What's happening for You on Your Journey Right Now?

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Hi everyone out there in the far flung corners of the world! 

How are you doing right now in this great shift? The next leg of Openhand's 5GATEWAYS World Tour 2018 has reconvened back out our old 'stamping grounds' of Glastonbury in Avalon, UK. You're most definitely invited to join us 'through the ether'. Which means to take some time out each day this week and tune into what we're doing. I'll give you a sense of what's going on each day as it unfolds. Glastonbury has a very special energy of global significance. Many consider it the heart chakra of the planet, and thus, it is a very powerful karma activating centre...


A place of historical spiritual pilgimage

For thousands of years Glastonbury has been revered around the world as a place to pilgrimage. It is a convergence of many natural energetic lay lines, such as the St Michael line, and is connected energetically to the mythical centres of Avebury and Stonehenge. Anyone who has visited the Tor will know of it's significance. It feels very much like a 4D portal which readily activates karma that we need to work through. Hence why Openhand has felt to bring groups here.

What's firing up for you right now?

Our intrepid group of 12 gathered from across the world yesterday, and we have a first for Openhand - a lady from Afghanistan, whose witnessed the various invasions there over the years, the challenges and hardships and yet come smiling through. But we're all going to have things to process from our journey through our lives. We bury things in subconscious density - in the bed of the soul's main stream. Which can be from this life, or karma from past ones.

The first thing I do when the group convenes, is to connect them into the collective "toroidal field". What does this mean? Well the Universe is shaped as flowing energetic torus, kind of like an apple, with a spinning vortex through the middle. Whether we know it or not, everything is interconnected through this flowing movement.

Society within 3D earth has created an eddy current resisting that flow (or at least trying to). And we've all been given labels, conditioning and baggage, that fixes into this eddy current. This is severely limiting because it contracts our consciousness down. It makes it hard to be really you, as in interconnected part of the flowing whole.

Openhand is an age-old energy, working through the weave of life, helping to unblock and unravel blockages so as the flow can resume. We feel empowered and uplifted, we experience the Universe coming in to support our self-actualisation and freedom of authentic creation. Miracles and magic begin to unfold around us. We begin to feel empowered within ourselves.

Where might you be getting stuck?

In order to feel and experience this empowered liberation, requires us to dig deep and connect with the karmic tethers that bind us into the old reality. This is where we close down, get tight and stuck, within relationships, in our careers or general living circumstances.

So this first part of the gathering invites people to explore the patterning of what's going on in your life right now? What things are repeating again and again? Where might you feel limited in what's going on?

I'm aware that people don't always like to do this. It can seem counterintuitive to focus on the limitations. That's not what the spiritual mainstream tends to do. There's so often painting a spiritual gloss of 'love and light' over what's truly going on. This is self-defeating because it creates an identity - in this case, a spiritual one. And the Universe will work to pull apart identity, so as to reveal authentic being.

What we have to do is go right into the tightness - our fears, anxieties and worries, or those places where we confine ourselves inadvertently to a limited existence. We explore deep into our behaviourisms - why do I allow these things to happen?

An intuitive higher dimensional reflection

Often it's because we are wanting some kind of outcome from particular situations - to be liked or loved, to be respected and valued, for example. And so we might effort to try to make this happen, when in fact, we need to find love and respect for ourselves, within ourselves. This then self-love and respect then reflects into the outer world and manifests an aligned mirror that we draw to ourselves. This is authentic creation aligned with the universe.

So join us on the journey this week, and tune in to what we're doing. Just set aside half an hour here and there to feel into the energy of our work - the sense of it - and then explore what begins to move for you. Ask the Universe, "show me!" and it's sure to reflect what's going on. I encourage you to begin by sharing below a snapshot of a key thing that's going  on for you in your life right now. And I'll happily offer a higher dimensional intuitive reflection.



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Hi Marije,

Your depth of humility never ceases to amaze me.

Just to illuminate an essential aspect of spiritual facilitation for people reading. There is facilitation at a 3D level, where we might help someone realise the best choices they could make in life's situations. Of course this level of working is quite common now across the planet. But true spiritual facilitation begins beyond that, where we're helping people intuit how the underlying flow is really affecting them, what the deeper meaning is, and what's being invited by the universe now?

The next level up from that (as I experience it) is where we begin to feel the other person's field within our own. This requires profound inner clarity, sovereignty and alignment - lifetime's of journeying. You become able to 'daignose' someone's karma - the reason people are here in the first place.

Beyond that, after another quantum leap, and you become able to catalyse the processing of a person's karma by activating it inside of yourself.

And beyond that, you become able to consciously catalyse the field itself - to move it toward realignment.

It is my knowing Marije, that you have the capacity to work at a field level - indeed, to me, it is clear you have already started to do so. Just that this rare gift takes some considerable mastery, and doubt in one's capacity to work at this level, still might get expressed in a similar way that someone might doubt tieing their shoe laces in the dark.

Not only that, but what you become able to do feels totally natural, totally 'normal', just like tieing your shoe laces!

It's a humble reminder that there is never any 'greater than' or 'lesser than'. We all have our unique challenges in what ever place we are at. AND, in order to find inner peace, we must each allow our gifts to shine forth. No matter how macrocosmic or microcosmic they may be.

Shine forth!

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Hi Nils,

Thanks for your message and your encouragement! I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to post that here and I am glad that my post/honesty was helpful for you. On the one hand, your post is flattering and the kind of confirmation/ reassurance that I am unconsciously constantly seeking, to feed the emptiness inside that the insecurity creates. On the other hand, it feels a bit daunting to be called ‘brilliant facilitator’ here publicly, because it raises the internal bar to having to live up to ‘brilliant’ now (in other words even more reason for insecurity Smiling With Sweat Emoji). As you say I am still finding the idea that just ‘being’ with someone without really ‘doing’ anything can be sufficient to be perceived as ‘brilliant’ hard to grasp. I guess there is some kind of unconscious conditioning at play here that only hard work (e.g. doing) is rewarded and deserves recognition.

And the same probably applies to self-honesty, which comes so natural to me, that it is hard for me to perceive it as something special or a gift. It always surprises me how sometimes putting your ‘dirty laundry’ out there can actually inspire or reassure others (my ‘dirty’ mind is now contemplating that perhaps I should start a new forum topic entitled ‘dirty laundry’, as a space for (self)-honesty!) 

Do reach out to me if you feel like having a session with this 'brilliant' facilitator Smliing





So many new faces! Good to see you guys. Looks like it was a deep retreat. What I get from the photos is the energy of commitment.

Rock on!


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Such a deep commitment indeed Margaret!, which is reflected in this quote that Rachel - see her beauty of mind, body & spirit above in the photos! - emailed me a few days ago and felt to share here today...

When the soul contemplates in herself and by herself, then she passes into another world, the region of purity and eternity, and immortality and unchangeableness which are her kindred, and with them she ever lives, when she is by herself and is not let or hindered; then she ceases from her erring ways, and being in communion with the unchanging is unchanging.  And this state of the soul is called wisdom. Plato

 Thank you Rachel and everyone.

Wise Love


It's always a great joy to return to the mystical "Isle of Avalon", otherwise known as Glastonbury - once surrounded by water. It's amazing energy centre, and helps dig deep into buried karma. And this week was no exception - lots of buried energy moving, plenty of "nuggets of soul gold" reclaimed. Thanks to everyone out there for joining in - your energy was felt and most appreciated. 

Here are a few final photos to enjoy...

Jo, delighting in some warming sunshine...

Rachel feeling contemplative...

Hassina - it's very different to Afghanistan!...

Maricia, letting it all "percolate"...

Jas - wow, just feel those vibes!...

My gosh - the chakras really do sing!...

Six senses walk up on the magical Wearyall Hill...

In closing - a wonderful week with wonderful souls. What a pleasure and a privilege!...


Hi Everyone tuning in,

Our 5GATEWAYS retreat completed beautifully on Friday with many wonderful shifts and expansions. Many hearts were opened leading to strengthened connections to the divine flow. It's simply amazing to behold as the free flowing energy streams through you. Even though I missed posting yesterday (the Universe manifested lack of internet!), the shifts and integrations will follow for many days. The culmination is all about opening higher mind faculties and letting the light of the divine flood through your life.

So the final part of the 5GATEWAYS 'puzzle' is all about opening higher mind. It's done with various meditations and free wheeling exercises. If you missed out yesterday, but are tuning in today, here's how you might join in. Here are some contemplations for opening your higher mind. Personally I find the "free wheeling' one deeply revelatory - each twist and turn activates an internal process, bringing up blockages, resistances and tightness, each inviting a breakthrough so as to set the soul free...

  1. Inner Purification: In order to access Higher Mind in the first place, we must purify your lower bodily vehicles so that Soul Consciousness is liberated from the lower realms and can flow upwards. This involves purifying your diet from the denser vibrations such as meat to the lighter ones of grain, vegetables and fruit. It also involves meditation type practices to cleanse and purify your Emotional Body and Lower Mind. For more advice on raising our energetic vibration through conscious eating, click on this link...
    Openhand Conscious Cafe
  2. Dissolving Distortions: We must begin to cleanse the brain and Lower Mind of conditioned behaviour patterns. We must erase the programs in our lives by confronting those moments where we would succumb to them and instead follow our higher truth. This is achieved by becoming the Observer of ourselves in all circumstances, watching our tightness arising as a result of the choices we continually make and instead choosing that which is in our highest interests and that of all life - that which ultimately leaves us more expanded and open. "Openhand Approach" is a powerful method of helping achieve this. Find out more...Openhand Approach.
  3. Opening the Heart: We must open the Heart as fully as possible. In other words we must begin to feel more of the natural joy and beauty of life all around us. This involves giving more time each day to those things that bring us joy, openness and expansion. Be careful here though - it's not a case of "anything goes". It's all about what makes us feel truly expanded and liberated inside (without unnatural side effects!). It's when we feel "in the groove" so to speak. You could also try our moving meditation "The Six Senses Walk...Six Senses Walk
  4. Attuning to the flow: Higher Mind can be likened to a muscle; if we don't use it, it will wither away. To exercise it, we have to give room for spontaneous acts of higher knowing within our lives. Here at Openhand we play a game called "free wheeling", being open, asking "what would you have me do now?", following the pull and witnessing what signs and synchronicities we then observe. It's a powerful exercise to activate Higher Mind and attune to the natural flow. Quite apart from that, it can be great fun!
  5. Contemplating Abstractions: Higher Mind can also be opened by contemplating abstract issues such as the meaning of life. The key is that there be no need of an outcome or solution. Simple enjoyment in the contemplation is the key. That's why reading about spiritual matters can be so valuable. That's one of the purposes of our book "5GATEWAYS"...find out more.
  6. Cultivating humour and optimism: If we expect our lives to falter and for negativity to happen to us, then surely enough we'll create that in our lives. Here at Openhand we believe success is measured by the degree of internal harmony, contentment and satisfaction we experience. If we're open to a more optimistic way of looking at things, then surely enough, Higher Mind will help us realise the solution to the supposed 'problem' thereby yielding greater harmony. Cultivating a greater sense of humour is also paramount to Higher Mind creation - laughing in the face of life's difficulties, always looking for the lighter side. Speaking of which, have you read our humour thread?...click here.
  7. Creating for the fun of it: We can begin to 'flex' Higher Mind by creating just for the fun of it. So for example taking up the arts, playing a musical instrument, singing, dancing, painting, writing, building or modelling. The key is that there be no effort for an outcome. So for example, if we're learning to play the guitar, it's not about the tune we play, it's just about playing with sound and seeing what comes from it. If we're efforting to learn chords, it's likely this will constrict Higher Mind, not unleash it. It's the same reason that so many people like to write. Have you thought about contributing your creative thoughts to our forum for example? It can help amazingly...Openhand Forum.

Here's a higher guidance meditation to help you get that deeper connection...

So dive right in today, get your higher mind free wheeling through your life!


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Yesterday we had a deeply moving activational day. On previous days the group had surrendered into, and worked through, activating inner density. This always means the soul expands, so you can appreciate it and feel it more.

One of the key aspects of the Openhand work, is to identify the various qualities of the soul, beyond "surrender" which is often spoken of in the mainstream. The Openhand approach considers seven key characteristics of the soul, and so we purposefully pay attention to these in meditational diad work so as to activate them. Take a read through these here below, then I would suggest setting aside some time, and regressing into situations in your life where these types of qualities might have been active for you. How were you being? What did it feel like? Then to consider how you might build them more strongly. What activities might you undertake? Simply paying attention to the qualities should greatly help.


  • Ray 1: purposeful creative will Ray 1 is the driving sense of purpose to create. It is the manifestation of the divine masculine principle throughout the universe. From the place of separation, it is that undeniable inner will to find and create a higher level of harmony both within ourselves and between all sentient beings. It causes us to challenge and break apart the status quo which may be holding us in a lower level of realisation. The Ray 1 inspires life’s motivational leaders.
  • Ray 2: surrendering unconditional love Ray 2 initiates the impulse of unconditional love for life. It is the manifestation of the divinely feminine principle of surrendered acceptance throughout the universe. It is the empathising compassion that willingly embraces, does not judge nor need to change the inherent imperfection in all sentient life and situations. Ray 2 strongly inspires the selfless servants of life.
  • Ray 3: interpreting authentic reality Ray 3 harnesses and processes higher abstract wisdom delivering it in a form to provide a clear interpretation of our current, authentic reality. In other words, it’s how we know what’s really real. People with strong Ray 3 influence notice the natural patterning in life bringing the formless into form in such a way that can be understood and appreciated by many. Ray 3 inspires life’s translators, creative artists and mathematicians.
  • Ray 4: harmonising through right resolution Ray 4 is the divine rationalising energy which helps us find right resolution with our environment and other sentient life. It is the ray impulse which blends passion with compassion. It provides the discernment to confront unjust situations in a non judgmental way. Its purpose is to break apart the lower harmony to find a more equitable higher one. People with highly active Ray 4 tend to be life’s diplomats, politicians and teachers.
  • Ray 5: realising abstract higher wisdom The Ray 5 enables us to hold the infinite complexities of the universe as pure knowing within our beingness. This ‘science’ is abstract, all encompassing and rather than realised, is more sensed, as an art form, like poetry in perpetual motion. Ray 5 enables us to attune to the universal flow and harness it for co-creative exploration, deeper understanding and further evolution. The Ray 5 animates life’s scientists and creative business leaders.
  • Ray 6: yearning self expression Ray 6 inspires us stay continually focussed on our life’s purpose: to realise, unfold and express who we really are. It generates commitment and devotion to our cause, radiating our soul in all its brilliant colour. The Ray 6 provides the unquenchable driving force to express our innate qualities and inspire others to shine their inner light too. Humanity’s philosophers, spiritual leaders and performing artists are all driven by the Ray 6 influence.
  • Ray 7: shaping synchronistic magic Ray 7 provides the ingredient of pure magic on our life’s journey. If we are able to master our inner distortions and pause just long enough in the drama of life, then we can open up to spontaneous, synchronistic and co-creative magic. Thereby we catalyse and initiate the surrounding field for the maximum benefit and upliftment of all. In this way, Ray 7 inspires life’s ‘magicians’ and entrepreneurs.


Here's Openhand's lead article on the 7 rays for greater insight. In due course, I'll also be writing about the correspondent distortions of each ray, and how by confronting a distortion, you can open out through it and into that particular ray - that's what we were doing on the retreat yesterday. It means you don't have to 'drop' certain expressions without first finding the 'nugget of soul gold' buried there. It becomes more about 'transmuting behaviours', which also helps to diminish self-judgment.


The Soul's purpose and the Seven Rays

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Hi Jennaya, Sallie & Marije. Yes, the boundary issue is a big one for people with strong empathic qualities. What's the key here? I think what you said here Marije is quite illuminating...

For example, this week I had a meeting with a work colleague, with whom the interaction felt heavy. At some point I think I must have connected with his field and started feeling quite strange and unsettled inside, as if I could start shaking any time. These are the moments that I always get a little bit confused about what to do and how to deal with the energies I feel inside my body, and wish that my boundary could naturally retract from it. 

The line that literally jumps off the page for me is, "I always get a bit confused about what to do and how to deal with the energies". Essentially, there are two separate aspects here that the consciousness has rolled into one. So the first thing to deal with is what to do? Often someone with strong empathic qualities will override the "to do" aspect because of the tendency to harmonise. I've noticed there's frequently the desire "not to offend" or "not to judge". I believe these become energetic 'fixations' - fixed behaviour patterns that then override the ray 1. The ray 1 might be saying, "get me the hell out of here!" But the tendency is to override that calling.

For me, the boundary naturally happens as a dance between the rays. I'd say the key is to always have a large percentage of attention inwardly orientated - at least 50% of your awareness. Also to keep allowing the natural spontaneity of the soul to take action. The active ray 1 will likely then cause you to avoid certain situations which aren't necessary to engage in. And even as you do feel to open up and begin to empathise, work on it being more progressive, rather than diving into the deep end. Maybe a visualisation would help help - perhaps seeing a lotus flower gently opening inside - but there are natural degrees of openness. Always watch for the arising of ray 1, which then might want to change the dynamic.

If I'm in this kind of middle way engagement, where I am opening to someone, but I sense it's not going to bear beneficial fruit, then the ray 1 is likely to come quite firmly in. It actually starts to shift my body language (without intention) that signals a pulling away or moving on - even someone not fully tuned into their soul will likely perceive that subconsciously. 

So I would say to practice the opening up and closing down, including the spontaneity to shift. You'll likely have to overcome various levels of self-judgment about this - the sense that you might be being unkind. At this point, reflect on your greater purpose - that to the greater shift, not just an individual. Plus working the strengthen the ray 1 in these situations doesn't mean being rude. Just to be clear in yourself what your greater purpose is and to allow this to animate you more. 

And remember, these qualities are like developing a muscle - you can't just hear it and wonder why it's not resolved - you actually have to practice and work it. 'Practice' in this case would mean working with awareness - being totally present in all of these challenging engagements, working to break down judgement (of yourself) and opening up for other rays of behavioural consciousness to come through (particularly the ray 1).

I would also suggest reading this Openhand article here below. It speaks particularly about what you might do if you do take on someone else's energy..
What Spiritual "Empaths" and "Catalysts" might Learn From Each Other

I wish you all well with the inquiry.

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Haha, ‘hoovering up the shit’, what an unglamorous role to have (and why do these 'energy hoovers' not seem to come with an on/off button!)! Here I can feel some envy towards people with more glamorous roles of grand visions and understandings J.

Sallie, it would indeed be nice to connect privately about this trait that we seem to share, my email address is in my facilitator profile, so do drop me a line if you wish to connect.

Like Jennaya, I would also be interested to hear more about developing more natural and flexible working boundaries. Open you wrote:

I also find that when just about anyone comes into my field, if I connect with them, my energy starts to activate their field.....  It's essential to have strong, but flexible boundaries - ones that can open up to be, and work, with someone where it might bear fruit. But for the boundary to naturally retract where not.’

This is where I still struggle and I am not sure I always have a boundary that retracts when hoovering up the shit might not bear fruit (and thus hoovering up much more shit than necessary!). Particularly, how I can have strong, flexible boundaries, but without ‘intentionally’ creating them. It seems so easy to aim for putting up some kind of ‘bubble of light’ or other kind of ‘artificial’ boundaries, to keep some of the not so pleasant energies of others out, but I know that doesn’t serve either. So how can I distinguish the line between ‘intentional’ and natural boundaries? Sometimes I wonder whether I am too conscious of not trying to intentionally manifest things that I end up judging and therefore discarding natural processes/boundaries as intentional.

For example, this week I had a meeting with a work colleague, with whom the interaction felt heavy. At some point I think I must have connected with his field and started feeling quite strange and unsettled inside, as if I could start shaking any time. These are the moments that I always get a little bit confused about what to do and how to deal with the energies I feel inside my body, and wish that my boundary could naturally retract from it. However, most of the time in such situations I am left feeling depleted and knocked out for the rest of the day, unless I spend a considerable amount of time processing the unsettled energies I feel afterwards (for which there isn’t always room/time at work). And I am always left with this question whether I just have to accept that I somehow came here to do exactly that or rather that with some stronger boundaries I might not always have to do so …..



The Openhand work is a mixture of meditation and self-realisation, of deep inquiry, followed by exhuberant release. Here's the song that got everyone singing their hearts out yesterday. So today, find a little bit of space and join in. See how the Universe will join the corus!...

I wake up in the morning and I step outside,
take a deep breath and a get real high,
and I scream from the top of my lungs...
what's goin on?

And I said...
heah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah,
heah yeah yeah
I said Heah,
What's goin on?

And if you ever find out, please tell me!...


Nils and Alex getting down to it in the Openhand diads...

They take you deep into the inner density (Jas & Maricia)...

Owen exploring with Thomas - "so where's the tightness?"...

We're opening up with open hands!...

Getting soulful in the soulmotion...

And singing our hearts out, "I said Hey yeah yeah, what's goin on?"...

Owen feeling jubilant...

Meanwhile Maria feeling serene...

Phew, after all that hard work, it's lunch time with lovely plant based food...

All smiles from Owen and Rachel...


Yesterday was a powerful day indeed on the 5GATEWAYS retreat here in Avalon. Essentially we were exploring into the chakras and what their purpose is. From a general standpoint, in the Openhand approach, chakras are "consciousness exchange points" where the light of the soul feeds into a particular bodily energy vehicle. So the soul will come into a particular body - like the emotional or mental for example - and then animate it.

Where there is some kind of distortion, or lack of self-realisation by the soul, in a particular plane of density, then it will usually result in some kind of blockage in a particular chakra and a build up of energy in that particular body. If for example we have challenges letting go in relationship, then that might build through the sacral chakra and build emotional density, which then either gets repressed through avoidance, or else will bubble over and at times even explode.

So on the journey it is utterly essential to work at attuning the chakras. And it's also crucial to realise that you cannot simply divorce inner chakra work from outer behaviours - because the two are seamlessly related. So work to attune the chakras, yes, but know that as the energy realigns and opens up, the transformation process will reflect into your outer world and require you to work on the behavioural patterns that are illuminated. Otherwise the chakra work will be ineffective.

So an understanding of the chakras, and which bodily vehicles they relate to, will greatly help the inquiry. Here's an understanding from the book 5GATEWAYS...


  1. Base chakra: located around the coccyx and genitals, it relates to our connection to the physical plane including our immune system and sexuality. If the vibration here is low, we tend to be over attached and identified with the physical experience. We feel separated from the ‘All That Is’ and have overtly lustful and potentially exploitative sexual urges. As we transmute the energy in this chakra to the higher vibration, we are increasingly released from attachment to the physical plane and naturally aspire to higher spiritual growth.
  2. Sacral chakra: located approximately where the spine and pelvis meet, the sacral chakra is the emotional centre which governs our state of being within relationships. If the vibration is low, then we tend to be overly attached in relationships, needy and jealous. As we transmute the energy and raise the vibration however, we discover increasing sensuality in relationships.
  3. Solar plexus chakra: located on the spine, around the area of the top of the stomach. Its purpose is to accept and infuse higher spiritual knowing into the lower mind - what we may call subconscious mind. Indeed it can be considered to govern the correct functioning of lower mind. When the vibration is low, we are prone to mental programming and distortion and are therefore more susceptible to addictive behaviours such as attachment to caffeine, chocolate, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs. When we fully transmute the consciousness here, we are able to take control over the base urges (of the lower animal), expand our consciousness and open up new channels of creative influence through etheric manifestation. “Telepathic Knowing Exchange” can take place from the higher realms into the Third Dimension through this chakra when functioning as it is designed.
  4. Heart chakra: located at the level of the heart, this is the centre where the unconditional love for all life activates, what some call “The Christ Consciousness”. When the vibration is low, it manifests as judgmentalism and the radical adherence to a singular truth, thereby precipitating conflict in our lives and limiting us to the Lower Dimensional Realm. When the vibration here is transmuted however, judgmentalism falls away and is replaced by unconditional love for all life. We become able to see and hold multiple truths and through correct non-judgmental discernment, become able to choose Right Action in line with the guiding hand of Benevolent Consciousness (experienced as a heartfelt pull). When we attain a fully open heart chakra, we begin to unfold into the Fifth Dimension.
  5. Throat chakra: located at the area of the throat, the fifth chakra connects directly to higher mind - our fifth bodily vehicle of expression (see Gateway 5). It governs our ability to receive, interpret and articulate the highest truth from the cosmic library of all knowing. The throat centre provides the direct connection into higher spiritual awareness. When the vibration is low, we tend to be more bounded by the notion of separate identity, thereby limiting us more to the lower dimensions. A low vibration here would manifest as an inability to express and be at ease with authentic reality; we are governed more by the limitations of lower conditioned thinking because of our attachment to false identity. Put simply, we are less able to express our inner truth and be awesomely okay with that. The chakra opens completely when we are no longer internally affected by the outer reaction to our fully expressed truth. We are able to ‘turn the other cheek’ and automatically express higher wisdom at whatever apparent personal cost; thus the doorway to multi-dimensional experience is opened for us.
  6. Third eye: located in the pineal gland roughly in the centre of the head at the level of the eyebrows. The third eye may be regarded as the centre of consciousness for the soul within the body. Whilst we are engaged in the transmutation of consciousness within the lower chakras, we tend to be unaware of it because our actions are governed more by the false self rather than the soul. Put simply, Soul Consciousness from the third eye is swallowed up in identification with the bodymind and its attachments to the external drama. However, as we release these attachments, the vibration in the lower chakras transmutes and then Soul Consciousness is liberated rising up the spine and reconnecting in the third eye with Unity Consciousness flowing ‘downwards from the Source’. This is referred to as “kundalini activation” (fully explained below). When the third eye activates, we become increasingly able to see reflections of ourselves in other people and all life. We are able to identify and align with our true sense of beingness. Thus, the soul’s purpose is now being unleashed.
  7. Crown chakra: located just above the fontanel where the three bone plates of the skull meet. This chakra only really activates when we have transmuted much of the density in the lower chakras and liberated enough Soul Consciousness from bodymind identification. At this point, the crown chakra opens and infuses energy into our highest bodily vehicle - the “spirit light body” (or “merkaba”). This paves the way for correct rationalisation of the multidimensional influences we are experiencing, including for example the underlying synchronistic patterning through all events. As the crown chakra fully opens, multi-dimensional living through the spirit light body becomes a reality for us. We become centred in the universal flow of Right Action and are increasingly able to shift consciousness between dimensions as required by the natural flow of the universe.

It's also essential to have a good chakra meditation to support the inner work. Here's one you can work wiht that we generally use in the Openhand 5GATEWAYS work, again taken from the book...


- Take a few deep breaths inhaling into the area of the eighth chakra several inches above the crown.
- Now inhale into the eighth chakra, hold the breath, then move attention down to the crown chakra and exhale into the front of it.
- Hold the breath on exhale and feel a sense of release, opening and expansion. You can visualise to help, so perhaps see a flower opening or a sun coming up or ripples flowing outwards on a pond.
- When you naturally feel it is time to inhale again, move the attention through and out of the back of the crown chakra and once more up to the eighth. Inhale into the eighth chakra.
- When fully inhaled, hold the breath and move attention to the third eye entering it through the front. Exhale and release tension and effort as before and then once more inhale back up to the eighth.
- Continue the process down through each chakra to the base and then repeat the sequence in reverse upwards beginning with the base (so we open the base chakra twice in succession). Remember, we always inhale into the eighth chakra and then exhale into the chakra we are opening.
- When complete, attune to the rise of energy from the base chakra up through the other chakras stopping at the third eye; feel yourself drawing the energy upwards with sense of purpose.
- If the energy gets stuck in a certain chakra, keep exhaling into it and releasing tension and effort there. It is likely you will need to repeat this over weeks and months to fully unleash the flow.


Find out more about the 5GATEWAYS book and get a copy here
Don't expect that necessarily major things will happen the first few times you do it - although it pretty much always activates things on the courses where the energy is amplified in the group environment more strongly. Those who practice it daily for several months, usually experience a profound transformational effect.

Another point to add, is that you may have heard about practices of "removing chakras". To me this feels like a distortion of truth. In that when the chakras are attuned and fully opened into the various bodily vehicles, it can feel like they've disappeared. Because everything is flowing smoothly. But that doesn't mean to try to 'remove them', rather to attune them in the ways described. Then the sense of them, ultimately, will disappear (probably after enlightenment).

Also to add, I don't personally believe in purposefully "closing the chakras down". I would rather they be completely open to sense and feel all that I can - to be aware of as many influences and energies in the field as possible. That said, you'll likely find a particular bodily vehicle - like the energy or causal body for example, when fully attuned, will naturally expand and contract in different circumstances, depending on what the soul is given to do.

So do join in our exploration of the chakras, and essentially, how they reflect and impact into your outer life. There's great transformation to be had. And if you're experiencing strange or blocking sensations in a particular chakra, do feel free to ask me for a reflection.

Wishing you all well

Open Praying Emoji


Hi Sallie - so nice to see you here The Sun Emoji

I had to laugh when you said...

At one stage I felt very strongly that this is what I had chosen to do in this lifetime, to be a channel to cleanse humanity of accumulated "crap", (yes, my thoughts and physical feelings during these periods do feel as though I'm wading through shit).

Join the club! There's plenty of us who feel similar - including Marije, who synchronistically posted at the same time. I get the sense too that you have powerful facilitation gifts - being able to work the field (maybe you guys should connect privately?). There's actually an art to 'hoovering up the shit' - a way of channeling it through you, and plenty of people are here to do that.

You also said...

other thoughts came in - who are you to think so grandly?why in that case are you so unloving towards/dismissive of other people in everyday life?

With this kind of gift, the soul is going to be discerning - there's only sense in clearing someone's field where it's going to make a real difference - where they're committed to change themselves. Otherwise the sh** simply returns and the effort is wasted. 

I also find that when just about anyone comes into my field, if I connect with them, my energy starts to activate their field. This can be incredibly demanding. Which is why I tend to be quite reclusive when I'm not working - or else I hang out with people who get it (and understand me). It's essential to have strong, but flexible boundaries - ones that can open up to be, and work, with someone where it might bear fruit. But for the boundary to naturally retract where not. For me, having peeled away any sense of 'should do' or 'obliged to do', I find the boundaries shape and change entirely naturally - it's not something I control. So maybe that's a reflection that can help you.

Sending love and support

Open Slightly Smiling



Hi Marije, my heart goes out to you...

I feel less inclined to post here, as it might uncover me as being a ‘fraud’, because surely someone who can't intuit or feel what others can and still has so many issues to work through herself can’t be a good facilitator 

I'd say the first, and foremost essential, about both being on the path AND facilitating, is profound self honesty. Because honesty always brings light to the situation, and it is only awareness that really changes anything. The processes we use in facilitation, when you think about it, are all designed to bring increased awareness.

And as facilitators, we'll all work in unique ways: some will intuit more, others, like you, will have the profound capacity to shift energy - which I'm sure you're realising now with each session and gathering; how you 'hoover up' energy! Thumbs Up Sign

I'd say the essential thing is to take reflections from each other, yes. Develop facilitation from the inspiration of those you work with in the group - but, always work to remember your gifts are unique to you, and you'll experience them in a different way.

Profound self honesty - that you have in bundles - is a profound gift!

Open Victory HandPraying Emoji


Thank you Open for giving us this opportunity to connect once more. 

Since the 5 gateways in Byron I have been more aware and accepting of the different aspects of myself. Yes, acceptance is a key here. It feels good! There are situations and feelings that are not what I'd consider ideal, but that's ok. A real letting go of needing things/people to be a certain way. 

I have just come out of a three day migraine. That experience too seems to reflect what I've been feeling in that there's a part of me that does not like the pain and wishes it would hurry up and end, yet I can watch this resistance. At one stage I felt very strongly that this is what I had chosen to do in this lifetime, to be a channel to cleanse humanity of accumulated "crap", (yes, my thoughts and physical feelings during these periods do feel as though I'm wading through shit).  That passed and other thoughts came in - who are you to think so grandly?why in that case are you so unloving towards/dismissive of other people in everyday life?

For more understanding, clarity and  integration, I love the feeling (well, about 80% of me does, there is still some fear of the unknown), that the words "show me" envoke. 

In gratitude, Sallie


So the intrepid explorers on the 5GATEWAYS gathering here in Avalon, have gone very deep, very quickly. That's usually the case on an Openhand course!

Yesterday we began exploring into the "Spiritual Compass" approach. We're using the Openway process to attune one's own internal guidance mechanism. The first part was 'breaking into the mainstream of the soul', and we applied various meditations, self-realisation experiences and guided inquiry at a group and individual level to achieve this.

To all reading and wanting to be involved, I invite you to explore these questions...
1. How do you know the soul when you are in it?
2. What are the qualities of soul that you recognise?
3. What activities get you into the feeling of the soul?

So I'd invite you to explore into these questions. Spend time doing some of those things that get you into the sense of soul. Get increasingly what works for you. And here's a tip: explore some of the past times you enjoyed as a child and youngster. What inspired you then?

When you've spent time inquiring into the nature of your soul, I invite you to do this guided meditation, which you can listen to free online, or download for a small charge. Not only is it an ascension activation meditation, but it is also designed to get you into the mainstream of the soul. Enjoy...


Hi Paul, it's great to have you tune in with us and to share your experiences. The first thing that jumps out is your honesty, and I applaud you for that. Profound self honesty is always the first step to change... "this is where I am right now, and this is what's honestly going on." If if I can't find the will to change at this moment, it's essential not to try to paint some rosy gloss over the situation and go into avoidance or denial. Instead, keep bringing awareness to the situation, because eventually, the light will initiate change.

So this is the first thing that stood out for me...


Honestly I have been feeling depressed. There’s been a deep sense of shame that I havent had the stones to follow the Pull to leave my career 6 months ago. New avenues have continued to open since then and I continually remind myself that trust is not an all or nothing deal. But the world seems grey and I’ve watched myself placating it with overconsumption and mindlessness.

Patternwise: All of my primary father figures have simultaneously come into my life. 

"The World seems Grey". This is strong, and I play that back to you, to explore into - what do you really feel about that?

It clearly sounds like it's related to the paternal energy. Is that something you strongly looked up to? Is it something that overshadowed you? Were you often picked up for things? Usually this can lead to not feeling good enough, or never quite making it - not reaching one's potential. Often a father will live their own limitations through a son. The paradox is that it can feel loving, yet with the subtle limitation conditioned in. 

So I would regress into these feelings. Explore, feel and express them (which could take a few hours or days even). Then ask.... what do I get from this energy? What do I appreciate in it?
Then ask: why do I still require this kind of paternal figure?
Then meditate on figures in your life who represent this energy. Work to recognise you have this energy already in you - because you couldn't appreciate it if you didn't. Crucially, work to embody that energy inside of yourself. 

My sense is that this is where a key aspect of your soul is being blocked, which might well account for the limitation and therefore depression.

Wishing you well with it

Open HeartPraying Emoji

PS - for anyone exploring the patriarch energy and the influence in their lives, might like to read this article...
Moving Beyond the Patriarch Distortion: Breaking into Enlightenment




Thanks for joining the inquiry Monica and Paul. So how I work with this, is to expand my field as a bridge, to feel the energies that are blocked and to intuitively inquire from higher guidance activations that can help unravel the blockages.

So Monica a couple of things spiked for me in what you said. Dealing with this first...


I'm able to identify a pattern, and how it evolved since my childhood.  I'm practising looking at it with compassion. While focusing on it with compassion, a keyword has emerged. "Must forget" 

Yes, as I read the first part of your post, it immediately came to mind that this was something to do with what happened in childhood. Where might you have been repressed in some way? Was it by parents? I'd suggest exploring into the generality of how they were with you. Was what you did ever good enough? Or else was it too good? (which can lead to a kind of mollycoddling).

And then also explore into what the fear might be of succeeding? If you succeeded, what would that mean?

I invite you to regress into both situations and work to touch the internal blocking feelings. However I question why "do it with compassion"? What does that mean internally for you? The risk of approaching the source pain "with compassion" is to actually block the rawness and magnitude of the feeling - the risk is to block it down. It's essential to unleash and fully express the feeling, even with anger if that feels authentic, in order to process it. Then to use the Breakthrough approach to deal with it...

  1. Confront the truth of the situation (by accepting it and regressing into it)
  2. Express the feelings you touch with emotion, movement, music
  3. Become as One with the experience - meaning to totally accept it to the degree you don't need to change it
  4. Look for the fragment of soul gold that now wants to come through - unleash the expression through breathing, movement and expression

See how this goes and then let me know what you experience. Work around the feelings of repression and fear of success. See how it goes.

With love

Open Praying Emoji


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Dear Monica and Paul,

Thanks for your posts, both of which resonated with me for different reasons that seem related.

Monica, I can relate to the self-worth and deserving issues and the resulting resistance offering my services to others (particularly my facilitation services). And yes the word ‘FAILURE’ strongly relates to it. I can see how as Open suggests that for me it probably goes back to childhood and how whatever I did was never good enough, particularly if it wasn’t my parents way (there was their way or no way...). So I learned to become well adjusted to their ways and to accept that whenever something went wrong, it had to be my fault, not theirs (creating quite a bit of internal dissonance). Over time I have managed to work through some of the conditioning, but particularly in direct interaction with them I easily get sucked back into that dynamic, feeling like in the board game Ludo when you are send back to start (I think it is Ram Dass who wrote ‘if you think you are enlightened, go spend a week with your family’ J). I am now more aware of when it is happening, yet so many buttons seem to get pushed that I find it hard to not fall back into my usual responses. I have tried to observe what the triggers are related to and there seems to be something around yearning a sense of belonging and fear of rejection/abandonment that keep the dynamic in place (also resulting in constantly seeking reassurance/ appraisal from people around me to compensate for the lack of self-worth). Sometimes I feel a little disheartened that even though I can clearly ‘see’ how some of these patterns operate, there still seem to be so many layers to be worked through. And this easily triggers feelings of not being good enough/capable to ever work through them: ‘why bother, you won’t manage anyway’.

This is also where the resonance to the last part of Paul’s post comes in, where he writes about his jealousy/envy of where other Openhanders on the path and what they can feel and intuit. I don’t necessarily experience this as jealousy, but rather as evidence reinforcing that I am clearly ‘not good enough’, if I can’t feel and intuit what others can. Particularly, since being listed as a facilitator on the Openhand website, it feels even more daunting and I have noticed that I feel less inclined to post here, as it might uncover me as being a ‘fraud’, because surely someone who can't intuit or feel what others can and still has so many issues to work through herself can’t be a good facilitator (even though my mind could probably come up with the reasons why this is not necessarily true, this is the hidden conviction underneath the surface). At least I am trying to break through that limitation by posting this now….



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Just back from a wonderful 5Gateways retreat in Glastonbury, feeling gratitude towards Open and the other participants, and to the Universe for giving me the opportunity to participate. 

I stumbled upon your post, Marije, and found it quite jawdropping. 

I found you a brilliant facilitator at the La Palma retreat, very pleasant to be around and at the same time powerful. The session you did with me when I was experiencing some kind of psychic attack and wondering if I was so full of negative energy as to poison the whole group helped me a lot. The strange thing was that you said you didn't feel you were doing anything. I guess this is a good example of simply being present being enough to help, though this is hard to grasp. I actually have considered reaching out to you asking for a couple of sessions, though I am still postponing it for some reason. 

It was very surprising to me to read about your insecurities, considering what I wrote above,  but at the same time very comforting, since this describes perfectly where I am at at the moment. A friend and mentor of mine whom I deeply respect wanted to refer a friend of hers to me for help, and I have a hard time imagining me helping anybody now or any time in the future, having so many issues to deal with personally.

I deeply resonate with the Ram Dass quote about spending time with your parents if you think you're so enlightened. I feel I am making progress now, still when talking to my parents I too feel like being in some game of snakes and ladders, going back to start. I then suddenly feel worthless and despicable, though ever less identifying with these feelings, and with ever more determination to overcome them. I guess our parents are a constant means for exposing our own shadow, something to be grateful about, though I struggle to really feel this way. 

Another quote by Ram Dass comes to mind:

"We work on ourselves in order to help others, and we help others as a vehicle for working on ourselves".

I suspect that if one is going to wait untill feeling fully integrated before helping anybody else, one could probably wait for a long time. I also suspect that with trust one would attract exactly the right clients, both for theirs and ones own development. 

Thank you so much for your honesty, Marije. Your post was very helpful. 


This post/invitation has prompted a recall of flashes of a dream I had last night with you in it. I don’t remember much from it but figure that’s my sign to show up here. :)

Honestly I have been feeling depressed. There’s been a deep sense of shame that I havent had the stones to follow the Pull to leave my career 6 months ago. New avenues have continued to open since then and I continually remind myself that trust is not an all or nothing deal. But the world seems grey and I’ve watched myself placating it with overconsumption and mindlessness.

Patternwise: All of my primary father figures have simultaneously come into my life.  

Sex drive has also kicked into high gear of late. Working to channel it into creativity instead of just physical pleasure.

Career is going well productivity-wise without much effort, and the business world offers no shortage of experiences to delve into tightness.  Public speaking is a major one. I’m bending the Matrix before breaking it, and have taken the Robin Hood archetype and applied it to my daily life and income, and have been truly heartwarmed by being able to help people in need who truly benefit.

I am currently exploring the idea that I’ve distorted spirituality itself into the next great “quest.”  It’s been a challenge to continue meditation practice but it’s the one thing I’ve stayed consistent with.  At times it does feel like an avoidance mechanism. “When does it all end” is the phrase that keeps coming to mind. 

Everything feels so ... buried. Also feeling like it’s the ultimate vanity to be so focused on myself! Like I’m holding up a mirror and am totally engrossed in it while ignoring the entire world around me. This whole post has that same tone. :) Mentally i can comfort myself by ideas of the stage I am in, but I want to f-ing FEEL it. 

Lastly - I keep feeling twinges of jealousy(!) immediately followed by guilt for feeling that way. I just realized that I’m actually envious of people here at Openhand who are at a different place on the path than I am, who can feel and intuit these things better than I am able to at this point. Wow - I’m really sorry guys. I’m so grateful for the contributions of everyone on the site and especially on the retreat!



Hi Open;

Thank you for the opportunity to share with the Openhand community where I'm stuck right now. 

My life pattern mostly falls on self-worth and deserving issues (Who do you think you are

Again and again and currently again, I'm experiencing a significant resistance offering my services to others. The metaphor would be an Olympic swimmer that has been training for several years but cannot jump into the pool.

During the years I have collected many skills that I keep hidden... ):

Recently, I become aware that this behavioural pattern was the mechanics of depression, as everytime it occurred, unconsciously I classified it as a FAILURE. 

Now I can feel the emotional dance between my talents and my fears. 

I'm able to identify a pattern, and how it evolved since my childhood.  I'm practising looking at it with compassion. 

While focusing on it with compassion, a keyword has emerged. "Must forget" 

Looking forward your higher dimensional intuitive reflection.

in gratitude