The "Greening of Greenland" - 5 Evolutionary Ways to Respond Positively to Global Earth Changes

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Personally I frequently marvel, that despite its downside, the wonders of modern technology also reveal spectacular beauty on the planet that wouldn't previously have been accessible to us - such as the ancient glacial beauty of Greenland. It's high time we use the technology to pay attention, not just to experience its majestic beauty, but also how it signals a rapid shift in the earth's climate, that is going to increasingly affect us all in the immediate future. In the shift to 5D consciousness, synchronicity - the mother tongue of the Universe - speaks volumes..."Greenland, that was once mostly white, ironically, is now becoming increasingly green!"

Let's sit up and pay attention folks, because the writing is on the glacial wall,
and only the truth can truly set us free...

Looking into the Mirror of potential Spiritual Mastery

In the exploration of consciousness, it's utterly essential that we work to fearlessly confront the truth of what's going on currently in our world. If we stay plugged into the old reality construct, inadvertently resisting or deflecting the shift due to lack of awareness or fear, then the risk is to become an unwitting victim of what unfolds. The converse is true: if we are prepared to courageously face any fear, we may explode the myth of our merely 3D beingness and reality.

The mirrors in the current shift are now stacking up thick and fast. This presents the tremendous opportunity of spiritual mastery for those prepared to look directly into the mirror - if we embrace our internal reactions to the outer picture we've collectively manifested, ultimately there is no choice but to surrender and let go - there is simply nowhere else to hide. The surrendering into soul takes us reverently into the presence of the One, where we realise our eternal nature, and the undaunted arising of soul, from that infinite potential that we are. It leads to profound mastery of life.

The ancient glacial ice of Greenland is melting rapidly. If you were to metaphorically compare the speed of melt to a hockey stick, I sense we're at the point of the curve, where the rise now goes exponential. When I tune in consciously, in my truth, I can feel we've reached the point of no return for the ice sheet. The "Greening of Greenland" has been one of those great synchronistic spikes in my awareness by which the Universe endeavours to keep me in touch with the underlying message and flow. To me, it's as crystal clear as the melting ice itself.

With Immediate Effect...

Assuming this comes to pass, which now seems unavoidable, it will have a dramatic effect across the planet. With ice that is in places over 3000m thick, the melting of the glaciers, according to scientists, would raise global sea levels by over 7 metres. Since many large cities and habitations across the planet are close to the ocean, hundreds of millions of people would be displaced by the melt, impacting infrastructure and resources for just about everyone.

In my sense and knowing, we are not talking hundreds or thousands of years hence, I can feel the impact of this beginning to strike widely within a decade.

I invite you to spend just 5 invaluable minutes reflecting on this video, and then connect with me again in deeper contemplation...

How might consciously evolving people deal with the potential impact of this? 
How might we turn a negative into a positive, that it may inspire evolutionary growth?

5 Evolutionary Ways to Respond Positively to the Melting Ice

  1. First it is to embrace the natural flexibility and spontaneity of the soul - not to allow oneself to feel fixed and rooted in a particular location. It is to reclaim the sense of our original nomadic nature, because change will likely spring upon us quite rapidly (from this and other escalating climate change shifts).
  2. It means to work to unleash the natural resourcefulness and adaptability of the soul. The mainstream of the soul does not fixate to a particular reality. Although there are karmic lessons to be learned, we are being invited to expand into a multidmensional consciousness landscape, one of flowing beingness. Radical earth changes will naturally inspire this.
  3. There is a priceless potential to prosper from this shift at a soul level, because it invites us to reacquire our natural mother tongue - that of synchronicity, which brings us back into the loving embrace of the divine; thus enabling us to endure vigorously the inherent changing nature of life.
  4. We're being compelled to create differently, from 5D consciousness, by embracing the natural engine of change, and coming back into alignment with the mainstream flow of sentient life. Once you're compelled to let go of limiting fixation of a particular reality, you rediscover your indescribable potential for miraculous manifestation. But, we have to overcome fear and restriction to unleash this. Here's how to explode fear in 5 steps
  5. The defaulting consensus karmic construct has divided people and enslaved them to the agenda of profit and loss, winner and loser. The escalating changes will compel many more of us to reconnect in supportive community groups - "Islands in the Storm" - where we harness, respect and treasure the remaining resources available to us. I see the "Rainbow Tribes being increasingly inspired to reunite in support of one another.

The last point I find particularly uplifting. I believe we already witness it happening in the heart-warming rise of the Transition Towns. Do check out this article with overview video...
The Heart-warming rise of the Transition Towns

The Majestic Glaciers are Speaking

Change is upon us. In a Universe of constant change, change is the only constant. This can be the liberation of us. We achieve it by turning directly into any fixation and fear. We go right into the eye of the inner storm and penetrate the 3D myth that binds us to a lower reality. Such an approach offers the making of humanity. In short, it inspires our spiritual mastery.

The ancient glaciers are speaking to us, in an accelerating flow. The old paradigm is beginning to melt rapidly away with them. I have no doubt the consciousness of their majestic beauty will reform elsewhere down the flow - so I do not attach to this loss, for when we have the courage to let go, loss only leads to increased potential for some new creation (here's how to process the grief of loss).

We're being compelled now to higher 5D consciousness. But it's not about waiting for that to transpire. We must get into the intimate inner inquiry right now, so as to join the realigning flow. The ancient glaciers are speaking. It's time that we heard them.

In loving support


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Hi courageous people! Day-by-day the shift is inviting us to get increasingly real, because the 3D effects are coming home to roost. There's two ways we can look at it though: the glass half full or half empty syndrome. The higher dimensional Openhand team have drawn my attention to the melting Greenland Glaciers, and the effect this is going to have across the world in the very near future. That's the purpose of my article with enclosed video above. It's a degree shocking no doubt - but that's no reason to turn our eyes away. Quite the opposite in fact. For when we 'normalise' in what's truly going on, by deeply penetrating the reality and our reactions to it, then we're offered a window to expanded consciousness.

To me this defines the enormous possibility the mirror of abrupt climate change represents. I can feel the reflections inside myself, and now I know where to work, what to let go of. In a Universe of constant change, change is the only constant. Can I embrace that fact as the engine for my own shift? I find that as we do, then there's always phenomenal expansion into cosmic consciousness. Spiritual Mastery is open to all of us right now. To me, that's what the writing on the glacial walls is telling us. Glass half full or half empty? Let's be inspired by the enormous possibility of change. 

In loving support

Open Praying Emoji


Hi All,

I just stumbled upon this article, which I found quite synchronistic. It reminds me of the gradual  withdrawal of raptor consciousness from this 3D reality as well as the alchemical fire inside us, that helps burn it (and which will, eventually, manifest in our external world, as well.) At least this is my take on it.




Wow Mark - thanks for sharing, this speaks volumes. Thumbs Up Sign

I see the same synchronicity as you. The raptor consciousness is leaving.

But a part of the tail was still left. There's still some 'snake energy' to deal with!

Open Tyrannosaurus RexThe Sun Emoji

Hi there,

I just wanted to say, I really feel what you're saying with the climate change and that we've passed the tipping point. It's something my mind won't quite conceive but my body really feels truth here. 

I'm finding many movies I see lately seem to covey a message ['thought perhaps different messages for each.]

I recently saw "Geostorm" on a plane. In it, the earth's climate is completely unstable; space technology has been developed to control the weather, so life on earth may continue. The gear is sabotaged and there's a want to control this essential resource. 

I felt a message was wanting to be relayed. Firstly that this is going to happen [climate change and large natural disasters which consequently follow]. And secondly that we need to come together globally. 

I also found a similar message coming through another movie "Arrival", where ET's were trying to encourage us to bridge differences and again work together. 

I find this part of the human spirit beautiful. Sometimes it does takes us until the 11th hour.



Mostly just want to thank you for being a source for reality checks. My own awareness is like an ice flow....present then gone. My shadow work is that despair brings me into denial which spins me into hope. I am grateful when I recognise what I'm doing as it gives me the opportunity to get real...then being all that I am becomes even more important...i feel tremendously blessed to know we are the ones we have been waiting for! Love to all. Joanne

Hi Jennaya - I saw the film Geostorm too. An interesting take voltage emoji icon

Hi Joanne,

Great to connect with you. You said...

My shadow work is that despair brings me into denial which spins me into hope.

The essential thing of course is that we have such a handle on our own internal process and can track what the various internal machinations want to do.

I always wondered, in weight of all of the evidence, why people don't accept (for example) the obvious truth about 911 - especially when you watch building 7 fall at free fall speed when nothing hit it.

Then I realised that sometimes the magnitude of the truth is so great, that internally people are unable to cope with what it means - psychologically they can't go there. So they simply continue in the old belief system.

I see the shifting climate very similar. It's happening relatively slowly in front of people's eyes (although it's at breakneck speed in Gaia's time frame). I believe for most, the magnitude is too great to grasp at this current time.

But dialogue with higher consciousness is helping me see that's the reason the shift is being supported here in a progressive way, over years and decades. That way we can progressively unravel resistance and denial of it.... or indeed 'hope' of something different.

I do believe enough people will begin to get it early enough so as to help many more.

Let's trust that will be the case.

Open Praying Emoji

Hi Open, 

Kinda like....sometimes the ship will sink regardless of however we try to save it.....but the important bit; what it brings out in us and how we're all being throughout.  




Hi folks ?. I came across this video I felt important to share. It's the story of 3 climate change scientists in Oz and their concerns for the future. I think it's important to watch, even though it will likely stir up some things. The mind tends not to like change that much. And it's easy to slip into subconscious denial and deferral. That's a hindrance to the full emergence and free flowing expression of soul. This is the essential point: to be constantly attuned to the inner world; to look into the external mirror and truly engage how you feel about things in this moment. If there's fear, that offers an incredible doorway to expansion, because it shines the light on where to work next. This is not about our survival as Homo Sapiens. This is about the emergence of Homo Divinicus. It's in us all, the magnificence of the Cosmic Being. It's time to unleash it, step by step.

With this in mind I share the video. Feel into it. Work through any contraction over the days ahead. Plenty have seen it on the Openhand site and found the sense of the nomadic. How might your soul respond positively? How might it inspire you even more strongly to the inner journey of emergence? In loving support HeartPraying Emoji


Hi Open and everyone,

I just wanted to say that I too have been drawn to being more 'nomadic'. This word kept appearing, until I finally searched its meaning.

I have just moved home, and this has been a process of recognising and embracing change. I got rid of a lot of stuff, and I am planning of getting rid of more. I got the sense that things keep changing, but they also seem to be changing progressively faster. Now, having just moved, in contrast to the previous time, I have no expectation at all, in terms of how long I will stay there. I am open, and even expecting the unexpected. And there is sense of freedom in that too!

Best wishes to all,

Alexandros :)



I Love this Alexandros....

I have no expectation at all, in terms of how long I will stay there. I am open, and even expecting the unexpected. And there is sense of freedom in that too!

See you on 5GATEWAYS! It's all about following the free flowing flexibility of the soul. 

Open Earth Globe Americas EmojiThumbs Up Sign

An essential thing to add in this contemplation is the unpredictability of climate change and its effects. Here in Britain, there was originally a feeling that things would get drier and warmer. But as the artic ice cap is breaking down, so is the northern jetstream - that's dumping a lot of cold and wet weather over the UK. So will similar happen when Antartica breaks down? It is currently beginning to, and that will greatly affect the southern jetstream. Maybe then parts of Aus will get cooler and wetter too? As I shared in my book Divinicus, Gaia clearly spoke to me that there will be safe havens everywhere - "Islands in the Storm" - where conscious folk would come together to support oneanother in resourceful and resilient communities. I do see that already happening...


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