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Hello friends!

I first heard about you from the Wake-up-world fb page. As I read your articles and watch the 5 gateways videos I found that what you explain is very useful. I'm a kind of person that wants to find the Way and put the puzzle of who-we-are-why-we-are-how-we-are together. Cause the world common knowlage seems really all out of point. I have two questions now.

fist: I really can't now come to your programs and trainings, nor buy the books. I search through the free written articles, but they are so many, kind of difficult to find what I search for at once. I feel like I am exploring a new city and often get lost. I understand that in time it will get familiar to me. Maybe it should be this way, because the way can't be easy. Can you recommend me some kind of guideline to search through your articles, or I should let the Spirit guide?

second: I can't pay now for the coaching, but I would like to have a friend or friends to write to once in a while and to get the responce sometimes. I usually use facebook, maybe I must search for the openhanders there, I liked your page already. So, how to search for friends?

Comment: It came to me that what you say about coming into my fears and troubles, to the center and claim the pars of the soul is like Christ came down to hell after His resussection and took the keys from it. Same principle, right?


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Hi Alina,

Apologies, your post was missed - sometimes that happens.

Yes, Openhandweb is a library of information we've been building over years. You could begin with the Articles section in the top navigation bar. Then just let your intuitive fingers do the walking.

In terms of fears and troubles, this video encapsulates our approach...…
Best wishes

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Thank you very much for the answer. I thought you wouldn't answer, sorry for that. Thank you for what you do, for giving help to others on the way, for opening your heart and giving what's given to you. It's wonderful. Jesus said: " What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear {whispered} in {your} ear, proclaim upon the housetops" Mattew 10:27