The People Taking Back Personal Sovereignty and Banning GMOs

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It would seem pretty unanimous in spiritual circles that we need a global ban on the use of genetically modified crops. Definitely here at Openhand we strongly feel that Gaia should be free to do what she does best... shape nature according to a co-creative higher intent, for the collective benefit of life here. GMOs are coming under increasing scrutiny around the world, and I'm pleased to say, that here in Britain, Scotland is planning to ban all genetically modified crops from being grown. It's great news in itself, but also has an even deeper significance...

Here at Openhand, we speak of the right for communities to manage themselves more locally, rather than devolving power to some disconnected, overly controlling, more globalised government. I believe there is a strong underling movement around the world to re-establish more self-sustaining, localised communities that truly take the interests of the people to heart.

The evolution of consciousness and the processing of humanity's karma, is all about reclaiming personal sovereignty and responsibility of the constant conscious choice.

As the collective human consciousness elevates, it's going to mean a more compassionate connection to the Earth and all sentient life:

I can definitely feel the upwelling - a yearning for a positive shift away from the exploitative, controlling ways of the past. It's just a question of time before this new consciousness breaks through.

That's why I find this approach to GMOs in Scotland so positive. What's doubly refreshing, is that the Conservative UK government seems bent on the introduction of GMOs in Britain - so Scotland is not just standing up against these 'franken crops', but also against centralised, disconnected government. As we've also recently witnessed in Greece, the peoples of Europe are yearning for greater personal sovereignty. These are powerful shifts indeed. I find it deeply inspiring and uplifting. Here's the main article in the UK's Guardian about the Scottish approach to banning GMOs... Scotland to issue formal ban on genetically modified crops

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Thank you this information, Open...which we in the States rarely are able to access through msm (main-stream media). I too am very cognizant about the GMO's and am vigilant in looking for ''nongmo'' labels on any food item I buy. Good for Scotland! I hope the country wins the battle. Here in the States, that is difficult to do. Recently we had an anti-labeling affirmative vote in the House...probably will pass in the Senate, veto by the President, which sends it back to Capital Hill, which will probably over-ride the veto etc etc. Meantime, Vermont, which passed a labeling law is now over-ruled. This happens here. There are an amazing number of ex-executives from companies such as Monsanto who are now on committee pay roles in Wash DC.

Then too, GMO is not the only catastrophe facing us and our home planet. Water, air and soil pollution is ramped. Chemtrails criss-cross our skies. Violence that is mindless is causing citizens to 'conceal-and-carry' weaponry on their person at all times. And there's global warming...

I am convinced the only real path for us it to set our course towards raise the energy fields on Earth and elevate the consciousness of who/what we are and the influence we may have with people whose space intersects with ours, regardless of frequent or non-frequent occurrance. This seems to be my passion and I suspect it will continue to be so for my remaining years this incarnation. I have no illusion that this will curtail the 6th mass extinction we are currently in...that is a given and will continue, as I see it. But if we can surrender to the Unity Consciousness and allow the Divinicus process to move us through the Gateways, and encourage others to do likewise, to me this is enough...more than enough. And this will include ingesting/inhaling/absorbing frequencies that are as close to perfection as possible.


Its an interesting topic to me because humans are a GMO.
A global genetically modified crop of environmental and planetary assassins.
I say just get rid of the humans, evolve a natural alternative species and forget this ever happened.


Such an important topic of discussion. Here in the US so many in government are benefiting monetarily and profiting from Big AG and voting against GMO labeling. In New York, GMO bill A.617 was successfully voted out of Assembly Consumer Affairs but needs to make it through a Codes Committee...far from over in just one state.

It is about our relationship with Gaia. Just yesterday as I was foraging the tundra for blueberries and mossberries with my son and his friend, they said its nice to know these aren't GMO fruits. So important to involve the younger generations who will have to live with the consequences of decisions made today. Many different species can live and thrive together..thinking our ideas of HOW we farm is ultimately what needs to evolve.