Unprecedented Global Marine Die-Off - The 5D Shift is Accelerating

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Something truly shocking is happening around the world, right under our very noses. It's the unprecedented global marine creature die-off. Although occasionally reported in the mainstream media, it's accelerating at a phenomenal rate. Here below I've listed 33 reports of mass die-offs in just the last month alone. In compiling the list, I found it literally heart rending. But I also know that only the truth can truly set people free. And so I think it's vital to share. Life is constantly changing and moving on. It's important to all consciously evolving people to have an accurate sense of how the shift into the 5D is actually affecting the world. It means your consciousness softens to the impact and readies you to let go even deeper. It is for that reason that I share...

Summary of Marine die-off in the last month

Here's a summary of some of the main events to have happened in just this last month alone...

Stop. Take stock. Animate the Life-Force

Many commentators in the alternative media are scratching their heads wondering why? There are plenty of possibilities of course from increasing global warming, to ocean acidification, radioactive pollution and reduced oxygen. But really there's one underlying reason: the accelerating breakdown in our biosphere due to the excessive exploitation of the planet by society.

Life is making a decision - to let go of this out-dated reality that is long past its 'sell-by-date'. The message is being felt by sentient life deeply and communicated widely. It's a vibrational feeling - a shift into a more harmonious and equitable way of being in the Fifth Density. It's important for each to stop. Take stock. See the warning messages washing up on the beaches every day. But work through and past any sadness. It's time to let go of the old reality, inside yourself. Soften any internal attachment to it. Let your soul Breakthrough and Breakout. If you can do this, then these mass die-offs will not have happened in vain. You'll take the life-force and animate it through your being for all around you to feel. It's time.

In loving support
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Yes, indeed, this is so shocking.
And so tragic.

And yet, as you say Open, in it is the promise of the new.
The phoenix from the ashes.
The giant-tree-seedling from the handful of compost.

We are energy ever-dancing around consciousness.
As are these poor beings.
They did not die.
Nor can we.
There is only change.

And when we become aware of, and act in, our own fundamental nature as consciousness creating within energy, the Dance of the Universe, we can actively choose how to change.
We can create our transcendence and our ascension.

I know what you mean, zero.
I feel this as exhaustion too at times.
Its like this thick dull heavy layer deep in my being, as you say, Jean.

Then when I remember what we are I know the reason for the feeling; it is the pain of our ignorance of the Truth of our Selves breaking down.
It is re-birth.
It is a sign pointing to our Selves.
A calling to Truth.
It will pass, once we acknowledge it.

Time to grasp the cosmic nettle, brothers and sisters.
And dance.

Love always,


Thank you for this very deep & important article once more . Its very important to be reminded of how we have been living on this beautiful living Planet as a collective . Anywhere i have been pulled to on this planet , its been very difficult to handle the magnitude of what was felt inside , very deep in thew core of my being . But i always knew as difficult as it was to confront , that it was serving a much Higher purpose for Mankind's evolution . Today i truly Realize how important it was to feel though those layers of unconscious collective behaviorism towards all sentient living beings . The real Self has a mission and is confronting any left attachment / identification to the old reality -in doing so , which is not easy but possible each day , It helps the Old collective layers to melt down as well . Its time to get real about our commitment to let go ...and reclaim our true Sovereign Power of Being . Being is the change many are still searching / working on / infusing . We can do it


Hi Open,

Thank you for sharing the wisdom and insights :-). Very much appreciate it!

Every word written is gold though in particular this stands out like rays of Sun for me ..

We said .. "I put it to you that the great cleansing of all life that is now upon us, is the healing. Yes, it may sound extreme. But all life evolves and moves on, or else dies. It's an entirely natural process in the greater universe. .. We have to think - and feel - outside of the box now. Expand into our cosmic selves. Then we see the bigger picture and can let go of the old."

From the rooted, non identified presence of in the moment, find it helpful to be thankful and grateful for these fellow travelers.. And to the nature for everything offered.. Simple ceremonial offerings sometimes near water or alone in silence also sometimes resonate .. I personally found this work quite good.. https://openhandweb.org/Gaia_Flash_Meditation .. followed it near ocean in simple way..

Entrust the non local intelligence that transcends space & times and shines through to know much better than little me... :-))

So accept with humbleness and wish the best to all and one.

Raise this openhand favorite song ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kMVc7NsiFU.. Really lovely to hear at the last retreat..

With best wishes




Hi Zero - thanks for sharing :wink:

You consider "A global healing meditation". But what do you suppose 'healing' looks like? Would it be fixing everything up so society can continue? How is the current level of human consciousness synergistic with harmony for all sentient life? How would the cancer that is gripping Gaia be truly healed?

I put it to you that the great cleansing of all life that is now upon us, is the healing. Yes, it may sound extreme. But all life evolves and moves on, or else dies. It's an entirely natural process in the greater universe.

We have to think - and feel - outside of the box now. Expand into our cosmic selves. Then we see the bigger picture and can let go of the old.

I didn't say it was easy. But in progressively letting go of the small "I" identification, that's how spiritual mastery is attained. Both for us and the planet.

Wishing you well

Open *OK*


Hi Open

I feel this. In my body.

More and more lately ~ feel quite exhausted at times.

Coincidentally I was contemplating about this today morning as well. This is another similar article relating to the great barrier reef ~ http://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-35914009

May be you may run a global healing meditation if feasible ~ Would like to join remotely if you schedule the same.

I share this ~

With best wishes