The Heart-Warming Rise of the Transition Towns

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Is Your Town a "Transition Town?" It's an organisation led by concerned individuals that we really need to prepare ourselves for Peak Oil and the breakdown of civilisation; that we need to become more self-sustaining. As resources become increasingly challenged, rather than being hopelessly exposed to the global supply chain, we need to be more resilient and connected locally. There's precious little support for this philosophy by governments, so ordinary people are getting on with it themselves: forming cooperatives, sharing ideas and skills, low impact building, sourcing energy locally, of course growing our own food, bartering, but even going to the extent of establishing local currencies. It's time to inform ourselves and prepare for change...

Uplifting video

I find their new video totally heart-warming and uplifting. Often I find the new spiritual work can be tainted with glamour. To me, the Transition Towns Movement is anything but that. It is real spiritual revolution. It is about ordinary people everywhere standing up speaking authentically from the heart and voting through their actions. We are recognising society's traditional leaders are failing us. People everywhere have lost patience with their leaders but not patience for change.

With only ever 3-5 days food supply in the supermarket chains, we are taking up shovels and rakes. As the oil runs out, people are finding local ways of generating clean energy. As global currencies inexorably devalue against natural resources, we're relearning to barter goods for services and to develop local currency with real value. We're consuming less and in so doing, finding that life offers more. Much more! That's what I love about this video. It humbly depicts the changes exquisitely ordinary people are beginning to make all across the world. People who are not waiting for the oil to run out before we do something about it. People who are not depending on governments or big business to tackle climate change. They are rolling up their sleeves and simply getting on with the job they know in their hearts needs to be done. The video touched my soul, so I recommend you take the time to watch it and see how it invigorates and inspires yours too.

from my heart to yours

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For those Canadians and any others who may be interested, I'm sharing this info. The local Victoria Openhanders talked about this recently over lunch. Powell River is a transition town located on the upper "sunshine" west coast of British Columbia, Canada, and is an official Transition Initiative affiliated with the International Transition Network. Here's the link to their website.

Thanks for this post! Catherine :)


Greetings Alina :smile:

I'm so pleased you resonate with what we're doing and that it helps inspire you. I do believe we're aligning with a co-creative flow and 'joining the dots' so to speak. It's great to receive confirmation of that.

Keep connecting with us and enjoy the site.

Much love



Thank you so much for sharing this video! I have just recently discovered Openhand, and find all your videos and materials so resonating with me, truly uplifting and so helpful!! Thank you both, hope to meet you one day!

I agree with Trinity - being simple the video has a strong message and is very inspiring!
In modern consumer world, we sometimes loose the connection with things.. just do not bother where are they coming from and how many different processes in Nature, resources, energy, knowledge and work of so many different people etc, is needed to produce them.. Even a cup of tea which we drink in the morning! (it is a very good meditation :-))
And so much can be done in small communities! Little initiative can make a big difference..

I live in Norwich, and before watching this video I did not know that Transition Initiative is so strong in our city!! Afterwards have found much useful information on the web, and joined local Sustainable Living group to do organic gardening which will start already this weekend! :-)

Thank you!
With Love ❤