, so as to process past life density, part the waves of the distractive 4D simulation, and sail brightly into 5D consciousness.

Holding a Bridgehead to the New Paradigm

Here at Openhand, we've been working diligently and tirelessly in recent times to open a "Bridgehead" into the New Paradigm. It's opening an energetic channel, a multidimensional Torus, connecting the elementals of the earth-plane, through the karmic convolutions of the 4D Red Sea, parting the disruptive waves of the simulation, and connecting up with the Star Being Nations, from Andromeda, Arcturus, the Pleiades, Aligned Draco, Aligned Sirius, the Nordics and the Venusians, to name but a few.

"Big Foot" in the 5D has been making regular appearances too!

The Openhand multidimensional bridge is strengthening in energy by the day. Whether on Zoom or face to face, it is our purpose to open the Bridgehead to you, and embrace you in it, so that it activates the higher-self energies that can now transform your life.

Most importantly, we'll be bringing the 9 Frequencies of the Ascended Masters to bear - that collectively we call, "Openhand". It's about amplifying those frequencies in the field, so you can attune the resonance inside yourself. It's about bringing dormant aspects of your soul-ray-harmonic alive. It's a game changer of life, and the Shift itself.

Mark Your Calendars!

There is no better time than now to engage in the work. It's been perfectly crafted to meet these turbulent times. The ship wasn't built for the harbour, but the high seas!

Explore the new program in the Openhand Ascension Academy. Be inspired by the possibility of your next big shift. It'll be our profound pleasure and privilege to host you there.

Bright blessings

<<< Open and the Team 💎

Here's the Summary of our Upcoming Events:

6th July: Ascension Exchanges
8th-14th July: Facilitator Summer Conference
7th Sep: Ascension Exchanges
12th-14th Sep: RESURRECTION on Zoom
21st Sep: RESURRECTION 1-Day Workshop, SEDONA
23rd-28th: 1st Nations Pilgrimage, SEDONA
5th Oct: Ascension Exchanges
10th-12th: Facilitator Development Conference, Zoom
20th-26th Oct: Himalayan Energies Pilgrimage, INDIA
2nd Nov: Ascension Exchanges
10th-15th Nov: RESURRECTION, 6-day retreat, SYDNEY
29th Nov-1st Dec: Heart of Gaia Pilgrimage, GLASTONBURY
7th Dec: Ascension Exchanges.

Be sure to mark your calendars!

Openhand Ascension Academy: Autumn Program 2024

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Sometimes people email us and ask, "What is it like attending an Openhand Event - what to expect?

Well, each event is unique, and woven from the energies at that time. However, they do have consistent approaches, which are based on Himalayan yogic practices, combined with deep inner meditation inquiry. We activate the natural energetic Torus in the studio space, help people immerse into it, then bring in the activational frequencies of the Star Being Nations and the Ascended Masters. It's a alchemical blend that strongly activates the different dynamics of the soul-ray-harmonic. It expands people multidimensionally and feels like coming home.

Here's the sense of that, as we break away the limiting simulation of society...

It works just as successfully online in Zoom retreats and Ascension Exchanges...

And also where we take peoplpe out on pilgrimages in key Stargate locations in different parts of the world...

The best way to experience it, is to dive in and give it a try!

Here's the new calendar of events we've got coming up for the rest of 2024...

Openhand Ascension Academy Events 2024

You can certainly expect a great deal of fun, adventure and transformation.

Bright blessings
<<< Open 💎


For the 2024/2025 Event Season, Openhand's aim is to develop the integrated program much more as a Developmental Spiritual Academy. It's to provide the recognition that you become a part of an organic movement, that's holding a Bridgehead through the convolutions of the 4D and into the heightened consciousness of the new 5D paradigm.

It's a virtual establishment, that's anchoring energy of the Ascended Masters, that we bring participants into. It activates unrealised aspects of soul, and processes out limiting karma, such that you lead a more vibrant and productive life, heading toward ultimate Ascension into 5D.

The Academic Year is broken down into 3 phases:

Phase 1 - September to December: Stage 1, Breakthrough Events, incorporating the new Resurrection Body of work. However, don't be fooled by it being "stage 1", it's breaking into "absolution" with the source, which is always a deepening process, no matter where you are on the path. The type of events are 3-5 days, longer pilgrimages out to key Stargate areas, punctuated each month with a half-day of Ascension Exchanges, designed to keep tuning you into the very latest energies within the flow of the Shift.

Phase 2 - January to April: Stage 2, 5GATEWAYS Events, incorporating essential philosophy and processes for helping you to walk the spiritual path through daily life, or else to deepen your fine attunement of walking the path. It's about progressively breaking through multidimensional inner layers, to create an ever more harmonious outer landscape. It's also punctuated with intensive "Quantum Shift" retreats, designed for major breakthroughs, and half-day Ascension Exchanges on Zoom at the beginning of each month.

Phase 3 - May to August: Stage 3, DIVINICUS & Facilitator Events. Divinicus is all about unveiling the next evolution of your 5D Being, learning to embody and live it here and now - to be fully tuned in multidimensional, supported by the Star Being Nations on your unfolding pathway. And then, where appropriate, learning and developing the skills to support the Ascension Shift to 5D, living a life of passion and purpose. This phase is also supported through monthly Ascension Exchanges on Zoom and culminates with the "Avalon Rising", the annual World Ascension Summit, which is hosted online and streamed from the heart chakra of the planet, Glastonbury.

It's all backed by the Openhandweb community portal, providing daily updating insights and illuminating material, with forums of one-on-one exchanges, designed to provide essential reflections on the path. Participants may assume then, that you're a welcome and valued part of a virtual academy, a cutting-edge organisation that's leading the Shift and passionately committed to your evolution.

The Openhand Team is relishing the prospect of another epic year of alchemy and high adventure!

Check the Events Calendar in the Openhand Ascension Academy and book your next Shift today...

Openhand Ascension Academy Latest Events

Bright blessings to all involved
<<< Open 💎

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Lovely video, as always, and you are particularly glowy😊; I saw you in my mind once with lots of golden light around you. I also saw once how the words you write weren't just 2d, they were connected through a tube of energy that radiated the energy of the words. So grateful for all that beautiful uplifting, inspirating energy. Did you notice the cloud being behind you in the intro? Looks like it was enjoying watching you dance with the energies.

Been in a sort of transition last couple years and although it's been my intent for some time to attend I recognize now it's just not time for me yet. I have so much crap to unravel still to even get to a point where little me isn't trying to constantly steal the show for validation. Sure i lacked it as a child but at some point I have to see only I can give me what I need. I'm working on it. But the attachment is quite strong, and it's going to take a while longer to get to a point where I will go to retreats to get the most from them without sabotaging my own experience. And so I think the reason I haven't been able to get even my passport yet, which I do have money for, is simply because it's just not time yet. In the meantime I work on putting myself back together and securing resources necessary to attend retreats. So I'm enrolled in college for a one year program for medical lab assistant. I struggle with the fact there may not be a health care system soon so what's the point? But something tells me there's time and it's a great opportunity to regain at least some financial independence and the perceived freedom of a vehicle, and of course deeper involvement with OH. I'm seeing too how I always want to instantly get to my goals; this step by step approach I hope will help me gain more patience, prescence and perseverance, and a deeper understanding of the joy of the journey.

I've been facing lots of deeper fears, and seeing how vital conne tion with SGOB is. What I notice about Netflik's is just how good they've become at pulling and keeping people in. I saw it as a "HAL" eye in the center of the screen but pulled back into it like it's creating a vacuum to suck attention. Knowing it helps and breaking the spell often by simply redirecting attention regularly. But the psychology employed in these movies lately is impressive (Oxygen, Whiplash, 3 Body Problem). I recently watched a doc about Allessia Zecchino, a prominent free-diver. I'm no expert but if I was going to guess I'd say there is a high alignment with Pleiadian energy there! I find myself highly drawn to free-diving since watching it (The Deepest Breath); I long for the feeling of being so deep in the ocean unaided by tanks; the degree of stillness, the self-control one must employ...I'm utterly taken. Of course common sense says that ship has passed for me but what I can learn from it! Seeing her resurface after a dive and not able to reinflate a lung, and the eyes when they black out...Just facing this fear of dying, especially that way, is huge. And so so hard. I had an intense reaction. Making it a habit of checking in with SGOB regularly has increased trust in it, and there's no better place to be when facing one's death, that's what I'm beginning to feel. Facing aloneness is another one. Gut-wrenchingly difficult especially as I'd always seen myself as preferring solitude, but truth is I do rely on others. Only seeing it now. Reading about sasquatch makes me think I have some connections as I'm forever wanting to run to the safety of the forest, it's where I feel the best. Plus the fact I seem to sport a vestigial coat of fur 🤣 Is the fear of being alone just fear of death projected? I remember hearing that somewhere, that all dysfunctional behaviour and fear all just stem from fear of death. But I think that's why there're steps, so one can get more and more used to it while getting closer and closer to soul. Grateful to hear other's experience on facing fear of death.

The day here started out rainy, but now the clouds are gone and Sol reminds me how good it is to be alive and just how blessed I am. Wishing everyone an expansive, illuminating, joyful day!🙏



Last year we hosted a heart-warming pilgrimage in the heart chakra of Gaia, our home town of Glastonbury. "By chance", it coordinated with the mystical Frost Fayre, which bedecked the streets of Glastonbury with crafts and gifts, music and festival. We enjoyed both the sacred, the peaceful, and the wonderful energy sites of the locality - the Chalice Well, White Springs, the Magdalen chapel, and of course the Tor. It's like stepping into another world!

10th-15th Nov: Heart of Gaia Pilgrimage: 3-Day Retreat, GLASTONBURY
Journey to the heart chakra of Gaia, for a most alchemical expansion in Glastonbury. Gain valuable insight and resonance of the aligned path for humanity into 5D consciousness. High energy meditations and illuminating self-realisation with the Openhand Ascended Master energies, where the mystical Avalon is like stepping through a portal into another world.
Soul-stirring Adventure in high energy portal


Last year Openhand discovered a jewel of a retreat centre, close to Sydney, yet in 100 acres of its own secluded bush - Swami's, what a blessing, with spacious relaxing grounds and simply delectable cuisine. I'm so looking forwards to being "down-under" once more. See you there...

10th-15th Nov: RESURRECTION: 6-Day Retreat, SYDNEY
We're Resurrecting our natural Divinity on this 6-day life-changing retreat, in 100 acres of secluded bush on the outskirts of Sydney. Ground-breaking meditation, assisted self-realisation. Comfy accommodation and high vibe plant-based food. Secluded but easy travel distance from Sydney. High alchemy and adventure with Planetary Shift Facilitator "Open".
Activational Ascended Master Energies


Oh my Gosh, what an absolute blessing this pilgrimage was when we developed it last year. How special it was to be high up in the secluded mountains above the home of the Tibetans in McLeod Ganj. We connected with Kali and the Golden Tara, bathed in mountain pools, and basked in the energy of the mountain temples around us. I'm so thrilled we'll be taking a group back there once more...

20th-26th Oct: Himalayan Energies Pilgrimage: 7-Day Retreat, INDIA
Journey to the spiritual home of the Tibetan Energies in India, gaining valuable insight and resonance of the aligned path for humanity into 5D consciousness. Secluded retreat in mountains above McLeod Ganj, high energy meditations and illuminating self-realisation with Openhand Ascended Master Energies.
High Energy Adventure of a Lifetime

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So happy to see this. I can't wait to experience the magic once again and the depth we all went together. Nowadays when I meditate and touch deep states, I'm reminded this was what I experienced in the meditation hall during the retreat. 

Something says it's going to be even more special and transformational this year.

Vimal 💚🙏


All the while, Openhand is further developing groundbreaking facilitation practices, gaining new insights into the Shift, and extending the bridge into the Star Being Nations. If you're in the program, these gatherings are a priceless opportunity to stay on the bow wave of the Shift.

See you there!

10th-12th Oct: Facilitator Development Conference: 3-Days, ZOOM
3 Day Online Facilitator Conference for advanced travellers with Openhand. Whether working towards accreditation or not, benefit by integrating your consciousness in cuting edge processes; deepen your facilitator craft; develop your spiritual business; process you own karma., keep abreast of the latest energy movements in the Grand Galactic Convergence.
Forge & Craft Your Facilitation Skills


It was indescribable last year to be in the high energies of the Stargate that is Sedona - journeying with the 1st Nations elders in the ether. We'll be travelling out around the high energy sites, deepening our etheric connections in the studio, enjoying tremendous cuisine, the spaciousness of the retreat centre, and tasty delights like the Chocola Tree in town. The taste buds are already watering!

23rd-28th Sep: 1st Nations Pilgrimage: 6-Day Retreat, SEDONA
Journey in high-vibe, 1st Nations, Stargate locations of the magical Sedona. Gain invaluable insight and resonance of the aligned path for humanity into 5D consciousness. Stunning, secluded retreat centre near to Sedona; excellent plant based cusine; high energy meditations and illuminating self-realisation in the Openhand Ascended Master energies.
Journey of a lifetime in Sedona Stargate


If you're new to the Openhand energies and how they work, and you're based in the USA, you'll find it marvellous to travel to the mystical stargate energies of Sedona - what an incredible place. Come and sit with me in the Ascended Master energies we call, "Openhand", for a lifechanging day of deep alchemy.

21st Sep: RESURRECTING our Divinity: 1-Day Workshop, SEDONA
One day, groundbreaking workshop, in the heart of the high energy portal of Sedona, exploring the very latest information, approaches and meditation techniques, to support your Ascension into 5D. Working with Ascended Master Consciousness. From 10am-5:30pm, in high vibe studio, with International Planetary Shift Facilitator, "Open".
Groundbreaking Spiritual Facilitation Practices


We're getting such amazing experiences online with people these days, where the energy reaches out around the world from the energetic harmony of your own space. Here's the new body of work, encompassing the groundbreaking RESURRECTION approach. Work with Openhand for 3 intensive days in the Ascended Master Energies.

It's going to be enthralling!

12th-14th Sep: RESURRECTING our Divinity: 3-Days, ZOOM
Openhand's new body of work to support Humanity's pivotal transition across the 4D Karmic "Red Sea". Delving into Past LIfe Karma, breaking down shadow intervention energies, and illumninating a clear pathway into the Golden Age of 5D/6D/7D. 3-Days on Zoom sitting in Openhand Ascended Master Energies with planetary shift facilitator, "Open".
Groundbreaking Spiritual Facilitation Practices