What is Ascension?

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People around the world are unfolding into 5D consciousness of the 5th Dimension. So what is Ascension all about? Are you beginning to ascend on your spiritual path? Here's an understanding from Openhand's ground breaking perspective...

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there is a lot of fear based prophecies mainly about ideas of crazy nature events so im just hoing to come out and say it. Do we have to die in order to go into the 5D world? If you are already in a 5D vibration 


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Hi Shellie - welcome to Openhand.

The key would be to look at your fear, the one that belies the question you ask. Death is simply a rebirth. In order to truly become fifth dimensional, the ego (at the very least) has to die. And that feels like a death. But when you come into the soul, it doesn't judge things that way.

In terms of cyclical natural events, there have been plenty of occasions in earth's history where there has been a great "purification". And certainly, things are converging towards that again: the galactic superwave, solar nova and culimation of the pole shift.

5D Shift: "The Event", Galactic Superwave & 11:11 Synchronicity

Being in the 5D vibration whilst embodied in Homo Sapiens form is wonderful, yet only a hybrid form of the finished article. And it's not just about Humanity, but ALL life on the planet. Sentient life has been moving on at an incredible rate for decades, due to the exploitative nature of society and Homo Sapiens within it. That life is now fully reconstituting in the 5D - fully 5D. And a great cleansing will surely happen in the 3D to restore the harmony of life on the planet.

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the thing that I have proven in my life is what I have focused on has expanded so I am curious if these natural events are only coming in because we collectively are focused on it. Or maybe that's the one thing we have no control over. And even our programming to care about each other and the lives and well being seems counterintuitive shouldn't we be focused on not caring about the lives of others an ourselves, why was this not naturally in there to navigate through all this. 

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Sure - lots of people see that: what you truly focus on tends to manifest, UNLESS, ultimately you go against the natural flow. So we can construct a "timeline" temporary bubble, but if the flow wants to go a certain way, then the bubble must burst into it eventually.

I also witness that there a tendency to overstate and overestimate human consciousness - specifically, meaning where one separates from the natural flow through individual intention - which is almost always ego based. These cyclical events are humungous in nature and way beyond the power of the human collective (ego) consciousness.

What is "caring"? can you see that caring for the ego and caring for the higher self are two very different things? That the destruction of one leads to the fulfilment of the other.

Perhaps (probably), the human ego needs to be broken down through these tremendous cyclical events to realise we are not the frailty of the bodymind at all, nor of individuated intentions and desires, fears and hopes, but the soul, which lives on through all such calamity - is carved THROUGH the calamity. I would say humanity actually needs these events to actualise the truth about ourselves. In which case, is this not the universe's highest level of caring?

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I am a new member and I am honored to be part of this journey. Thank you for the inspiring video...Namaste 🙏🙌💫🙂

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