Exploring The True Nature of Authentic Spiritual Guidance

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We've reached a key fulcrum in the shift as we sail through 2020. Who can deny that the energies are intensifying. I put to you a clear divergence is happening, where a wave of souls are tuning into benevolence and gaining ever greater liberation; yet plenty head towards a synthetic reality that is controlled and manipulated. The intervention has been dug up at the roots, but nevertheless, has morphed into other complexities and is still luring people into ever more sophisticated disortions. It's crucial we understand the two different streams coming into our consciousness, so we can align with that which is authentic, and negate that which isn't. Here's how.

Beware the Two Different Streams of Consciousness Coming In

Many more people are waking up now as the infusion of galactic energies trigger the shift. But waking up at an intellectual level to what's going on is only the beginning. The ET Opposing Consciousness that has so derailed the planet and humanity has been dug up at the roots through the galactic alignment of 2012. But is now morphing into other shapes, sophisitications and agendas - using Smart and AI to lure people into a more 'supported', 'comfortable' and 'convenient' reality. But convenient for whom?

A leopard does not change its spots overnight. Just because various players in the controlling cabal have been explosed, doesn't mean there isn't still a strong manipulating intention. The emperor has simply donned some new clothes - the eco friendly band wagon for example.

The challenge is that we're being explosed through the field to two different streams of energy - one is aligned with our higher selves, the other pulling people into the controlling agendas. These two streams get enfolded into one as they come through the bodymind - no wonder so many are still being lured into excessive and dissonant consumption.
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At the same time, there is a veritable 'army' of benevolence in the ether all around us, supporting the emergence of a new evolved humanity - the 5D Human. The key is to understand how that benevolence truly works, what to watch for as it comes in?

How Benevolent Guidance Works

Essentially, benevolent guidance is there to help you become the most aligned, most evolved version of you. It is not about a specific outcome or material manifestation. Although things will effortlessly create around you as you peel off the distorting frequencies and embody the real you. So benevolence works to reflect back to you resonances of authentic beingness, inviting you to embody, which then changes the nature of your landscape.

To give an example from my own life...

There was a time when I was quite stuck in a situation because of distorted excessive compassion (yes it is possible to be too loving!). I knew a higher harmony was possible and my soul yearned for it, but it was difficult to see past the inertia of the situation. So I asked, "show me!" Now true benevolence will not tell you the answer - do this now. Rather it will reflect how you are being and what you now need to bring through. I started to see a quite rare type of car, which would show up everywhere. At first I thought I was supposed to buy it, but the knowing sense told me to look closer. I was drawn to the landscape painted on the side. With that I sensed the question, "how does that make you feel?" Adventurous, was the immediate response. So I felt to embody the sense of adventure. This changed my whole outlook to the situation and caused me to make a crucial shift in consciousness, which unraveled the blockage and changed my life beyond measure.

Really then, benevolent guidance is resonating frequencies of authentic beingness and inviting you to embody that. And when you do, then the multidimensional landscape shapes around you. It's like riding a surf board - if you're thinking about what to do you'll miss the nuances and subtle perceptions, which when you pick up instead, help you become as one with the wave. It's like you now ARE the wave. You're being the wave of your soul.

An Invitation to express Authentic Beingness

This is where intentional manifestation derails people - because it's so often about getting something done or achieving something. The tail is wagging the dog, because authentic reality happens the other way around, it is the effect of the causality of your beingness. Intentioning simply cuts across the spontaneous flow of the moment.

To conclude with, here is an Openhand facebook livestream I recorded about the true nature of benevolent guidance. Do feel free to share your thoughts in commentary below...

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