What's happening to the wildlife on our planet?

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The Earth's Sixth Mass extinction underway Have you been following the 'unusual' stories of flocks of birds simply falling from the sky? Or masses of dolphins, whales and fish being washed up on beaches around the world? or herds of Antelope just falling dead? As usual, it's been swept under the carpet by the matrix, keen to paint the continued picture of 'business as normal'. So what is it all about? And beyond the natural human feeling of compassion, why is it so important to our evolutionary story? I have a strong, heart-felt point of view...

Gaia's cleansing and healing

I believe things will become increasingly clear in the few years ahead. Obviously we can point to accelerated climate change, human over population and environmental pollution. But my heart tells me it is something much deeper and far more significant. It tells me that Gaia is beginning her cleansing and healing process. For me, a big part of that, is the cleansing of the earth's surface and the movement of life into a higher vibrational paradigm - life which is at one with the natural evolutionary flow.

The usual background level of extinction, known from our fossil records is between 10 and 100 species per year (counting all organisms such as insects, bacteria, and fungi). Scientific estimates suggest that the current rate of extinction may be upto as much as 27,000 species per year! Yes, astounding isn't it? Quietly, in the background, scientists around the wold are already speaking of a mass extinction being underway - in the sense of the five previous mass extinctions seen on this planet through the course of its history.

Important links corroborating the view of mass extinction being underway:

Healing begins by confronting the truth

Whilst of course I am deeply saddened by this turn of events, I can also see that a realignment in the natural order of life is going to happen and needs to happen. What would in my eyes be far worse, is a limping along of the status quo, which continues to destroy the earth and dehumanise people. And I have no desire to spread fear. Rather to strip away the rosy lenses we so often see through and confront the truth, as it is. Because the truth will set us free.

Let the healing continue.

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It's funny, ha?

So I guess it's same old, even that it feels different every time.

Thanks a lot! I am going to integrate it.


Well wonderful - the exchanges are inspiring a deep exploration and profound realisations.

You ask "what's the point?" LOL!!!

The point is, there is no one here to have a point, a design, an absolute intention. It's only the ego that gets wrapped up in the point.

When you let go of the need for there to be a point, then what you discover is that life just happens. There's a flow, with a totally natural alignment to it. The universe exploded into form flowing in certain direction towards increasing separation. And so 'the point' is that there's a flow back to the source aswell.

Gaia, and Humanity, are (from my perspective) realigning with the flow back to the source - to ever higher dimensions and finer experiences of interconnectivity. Anything that tries to resist that, creates an anomaly in the flow - an eddy current. When an eddy current is thus created, the stronger it resists, the greater the energy of the stream it draws to itself to unwind the eddy current. The unwinding of the eddy current becomes inevitable. It's just a question of how much energy is needed to unwind it. It's directly relational to how strongly society resists.

So if you still labour under the illusion that there's a choice, because there's still ego, the invitation is to unwind the choice, the need for it to happen a certain way, or the resistance to it happening a certain way, in which case you become that which is unwinding the eddy current, that which is aligned with the flow, that which is eternal!



I was working with the feelings around this whole topic of extinction and 'the end of the world' for humans in general. There were several buttons pushed... I share here in case more people deal with these things:

One of the responses was anger and frustration with the way things are. All this tremendous suffering, such hard life... why? for what? It feels like a failed experiment! I feel I failed. There is simply no time left and then the majority will face the extinction not enlightened. So who will 'survive' it on the soul level? A couple of star-guys, those of them who didn't get lost in human experiences? How can it be?! And again I had to face the whole topic of choice. Is there any at all or are we all just a bunch of puppets with set destinies?

There were no answers that made me feel ok. So I just said - I don't understand any of it and I don't have to. Anger evolved into sadness about myself and humanity. Then I felt as if my hands were down. Nothing to do, no point to do anything. I can as well die here and now... It's over.

But then I got a message. I got a big hug :) and a funny cheer up, "it ain't over until the fat lady sings" hehe

It's all about the process anyway. So it doesn't really matter. Clinging on the survival of the soul is like clinging on the physical experience or any other experience. So for me this is a big letting go... a great challenge. How do you let go everything? anything? the last piece that defines you as separate from the universe?

I am up to dying while facing this challenge. I might have more weak moments, but I am not going to bend under this weak-heartedness. We are still here NOW and this is what matters... so I personally keep going as usual. While maybe knowing what's going on in the world and on earth is important, but in the end of the day we gotta do what we gotta do.


Well there is an important paradox here I'd say. It's not completely straightforwards.

To me, when someone 'passes on', generally they pass into the 4th Dimension to experience deeper integration and awaiting another reincarnation, unless they become a earth bound soul because they passed on in fear or they ascend into the next realm.

So yes, life - as a soul - continues. Except in particular circumstances - like we have now on earth - where there are bottlenecks because there's lack of evolutionary progression. I have witnessed souls being dissolved in these circumstances because of progressive over attachment. I also know that there's a clearing mechanism of layers of consciousness which can break apart souls that are attached to that layer. To me, that's what happens in a black hole for example. Consciousness is broken down into its elementals - unless at that point, the soul becomes enlightened by completely surrendering attachment to the experience.

We must also try to remember, we are not the soul. We are pure presence - the seer - which IS eternal. Except of course our experience of the seer is through a soul.

So to me it's not exactly simple. There can be loss of life through the loss of a soul. But every soul has the possibility to become enlightened and therefore eternal.

At least that's my perspective.



It is interessting how society views death as the opposite of life - while it is really the opposite of birth. Or even more accurate they are the same thing from different sides.

And what is death then? Maybe only an idea.



Such a powerful sharing - thanks Denise :wink:

Yes indeed, death is nothing to be feared. In fact in my direct knowing, it is quite the opposite: an absolutely unbelievable expansion that it is hard to grasp in the mind. As we shake off the density of this physical realm, assuming we can do so without fear, then the liberation is beyond words.

As you quite rightly point out, society does everything it can to cause us to sweep the concept under the carpet. In many ways it 'sanitises' death, removes us from the true experience and in so doing, creates more fear. I'd say this is why the Dalai Lama invites people to 'meditate' on death frequently. Because when we loose our fear of death - which is simply a transition into another form of existence - then we loose our fear of living too.

A person with such a liberated soul, is capable of profound and immeasurable experience. It's what it truly means to be 'human'. It's the divine gift humanity has lost. But the opportunity for us to rediscover it again is now being presented all around.

I spoke about this last night to a group of evolving people at a seminar in Southern England. I asked them what they felt about it? Of course there were fears, but to my heart felt joy, the consensus was also one of immense excitement. We're getting the chance to break down the status quo that is relentlessly destroying the planet and dehumanising people. We're getting the chance to rediscover who we truly are.

The general agreement was that we are truly blessed to be alive in these times of profound change.



I feel the same...that we are experiencing a time of cleansing and healing, and of course with this, comes death. The majority of people, however, view death as something to fight, as something to conquer, to control. They see it as an approaching enemy, unable to recognize it as a naturally transitional and transformational phase of life. Of course, it is difficult to witness suffering of any kind, however, I believe much of this suffering is caused by the inability to surrender to what is... the now. I know that when my time comes, I hope I don't experience great physical suffering, but I am at peace knowing that my life will never end...it just changes.


Those interested in numerology and its significance, may have noted that this article was published on the 6th of the 6th - pointing to the sixth wave? (I didn't choose to write this from mind).

And the time 05:43. Reverse it and you have 3,4,5,?

It's the universal language of synchronicity.