Share Your Openhand Retreat Memories and what you Gained?


As the shift of consciousness already took off it feels a good moment to look back and review what elapsed years brought to us. It might be useful to see what path we are walking and what we are moving towards. We may be doing a great deal of consciousness work "in the now" but also it is very beneficial to review the past events in our journey to get a glimpse of an internal map of our trails.

There is enormous content here on Openhand web to read, watch and understand what and how we can change within selves and in our lives. Though there is nothing more efficient than to go right with the practical approach to transformation. And here we have that priceless opportunity - the rich schedule of Openhand retreats, both online and terrestrial, every year.

It may be well underestimated the usefulness of regressing ourselves back into one or another past process that we were in during the retreat - when we go back into those memories it may be something like the final integration of the energies we were moving, transforming or connecting with.  

We have the most wonderful community here in Openhand, the tribe of Rainbow Souls and beautiful connections between the Kindred Spirits. We treasure those connections and every gathering is filled with heart warming conversations, plenty of hugs and love we share with each other. What we have here is of the greatest value in a context of what’s going on in today’s society.

So, why not to refresh and share your memories and those powerful moments even if they sometimes bring lots of pain to the surface but afterwards it is well compensated with how we see ourselves in a different way or we begin living in a different way than before.

Just a number of ideas of what this forum thread may be about although the list may be endless: 

* What is that new part of you that became alive?

* How is your life changing after the recent retreat you were in?

* What new connections you’ve made, whether the physical one or with the Star beings through the ether? 

* What was the challenge that you were able to overcome? Does it feel liberating afterwards? 

* What is the most cherished quality of the soul that you found within?

* What is the most beautiful photo you took during the retreat and would like to share with all?

* What is that question that wants to be asked and receive the reflections from other travelers?

* What would you like to say to those you have connected with?

* What is your memory of the journey?

* What you brought forwards into your life from the gathering?

* Are you ready to jump in to this conversation and give the infusion of energy with your unique vibration?

* Are we willing to give the inspiration to each other?

* What about just sharing the one-liner of expressed gratitude?

There is a strong sense of invitation to not miss the given opportunity of rippling out the vibes of your authentic and unique expression of the soul. Come in, join and share – there are oodles of others waiting to hear from you.

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It's been already a month since we had the retreat in La Palma. Looking back - what a journey it was! Full on on both physical and energetical planes! 

In a very nutshel, to me it was another journey though the layers of interventional energies - meeting them, acknowledging them, seeing closely (through own experiences) of how they seep into our psyche. Then rising above, reaching the benevolent support and bringing the light of illumination. 

It took the full month of intergration and maybe still continues. The thick layer of mind density has met particular challenges upon return from this island of incredible beauty. The old realities are breaking down and there is a huge space of unknowing to surrender into. The new reality feels still upfront to emerge and it requires further work and internal commitment. 

But today I felt to share just few snapshots from this special journey.

Connecting with the volcano, feeling it's hearbeat.


Courageous souls rising up


Meditating on the volcano


Ravens - they felt to me like gate keepers of the mountain


Valey in Caldera - after energy work was done...


Stunning sunrises witnessed from Finca Aurora


Tilly balancing on the edge


Would be lovely to hear what memories brought from La Palma our fellow lightworkers. Please do share even if that's one line or one picture.

With love 💜🏝



I love this forum thread - it invites me to contemplate all the marvellous times spent connecting with you all on retreat. 👌

For me one of the highlights of 2022 was the amazing alchemy, adventure and pure fun we had in Avebury amongst the crop circles. Here's the video that captures the sense of it. What does it mean to be a planetary shift facilitator?


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Smliing Thank you, Andy, for bringing the vitality to this forum! This is exactly how it's meant to be - everyone add their own unique vibration to it and it ripples out powerfully, far and wide. Well done!

May I respond to this comment by sharing a bit about our spiritual mate in Openhand who has very special vibe and the inimitable gift to take the heavy stuff and alchemise it into the fun? This is our beloved Andy (in Mexico retreat):

"Hang on, Open, I need to understand first how that intervention works so it could be brought into realignment"


"I thought the fasting will be easier... Can I at least look into your plate?" 


"All you need, Agnes, is just to trust yourself and I will make of you the most beautiful spiritual model Wink Emoji"


He's making fun all over the place, even when everyone if preparing for the next session.


"Yeah, this is a deep stuff - I will need many more Openhand retreats to deal with it..."


With love and appreciation Praying Emoji


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Asya, you do me honour.

No retreat is ever quite the same without your sweet, elemental presence.

I can still see you dancing wildly to the drum beat around the roundhouse fire.

As the toroidal energy spirals through your lithe form, you are like a passionate nymph,

gracefully transported by the music.

We watch spellbound as the rhythm takes you.

In you, we witness true expression, unleashing soul fearlessly,

What a precious gift you are.

Andy Ethereal beauty.


I felt to speak into the wider group out there that I know tune into Openhand on a daily basis, but don't necessarily share (big hug to you all 🤗)

Have you realised a simple and effective way to ripple light through the field and therefore uplift your vibration? 🤔

Let's say you recognise something that is said, or offered, that resonates soul truth for you. If you connect into that energy, by expressing something positive into it, then you're effectively connecting up with it. Then you're resonating on that light, which you then animate and carry with you. It helps uplift your vibration and ripple it further afield through planetary consciousness.

I love posting content here on Openhandweb. I'd do it continually even if I was the only one. But I ask, why should I be having all the fun and upliftment when you can have some too? 🕺

I'm inspired by Asya's forum thread here. Clearly, she's gotten the message about rippling the light. So how about some more people dive in? Just a comment or a reflection is all it takes. I can assure you you'll get masses from it!

With that in mind, here's a snap from the summer conference in Avebury. What a massively alchemical week that was - so much experienced, so much joy and kinship. Then right at the end, to be sitting in the crop circle cafe sharing our final moments together with beaming hearts and smiles. The photo brings it all back...

Bright blessings to all

Open 💙


The journeying is very powerful and significant part of retreats. So, our highly experienced facilitators were preparing to it with serious responsibility (you may see the reflection of it in the photo Wink Emoji) in Mexico 5D Human Activation retreat 2022. And indeed, many of us have experienced the memories of an ancient Mayan heart-removal-sacrifice ceremony. For me personally that journeying moved a lot of karmic energy in a shocking way.


With all my love

Asya Praying Emoji


What a great idea Asya - what did we all take from the myriad of adventures on retreat and pilgrimage this last year? I have so many, where to begin!

The recent pilgrimage down the Nile was pretty spectacular for me. Here's an early morning snapshot heading off to Abu Symbel...

And after a few hours steaming across the desert, the coffee oasis with great music!

And after many miles of travel, then the temple itself...simply stunning!