Spiritual Mastery and the Soul Ray Harmonic: The Sweet Spot of Life

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People speak of spiritual mastery and might be intentionally working toward it, but what actually is it? Some would say Enlightenment is the measure, however, I would say that's just the beginning. This is where the real journey begins - the journey of self-actualisation, of what may be termed the "Soul Ray Harmonic". And that by revealing this in any given moment, the sense of spiritual mastery arises in the background of experience. When you touch this space, you're in the elixir of life itself.

What is Your "Why?" in Life

In any given moment what are you striving for? What is your "Why?"

It's utterly essential to get to know the motivations for why you do anything in life. Some driving forces will be purely programs of desires, beliefs and judgements of what you should or shouldn't do, or what you should or shouldn't be. To be clear, you'll derive little or no fulfillment in life from any of these. So it's important to get to know the feeling of them so as to break them open to create and inner space for something more authentic to come through.

Here's the Openhand Breakthrough Approach for achieving that

Some people might say their goal is just to be happy. But what is happiness? Mostly it's a state of feeling that comes and goes, that there's no real control over it. Which means it's a pointless endeavor seeking it. Others would say 'contentment' is the goal. But seeking contentment can lead merely to inertia, and lack of true growth in life. Can we say the Universe is 'content', if it's constantly recreating and regenerating itself into something new? 

The key to the conundrum, of finding your "Why?" in life, is indeed the Universe itself - the fact that it's constantly actualising the next reflection, the next iteration, of the divine, in any given fractal, in any given moment. Nature is the brilliant reflection of this - most creatures, not having the complexity of self-reflection, simply get on with the job of being the best version of themselves possible. In this way, for them, there's an effortlessness to life - even amongst the frictions. They're striking the sweet spot of life.

Even though they may not be self-reflecting, here then is another important clue toward spiritual mastery.

How might we be attuned to self-actualising in any given moment? 

The Expression of Soul: Your Soul-Ray-Harmonic

It's all about beingness. Which is the abode of the soul. But beingness is much misunderstood. It's not just sitting back comfortably on the sofa of life and letting everything happen around you. 

The soul has different characteristics of being: not just surrender, but also the drive, the passion and the commitment of the warrior for example; the enduring resilience of the divine mother principle; the strength and protectiveness of the divine father; Or, the creativity of the alchemist. All of these are just examples of the feelings of authentic beingness that feel simply "right" when they come through and are expressed.

In the Openhand Approach, we're working with 9 key aspects of this beingness, 9 frequencies of soul, that come through in different 'tones' in any given moment, in any given authentic expression. Here they are below...

The point about the Soul Rays, is that you have to work (sometimes exceptionally hard) in many varied aspects of life to untether and attune them. That's why contentment isn't necessarily your ally to spiritual mastery. Contentment in self, maybe, but not contentment in life itself. For that can become self defeating inertia.

I put it to you that your being is working towards revealing and actualising these expressions of the soul in any given moment, as the "Soul-Ray-Harmonic", just like a bird is expressing itself in flight. When the orientation in life shifts to revealing these, to actualising them, then you're starting to work with the Universe, and it begins to come through you. This brings with it an enormous sense of fulfillment and purpose. We're getting very close then, to finding true sense of rightness with life.

Is this then spiritual mastery? There's one more dynamic to add.

Coming Home to Yourself: The Sacred Ground of Being

This Soul Ray Harmonic is the expression of you, but it is not you. You are the eternal source sitting in the background. The singularity of pure presence. It's the completion of life itself. The beginning and the end inside of you. The challenge with this, is that this infinite potential cannot be experienced. How can it, if it's everything there is? There's no relativity there, and so no 'this' and 'that' to be experienced.

However, there is the experience of dissolving into it, falling into it, coming home to it. It's a subtle feeling in the background of all experience, for which you have to pare back the nosiness and busyness of life to begin to experience. The likelihood is that first, you'll experience it in meditation. It's the sense of arrival, coming home and completion. But the real key to spiritual mastery, is being able to stay centred in this, whilst the external expression (of the Soul Ray Harmonic) is fulfilling itself.

When you strike that balance, then you're striking the sweet spot of life itself. It feels simply "right". Now mastery of life, of the moment, and of the self, is happening. It's almost indescribable, yet when you touch it, you know something phenomenal has happened - something truly life-changing.

How can you step forwards in life with this understanding? How can it help you in the day-to-day?

5 Key Steps to Attaining Your Spiritual Mastery

I would say there are 5 key steps you can apply to striking the sweet spot of life, of yourself...

1) Start by self witnessing in any given moment, in all things that you do. Work not to judge yourself or the situations you find yourself in. Work to accept them, but to be as conscious as possible in them by simply observing yourself, until increasingly, you're becoming the Observer principle

2) Get to the recognise the tightness of repetitive behavourisms in day-to-day life, where you're doing repeating loops of unconscious behaviour. They're felt as tightness or else a disconnect from the moment. Get into these loops and break them open by interrupting them...          
Learn to apply the Breakthrough Approach

3) As you break through these behaviourisms, work to sense the completeness of the Sacred Ground of Being that is in the background of life itself - where the Soul Ray Harmonic begins to arise from         
Understand more about the Sacred Ground of Being

4) Now that you're opening a space through the moment breaking down the density within, look for, and learn to attune, different authentic feeling expressions of the Soul Ray Harmonic. This starts to feel, first like you're tuning a 'guitar' of your own being, until you start to play the music of your own being

5) As you're playing the music of your soul in any given moment, by giving attention to that feeling of attuned "rightness", now also pay attention to the still place of completeness in the background. Work to settle back into this and continually expand the feeling of it.

I put it to you, then when you can touch this harmony in life, then you're striking the sweet spot of life and the very purpose of the Universe itself - of which you are an actualising fractal. It's a tall order for sure. But your very being is seeded for it, and I would say there's nothing else real that is actually going on. 

The Spiritual Master Leaning into Life

You start to find, that no matter what is going on in your life, no matter what you feel like physically, emotionally or mentally, there is a way to "lean into" all expressions, in every given moment and bring the consciousness of the Universe to bear. This has the great tendency to succeed - as defined by actualisation of "rightness", which can readily be felt.

All the while, you're increasing the subjective feeling sense of spiritual mastery in the background. Trying to measure it is pointless. It is immeasurable. But you get to know this sweet spot of the moment, of yourself, whatever is going on, which has immeasurable value.

I encourage all to explore it, especially in the day-to-day of life, by applying the 5 steps I've outlined above. You'll start to recognise these feelings of rightness, until you realise this is the purpose of life itself. Settling into this, gives life true meaning. Whatever is going on, it means by expressing it, you can win in any given moment. You'll succeed in being yourself, which also tends to have a way of succeeding in the moment.

This spiritual mastery is not easily achieved. If you'd like support in working toward it, then explore the groundbreaking work of Openhand:

Openhand: Empowering the Shift

Bright blessings         
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Ultimately, what I'm speaking of in unleashing this Soul Ray Harmonic through life, and simply revelling in the process itself, is finding, and settling into, the Guru within. Your own inner Guru becomes the goal itself. Although to find it, and continually deepen in it, we will have to "lean into life" and work with the frictions - life itself becomes the spiritual gym. For me, it's knowing myself within this landscape that brings true fulfillment and joy - even as the going gets tough.

And it's also essential to add, that in working with each other, we get to see invaluable reflections for each to explore within. It's something I worked to capture in this Openhand video some time ago, which you might like to review...

What are your thoughts on working with this inner guru?

Well wishes
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This has done something to me "Trying to measure it is pointless".

In my last sharing here, I shared something about success. But who is measuring success? Could this be an identity? The truth within this could be ray 3 measuring the sense of rightness in any given moment. How can this be measured? For a start, the sense of rightness feels right! And when we are in this rightness there will be reflective feedback from the field through synchronicities. I don't experience such feedback all the time for sure. I understand when we can recognize some tightness like confusion, for example, then there's an opportunity to turn into it and let the beingness arise through it. But it's often said here, the only thing that is going on in any given moment is self-realization. How do you experience that through the simplest things in life like washing dishes for example? I also think, that if I were to experience streaming synchronicities, that would surely overload my mind because it will try to process it all intellectually.

It feels good to have a different viewpoint and orientation on success which feels more aligned. There is some relief with it and marks another layer of freedom from the simulation!

What is my why at this stage?

There are many but what comes first is healing. I have shared before here about the physical challenges in diet, digestion, and irritation in the gut. I see it as an opportunity for change and growth. For the last few weeks, I have been trying different ways to mediate through this challenge and it has been working well. I find that intermittent fasting within a 6-hour window doesn't work well for my body at this stage as I tend to overeat to make up for all the energy consumption through physical activity. So I'm stretching it to a 9-hour window where I'm consuming smaller meals and vegetable juices. This could change in the future of course. There is obviously an energetic reason behind this physical challenge. It could be some ancestral karma. Im letting it heal without trying to understand the why. And as with all realisation it will land when it is supposed to. 

Another why is to experience the clarity of presence in any given moment and experience life and express coherently. To live fearlessly because challenge is a welcome opportunity.

I can recall a period in the past not so long ago, when contentment was the main motivation and I had slid into an inertia. I was content with experiencing love and peace and doing what I liked. But some things like passion, adventure, and excitement were missing. So I guess another why is to experience both and be in the energy of passionate expression for the sake of it without thinking about the outcome.

Vimal 🙏

In reply to by Vimal


Hi Vimal - I felt to jump back in here and pick up on a couple of points you made, that will likely offer important reflections to others too.

You said...

it's often said here, the only thing that is going on in any given moment is self-realization. How do you experience that through the simplest things in life like washing dishes for example? I also think, that if I were to experience streaming synchronicities, that would surely overload my mind because it will try to process it all intellectually.

Firstly, we have moved much more to talking about the purpose being to "self-actualise" as opposed to "self-realise". So the purpose being of any moment, is to self-actualise. Washing dishes can be an excellent example of this process - all manner of things might kick off, like boredom, distraction, the mind wandering to other things for example. So there's the perfect opportunity to experience who you are, as a meditation. But you could then also realise deep aspects about yourself while doing it. Does that make sense?

You then said...

I can recall a period in the past not so long ago, when contentment was the main motivation and I had slid into an inertia. I was content with experiencing love and peace and doing what I liked. But some things like passion, adventure, and excitement were missing.

Yes, this is a primary point I made in the article above: There has to be the inquiry into the emergence of the Soul Ray Harmonic. Otherwise there's just the tendency to sit back in the comfort of surrender. But that contentment risks becoming inertia, and an identity of itself, which then drains the juice out of life.

So working to drop back into the openness of presence and allowing soul flows to happen from there.

All great enquiries!
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We're going to be exploring the Soul Ray Harmonic and what it means in life and your spiritual mastery in the upcoming Ascension Exchanges this Saturday...

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I felt to expand on the exploration of "What's Your Why?" in life. Hence this new article above, exploring how the Soul Ray Harmonic is a key facet of striking the "sweet spot" of your life and purpose.

I'm intrigued by your feedback and views?

Do share below.

Well wishes
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