Why the Queen's Death is Highly Significant for the 5D Shift

Submitted by Open on Fri, 09/09/2022 - 03:05

Queen Elizabeth II has just passed on - may her soul reconnect with the source and find peace. To many in alternative circles, she has been representative in the very least, of the figurehead standing for the Old Paradigm and way of doing things. Prominent alternative commentators have speculated a much deeper karmic shadow than this. How ever deep you think the density goes, one thing is for sure, the timing of this represents a fundamental lynchpin in the breakdown of the old construct.

Fracturing Foundations

Synchronicity always speaks volumes. When I was recently out on my free-wheeling travels, getting a sense of where the field and the shift are now moving, I had the distinct sense that the very foundation of the old construct was cracking and beginning to break open, that the old consciousness was ready to leave.

(Is that not a reptilian in the rock? Hmmm - interesting!)

When you get something like this coming through, what I'm frequently expressing to the Openhand facilitators especially, is to then watch the field for reflective feedback loops to support your intuitive sense. It's how you know you're in the truth. There can be none more poignant than this passing - it's fundamentally eye opening and field shattering.

No, I'm not being naive, I see the plentiful problems on the planet which will not be removed in one fell swoop. But make no mistake, how ever this event is expressed on the surface of society, how ever they now try to plaster over the gaping cracks in the monarchy, this will send rippling reverberations around the planetary 4D field. The Opposing Consciousness will feel it. The time is up for the Old Paradigm. A clarion call for the shift to a new sense and sensibility is echoing out.

Reclaiming the Sovereign in You

I'm sure no one in the Openhand community would wish any negativity towards this soul, even though she's been the figurehead of a construct that is founded on control, subjugation and systematic suffering by countless people. I remind everyone that we only ever manifest in the external that which we have in our own karmic shadow. A sovereign has passed on. It's been high time to reclaim personal sovereignty.

Nevetheless, there can be rightful optimism in the symbology and timing of this event. Make no mistake, reality will shift and bend from this point. The light will infuse more strongly. It's bound to be positive.

Of course, this particular bloodline has been associated with reptilian energy - to me there's a lot of truth in that. The reptilian energy has sat in the background pulling the strings. But its consciousness is shifting now too. In a very positive way, it is realigning and so its fierce karmic grip on humanity is weakening.

Humanity's 5D Ascension: Punching Holes in the Globalist's Control Drama

Realigning and Reclaiming the Ancient Draconian Energy

This has been a process several years in the making. Back in September 2013, I was party to an interdimensional mission to connect with the Omega: - the Queen of the Reptilian nation on Earth. It took place in the heart chakra of the planet, Glastonbury, deep down in the 1st density.

In group meditation, a connection was made to the Omega and the suffering that her nation had been causing reflected to her in imagery and empathic feeling. There was a pivotal moment when I felt her heart crack open.

At that point she let go. Released. Whereupon, a bridge was reconnected to her ancestors, the Draco. She was reclaimed and removed from the planet.

With this, the coherency of the Reptilian nation here suffered a tremendous blow, and reverberating fragmentation - the group split apart into many offshoots. Since then, the interdimensional benevolent mission has been busily reconnecting with them, helping them realign and extract out back to Draco. There are still plenty here, controlling and manipulating, which is their major karmic distortion. But plenty are coming over to the light - plenty are starting to work with the light here, as Dragon energy, forging pathways of light through the density. In my direct knowing and plentiful experience of this, I can say it's having a majorly beneficial effect on breaking up the old construct.

Get involved in the Ground Breaking Field Facilitation Work of Openhand

Healing the Wounded Dragon in You

In the Openhand work, we're helping make these fundamental realignments at a soul level - let's be clear, ALL human souls and also star souls here have been, and still are, influenced by that energy. Souls are now learning to turn it into a positive, benevolent, thriving force for good. The tables are turning, the playing field shifting and the balance moving distinctly in favour of the light.

I have no doubt whatsoever, that this highly timely event, where the lead figurehead of the shadow has moved on, the coherency of the old construct has received a crucial death blow. There will be worldwide beneficial infusions of light following on. Let's wish the soul well. And at the same time, wish all of humanity well. 💙

We can each play our part by confronting and breaking down the ancient raptor consciousness within us. It's a progressive process of unravelling, that we're being helped with as the star being nations draw close. And as you break down the limiting inner layers, the sense of expansion, upliftment and joy is simply off the scale. To inspire everyone in these pivotal times, that's what I worked to capture in this recent Openhand video, Infusions of Light. Be inspired and uplifted...

If you'd like more support in realigning this energy and benefitting from it in your life...
contact us to explore further

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏

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Your work inspires me and I would love to learn more.  Please keep up these positive messages and consciousness work opportunities!

Abundant Blessings from the middle of USA.


3 things lead me to a different t view point from your 2013; vision quest and hence your future casting 

1. Millions turnout for funeral TV  viewing shows me the planets Humans are  clearly submitted and have no desire for soul healing. . As Morpheus   said these are clearly Blue Pill people and there numbers grow each day. . Reptilian energy  and submission to it has grown stronger and hence  the Darkness gets stronger with the passing of each second. 

2. The masses clearly went for the Covid-19 shot and lock down and have not revolved to the massive transfer of wealth and lost of control/Human  Sovereignty   [which never really become perfected Given the Decrees of the God's of Eden]   to the Reptilian Darkling forces

3. The Continued distancing by not allowing Prince Harry to even ware his uniform at the funeral shows the old keep the blood line pure still predominates. Study history and execution  of Mary  Queen of Scotts Moor background and African lineage appointments. . What  happened to Princess Dianna and now How prince Harry and his wife have been treated shows me nothing has changed. 

Bottom Line all of you who have been saying things are changing have been proven wrong. Darkness grows and fewer and fewer are willing to take the Red Pill. I read back in the late 50's and 60's required school reading Books 1984 and Brave New World. Die was cast and unless direct Devine  intervention things will only get worse.. "as in the days of Noah"  Majority Negative Energy always results in cleansing time planet wise. . 

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Hi Michael, for sure, if that's what you focus on and see, that's what you will get.

I do see the shadows. But daily I also feel the emergence of light through them.
I see reptilians, greys and Black Snake passing over daily on an accelerating basis.
I connect with the Anu who have shifted over from the Intervention too.
For sure, there will be those who continue to create the same old same old.
But I don't choose that reality. It's not in my making. Not in my soul.
In my universe, the shadow are a dying breed.

Wherever you end up, I wish you well.

Open 💙


Hi Open,

After reading about the reptilian energy and comparing that to some of my symptoms, I'm pretty sure there's still some reptilian implants in my stomach area.  I had/ and still do have occasional belly pains and before the plandemic, my dr. palpated my stomach and was completely certain I had Ascities, or fluid in the abdomen, so she ordered an ultrasound that came back negative.  No Ascities in the stomach.  I think she had no idea what to make of that!  I still am bloated and the biggest change in the last few months is a greatly increased urge to drink a lot of ice water all day long and I do.  Not sure why it has to be ice water, but I can't stand room temp. water and can't drink it, it has to be ice water. 

The past few days I've also had thoughts that eating meat might help me and actually had intense cravings for meats.  That's just crazy.  I certainly recognize that is not MY thoughts, I've not eaten meat in almost 25 yrs. so there has to be something communicating that to me. I don't plan to go back to eating meat!

When I move the Torus, I feel it's only going so far and then feels like it's not there.  I think maybe something between the 2nd and lower chakra and fear in the solar plexus.  Still working to figure this out and working/encouraging the implants to leave.  I feel encouraged that your articles today and yesterday on the passing of the queen and the reptilian energy working in people will help me.

Anything else you sense about the stomach area?  Is the drinking many glasses of ice water daily ok?  I sure do love it...

One other thing...I've noticed some "lizards" quite a bit the last week or so, some come out where I can see them when I watered in the greenhouse, they are some form of small lizard family creatures and I don't bother the greenhouse ones but some have been showing up right in front of my feet when I'm walking in my garage and one was a little baby one.  I keep getting them back outside because I thought they might die in the garage if they didn't have a supply of food to eat in there.  But thinking it must be a synchronicity now, looking back and reading your articles today.  Reptilians...

Thank you for sharing the articles.  Praying EmojiHeart





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Hi Sherri,

This definitely sounds like a confrontation of reptilian energy - entities that are likely in your lower dimensional layers or the surrounding field - hence the urge to consume denser food like meat.

I think ice water might cool the "over heating" of that by easing the feeling. But also it's going to be important to face it by letting it come up and working with it. I would strongly suggest coming on the next online retreat next weekend - I believe it will greatly help, as we'll definitely be confronting it and dealing with it...

16th-19th Sep: 5D Human Activation: 4-Day Retreat, ZOOM (USA/UK/EU/AFRICA/INDIA)
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Unleash the 5D Human in You!

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Hi Open,

Sadly, I'll have to pass on the upcoming weekend event.  I've put off going to the dentist with a broken tooth for a year now, and have an appt. this Wed. for 1 or more fillings depending on what they cost.  I also have an eye Dr. appt. on Tues. this week and it's going to cost money too. My income this month will all be gone.

I will keep working to move the implants and keep the lower chakras open and I will NOT be eating any meat.  Will plan for another event as soon as funds allow.  

Thank you for replying Praying EmojiHeart



10/09/2022 Openhand Shift Update

Clearly the media has gone into overdrive about Queen Elizabeth's passing. Of course, they'll be using it to try to condition the masses and keep them loyal to the shadow agenda, but increasingly, waves of people are seeing right through the charade - hallelujah!!

As I concurred in my lead article above on the subject (scoll up), yes the monarchy has been associated with, and influenced by, the reptilian energy. I think it's essential now that we equalise with this energy by dispencing with our inner fears of it. All it can do is project into your consciousness, which we can prevent if we're prepared to interrupt it.

What we also need to take on board, is that the entities can be realigned to the light - benevolence is working around the planet to engage them and fulfill this. Which is working extremely well at this time. It's not about castigating or demonising because this only slows that development by maintaining the polarity.

The true nature of the Intervention and how it is being broken down is shared in this Openhand Documentary "Paradigm Shift" below. I encourage all to take some quality time out to watch it, so that you may understand the intervention better. I've also included this link here below to a lead article on close encounters with reptilian energies and how to break their influence within. I realise it's a hefty topic. However, now is the time to equalise with this energy by truly understanding it. Then it no longer has control over you...

Close Encounters with Reptilian and Draconian Entities in the 5D Earth Shift

Bright blessings

Open 💙

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Lately I feel I have just been going in circles while facing the fear and pain present in the lower chakra's. When anything starts to come up I can't fully ground or relax in it, until I go out of body again, which then can feel expanded and peaceful and gives the illusion I worked through something while I didn't, or just to a small degree. The ego then seems to take and use this to mask the pain for a while until it returns. Is it possible to embed the trauma/karma further in this way?




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Greetings Hannah,

As we explored in the Ascension Exchanges yesterday, the raptor/reptilian consciousness is definitely in fear and flight mode on the planet right now and looking for a way out. Since you're highly empathic you're going to be feeling that - so this will likely be in part what you're witnessing. Yes, it can get overwhelming and they'll be a need to manage that: either going out of the body a degree or dampening it with temporary denser consumption. Providing you're doing this consciously, I don't believe you'll create any karma around it - no worries. I think sometimes this is necessary until we broaden our capacity to deal with it. Personally, I tend to dampen the energy through increased denser consumption for a period.

Wishing you well with it.

Open 💙🙏


I'll definitely be exploring the significance of the Queen's passing at the seminar next week in Glastonbury Town Hall. Make no mistake, this is a pivotal moment. It's an ideal opportunity to release dense energy that might have unconsciously held you. ❤️

14th Sep: Essential Shift Update: Evening Seminar, GLASTONBURY
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Evening of High Alchemy and Adventure!


I was awakened early this morning by a female owl calling at my window - what did she have to tell me? 🦉
So I flicked on the internet to discover Queen Elizabeth II had passed on. It inspired me to write the article above. Make no mistake, you cannot underestimate the significance of this for the shift.

Do read the article and then let me know in commentary below how you feel about it?
I'm intrigued to hear. 🙏

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This is the first time I've openly shared how the Omega Queen of the Reptilian Nation was reclaimed by benevolent action back in 2013. Sometimes you wonder if it might sound too incredulous for people! Nevertheless, that's exactly what transpired as I shared for the first time in the article above.

Of course the "proof of the pudding" is always in the eating. In the Openhand Facilitator Work since then, we've found that the reptilians are now much less recalcitrant and resistant. They're actually in a lot of fear right now, with a great deal of anguish about their future. Benevolently, but very firmly, we're helping them realign to the light and be reclaimed back to Draco. Or else to help open channels of light as realigned Dragon energy.

The truth is often stranger than fiction!!

Bright blessings

Open 🙏

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Dear Open ,

I am not sure how it is connected to the Queen, but last night as I was meditating ,I felt a clear shadowy figure appear . It was an intense negative energy and I had to ground myself strongly while also softening in my field . I felt like it was a distinct energy that was passing through and I could 'see' it though I wasn't able to communicate at all with it. 

As I am writing this I am feeling fear in my base as well ..



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As I was contemplating that your words popped out 

"They're actually in a lot of fear right now, with a great deal of anguish about their future"

That is what I was feeling ,I think