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Open, you asked me to follow up after being a guest speaker at a local community group. This seems like a good place to post this! I was the guest speaker today at a local non-denominational church. The topic given to me was the mystery of the phoenix in the context of plunging into the creative fire and finding union in separation. I acknowledged from the outset that I would be sharing Openhand's philosophy and approach to letting go of our baggage and becoming the One. And that my take on the mystery of the phoenix lies in throwing all of our identities and attachments into the fire, including to love and bliss, burning through them, then rising from the ashes and stepping into the Void of nothingness where nothing is everything. I talked about my own karmic experiences this time round and how Openhand has helped me to honour the vulnerability of my soul and let go of what no longer serves. And that the journey continues since the rabbit hole is very deep, indeed. I played the U2 song, "Bad", and was happy to see many get down to some soulmotion. Given the feedback I received at the end, it was apparent that many connected deeply to my talk, and interest was definitely piqued in Openhand. Great to see that you are offering a 5Gateways Retreat in Seattle in March, 2017. While the fire is hot, I'm circulating info about this in social media, particularly for those friends in the Pacific northwest coast areas and anywhere else!

Felt so good to speak from my heart and share my passion with honesty and openness. And to get the feedback loop!

x Cathy

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