Technology as a mirror of human consciousness

I am just writing an article for my german magazine that turned out to be relevat for openhand too - so here is a short version:

If we see the outer life as a mirror of consciousness, this holds true for the humanity as a whole as much as it does for each individual.

In this context especially global events and human technology seem to be good indicators for movements in consciousness. My theory is: Any technological breakthrough mirrors that a significant number of humans holds a certain consciousness. Meaning that we can see the evolution of human consciousness mirrored in the technology humanity is bringing forward.


An example used here on Openhand is the sinking of the titanic. Though dramatic in reality, the symbolic layer of it really reveals a kind of humor. Here we have the "unsinkable" manifestation of Industrialism, a symbol for human megalomania and the way we put ourselves above Gaia, a symbol for the whole path humanity had chosen at that point in time. This approach to live is meant to carry humanity across the ocean of time - but unfortunately hits the wall. Sorry folks, but the unsinkable ship sinks. The biggest irony: There was well enough time to rescue everyone, but we didn't take rescue boats with us - why should we, on an unsinkable ship? The message is not difficult to understand...

Moon Landing

In the whole 20th century we observe a rapid ability of humanity to travel. We see the emergence of cars, airplanes and finally Space shuttles. The radius of movement gets ever wider, so does perception and movement with thoughts.

In the 60ies humanity finally reaches completely new territory: space. In '61 we see the first man in space, in '69 the first human to step on the moon. Humanity has radically broadened its horizon, has come to completely new perspectives. The first pictures of earth from space offer a new view on Gaia that makes the idea of borders ridiculous to all those who really let it in their hearts. Little known is that some astronauts actually had huge shifts in consciousness while being in space. (see Edgar Mitchell)

If we look at what happens in human consciousness at the same time, we might observe a youth movement that explores the inner space simultaneously: Through music, dance, Sex and drugs, but also with a massive rediscovery of Asian meditation and energy work. The Shift of ages, the age of Aquarius is for the fist time hitting global consciousness. The hippie movement, whatever we might think of it, has indeed caused a huge opening in society - just as with the astronauts in space, a new perspective on life and humanity sneaked into mainstream consciousness.

And the year 1969 marks the birth of a new technology that is even more interesting:

The internet

The internet was developed as a military project in 1996. With the harmonic convergence in 1987 another huge opening in human consciousness happened. We see the fall of the Berlin Wall, the downfall of the Soviet Empire and in the same year 1989 the www is born.

It goes public in 1993.

I personally cannot think of any technology that could mirror the shift i consciousness in a stronger way. Not only does the structure of the internet resemble a human brain more and more, it brings a whole vocabulary with it that is deeply symbolic.

Everything is connected, we can meet in hyper space, the collective human consciousness actually builds a central nervous system. Humanity becomes a global community.

I highly recommend Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee s article on the subject:…

"The Internet, as a living symbol of global oneness, offers us a direct connection to an awareness of divine oneness. But because we have lost touch with the symbolic dimension of life, we do not fully recognize this potential of the Internet: as a dynamic expression of a new consciousness of oneness that has within it access to energies and means that can unify our divisive world."


The next technology I find to be highly symbolic is 3D-Entertainment. Why? Because it actually means that we open our perception to another dimension and totally reframe our reality.

If you have a close look you will realize, that actually all our media is 2D - think books, screens, images, even our music reproduction. That of course has huge impact on the way we perceive, thing and view the world. We are actually locked in a totally wrong vision of reality - even concerning 3D. Just to give two of many possible examples:

Currently most people belive our solar system to look like this:…

In reality it looks like this, it is a Spiral, traveling through space:

The wrong perception comes with the projection of a 3D reality into a 2D reproduction.

Or this symbol

Really means this, which is both the basic structure of space time as also believed to be the structure of our light bodies.

So I indeed think that the step to 3D will have a huge impact on human consciousness, for the first time we can show things as they really are.

And it is a symbol for a movement of consciousnessinto the 5th dimension.

Now another interesting thing to notice is the first film that ever hit the whole world in 3D: Avatar. Of all films! Alone the title. But also if you look at the message, it is just stunning.

Yes, it has crappy dialogues and we don't really need all the shooting, but: In regards to openhand it might me well worth seeing it twice as it is really a channeled symbol of the the 5 Gateways! We can see Awakening, Realignment and Transfiguration without much need for interpretation, with the last two gateways there isn't even interpretation needed. The big dragon is called "the last shadow" and in the end we have a full blown resurrection.

So the universe again proves its sense for humor: How to sneak a big message into global consiousness. Like with "Matrix" previously.

Look into the future

The Trends Research Institute which analyzes Global Trends for financial Investors has made a stunning prediction for 2011: The emergence of Vacuum Field Energy Technology. This means the limitless extraction of energy directly from space, total energy abundance, without the need to burn anything. Rumors about this technology go around since the 80ies, but if we keep the above said in mind it is clear why it isn't here yet:

Every technology mirrors humanities consciousness. A technology of abundance is simply not possible in a consciousness of scarcity. Once a significant fraction of humanity finds this abundance inside, Vacuum energy will be here. Will we make it in 2011? We'll see.

If I look into the future I see a huge shift for human technology.

All our technology today is based on expansion, explosion, burning, separation.
The technology of the future will be all about vortexes, integration, implosion, synergy,

I see us having a new mathematics and a much deeper understanding of geometry and sound.

More examples of how technology mirrors human evolution?

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Awesome article david, it certainly shifted my perception! I must go and watch avatar again now!!! (though don't have 3D at home, i did see 3D at the cinema :) It affected me deeply as I watched it - but I just saw the reflection of how we have treated our native tribes and their homelands and felt a deep sorrow and despair... I look forward to seeing it with new eyes! ;)

I guess I associate technology with the wasteful, resource-heavy, consumerist industry that seems to be rammed down our throats, catching most people in the net so that it is now quite difficult to be without a mobile, games console, tv, computer or surrounded by the buzzing electrosmog (I haven't had a tv for years, but try convincing the authorities that you don't have one!! They don't believe you!!).

And for those who aren't quite awake to it yet, an urgent need to have the latest, most up to date gizmos, mobiles, computers, tvs and game consoles, regardless if the last one still works or not. A draw away from the old ways of fixing and repairing things, stuff that was made to last - to a disposable society, where increasingly the sense of self is lost in the matrix.

But then on the other hand I take great pleasure in seeing the huge resergence in recycling, making things last, taking old things and making them new again - online networks such as freecycle, skips being emptied, the rise of movements such as freeconomy, transition towns, community food projects - as Chris often points out in his poignant articles, these reflect the rise in human consciousness, and I can really feel that...

and so as the separation between the two gets greater, I see how our individual consciousness can affect the group as a whole, how we are *being* can inspire and lift many others along with us....and how crucial the internet has and will be for lifting the group consciousness to higher levels :)

I loved your final suggestions on how technology might shift to reflect this...

With love


Well it just goes to show, the best things can be hidden right under our noses and we never see them unless pointed out!

I also see that it's wonderful for others to realise the Five Gateways without it being pointed out to them. I'm so glad you were able to see it first.

And yes, it would be a great subject for an article. Did you want to write that? If you like, I feel to start a new forum topic "Higher Consciousness speaking through film". Would you like to do the first entry?


This is fabulous David,
Thanks so much for sharing - I have to say, and feel a bit embarrassed about it - I hadn't seen the Five Gateways in Avatar! But now you point it out - of course it's really clear...

Gateway 1: where Jake awakens to his Avatar (higher self)
Gateway 2: where he realigns to his 'tribe' and higher truth
Gateway 3: where he becomes one of the Na'vi tribe
Gateway 4: exorcising his shadows of deception
Gateway 5: the resurrection of himself as a Na'vi

Another powerful 3D movie out right now is Tron. It is a wonderful metaphor for multi-dimensionality, how it gets created and also where Opposing Consciousness came from.

In a world full of deception, I find the most powerful 'teachings' are those that come in metaphor through story telling. Benevolent Consciousness is working so powerfully in this way with us now.

We just have to master the art of 'reading between the lines'!