Spiral Flow Dynamics

Submitted by Open on Fri, 06/10/2016 - 16:01
The synhcronicity of Spiral Flow Dynamics

The universal flow works in spirals. So if you find yourself sometimes seemingly running in circles, encountering the same things again and again, it's not necessarily the case that you're stuck. You could be, and it could be a distortional pattern you need to deal with. But if you feel you're progressing, and yet still seeing similar signs, it could well be that you're just going deeper. If that's the case, each cycle will not be exactly the same as before, there'll be a definite shift, a variation, like you're moving cogs on a wheel.


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heightening my Awareness of late I am finding myself going through a very Similar Experience as I was 15 months ago!

When I read this article a few days ago I did not realize this and I was at the beginning of the Circle of Pattern, However I have no Clue or Idea what I need to learn from this!??? well only 2 ideas and feelings come to mind....ACCEPTANCE and SURRENDER....and in expressing this I feel I may not be going deep enuff?

Confused <3