Understanding the Inquiry Creature at the Heart of You

Submitted by Open on Mon, 05/09/2022 - 05:57

Have you figured it out in your life yet?
- the truth that really drives you?
What do I mean by that?

It can appear complex and unattainable to know it, because it's obscured by so many veils of distortion.
These we must peel away to get to the truth.
What's the real truth, about you and your life?

Much More than the attainment of goals or desires

I put it to you that the real truth is that there's an inquiry creature at the heart of you that wants to know itself.
More than anything else in life - more than the attainment of goals, dreams, desires, identifications or aspirations.
There's something inside of you, at your deepest core, that wants to know itself. And then to actualise itself - to manifest itself so it can be seen and felt. And it won't rest with just one reflection. It wants to continually do that so it can realise itself from all directions.

It's Destiny

This is the fundamental of life itself. It's so fundamental that nothing can ultimately suppress this yearning forever. It is creative, intuitive and highly alchemical. It is destiny. It may take lifetimes to reveal but you can only stand in its way for so long. If you just keep going it will reveal itself to you.

The real secret of life is to find this inquiry creature in the depths of you, and then... become it.
In every waking moment connect with that rightness of you and let yourself step into life from there, from that essence. If you do this, you will never go without. You'll never be the loser. You will always find a way.

In the context of the great 5D earth shift,
I call this inquiry creature DIVINICUS.
And it is utterly priceless.

Open πŸ’™πŸ™

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Is what it feels like to me when I connect to it! 

through veils and distortions something rises and takes flight!

It isnt all the time but it is happening more frequently as the journey progresses 

Moment by moment  step by step

I am grateful. 

Much love to all soul fam

Erin πŸ’š


Whatever is happening out there in the world, it's perfect, and we created it.
There's something utterly priceless at the core of you that you're looking for.
It's totally beyond the machinations of the external, yet the ego lets us be affected by the external.
Here's the priceless opportunity of the challenges then...
To soften into everything that comes up.
At the heart of you is that wonderfully optimistic inquiry creature,
that after aeons of challenge and hardship, got you here, AND....
Will get you further through. No matter what.
Always look for and build belief in the optimism of that inner inquiry creature.
It is our saving grace, our joy, and our fulfillment,
It's the meaning and destiny of life itself.

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There it is, present in this moment.Smliing

When asked about the form, it seems like shape-shifting. Formless essence, that has been coming through countless expression. In the moment of settling with the image, the new inquiry begins. It's diffiicult to grasp one, as it just doesn't want to be definied by something.

Speaking of feelings, it's alive. Joyful about connecting and spekaing via this channell, bound to continious exploration of life on this planet, and beyond all it feels very humble. Swaying my emotion to tears, as I've trully notice and connect with its presence.

It yearns to be seen and felt for what it is. Not for the sake of any apperance, but simply to continously find a place of it's rigthfull expression in this Universe. It's coming, our time is coming, it allways does. When time stretch to infinity, the right place always seems to show up.

What a joy and blessing to be alive on Earth in this time. There is a great adventure awaiting.Cowboy emoji

Oh, and one more thing keeps coming through me. It wans to let you know, that we are in this together. Praying Emoji

Right here in this moment.

Love. And grace.Heart

I wonder, what might be the actual inquire behind it all for you?


Hi Open,

what a marvellous analogy - the creature presents so vividly within myself. I feel joyful and playful when connecting to it. It presents as a furry little thing with lots of different colors. And it just wants to be itself.

lovely Heart