Something I just wanted to Share :)

“So I stare into the soul of my greatest fears as they come for me in the night, in the in-between, and what I find is my broken and fragmented self-staring back at me. It leads to the complete realisation that it was always me tormenting myself and others again and again.

I open myself in the face this total annihilation, to being burned to the ground, and in doing so my false self, the scared self, the ego, is burned and freed from its prison.

In losing who you think you were you find out who you truly are.
I cry unbounded tears of happiness and compassion for the pain it has experienced my whole existence and in doing so I offer it a doorway back home.

It hides in the shadows in every moment of your life fighting to survive and starved of it connection, like a scared animal doing whatever it can to survive and continue. It hides waiting for you to shine a pure light on it, to end its fear, to not turn from it when it revolts you in its distortion and to feel empathy for its eons of pain. It waits for you to transform it back to its true sense and reconnect it with home.

You are that home. You are its refuge and its unbounded space.

One pervasive awareness, fragmented yet complete, longing to bring itself to total union and realisation once again.”

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