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Tonya Gabrielle Christie @ Openhand


Facilitation is a natural process for me - no different, in a sense, from connecting with an animal or communing with nature. And, like the growth of a flower (flow-er, geddit?), contrary to what a lot of us have been taught, rather than amassing lots of knowledge through books and learning, the best thing we can do to grow, spiritually, is to learn to let go. But then, as some of my clients have told me, until you get the hang of it, this isn’t the easiest of things to do!

My work in this world so far has been about helping people ‘get out of the way’ so that their souls can get on with the work of unfolding. Why spend years digging through the past with a therapist when you can go right to the heart of an (often karmic) issue or block and it can just crumble before your eyes?

My service to you

In sessions with clients, I like to keep things simple. I make a connection first with the soul and then allow myself to be intuitively led from there. I’m often given information as we go along, from visions to an awareness of changes in a client’s energy field. Often I can sense or ‘read’ karmic ‘blocks’ and areas of density that can be blocking authentic self-expression. I will often feel a block energetically, emotionally and sometimes even physically and, especially when the client is not yet open to feeling it themselves, I will sometimes process the energy that we are working with through my own body and field.

I tend to create a deep, clear connection with my clients quite quickly, whether the session is on skype or in person - and regardless of whether I have met them first in person or not. This means that it doesn’t so much matter whether you’re in Australia, Germany or just round the corner from me in the UK, the strength of the connection – and depth of the work - is the same.

A lot of my clients are ‘star souls’ finding it challenging to adjust to life in the 3D. A lot of people who are going through major awakenings, shifts, challenges and traumas also find their way to me. Another common theme is working with those who have ‘numbed out’ and need help in feeling authentic emotion again, which then often provides the key to rapid unfolding for them. Clients will often report to feeling incredibly safe, ‘held’ and that the process is fairly effortless, yet deceptively powerful.

Pricing and ways to connect

If you feel I might be a good fit for you, please feel free to drop me a line. My rates for individual sessions are £66 an hour ($95 US/ $118 Canadian/ €76), but there is a certain degree of flexibility in this. I look forward to connecting with you!

Ways to Connect:
Feel free to contact me at: Email: +44 791 900 6845 Web: Little White Feather:  Blog: The Little White Feather Facebook: Little White Feather or Tonya Gabrielle Christie

Stage 3 facilitator

Tonya is a gifted starsoul whose be involved in the Openhand work for many years. She has a softness and lighthearted humorous energy, yet fearless in going deep into what needs to be done. She attunes most naturally to the higher etheric vibrations, and is well versed in higher dimensional starsoul connections. Do check out here website and Little White Feather blog, which is always full of informative and heartwarming inspiration. Working with Tonya is uplifting and rejuvenational. When you've processed what you needed to, she'll have you laughing your socks off!

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I came across this tonight and it's like all the missing links I had not worked out yet  ...I am just am so overwhelmed by this page it is a revelation so to speak for me..

Now I hadn't been accepted as of yet...As  I just filled out my registration form but am very drawn to yourself as a mentor , if it was at all possible.

I  really don't know how it all works just yet,it's a lot of info and links on your first read..but I love it and it has the recipes to take me to the level I deserve as a soul and as a human being..

I hope this finds you well ' one love 


Sean Stott 777

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Hello Sean

It's great to hear from you! Please do go ahead and connect with me at the email address on my facilitator profile ( and we can talk about what kind of support would suit you on your path from here forwards.

So glad to hear you're finding you resonate with the Openhand work - it's great to see you here!

With warmest wishes, Tonya


Tonya. I would love to have a few sessions with you please. I can only book 1 to start with as I've lost my job because of this virus. Anytime would be great and hopefully computer will be behaving better than last week. 

Love Debbie x

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Hello, dear Debbie.
It's great to hear from you! Yes, I would be very open to working with you one-to-one and, as I already have your contact details, have messaged you a response - and a potential date for our first session.
Looking forward to being in contact - and to working together.
With warmest love and support, Tonya


Hi Tonya. Who was your original teacher of co-counselling?  Where did you do your fundermental training and   when?   When did you do your teacher training in co-counselling and with whom?  Are you a part of the co-counselling CCI network and if so which area are you in?  How long have you been co-counselling and have you attended any national gatherings?  Are you on the Co-co teachers list?   Do you actively co-counsel in your community and what method of teaching do you use?

Sorry there are so many questions but I am very interested in your advertisements, for several reasons.

look forward to your response.  Thank you.   Jennie

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Hello Jennie

Wonderful to hear from you!

Am very happy to answer all your questions, but as this is Openhand's website we are interacting on just now, perhaps we might continue our conversation by email?

If you could either drop me an email (contact details are given on my Openhand profile above) or message me at Tonya Gabrielle Christie (on FB or messenger), I can then respond to your query.

Looking forward to being in touch,



Thanks, both. As I have mentioned, it's a great privilege to be here - and working within this wonderful network of souls.

All love and blessings,



Well done Tonya,

Beautiful words.
Your lightness of spirit, humour and earnest commitment to support all those struggling star souls shine through.
I know you'll make a fabulous job of it!

Sending a warm hug from LP,


Hey, you guys! What a welcome. It’s so nice to be seen by you! I might come and reveal myself here more often, if I get such a warm response (tee hee).

Steve, it’s affirming that you can sense the softness behind my words – thank you. It means a lot, because I feel I use the ‘warrior’ in me so much these days, forging ahead with my sword of light (he he) that the softness, very much a part of me, hasn’t had so much of a chance to shine. Thanks for acknowledging it.

And M, so good to feel the connection with you again. So enjoyed connecting on the facilitators get-together in December. I sense a real affinity with your work – and perhaps some kind of collaboration in future, who knows? All blessings to you.

And hi, Richard. Again, it’s so good to be seen and appreciated (nice here, isn't it?) Having felt a pull towards working with the dying and those beyond the veil since teenage years, myself, I watch your work with interest. <3

And Open, thank you, too, for your words at the end of my biog. It is a pleasure and an honour to be part of this network and I look forward with anticipation and delight to what the connection might bring. Blessings to you all. <3


Hi Tonya,

Great to see you here. I really enjoyed your company when we met recently. I'd describe it as a kind of gentle enthusiasm that really embraces the magic of the higher densities.




Dear Tonya,

This picture and the biog are so you. So good to see you here, lovely soul <3



What a lovely Biog Tonya, I enjoyed reading it and Resonated with it, you expressed yourself Eloquantly and i sensed a softness in your words.