Seeming Contradiction Between Embracing Discipline vs Being Fearlessly Open

I have a question regarding a confusion I have when it comes to using discipline to work towards a higher vibrational level, versus being fearless and wanting to act without fear. Let me cite an example of what I mean.

On the one hand, there is eating healthy because healthy food means a healthy body (which then implies the corollary, unhealthy food means an unhealthy body??). So we consciously avoid eating gmo, non-organic, otherwise tainted/contaminated foods, and foods that have been shown to contribute towards disease and unhealthiness (i.e., meat, dairy etc). Well, if one acknowledges that, in Truth, there is nothing to be feared in anything, and in particular towards what one eats, then it shouldn’t matter what one eats. It is also Truth that the body can heal just about anything once the inner reality is clear of distortions. If something negative does happen, like the appearance of “dis-ease,” then that is something that is mirroring a distortion that is buried within one’s inner reality. So why not just eat without fear??

Then there is the idea that if one is Committed to a spiritual path, and evolving spiritually, then to facilitate manifestation of a higher vibrational level within oneself, one can take the action of consuming higher vibrational conscious food. Taking an action like this is ideal for demonstrating commitment and putting it out there to the Universe that you have this intent without any specified outcomes, other than to embrace that which is to your highest and best good physically, mentally and spiritually.

I’m totally on board with the last bit. I have a new-found respect for how one needs to have strong will and commitment, and I feel a strong passion and motivation to embrace this. Embracing this through how I eat is just one action out of many that I can take. But I am unable to reconcile this with the belief that if one doesn’t possess fear regarding all the bad things that could potentially happen to you, such as by eating food that has something bad within it, then why can’t one just eat anything without any fear whatsoever??? How is all of this consistent? I’m not seeing a coherent, consistent scenario here that holds together — there’s a disconnect that doesn’t make sense to me.

Anybody else wonder about this and have any thoughts??

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And there ya go! You’re right; I’m getting caught up in the minor details of the “leaves,” which is blinding me to the greater “forest.” I don’t need to understand all that crap. Just DO IT! It’s walking off that cliff.

Thank you Eddie! Thank you for extending me that branch!! The fact that you’ve been dealing with the same thing makes me feel better, too!

Big Hugs!


Jen you describe my situation perfectly!!!! I am in the same place. I have decided to not seek knowledge but let life experiences and the creative power of the Universe guide me. This is a balancing act to say the least. Attuning to the subtle inner "pull" and feeling what wants to come up. Then asking "show me" and trying to have the patience to let life shape as it needs to. Acting when it feels right and not doing too much or too little. Watching, witnessing, being.... Namaste Eddie


Awesome answers! Much to contemplate!!

Thank you for your reply Eddie — I think in addition to being Treebrother, you might also be my “ego-brother,” given your own experience with the ego!

I think there are two things here that I am coming away with. One is what Open talks about, which is the higher flow versus the lower flow, and trying to align with the higher flow. Aspasia highlights very eloquently how this works when it comes to food (thank you, Aspasia!!). In aligning with the higher flow, and connecting with All, consuming animal products simply isn’t an option. Eating consciously becomes Right Action from Knowing. I can’t say I’m where I feel deep Knowing yet, but I am definitely receiving signs and synchronicities which are pulling me to eating consciously. And truly, eating consciously is the greater issue for me, beyond just eating for my own health.

The second thing that I am getting out of this is that maybe I’m not understanding willpower versus the ego — what Eddie touches upon in his reply (or maybe it’s terminology — willpower vs will?). I use to be Ray 1 dominant, in a distorted way, and now I have backed off of that and am Ray 2 dominant, but in a distorted way. This is where I am now, mired in the Ray 2 distortions of being self-dissolving, unmotivated, lacking inspiration, ineffectual. So when Open talked about embracing Will and Commitment at the recent Gateway5 retreat, that hit me and totally resonated. This is exactly what is needed so as to move in the direction of balancing Rays 1 and 2. I have been feeling very motivated, with strong intent and lots of willpower, to commit myself to seeking balance. But like I said, now I’m wondering if this is consistent with the spirit of what Open was trying to convey at the retreat?? It does feels like ego is stepping in to play where willpower is concerned… Am I understanding what it means to embrace Will??

All of this brings me back to my original question. In re-evaluating what I was trying to ask, here’s another way of approaching it. There is this seeming paradox when it comes to learning how to open up to and better align with the higher flow. My old patterns of behavior (before waking up to walk this spiritual path) relied principally upon using the ego to strive while looking to external sources for expertise — this is my old low-density comfort zone that I’m trying to leave. So, paradoxically, I now find myself using my ego in getting external input from others so that I can learn how to not get external input from others; so that I can instead turn inwards for my answers. This is because I’m still in this transitional phase where I’m not exactly plugged into the higher flow consistently enough to be reliably getting guidance and Knowing from the higher flow. In addition to this, one of my reactions to having lived focused within the distortions of Ray 1, has been to want to reject seeking answers externally to me. The answers I am referring to are all these spiritually-related instructions “out there” in books and on the internet, as to how to meditate, how to raise your vibrational level, and in the wider scheme of spiritual literature — how to live by the Laws of the Universe, how to awaken and/or open your 3rd eye, how to access the akashic records, how to deal with negative beings/implants, how to work with energy, etc., etc. I’ve bailed on trying to do most of this stuff and am focusing mostly on the core of what Open is teaching. But still, I’m trying to open myself up, so that I can seek answers internally, yet I’m lapsing back to old patterns and going back to all this external how-to material. In wanting to bail on these old patterns of mine, it leaves me wondering why can’t one just let go of it all -- the you should do "this, this and that" (in particular, external how-to instructions) -- and just do whatever? I’ll note, that in trying to actually take this route, this is what has contributed to my being mired in the distortions of Ray 2… Which brings me back to wanting to embrace having a strong Will and Commitment to my path…

I’m in this circle and wish to have it be a spiral.

Thank you for helping me with this!


Hey my friend roommate,
Felt drawn to respond to your sharing about the confusion/struggle you are experiencing - adding to the above comments - and see what resonates with you. I’m only describing my experience with animals, though it also applies to GMOs, toxicity etc.
Having communicated with you I feel strongly your commitment and passion to the 'spiritual path', to 'evolving' and 'raising your vibration'. I am with you! My understanding is that 'to evolve' is an opening of heartfull wisdom (being softly aware), which breaks down the rigid, constricted chains of culture, tradition, society and 'human' condition. In doing so, we awaken to the beauty of inter-beingnes with all life - We exist in love with all creatures and the Earth, all the time. I know you are feeling this with your animals. In other words, it is the breaking free from the problem-solving mind (small mind), which is a survival mechanism that operates within the Illusion/construct/lower reality (whatever you want to call it). Perceiving, for example, animals as commodities and objects to be used, eaten etc is itself a learnt cultural construct that is created and sustained by fear: the fear of pain, sorrow and remorse in seeing ourselves as interconnected with all life! This is the ultimate fear – the fear of pain, so we endeavour to be something (healthy, unhealthy, accomplished, successful etc tec even spiritual!) to mask the pain.
Fear is not an illusion in the reality we are living. It’s everywhere and that’s why we are struggling with confusion such as you described – all of us do! For example, fear-based dietary plans, fear-based practices, behaviours, new year resolutions, you name it! When we become sensitively aware of how/when/where fear manifests, we can clearly feel that every time we eat, wear, drink, etc anything that has come from an animal's exploited and murdered - as it were - body we ingest/consume/align with their fear, hopelessness and desperation. A fear we have caused and therefore we reap. Similarly, we exploit and abuse the Earth by creating GMOs, toxicity, contamination etc etc. It always comes back to us because we are all one at the level of the absolute/Source reality (we are all of the Source). We don’t exist separate from everything else – we are one with all creatures in Truth and in Fear.
Fear is driving this reality and in our practice we commit to renouncing fear by feeling the repressed pain (paradoxically!) and aligning with right action. Animals and the Earth are also evolving with us – we are helping each other!

Thanks for reading,

Love you,



Hi Geofizz - a great contemplation indeed.

An example I might quote is buying something at a particular place because its more conscious (a health food store for example). But what if in being pulled into a lower vibe place you encounter someone that uplifts their lives?

To create fearlessly is to move beyond intention. Just to allow things to flow. In which case it all flows effortlessly through higher mind - aligned with the "divine design".

But here's where things complicate a degree when they come into this reality - the creative flow must then blend in the 4D through the heart space, where compassion for sentient life around us (and indeed our own bodies) also begins to figure. So it'll become a blend of the two flows.

You might find reviewing this article helpful...
The Complexity of Blending the Higher Flow with the Lower on the Spiritual Path

Wishing you well

Open :-)


Fear of a negative outcome is one motivation to do the opposite "right thing" But it is limited in that it is a distortion of our fearless nature at a soul level. Doing the right thing is its own reward. It needs no other justification it just feels right. This is Wisdom in Action. Knowing the right thing to do is different from actually doing it. Why do we sometimes conduct ourselves in a way that is not aligned with what our heart is telling us? The conditioned patterns of the mind/ego can be very tricky!!! We have to be constantly vigilant of that sometimes subtle pull inside and slow down and listen. The ego is so tempting. It is not inherently evil just unevolved like we are. If we take time to witness without beating ourselves up when we make mistakes, then after a few times of doing what we know is not an aligned choice, it becomes easier to do the aligned thing. Raw willpower soon degrades into a battle of one side of the mind with the other. The mind cannot will itself into submission to itself. This is impossible. Only the light of pure consciousness can show the way forward. This takes witnessing oneself in the moment of the situation. Then and only then can we wake up and see the truth. I struggle with being awake most days. The days I do not struggle I know I am asleep. I hope you can glean some light from my ramblings. Eddie