Who are You Really?...The Enlightened State

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Perhaps one of the most asked questions of our time... 'Who am I?' This short video is an excerpt from the Divinicus Seminar in Glastonbury Dec 2014. Open shares an insightful perspective about true, authentic beingness; what gets in the way and importantly, once we realise who we are - how we can be that. Embrace yourself and get ready to unleash YOU!

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I'm watching this again, thanks to the link from this great article: http://www.openhandweb.org/The_Patriarch_Distortion_Breaking_into_Enlig…

I'm feeling the energy coming from Open in the seminar and I'm wondering,
"How is it possible that he lives in an ordinary house and there aren't 10,000 people outside clamouring to hear this stuff?"
I guess its way ahead of where most people are at.
Sooo much "doing" keeping people occupied with "small i" stuff.

Phenomenal! And this was only part of the seminar!

With huge gratitude, *give_rose*

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Maybe I forgot about the 10,000 plus tuned into the website!
Virtual communities, don't appear on the doorstep, they tune in!!!
Sometimes, I'm so not of this age!

I have just re-watched this video following a recent shift in consciousness, which came through the simplest of things:

My landlord mowed down the spring flowers which I had planted just as they were budding. This put me into a process, at first feeling sad, injustice, loss for the joy that they brought me.

It was the start of a series of events over a couple of days in which I lost my keys and was not able to return home, ending up staying in a hotel overnight. The process became in itself a metaphoric 'key'.

The next day I was able to retrieve the keys and was processing as I journeyed home. I experienced a shift in consciousness, it was subtle but also huge - I knew my landlord as myself, as all that is and saw the situation as a co-creation, as absolute perfection which played out bringing such a beautiful gift.

I want to express this gratitude to you, to nothing and everything, to all that is for this video touched my soul and the father, the one within and through me - beautiful thank you xxx

Hello to everyone, and thank you for accepting me in your virtual community, along with all the work you have been sharing.

'...the universe did not come from intention. If the universe came from intention, who intended it? A creator? Who created the creator?'

I realise that you are talking about intentions, but this final question of who created the creator could also be applied for the 'source', right? And the question that arises is who created the source? And also, if the universe was not created by intention, I assume it was created by the inward/outward flow to and from the source? How was that created, if not by intention? I know I have bombarded you with many questions, but these are genuine curiosities that arose while I was watching the video.

I am curious about your views :)

With gratitude,


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Hi Alexandros, welcome to Openhand, nice to meet you :-)

It's a great question you ask and goes right to the heart of the greatest issues of life itself. Who 'created' the 'creator'? Who created life? Where did we come from?

What I can say to you is this: when you - as a soul - become able to dissolve the ego and let go of the notion of separate identity, then you come into the Source of life, inside yourself. You simply know this. It's like coming home.

It is pure presence. Nothingness and everythingness. It is not any thing. It is not an identity. It is beyond experience. It precedes existence. It just is.

You come to know this Source as infinite potential. Infinite possibility. It is God, but without the identity. It is 'the creator' but is not a being. You're now in a truly enlightened state.

From this place, you come to recognise creation simply happens. How?

This presence simply sub-divides into flows of consciousness. Given infinite amount of time - because there is no time - there is absolutely the possibility that this separation into flows of consciousness will happen. It becomes the highest probability.

The flows of consciousness emerge from this source as waves of separation - emergence from the source like waves on a pond after a pebble has been cast into its centre (this view is entirely inline with the scientific view of what happened prior to the big bang - ripples in space began to happen).

Within these outward flowing waves - this separation consciousness - there are equal and opposite flows back to the source of the creative action - you could say back to the 'centre'. This must be the case because if you have an emergence out from the centre, and this came from nothing (from no thing), then you must have the equal and opposite flow back in (0=+1-1).

This equal and opposite flow back in, becomes waves of unity consciousness - streaming flows we may call 'souls'. A soul is what you might identify as the true self inside of you. It is through individual souls that we're now having this exploration.

The souls draw separation consciousness to them like magnets (what people have come to know as 'the Law of Attraction'). They slow the vibration of the separation consciousness so that it increases in density and thus becomes form. Form that you have come to know as 'matter'.

But matter is not really hard and dense or separate at all. This is the grand illusion that makes us believe in the separation and therefore temporarily unable to appreciate the immaculate possibility of presence as the creator - as the absolute creative potential. We thus think it must have all come from some thing.

There are no 'things'. There is no 'matter'. Not as the mind perceives them. Matter is simply energy, consciousness, light - slowed down in vibration, such that it appears dense and solid to a mind. A mind in itself is simply an eddy current of separation consciousness.

This dynamic of separation consciousness and unity consciousness ('matter' and souls) creates the experience of relativity - 'this' and 'that'. It's what creates experience.

All of the form you 'see' and perceive, are simply eddy currents in this relativity creating the illusion of separateness and therefore 'things'.

When you penetrate this 'matter' by dissolving your ego through it, then you come all the way back to the source - inside yourself - and ultimately realise the truth in the creative potential of pure presence - that which you truly are.

We'll be covering all of this in the new Openhand Work Breakthrough.
I'll be taking people back to the source in meditation through the profound exploration of their own truth within. You might like to come along.


Open :-)

Good day to all,

I think it's been more than a week that I am reading and searching and watching everything in Openhand website. I have many questions but I think I will find the answers here.

 Thank you Thank you million times for sharing 

With all the questions get into my mind somehow I came cross this video. I am not sure but I think its been more than an hour re-watching it.

when Open say " Who Created the creator?"


It reminds me of something when I was a kid there was some sort of feeling which I wanted to experience it again and again. My main question was who is the creator? closing my eyes trying to think of the creator but then I was in a loop of the same question over and over until I get into a point that there was a feeling of ... 

exactly what Open says: "There is no one here” "Nothingness and everythingness"

only for few second and I was not able to continue more than that. 

and yes because there was a religion that time for me that I am not allowed to think about these sort of things so I lost it and stop searching for the real answer.

but today I felt it and I think it is a right time to re call it. English is not my first language, I am happy for what I tried to learn few years back. 

Thank you Open for everything you are doing and sharing here.



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