Standing Rock

I was really touched by this video and accompanying music. The pain and injustice around what is currently happening at Standing Rock and throughout the world brought me to tears. It felt positive to connect with that pain and sadness as up to this point I had been comfortably avoiding confronting it at any deep level. On Saturday 3pm Central time and 9pm in the UK people are joining in prayer for the situation there and I will be joining in... perhaps you will feel to too. With love and hope, Fiona...

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My clear feeling is that those who pollute our water are those that turned it into the term "tap water" in the first place. Tap water must necessarily mean that it can be tapped. But if it can be tapped, then where is the source? It is owned by somebody somewhere like most everything else in this coorporated world where individuality and the gift of independent, critical thinking and feeling is seen as either a crime that must be punished or a "mental deviation of a severe kind" that surely, ahem, deserves a diagnosis from an "expert." I wish to know who exactly has taken it upon themselves to "own" our water. And I am, in fact, sure our water is being polluted to dumb us down collectively. There is a plan, a dark agenda behind such things. Flouride, to take just one example, is not - as we are told - "good for the protection of our teeth" and thus have no place in our drinking water whatsoever. Our teeth know full well how to protect themselves as they are living organisms and as such need absolutely no assistance from an outside imposed toxic agent. We need water that´s pure. Not dead water that´s sterile and makes us accept pollution. Same as in: WE NEED TO THINK, NOT TO BE TOLD WHAT AND HOW TO BELIEVE SO THAT OTHERS CAN MAKE THEIR AGENDA RUN THE THINKING BUSINESS FOR US.

I believe the first step is to refrain from voting. Any socalled "party" is part of the problem of supressing individual thinking and feeling. Next step is to never, ever give one´s own power away. Third step is to speak up and maybe publish. All other steps will follow naturally. But the requirement is this: WAKE UP.



Yes, exactly, another mirror. Who can safely drink the water coming out of their tap? And who's polluting it?



I agree Trinity, it is representing something much deeper. And yes Open, regardless of the outcome, the response and expression has been very powerful.

It feels like yet another mirror, another invitation for people to look at the craziness that is happening on the planet right now and to peacefully affirm that it is not okay!!

With love, Fiona


Such a powerful video - thanks so much for sharing.
My sense was that how ever it turns out, so much is gained from the empowerment of self expression.

Open *OK*