Right Action and the Path of Light

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How do we create the lives that best serve us? We are still frequently being asked about our thoughts on manifestation: how do we create the lives that best serve us? From our perspective, in true authenticity, it is not a case of manifesting by mind led intention, rather we tune into our higher self, align with the natural energetic flow of the moment and simply allow creative "Right Action" to unfold as a natural expression of who we really are. So if you're not completely content with the circumstances of your life and you're interested in creating a more harmonious one, you might be interested in reading this point of view...

Consciousness creating reality

It is not just our thoughts that create our reality, it would be more accurate to say our entire consciousness creates it - the sum total of what we are being and expressing through ALL our bodily vehicles of expression. Herein lies the problem when we try to manifest a particular reality; all too often the ego or small "I" is trying to do it. In other words we are trying to make choices based on our conditioned behaviours, our hopes and desires or alternatively as a result of our worries and fears.

For example, we feel insecure so we try to manifest a better paid job; we're uncomfortable being alone so we try to manifest a partner; we're not happy with our house so we effort to get a better one.

This are all hopes, wishes and desires of the ego, the personality - the small "I". They are based on controlling thought forms prevalent in our society and conditoned behaviours - fixed neural pathways in the brain generated from our upbringing. However this is only a fraction of our consciousness. Our unique expression of divinity is the soul. We came here to connect with our soul, reintegrate it fully into our lives and allow it complete freedom of expression so that it may glorify our true beingness.

In the groove

Authentic creation happens spontaneously in the moment flowing downwards as energy from our higher self - the highest aspect of the soul closest to the source. When we are truly aligned with this, our creative action happens as one with the natural flow of the Universe - the whole Universe is creating in harmony with us. We may call this "Right Action". It feels like we are completely 'in the groove' so to speak - we align to a natural rhythm in life which is blissful and magical to behold.

What gets in the way of Right Action in our lives are all our conditioned behaviours. So as the soul flows through the bodymind, the energy is distorted, fragmented and dimmed. Since our reality is created from what we are being within, this inner turmoil is reflected through our outer lives and as a result, frequently we manifest mayhem! When we realise this, often it seems we may try to create an inner focus by holding a particular vision or intention. This may work for a while, but it is contradicting the natural flow of the Universe and our destined unfolding within it. Ultimately this illusionary vision will break down.

The soul is awesomely okay with all circumstances. It has no particular needs, wants or desires. It has no fear of a particular pathway or outcome. Its purpose is to simply unfold its unique way of being. Our challenge is to align with this sense of centredness, completeness and immortality. The destiny of the soul is to take us into all those circumstances where we do not have this inner peace. In other words, we create on the outside circumstances that reflect our inner state of consciousness. Every single circumstance and moment of our lives presents this continually updating mirror saying "this is what you are now being, does that serve you?" In other words, are you being guided by the soul or the personality? from a sense of completeness or a sense of lack?

Absolute authentic reality

If what we are being feels right, we feel aligned with what we know to be the absolute authentic reality of the moment - that which transcends everyone's expectations, desires or perceived needs. If we feel totally authentic in this way, then my advice would be to keep on doing that AT WHATEVER APPARENT PERSONAL COST (even your death!). If on the other hand, we create circumstances that make us feel tight and uncomfortable inside, we might then ask "To what am I attached? What particular outcome or experience do I think I need? What am I afraid of from this circumstance?"

"The act of creating is the act of allowing. In looking within, we see past the distortions of the ego to find what is meant to be. When we know what is meant to be, we become as one with the divine will... the inner most longing of our highest self; we become an open channel and infinite potential is manifested through us, and through us, the infinite cycle is complete." Openhand

If we keep watching all our motivations for action from the place of the Observer of ourselves, then over time we will begin to realise our attachments within the drama of life. The we can begin to let them go by softening into the tightness they create, and then expressing our higher truth - the purest expression of the true nature we can feel. In which case the distorted behaviour patterns that have arisen from our attachments will dissolve and we'll become ever more comfortable in our own skin. We'll align with the authenticity of our soul and this greater harmony will be reflected outwards into our daily lives.

The Power of Being

The important thing to note is that we do not have to manifest or effort to create the lives that best serve us. Our destined reality unfolds - like a path of light - before us as a direct consequence of us connecting with and expressing our highest truth...

In loving support
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I wanted to let you know how all of this unfolded. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a week-end alone in the country at a cottage by a lake. I spent the first day or so really feeling into just being...watching the judgements of good or bad come up and literally telling myself "not good or bad just being." The "right" action took me into an exploration of my thoughts and feelings. I accepted and rested with some pretty uncomfortable feelings. Further exploration took me into deeper feelings and then a core belief popped up...one that had been hidden...the missing link. I rested with that a day. The next day I saw clearly what "action" I needed to take. This also unleashed even deeper stuff. The wings of Grace enfolded me sitting there by that lake as I peeled away another layer. I wanted to share this as your words were really helpful and set me in the right direction. In my case I needed to be away from all distrations and be close to nature to crack open a deep layer. Walking this path is not easy and despite commitment, daily meditations, yoga etc. I am still not fully connected. If I could take myself out of the matrix and be in nature all the time I know it would be easier to remember that I am the One. It's Monday morning here and I'm off to put in a 10 hour day...how is this serving me? I keep asking and as always I am being shown. Much love. Joann


Thanks for your input folks. Oliver, I'm not so concerend about making a mistake as wondering about what I don't know....I'm always seeking out those blind spots and while I feel a strong pull to disengage from this person, and I have, I still wonder if I'm just playing out old patterns....so lots of great questions for me to explore. The need to repair the relationship is the question. Great questions you've posed....is it soul to soul engagement or identity to identity? Well said to make a choice now is right for now...we're on a path.
If I seek to repair it will be because I am feeling the compassion you spoke of Open....I am drawn to not "give up" on this soul...because they push my buttons and I get judgemental of their life choices that hurt me and others... Open, I love the direction of exploring my attachment to what the other is experiencing. Also it's not my job to self-realise for someone..stepping forward in pure beingness as the One...I supsect there would not be these mental gymnastics I'm engaged in right now haha.. Often in every day life it's easier to not take the time to feel into right action and I get lost in the doubting of my own path. Cynthia, thank you for those words. Sychronistically letting go of the shore keeps turning up in my life...grateful...love xo


Just to add, what does 'following the soul' mean? What exactly is 'Right Action'?

In your words Joann, it sounds as thought there's a perceived separation between doing and being.

Remember that the path of light opens forwards from what you are being - literally with each step. So figure out how to be. Then allow the step to form from that.

So it feels like there's still a slight degree of attachment to what the other might experience. Is that the case? I'd suggest working to let go of this as the first step - it is not for us to self-realise for another; not for us to try to manage their reactions. How would this letting go come from beingness? Feel into your own self sovereignty. Feel the freedom of the One. Become that. Then see if you can let go of how they might perceive you are. What step does that encourage you to make?

So then you might also feel compassion for the other. This is totally natural. Be the compassion if you feel it arising. What step does that encourage?

Literally, the moment must be allowed to shape naturally from each step. Because as you step forwards in pure being, the whole landscape then changes.



I concur Oliver. There are no mistakes, simply learning opportunities.
I love Karen Drucker's song "Let Go of the Shore" -
let go of the shore
let the water carry you
let go of the shore
float into the mystery


Dear Joann,

I might be wrong, but I sense a fear of making a mistake in your sharing. Of doing something wrong.
If so, let's look at what a mistake actually is. In my view actions become mistakes if we do not learn something from it. If you are unconscious or unaware of a certain behaviour pattern, what else is there to do then to follow the pattern and by that manifesting the outer mirror so your behaviour becomes obvious to you, you become conscious about it by looking at the mirror. There is no mistake in that in my view but this is how we learn by making our own experiences.

You say maybe you need to repair. Who is in need there? Is it the soul? And what is there to repair? Another soul? Is this an engagement of two souls or two identities.

I am confident you will find the right choice for you in this moment. That doesn't mean that it will always be the right choice for you. You are constantly progressing on the path. And as long as it serves you (and is in harmony with all other life) it is the right decision.

just my two cents,
with love and respect


Great video clip. I came to the website looking for some words of wisdom to guide me because of in your words, a bust up in a relationship. Hard questions: is it my soul or personality that's running the show? I consider myself blessed and truly live the path unfolding in front of me without efforting for an outcome. I see how where I am now is where I'm meant to be and I have complete faith in the flow. What's difficult is when I'm not able to discern between soul and conditioned programs. When I've created outside circumstances that are calling to me to pull the thread and despite being open to that I still struggle with right action. I remember reading somewhere on here about knowing when to stay and when to go in relationships. I do not want to be part of this person's life anymore. It's really easy for me to just sever ties and the only tightness is a sense that maybe I'm missing something important. Maybe I need to repair because I need to show how caring, forgiving family can be. I wonder about karmic connections and soul contracts. So as you can see it's more complicated than just following the soul because perhaps of things I'm not aware of. Not sure if this is making sense but feels good to put it out there for discussion. Much love. Joann