Is this right guidance?

Hi there,

Thank you for having this forum to discuss these things that are so hard to make sense of sometimes...I'm not sure how to put this all into words so bear with me. Its a bit jumbly in my head...

I feel like a new expansion is coming through, I feel a pull to evolve into who I really am, and things are changing a lot. This is not my first experience with this. I fought it last time and basically lost my mind. But this time I am coming to a place of acceptance and wanting to go on that journey and am working through letting go, but since it started I am getting the strong feeling that I am supposed to not eat, or eat such tiny amounts that it cannot sustain-especially when all of reality feels like its breaking down to me, and I'm in the process of trying to learn tools to deal with all this energy coming at me at once. So just to fill in some details about me; I am not a food addict, I don't generally over eat or under eat, I have a healthy attitude about food, I eat compassionately and eat organic where I can, I am not obsessive about that, I don't judge myself harshly about what I eat, I am conscious about it-but am not afraid to eat a little junk food once in a while, but I don't NEED junk food either, and I am at a healthy weight.

That being said, this guidance i feel is telling me not to eat at all sometimes or to not eat certain things-like vegetables, or nuts, etc. I can't understand why I would feel such a strong feeling to do this. I can fast for a short period of time or cleanse if that is what is being asked of me, but I have trouble with low blood pressure so if I don't eat regularly i get really light headed and can't think clearly, I feel really low energy, and generally feel like I can't function very well, etc. So in order to maintain balance I have to eat at least a little bit everyday. But here I am getting extreme pressure to not eat, or to not eat a certain thing one minute but can have it the next-it feels really confusing and when I do eat something "I'm not supposed to" this wave of being "in trouble" washes over me. Or something is taken away-like I dis-obeyed so now I have to be punished. What is going on here??

This has happened before on my spiritual journey and I know its not right, or at least i don't think so, but I know that sometimes what doesn't "feel" right is the right thing. However, when I have followed that "guidance" before I almost died-I know that death is not necessarily something to avoid but I don't think starving myself to death is what this journey is supposed to reveal. So last time I was trying to pass through this-it took me down hard. I never made it to the other side of it and never got to get to the place of expansion that I know is waiting for me. I'm trying to do it differently this time and apply some wisdom-not just go off the rails into completely not attending to my body and my physical health.

So I don't understand this not eating thing. Its making me spin my wheels-but if I relax and breathe through it I am ok-but it doesn't stop happening again and again. Am I not learning the thing I am supposed to be learning? Am I just being mis-guided? Is it a control thing? Am I interpreting it wrong? Is it a hidden attachment?

Any thoughts??

Thank you
Much love to you all,

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Hi Open, thank you so much for your comment. This is still going on and its been very hard to handle. Its like the whatever I eat has a meaning but usually it's about an attachment to something else. I have been working with it but I just want to eat healthful happy food and enjoy the experience instead it feels like lessons. How do you work into the inner tightness?


Hi LJ,

To me it feels like you're experiencing karma. It's likely you had some controlling situation in a past life where a food regime was strictly applied - some kind of monastery or something. Perhaps then, it's the karma that is telling you not to eat. Because from what you share, it sounds like when you're in your centredness, you have a very balanced approach to food.

But things can get confused into that. When the digestive system is quite clear and pure, it will tell you what to eat at particular times and what not to eat. This sounds healthy to me. And sometimes, there may also be an exploration of not eating at all - fasting to rest the body for example. Souls who can remember the higher dimensions may also explore the concept of breatharianism too. Although I hasten to add, I don't believe this is what's causing the confusion in your case.

I sense you're processing karma - some past life trauma around not eating food. In which case, my advice would be to continue to eat in a balanced way - the way you describe - but work with the inner tightness and resistances to it. This should help reveal if it is karma and help you work through it.

Best wishes