Seeds of Hope - Growing into what we are intended to be.

Seeds of Hope

This writing came to me late one evening as I reflected on how the Soul had emerged spontaneously in my life from a place of complete surrender. Since then, I was witnessing a magical unfolding but it was happening in its own way and in its own time. I now realized that, like the flower, we have a seed of Divine intent that is trying to manifest in our lives. To do so, however, it must draw to itself that which leads us to total surrender, the proverbial cross - symbolic of death of the ego. On this night, I also reflected on how the flower just naturally grows into what it is intended to be. It does not try to be anything, it already is. Likewise, I could now see that most of the troubles in my life had come from trying to intentionally manifest those situations that I thought would lead to happiness and fulfillment. The result was that I remained lost in the ‘unsightly soil.’ What was now emerging, however, from a place of surrender and willingness, was a wondrous plan of divine intent. The blooming flower of the Soul.

Seeds of Hope

If prayers seem to fail and faith has grown weak
Remember God comes to all those who seek

His timing and methods are not ours to know
The seed can’t envision what’s needed to grow

The trials of living with all of their pain
Are merely like darkness accompanying the rain

The blooming spring flower speaks of a fate
Well worth the struggle and much needed wait

The depths of its beauty shall be a surprise
To the unsightly soil from which it must rise

Would our Father not place as lovely a plan
In the seed of our life, from which we began

Can we hold to this promise in our darkest hour
Asking the seed to imagine the flower

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In deed all flowers bloom at the right time . The journey begins with the realization that the journey we seek is the same journey that we are already on wonderful insight ! 

If you would like to communicate about the higher aspects you would be welcomed keep up the LIGHT Brother and we will illuminate the road for the ready. My name is Willi good to know you .