The Growing Global Water Crisis

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It is absolutely NOT Openhand's purpose to spread fear with regards to the very challenging situation Humanity is beginning to face. Quite the contrary, in confronting the truth of what's really going on, we can confront those limiting fears that may hold back our evolution. Living in some kind of la la land, simply does not work in the long run. Climate change - and the Ascension of Gaia - is accelerating into what appears to be (amongst many other things) a growing global fresh water crisis. Be informed, overcome any fear of what is going on, see the overall Great Realignment that's taking place, and unleash your soul from attachment and distortion in the physical...

Still climate change denying?

No amount of climate change denying will stop the inevitable process of change that has kicked into gear across our planet right now. It's a profound shift we've addressed in this video here below....

Water more important than oil? Now there's an idea that could usefully spread!

Gaia is moving on, into the Higher Paradigm, something that's going to increasingly affect us all moving forwards. Lets' work to embrace the truth in that, because it is only the truth that can truly set us free. In that vein, here's an article that recently appeared in the UK's Guardian Newspaper about the escalating global fresh water crisis. For me it communicates just how desperate matters are becoming, with people digging into concrete basements and carparks just to get at the water table - now there's an idea that could usefully spread!...

From the UK's Guardian Newspaper... "Last week drought in São Paulo was so bad, residents tried drilling through basement floors for groundwater. As reservoirs dry up across the world, a billion people have no access to safe drinking water. Rationing and a battle to control supplies will follow: Water is the driving force of all nature, Leonardo da Vinci claimed. Unfortunately for our planet, supplies are now running dry – at an alarming rate. The world’s population continues to soar but that rise in numbers has not been matched by an accompanying increase in supplies of fresh water. The consequences are proving to be profound. Across the globe, reports reveal huge areas in crisis today as reservoirs and aquifers dry up. More than a billion individuals – one in seven people on the planet – now lack access to safe drinking water. Last week in the Brazilian city of São Paulo, home to 20 million people, and once known as the City of Drizzle,drought got so bad that residents began drilling through basement floors and car parks to try to reach groundwater. City officials warned last week that rationing of supplies was likely soon. Citizens might have access to water for only two days a week, they added. In California, officials have revealed that the state has entered its fourth year of drought with January this year becoming the driest since meteorological records began. At the same time, per capita water use has continued to rise. In the Middle East, swaths of countryside have been reduced to desert because of overuse of water. Iran is one of the most severely affected. Heavy overconsumption, coupled with poor rainfall, have ravaged its water resources and devastated its agricultural output. Similarly, the United Arab Emirates is now investing in desalination plants and waste water treatment units because it lacks fresh water. As crown prince General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan admitted: “For us, water is [now] more important than oil.”

Great Realignment is beginning to knock some sense into society!

See more on... Extreme Earth Changes and Patterns

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Thanks dude, thanks for the comment back! I can feel a cold coming now, but don't worry! We got a solar eclipse on Friday morning, and the aurora nearly made it to Devon last night :D

Imagine that: the oceans boiling off, and then freezing in the atmosphere. Wonder what's gona happen to the nuclear waste from Fukushima? I definetly don't want to get rained upon by big icicles! Especially ones that are loaded by nuclear waste. hahaah

Ok, so I also decided to look up the Earth's magnetic field strength: "Earth's magnetic field is fading. Today it is about 10 percent weaker than it was when German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss started keeping tabs on it in 1845, scientists say." [link], and this is also consitent with other sources. From the same link we have "According to Earth's geologic record, our planet's magnetic field flips, on average, about once every 200,000 years. The time between reversals varies widely, however. The last time Earth's magnetic field flipped was about 780,000 years ago.", we are on average over due one! The other thing we know is "In order for a reversal to take place there must be a brief time during which the field is non existent." [link] Now we have no idea why the poles flip or by what mechanism these poles flip, so we can't predict the next one. Further more, from previously available information we think that these poles took a few thousand years to flip. However, from recent studies we think it could happen in less than 100 years [link]. We have no idea what goes on during the flip...

So don't worry, hold on to your pants, coz it's gona be interesting!
Man that video sums it up.... thanks dude!


Hi Rayko,

Great to hear you share your pain. Society is so good at desensitising isn't it? We're programmed to think it's not good to feel pain and sorrow. Yet this is natural too. It's misaligned to resist. Because actually, there's an aliveness in the pain too. It lets you know you're really feeling reality - you are wake, alive, present, here and now. So let us have our pain.

    Like all experience, it is only ever transitory. The paradox is, that if you try to avoid the pain by placating it with some desensitising 'pill', then actually all we really do is 'cement it in place'. It's just more subtle, hiding in the background. When we let it flow however, it does just that - flows through and out.

I didn't know that about Newton (an end to this reality by 2060). Amazing. And I think he's probably more accurate: that the time we have will be shorter. I just felt given to put an outer boundary on it - 2100, the turn of the century - based on outer probability. It's not a thought process: I certainly can't feel complex life here past that point. Not in the 3D. That's when 5D life really takes off, unburdened by the toxicity of the old world. It's a new beginning.

What will bring this about in the physical sense, in the 3D?

What I've seen is something like the 'falling of the skies' - as I explained in Divinicus: a lowering of the Earth's magnetic shield, solar storms that change the biosphere, a heating up of the surface, earth crust disaplacement. Eventually a boiling off of the oceans which then condense and freeze in the upper atmosphere. It creates a seed for future life. I can't be exactly sure of the process, but I have witnessed this kind of thing in previous incarnations elsewhere in the cosmos.

Whatever happens, it's going to get very interesting in our life times. There will be continual mirrors of who and what we are in relation to what's taking place around us - just as you're looking in the mirror Rayko, and discovering the truth about yourself, about what you really feel, therefore about who you truly are.

    This can only be positive.

    "Today I'll face myself,
    to cross out what I've become,
    today this ends,
    I'm forgiving what I've done."

    The messages are abound everywhere...


That's what Divinicus is all about. When we touch our truth, in an emotive, passionate way, then it unravels, unwinds and evolves. Homo Sapiens can do little about the problems we face in the world today. Homo Sapiens IS the problem, just as the divine being now emerging from the depths of your soul is the solution. So the book will take you on an enthralling journey: from the deserts of Arizona to the plains of South Africa; from the Garden of Eden to the Big Apple; from ancient Lemuria to the submerged Atlantis.

    "Come travel interdimensionally with me
    to the Original Human in you.
    I'll take you back to the future. Into Divinicus."


So where is the pain?
When you first said that no complex life will be here in like a 100 years;
I saw a grey planet, an empty sphere. The Blank canvas.
The object that every artist first faces, when beginning a new expression. Like even when I started writing this.....
That's what I intellectually saw, with no feelings involved, I thought: yea probability dictates that he's right, although I think the madman Newton was more on time beceause he estimated that the world could end on 2060 (he actually did, look it up if you want).
Or maybe I just wish that he's more on time, because I do really want to walk past the same tree, always stuck next to them cars & lorries that always drive past with, with them horrible sounds and toxic fumes. Do I really want to past that every day? Only to notice another tree about 5 meters away with half its branches cut off in an earlier point in time? Do I want to, hear the faint cry of the birds barely noticed above the roaring sounds of our constrcution equipment? Of banging hammers and clanking spanners.
Fuck off do I, wish to be part of a society that spends $1,700 billion on war every year, but pledged $7 billion to help those in the 2005 tsunami.
We were infinite once, but now we are like pieces of poop that dump toxic waste everywhere. So I'm gona be negative and say I hope you are wrong, in the sense that it's a lot quicker.... I totally don't want to leave that bit! now, coz I'm crying.......
Coz I feel like some mighty spirit who's been incarnating here with the sole purpose of avoiding this, blank canvas. Again. Been so focused over the millenia, that I think it be a shame to not know what is ment by this "Those who have never known the deep intimacy and the intense companionship of mutual love have missed the best thing that life has to give." - Bertrand Russell.


"All life is transient, and therefore will reconstitute somewhere else in some other form….As one form dies, so is another reborn."

Thank you for this precious reminder, Open. Your words call to mind the lyrics from The Youngbloods in their song, "Get Together":

"We are but a moment's sunlight fading in the grass."

And also a favoured quote from Openhand:

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly." ~Richard Bach

Humour is my saving grace. When you thanked me for "being there," my quirky, comedic mind alighted on the final scene of the film "Being There" with Peter Sellers as he dips his umbrella into the lake and walks across the water. "Life is a state of mind," muses the U.S. President in the final scene. Yes, indeed.

xxx Catherine


Thanks for being there Catherine - thanks for 'getting it', especially as so few do (as yet).

We have to embrace the paradox: yes it's painful, as you say, let's not deny the human aspect. That only sets up internal resistance or karmic blind spots to truth. But, at the same time, let's realise that all life is transient, and therefore will reconstitute somewhere else in some other form.

As one form dies, so is another reborn.

Open *give_rose*


Last year I read Carolyn Baker's book, "Collapsing Consciously: Transformative Truths for Turbulent Times" and I am about to read her new book "Love in the Age of Ecological Apocalypse." Carolyn is a writer and psychologist who is outspoken about what is to befall us and how we might best deal with it, and there seems to be a small but growing community of those willing to hear her message. I seek out this community in social media since most people I know turn the other way when I attempt to bridge the topic. I have begun to discuss this with my grown children and partner bit by bit, and my heart breaks when I do. But they don't turn away from it. How do I feel? Deeply sad. Sick: emotionally and physically. In mourning. Fearful for my loved ones and all of humankind. But underneath my fear and sorrow, I'm often able to touch and feel the eternal love and beauty that will always endure, and that's what keeps me going. I'm out and about taking photographs of nature a lot these days, and each time I snap a pic, I feel such overwhelming gratitude for all this beauty around me, but I 'm acutely aware that it is dying. It's my way of saying goodbye. This ritual is helping me to mourn. Even writing these words brings on the tears. I've shared some of Openhand's articles about this topic on Carolyn Baker's Facebook page, and some have expressed appreciation for the shares. I offer up a Holy Trinity of thanks for the support I find here and elsewhere. xxxCatherine


Funny as I write about alignment I am in the process of writing up a formal report for a class I am taking. I have been working on an outline but nothing will line up right - the letters keep changing to numbers and numbers to letters and I can't shift anything where I want it to...nothing is making any sense. I look at the clock and it's 11:11. For me it felt like it was saying "you can't fit this into a tidy order or shift it through your own personal will - everything is shifting and changing and coming into a higher do you feel about that?" Tense...tight in my solar plexus, unsure that I will feel the way on, scared that I will panic and shut down rather than go in and feel the way through.


Just keep going guys, keep digging, keep exploring, observing what goes on and noticing what comes up. We have to feel deeply into the individual aspect to truly get to the wider one.

And yes, sustainability, it's a great movement, a great feeling - to help bring someone into alignment. And you're totally right Jen, this is not about doing it so we can 'save the planet' or save ourselves. These are lower forms of consciousness. They're still only 3D consciousness.

There's only ever one reason to do something: because it is right.
That's the 5D consciousness - right there.

Open *OK*


This topic is a challenging one...I find myself learning all kinds of things these days - not out of fear or preparation as such, but out of passion and inspiration...learning foraging skills, growing my own food, connecting with the local transition and time bank initiatives - linking up to the community that is breaking free of the status quo and coming together to create in a conscious way. With all this said, I know it's not going to save's about alignment and it feels absolutely without a doubt the most joyful expression of me right now.

However, I know I have not gone into the raw feeling of what this all means. I feel unable to really authenticually feel I am numb to it all. I see what is happening (has been happening) all over the planet and yet it feels the only course is to find alignment where I am right now and at the same time why don't I feel the pain of it all?? Maybe I am really just not looking at it...I don't watch the news or read the papers so I do actually miss a lot of what is going on...I know it's there but I haven't looked in the face...


This is a terrific topic and thank you for bring all of this up. I'm only just beginning to really understand that "You can experience nothing that resides outside of yourself" so am now, when I see externally what I would label as pain, searching for the inner pain. Where I see outside restriction and mistreatment, then looking in to find it within myself - to set it right within.

Perhaps I'm just putting another finger in the dyke?


Hi Aunty Angel, you called it...

    Where is the future?
    Eighty five years (ish I suppose) I feel sick, like vomit sick.
    Come on people.
    What's it feel like,
    this declaration from Open?
    Am I alone?

Yes, yes, indeed! I'm waiting for the feelings. Where are they people?

Are they stuck in desalination plants? - with respect, they're just another finger in the dyke.

Or is it giving £50 to greenpeace and hoping everything will go away (like our neighbors do). (and by the way, greenpeace are denyers of the biggest single cause of global green house emissions, bigger than all others put together: the meat and dairy industry, which continues to rape the earth day in, day out. And why do they deny it? For fear of losing membership!... Cowspiracy).

This is real. It's here and now. And 85 years is conservative. It could be a lot sooner.

We have to get into the feeling of reality, rather than slip sliding blinded over the falls.

To deal with this is to deal with both the microcosym AND the macrocosym at the same time: you're a soul in human form that's going to witness - is already witnessing - terrible devastation beginning. What does that truly feel like? Where do you identify (with the physicality)?

And, at the same time, this is all practically an inconsequential 'burp' in the greater cosmos. To truly know one - the microcosym - to truly penetrate that, is the only way to know the other - the macrocosym, the inviolable source that you are.

Come on people, it's time to get real.



Don't worry, humanity ain't gona really do anything about the supply of fresh water going down. Why? Because our economic model sais that the lower the supply of a material (water in this case) the higher the price of that material and thus more profit. Our economic system is designed, rather well, to maximize profit (consumtion).

What's going to happen I think is that water price will go sky high and then people will start investing in desalination plants and waste water treatment units because the water will business will be very profitable. There's no technical reason why we don't this now so as to avoid even greater scarcity of fresh water, but we won't because it's not that profitable at the moment.

I mean the actual statement I should have used is "why we haven't already invested in desalination plants and waste water treatment units", because we've known that fresh water will become more and more scarce for quite a while. Here's a link to a report from 1998 talking about the scarcity of water at that time, and predicting greater levels of scarcity for the future.…

Love & Peace


Hello Dear Friends,

It might seem slightly off-topic... however it feels to me just like another signal for humanity, similarly to the growing water crisis, that tremenduous changes are in store for all of us and the vast majority simply ignores it. I just came across this article on a very interesting site which claimes that the earth's rotational axis has been shifting at an accelerating rate and indigenous people are noticing it worldwide, attributing overall earth changes to 'changes in the sky'.

with love


And none of those words come near the experience
That gets coralled and contained, limited and controlled
And made bareable
By the words.
What's the feeling before the words?
That place?


From where we are now to no complex forms of life.
Eighty five years?
That's my grand children's time.
But to get there- no complex forms of life - like only bacteria - in the
That time?
Ok. That's mind blowing.
And terrifying, beyond terrifying.
Isn't it?
Like the air being sucked out of my lungs
... (But I discover I don't need to breathe - weird)
Like sadness, no. tragedy,a lost precious opportunity
A failure
Like paralysing grief
is this all before?
If the past is what we see when we look out at the stars
Where is the future?
Eighty five years (ish I suppose)
I feel sick, like vomit sick
Come on people.
What's it feel like, this declaration from Open?
Am I alone?


Thanks so much for sharing Jean-Michel - your words paint landscapes of pictures.

It's so important we take stock and embrace the truth. So many people still living an illusion that will one day come to an abrupt end.

We must prepare ourselves consciously.




Thanks Open for lightening up a deeper look in that area of the global situation .
I can share and offer first hand testimony of what i have witnessed from 2013 onwards somewhere in South India .
I was there from November 2013 untill April 2014 to complete an overall training in supervising a guesthouse ( in which i invested time , passion for the growth of a sweet project , and watching how nature is treated in remote local areas ) . That area is the one where That Sacred very old Mountain called " Arunachala " or " Shiva in it's silent form " lies . The beautiful picture given during the " Divinicus " workshop with the blue light originated from a shot taken of that Mountain .
I came to hear that the next state of Karnataka was selling the water ( probably by deviating water from rivers & water tanks at some point ) that normally should flow towards the state of Tamil Nadu . I wasn't so surprised when i heard this because of all the diverse corruption cases that takes place in India .
What was pretty sad and shocking to witness is simply the fact that the monsoons that normally take place around the months of August and December were starting to feel very weak : A few days of gentle rain , nothing more . That did have serious consequences of the landscape around - from nov 2013 untill april 2014 , i truly witnessed 3 days of rain . Nothing else than heat prevailed over the span of 5 months . I saw nature becoming bleach , the green from trees & rice fields fading away like i had never seen before . A lot fo sadness came up and the question rose : how are we going to live if ressounces are deviated like this or come to get dry here end there ?
In the street the guesthouse is located in , there are a few taps set alongside the road - it's a small village where many people still don't have running water - they fetch it at these taps every day for cooking , showering , cloth washing etc... Women do fetch actually that water . Still , what struck me so deeply in that street was the lack of awareness regarding one issue : closing the taps properly so that not an ounce of water would be spoiled - as the ressources seemed to drop drastically and suddenly within few months . What happens is that most of those water taps often leak all day long . I tried my best by sometimes closing them & i informed my Indian friend about it - so that maybe a decisive / informative note could be written and spread . Not easy situation indeed . Most people who would for example build a house in that street will always search for water in the ground to connect to as water supply . They bring a truck with huge drill machinery and drill the ground up to 100 feet deep . Few years back , it was pretty easy to find a huge pocket of water to connect to , but lately , i witnessed 7 drilling trucks not fining once ounce of water . Anybody could hear the deep horrible sound of the drilling process going on - all the while anybody could hear that water is not to be found in that area anymore .
In our guesthouse , actually , we are the only ones to still use the water beneath and it works very well . A filtering system was installed to clean the wasted waters and send back to the undergroung poket . It works very well too . Somehow , we managed to have a very small imprint on that beautiful countryside area . Happy it worked out - but i can(t stop feeling sad for the lack of " water supply awareness " around . Hopefully , they will quick realize there is something to do about it .
In every room , we have instaled water filters to encourage guests not to buy from those big water compagnies around . the filters have to be checked every few weeks in order to be very effective and safe . That truly made a difference overall to reduce plastic use and water waste .
I heard that last december , it started to rain very often and on a more regular basis , so that borught back a new smile in the heart .
On another note , thanks to a beautiful spring water nearby where i live in Belgium , i have the blessing to be able to use it all year long / a bit like in Glastonbury and other areas in Europe . It has been nearly 10 years that i fetch the drinking water over there and always enjoy a soothing forest / elemental connection whenever i go there . Just a heart opening energy field radiates over there .
Amazingly enough , very rare people around ask me where it is , how it tastes , and how to get it ; etc... Like if buying water in the supermarkets will always be available in the right quantities and amounts for the years to come ... i am pretty stunned to the non awareness of that very important part of our lifes .
I felt it was important to share my personnal observations and see what kind of emotions regarding the issue come to the surface , explore them and see what else i can do to help the situation .
When water comes to mind , Fukushima comes to mind also - The water element got violently wounded by that huge metaphoric and real incident . It struck waves and waves of sadness within at that time .
10 days ago , i felt to dive with the " Gaia meditation " from Open . From the start , tears of pain & sadness came up regarding " humanity and Mother Gaia " - i really felt like empathazing with the whole situation and it felt liberating as well . Few days later , last sunday , by connecting to the Kiama group field , a huge wave of " Soul family " connection came within - so soothing ! that was unbeleivable and so refreshing .
Happy sunday to all , in Love