Why and How to Meditate?

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Why and How to Meditate? with Openhand

In terms of the inner inquiry through meditation, the first thing to be clear on is what you want to achieve. This in itself is a tricky question because it's going to be much more effective if the answer is NOT coming from the ego, which is often based on a sense of lack. In the Openhand Approach, there's recognition of a natural alignment of beingness: (1) there is the rightness of soul (2) the Sacred Ground of Being - the presence - from where the soul arises (3) the senses, feelings, thoughts and emotions as the soul flows into the bodymind.

Now to get the best attunement, is to first go in reverse: you have to drop through the outer layers of ego. Now this is often best done with some kind of carrier - the breath for example or a mantra or deep consciousness movement (at Openhand we use Breakthrough Breathing). But we must recognise these are only a means to an end, not the end in itself. So use the carrier to go through the various layers by focussing on it. And then, go past the carrier itself, past the breath for example. Now you're into subtle layers of flutterings and perceptions. The soul will flow from there, but it will hit tightness and blockages, doubts and querying. Recognise that this will happen. Keep working not to identify, but to drop through them. You may have to express and animate these to let them go (try the Breakthrough Approach for this, and when you're skilled, you can best do it by applying the Openhand Bow).

You'll start to come to a centred peace. Now this peace isn't necessarily exclusive of surrounding inner noise - both can coexist. Work to deepen into this sense. Once more you could use breath, but once more the breath must fall away in order to deepen into it. Now you'll start to touch a lightness at the centre, and a presence through that. Which is subtle in the beginning. But could come with other qualities such as connected, whole, steady, complete, warmth, empowered, centred. Keep deepening into these senses. Following which, qualities of soul will start to naturally arise: gratitude, acceptance, happiness, strength. Again these could be subtle in the beginning, but when you notice them, give energy to them and let them permeate through. How can you best animate them? Now you're using meditation to bring authentic beingness through, with great benefit to your life.
Enjoy, you have your whole life to experience!
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Last night I posted this quote (above) on facebook and just turned my camera onto facebook live, just spontaneously,  for the first time to test it. I was bowled over when over 50 people tuned in. What followed was an illuminating exchange about some of these meditation concepts and attunement, with people sharing their thoughts and feelings.

You can watch the playback on the Openhand fb channel here, but please do come back to Openhandweb to comment. Fb is distracting enough!...
Exploration of Meditational Attunement on Openhand fb