The Immeasurable Importance of Deep Consciousness Bodywork for Ascension

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When we embark on the mystical path of Ascension, we're essentially performing inner alchemy. Everything is consciousness, even matter and energy. They're all formed from 'elementals' of awareness. Even when people are awake to the interconnectivity of their soul, there's still varying degrees of insensitivity and identification with the physical. In other words the subtlety of the soul is getting dissipated - drowned out - within the density of Separation Consciousness. One invaluable way of dissolving this identification and catalysing our spiritual evolution - our Ascension - is through Deep Consciousness Bodywork...

Reality is created by what your attention is focused on

We'll often hear that reality is created by what your attention is focused on. This frequently leads to trying to shape reality in some particular way - often a mind-led, desire-based sense of lack, which is only surface level (see Law of Attraction). Yes, everything is consciousness and therefore the outer world is shaped by what we're being within. But desire is still associated with the lower densities, as is denial, which locks fragments of soul consciousness into materiality. In other words...

You can intentionally bring your attention into the higher realms of consciousness through meditation for example, but unless you've harmonised the various flows of energy throughout your body, then you'll simply be sucked back down again at some point. This is what happens during reincarnation.

That's why at Openhand we speak so frequently on our courses about 'softening into the body'. By this we mean increasing internal sensitivity and the sense of letting go. It's no doubt a challenge. The yearning is for the higher sense of lightness, the bliss of interconnectedness, but if you miss the ballast, firstly the expansion will be less complete, the experiences less expansive (less 'spiritual') and secondly, at some point you'll still have to come back and deal with the density.

Increasing inner intimacy

Breath of course is a powerful tool for increasing inner intimacy. We can use breath as a vehicle of awareness, bringing attention into the deep recesses of the body. But it is only a vehicle. It's focused attention that must then take over, once breath has delivered you to the threshold of transition. It is then feeling attention that must direct you to the revealing threads of consciousness which next want to be 'pulled'. By this, I mean a subtle vibration or sense will reveal itself...

I remember once sitting in meditation with uplifting background music. I'd been feeling the sense of higher dimensional presence in the room and was wondering how to connect? True Benevolence will never distract you 'out there' to some glamorous apparition. It stays tantalisingly just out of reach, thus encouraging and empowering you to go deeper within, where the entirety of the universe is to be found. And so the 'promise' inspired deeper inner focus, and softening into my body, working with the feelings of denseness and loosening identification. In other words, feeling through the density until I no longer formed limiting opinions (judgments) about what I was feeling. So all the while, this is leading into a greater reaching outwards by reaching ever further inwards. I was expanding to fill the room through inner consciousness space. It's then that I truly felt the presence. A slight inner pull drew me forwards - because I was sitting, I almost fell over. But instead, realised to stand, then to begin to sway with the music, then to move and gently dance. My hands were open to tingling vibrations which guided me in an exquisite swirling pattern. I was dancing with a light being!

It is experiences like this, which led me to develop Openhand's soulmotion

Approach to Deep Consciousness Bodywork

So this is what I mean by Deep Consciousness Bodywork and how it can open you up to your divine birth right: multi dimensional living, which is both divine and magical. To summarise, it requires a very attentive approach in order to perform this inner alchemy...

  • Surrender: A high degree of surrender is required. By this, meaning to continually relinquish the desire for reality to be a particular way (needing any kind of outcome) or trying to shape reality.
  • Sensitivity: there's the need to become increasingly sensitive by responding to what you're truly feeling - even if that's pain. To be truly soft, you have to feel the heat of the coals of attachment before you let them go. Otherwise it will simply take you into detached denial.
  • Intimacy: sensitivity leads to increasing inner intimacy, which is exploring exactly what's there in your field, without forming judgment or opinion. We explore simply 'what is'.
  • Softening: in exploring 'what is', there's a sense of softening into this vibration, unwinding any tension or tightness. You make it increasingly malleable by deeply penetrating as much of the feeling as possible with your awareness.
  • Expansion: when you've softened into that particular experience, you've 'pulled the thread' of revealing consciousness and begun to watch it unravel, then it's about allowing the expansion to happen through you. Watch for what wants to happen next, naturally of its own accord. This is when truly peak experiences can take place.

Alchemy through movement

Of course movement is one way of bringing increased internal intimacy for this level of alchemy. Hence the popularity of yoga, Tai Chi, dance, walking in nature and to a degree, various sports. However in all of these, if true spiritual evolution is to be catalysed, we have to be careful we're not once more conditioning the body rather than increasing its sensitivity.

So take exercise for example: in order to have the maximum evolutionary effect, we'd need to have full attention in every part of the body that is exercising, every muscle, fibre and sinew. We'd need to be letting go within the movement and not allowing any kind of desensitised detachment from happening.

All too often you can see - even with the meditational arts like yoga - there's still some subtle desire to achieve this or that; a particular form or posture for example. The risk is to decrease inner intimacy by conditioning the body, when what we're really looking for, is to use the practice as a vehicle to penetrate the elementals of consciousness.

Internal struggle is what we're working to release or even the denial of insensivity. If there's any need for some form of outcome, then in that moment, we're aligning with the density of bodymind rather than penetrating it with the softeness of the soul.

A new internal vocabulary

So this is what I mean by Deep Consciousness Bodywork. I know it may seem like speaking a different language! In many ways it is. It's an entirely new vocabulary that can access the dormant aspects of inner self. Practically everything in society seems designed to desensitise; with its chemical 'excito stimulants' to block or distract from the revealing threads of higher awareness.

It takes great patience and persistence to master this inner alchemy. In the early days, it frequently left me frustrated until I realised the frustration was the thread I needed to accept as my current reality and soften into. But actually it's relatively simple, once we truly surrender the need for any kind of outcome in this world. When we do, the wonders of the universe unfold magically into view. There's liberation, but not just release from, rather freedom to unfold into. There's a depth of majesty, mysticism and magic that expands beyond imagination, which we're all seeded to master.

To me, this is the power of Deep Consciousness Bodywork. It catalyses and accelerates our Ascension.

In loving support


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Hi Eduardo - it does indeed sound like you're doing soulmotion!

There are some other key elements...
- like in Tai Chi or martial arts, there are basic practices and movements, so we have those in soulmotion too. The point is though, that we must then open past the basic movement to allow free flowing spontaneity.
- to break the tightness of the bodymind, upon completion of a basic movement, there is a strong tensing contraction (a squeezing focus through the body) and then a release. This tends to overwrite the programming of the bodymind. It's like performing acupressure on yourself
- It's essential not to get too attached to the form. Because that risks coming from mind. Rather than just allowing the free flow to move you.
- imagine it is not the body, nor the muscles that are moving, but that an 'elastic band' in the field is moving everything.

Above all, have fun!

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recently I've discovered (and fell in love with) Tai Chi Chuan. I've been doing it three to five times a day and since the first one I'm reaping its benefits. I feel more alive, present, light and surrendered each new day. But I can't say I'm fully living in the flow yet, and I feel like some days are more soul guided than others. It's not easy. The expectations and conditionings are too alluring sometimes, even though I'm trying my best.

But since Tai Chi is helping me so much, I would appreciate to know more about Soulmotion. In the Soulmotion article I read that people should perform the guided movements in their own unique way. So if I coordinate my breath with spontaneous movements this means I'm doing Soulmotion, simple like that? There's nothing more I should know?

When I do my Tai Chi, I close my eyes and try to connect with the Will behind the movements, making me feel lighter. Is that what we're supposed to focus on when doing Soulmotion?

My questions may sound silly, but I feel like I'm missing something... like there's more than meets the eye (or should I say, the body).

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for sharing you with me.

You know, we can always be guided to tell whatever we felt led to tell. The ability to be sensitive is a gift. Sometimes they will not be able to hear us until some time later when someone else with "more authority" says the very same thing to them again, maybe different language, but they hear it more easily because its been repeated, and they get it to some greater degree.

I am fortunate to have two close friends that are at an understanding level that will allow them to hear me and share with them, where I am and how I am. The rest are coming along, so I simply allow to be where they are, sending them Love and Light.

I feel as though that's why we are here, to hold Love and Light for the shifting of consciousness in our own being; our expansion allows others to do the same if they so choose, and it is enough.


for writing this, Joan. It's a great inspiration and upliftment to meet people who experience these things, otherwise I'd just probably think I am totally nuts haha

Sometimes I wish I could tell these things to everybody around, so that they also can see what amazing world we are living in, what potential hides behind this layer of physicality, but... better not :-D


One of the unexpected, out of the blue things that happened to me on my path is that I, a Phd student, doing a research in chemical physics, was brought to leave that life and go study how to be a 'fitness coach'.

As a part of the studies, I kinda had to workout hhh and I found myself in the gym, holding the weights, confused what the hell is going on and why am I here. There was a great surprise waiting for me :-)

There I was, lifting the dumbbell, isolating the movement, by the book, bringing it to perfection, watching the rhythm, controlling my breath, and then something happened. I was really feeling it, the muscle working, as if I could feel the fibers. Everything collapsed into that simple thing, elbow flexion with a dumbbell, that took me to a place where breath and motion are one, and I stood there, in the gym, surrounded by the sweaty and struggling guys, in a room full of peculiar energies, and I was disappearing in the action, and felt frozen in the moment. I fell into a state of presence through 'pumping iron'!

And since then I feel very humble about everything. This was a really powerful way to show me that the universe's ways can sometimes be totally unpredictable. I am hunting these things, I was doing yoga for years, in an attempt to 'catch the wave', and here I was in this least likely place, falling into myself.

I didn't find it, it found me.

I share this, because there were two realizations there. One is that anything can take me through the layers into the truth, just as anything, as spiritual as it might look, can hold me stuck in some identity, in some shadow, forever. It is not even so important what I am doing, but more important how, 'who' is in action, and where my awareness is directed.

And here the second realization is that trying to get there, to be real, to find myself, doesn't help. I can just surrender in trust to whatever I am brought to experience, be and do, and be ready, that anything can happen... And this is when finally my awareness can be released from this crazy focus from getting somewhere, be something (real or not), and go to the places where it wants to go, like into a muscle in my gym experience, and God knows where it will take me from there.

This was one of the many things I have learned during my 'how to be a fitness coach' studies. I could never even think about what will happen to me there and what great help it will be on my journey in my inner world. I just can never know what benevolence is up to hhh

And in general, I really resonate with this article, and feel it on my skin, how important it is to work with the body, IN the body and through the body. It is really hard. Because when I meditate I can expand, and feel my own energy, my center. And then I open my eyes and I crashland into this denseness, confused, contracted and lost.

Reading it is a great reminder.
Thank you.

I wonder is there such a thing called deep consciousness eating. Recently I was very peculiar with the food. I begin to eat less and less forms of food, and find that previously I was tempted by taste, but now I as if feel the food, and most of what I am used to eat is suddenly irrelevant. I eat and feel the energy and its compatibility with my own energy.

Now I am thinking, anything can be 'deep consciousness' something... eating, showering, walking, living, anything that I am bringing my consciousness into.

Suddenly I know how I am meant to be here! I am actually meant to be everywhere, my consciousness from being convoluted and narrow should be everywhere, penetrating everything. This feels right. This felt right today in the morning with the curtains, after I opened my eyes after a meditation and these curtains were not in a conflict with my field, but part of it.

Deep consciousness life! I love it! :-)

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It's true, some of our greatest gifts come in the simplest of moments,the least expected, almost mundane moments when there is such an overwhelming awareness of a movement or task we are engaged in, "a muscle". There's just a presence that scatters the density of our molecules to be in tune with the All That Is, and we are taken to an entirely new place of being. I know exactly what you mean!



The soul's expression through movement serves as healing beyond what we may understand. My friend Kim was a dancer all her life and suffered an attack and was left with a neck injury of 13% disability. She is through a miraculous change in situation again teaching dance, NIA. Her first self-step to this was a class she named Soul Dance (TM). It began in 2004. A free form dance class to release inner life situations of blockages. I was a fortunate participant in her classes. This success allowed her the confidence to take the NIA (neurally integrated action) trainings to become a NIA Teacher.

I had birth trauma that with this subtle but self healing SD forum and NIA classses allowed me to undo many levels of shielding and unwind the spring within me to allow coordinated movement again. Not really realizing the the far-reaching effect of this, for whatever reason, several months ago I sat down to the piano to attempt to do the Hannon Piano exercises with two hands together; as an early piano student I was never able to do two hands together no matter how I tried to rehearse. To my utter amazement, I was able to play both hands at the same time and went easily through the first 9 exercises! I was overjoyed and dumbstruck to know that I had just done this out of the blue. And yet was it?

Perhaps, when we take the moment in which to look back on and explore our stumbling blocks, we are given the opportunity to see how truly far we have come, how we have changed and evolved and are now able to do that which we couldn't at an earlier time. I do believe that the soul dancing and NIA classes I have taken have allowed me to unlock stuck patterns in my brain. I know they have in my ways of thinking also.

My more intense spiritual journey began in 1998 and in 2011 it has taken me to Sedona Arizona. The desert is a place of clarity and transformation, at least it has been me me. I know and feel that movement frees the soul and body. I'm so glad to know that you may be able to provide a video with your technique of Soulmotion.

Thank you for all you do to help us remember and reclaim our soul's purpose. Joan


Just noticed me trying to have an outcome in one of meditations because of this post, it makes it a lot easier! Thanks



Thanks for this. I feel I have been trying too hard when out jogging or walking the dog ( along a trail with more nature than one can ask for :) ) to feel a sense of interconnectedness and have found myself frustrated and that frustration is clearly what is blocking me from simply being. I guess I should not be 'trying' at all and just let nature take its course, and not expect or judge the feelings I have when I experience them. Thanks again, alot of what you wrote resonated with my thoughts today.