Why Veganism is Essential for the Ascension of Consciousness to 5D

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In recent times, it's becoming abundantly clear, just how all-encompassing the shadow simulation of reality here on the planet is, especially since the bogus pandemic. All walks of life are being manipulated to create a lower vibrational bubble, in which to entrap souls in a limiting state of inertia - a last-ditch attempt to prevent their Shift to 5D. Non can be more destructive to vibration, than the systemic suffering of animal life within the industrial food chain.

Blind acquiescence to meat and dairy, is blind acquiescence to the simulation itself. Here's why it's so essential to emerge from that purposeful misdirection.

Exploring the Debate

There are endless debates about human diet. Why is it we're the only species with such diverse, apparently necessary diets, when the rest of the animal kingdom is so crystal clear on the simplicity they each require? And why does it appear humanity is becoming so unhealthy and challenged around diet?

First off, I'm obliged to say I am not a doctor, and you must do your own research to establish what is the best diet for you. 🙏

I have thoroughly investigated my own diet, intricately, for around 22 years since I went vegan. Also, my experience comes from having worked with many ascending people around the planet, working to get off the meat and dairy chain. It's not an easy transition for sure. It can cause a huge amount of detoxification challenges. You'll need to be mindful of supplements, protein intake, and most essentially, getting the right configuration of gut microbiotics. It's the reason many people have turned back from forays into veganism, because of the perception of health problems it can initially cause. Within our own organisational team, there have been many challenges in the transiton to overcome, lasting some years - but with patience and persistance, it can definitely be done.

There's an essential reason why the complexity, and also why, in my professional opinion as a planetary shift facilitator, it's essential to make the transition. If that is, you want to go with the Shift to 5D. Let's explore.

Hybridised Homo Sapiens

I put to you, the only reason humans can digest meat and dairy, is that Homo Sapiens has been hybridised that way. Clearly, we have emerged from the primates, with 97% of the genetics of a chimpanzee. All primates eat plant-based diets/fruit (with only minor exceptions). But you can clearly see, in the human genetic code, the digestive system has been modified to consume lactose (and thus milk). Likewise, the colon has gone through a sudden shortening, enabling us to consume meat without it putrifying in the gut.

Why is it then, that there are so many people who are lactose intolerant? You don't get chimpanzees intolerant to bananas! Likewise, why is it that the average 40-year-old human conceals around four pounds of undigested mucoid plaque, (a toxic, noxious rubbery substance) in the gut from consuming meat?
Here's an exploration of the science of mucoid plaque, and how to remove it

When you explore back through human history, and the clear interventions of the genetic coding, there have been sudden adaptations that downgraded Original Humans. Our bone and muscle structure became suddenly 50 percent weaker. A chimpanzee, were it so inclined, could literally toss you and me around the room. If you're in any doubt that this happened, then explore how modern humans suddenly acquired 46 chromosomes from the 48 in all primates. It is not one one-step chance mutation, as Darwin's theory requires, but several simultaneous ones. And crucially, the transformation is an evolutionary hindrance, because it causes genetic disorders and infertility.

As I've researched and explained in the Openhand Book DIVINICUS, it was done to create speciation. After the downgrading to create Homo sapiens, the modifications were sealed in by splicing of the second and third chromosome chains, on both the maternal and paternal lineages. Why?

It was to prevent successful interbreeding with the Original Humans - the "Lemurians" - so the engineered changes would not simply revert back to the original, more aligned and authentic, configurations.


It's become abundantly clear since, these changes, and especially diet, were necessary to underpin the construction of the simulation, that would go on to populate the Earth, where every corner could be harvested. The meat and dairy industry underpins all of this. The suffering of "livestock" is systemic, with 65 billion grazing creatures being reared (often in tremendously inhumane conditions) and then mercilessly butchered, in fearful terminations.

People frequently say that hens willingly give their eggs, as do cows willingly give milk. Think again...

Hens only continue to provide eggs, because they're conned into doing so, by the continual removal of them by humans. Many suffer horrendous living conditions in battery farms, with countless suffering or dieing from prolapses due to the excessive laying.

Cows only continue to provide milk, because their calves are purposefully removed from them shortly after birth. If you believe that's compassionate, then I encourage you to visit a farm just after it's done, to suffer and empathise with the distraught wailing of the mother.

If you require any evidence of how much suffering is being held in the 3D base layer of society, then watch the acclaimed documentary Earthlings. Be aware, you'll need a strong constitution to watch it. But if you still consume meat and dairy, and want to go with the compassionate and conscious shift to 5D, it's advisable that you do. Although it's likely to be deeply saddening to any compassionate being, that's exactly why it's a huge inspiration as well... Earthlings

Now, we need to understand something fundamental and crucial about the simulation that's heightening across the planet, engrossed by the manipulation, control, and escalating dramas that are sucking consciousness into a kind of zombified inertia - a harvested bubble. Firstly, we need to investigate and become aware, of the intervention energies behind all of this. Humanity didn't get hybridised by chance, just as the pyramids weren't built by hoards of slaves with basic chipping instruments!

Alien Engineering Of Modern Society

The Annunaki, from Sirius, were the engineers of this 'Matrix' construct we live in. The evidence is well-researched, that probably began with Zecharia Sitchin's decoding of the Sumerian tablets. But now, in recent years within the Openhand movement, we've regressed people back to those times, who've disclosed exactly what happened during the downgrading of Original Lemurians to Atlantean Homo sapiens.

We've confirmed that the pyramids were built from advanced sound technology - cutting the huge blocks, raising them effortlessly into place, actually moulding them to fit, and even then in some places, reshaping the crystalline alignments in the blocks to create portals to other star systems - like Orion, Sirius, and Draco. Which are key originations of the hybridised human DNA. We've even communicated with Annunaki genetic engineer whistleblowers in the 4D, confirming just what went on, and even how they created the artificial moon, sealing in their transformations, by manipulating the 4D morphic fields.
9 Astounding Facts that Prove the Moon is Artificial

Yes, today we are living within an all-encompassing simulation, the overriding Architect of which, is none other than the collectivised entity, Ra. Who orchestrated even religious and modern spiritual practices to enhance human entrapment in the simulation. His deceiving philosophy specifically speaks of the Ascension as, "The Harvest of Souls into 4D". As opposed to full emergence into the New Paradigm of 5D/6D/7D.

Discover more about the true nature of Ra

Misdirecting Soul Sovereignty

There's a reason why Ra needs to disseminate the actual truth of the entrapment, although carefully misdirected. It's the same reason the cabal often telegraphs their controlling machinations of society within encoded occultism. It is to gain tacit acquiescence. What do I mean?

"The Greatest Deception is that closest to the Truth". The architect, Ra, recognises that the soul is endowed with sovereignty as it emerges from the source. All beings have that original, primary truth encoded within. It's why accurately expressed truth always unravels distortion and convolution of outdated reality constructs. Ra needs tacit approval, and voluntary acquiescence, in order for the simulation to be held in place.

Now here's the point about veganism and the simulation: when you consume meat and dairy within the industrial food chain, you are tacitly acquiescing to the simulation itself. You are actually consummating it.

It means you're willingly consuming the vibrations of the fearful and exploitative simulation on earth, that's carefully sanitised on supermarket shelves. You're actually becoming a vibrational part of it. You're giving permission to the shadow to keep doing what it's doing. And that's the intention.

That's one key reason why, when in the Openhand movement we've actually dialogued with Ra, he's so confident his simulation deception will persist. And why he's not (currently) willing to surrender it - he's confident people on the whole won't make the necessary sacrifices to actually reclaim full soul sovereignty - to make the constant conscious choices, that help you emerge from his growing 3D/4D simulation. He believes the balance of life here is positively choosing the simulation, even though plenty of commentators and spiritual aspirants speak of wanting to break free from it.

But I've communicated directly with this Ra collective in recent times and I believe he (they) are profoundly mistaken. Because he's overlooked one essential thing - nature actually does have a voice. Even though he can't hear it (because he can't empathise with it). The balance of life here is willingly moving on, with over 200 species of sentient life going extinct daily. And as Gaia's torus now reestablishes in the Pole Shift, to go with the Grand Galatic Convergence, she too is signaling her intention to let go of the simulation and ascend into the Golden Age of 5D/6D/7D.

Resurrection from the Simulation

Let's be clear, it is not 5D consciousness to exploit other sentient life to the degree it suffers or loses its life for the good of your own. I would maintain that's not even compassionate. That said, I do understand and most definitely empathise with people being challenged in making the transition to veganism, especially due to the hybridisation that's happened. I totally honour that it can take some considerable time to complete. ❤️

That said, I also have no doubt, that if a person wants to truly ascend with the Shift to 5D, then you're going to need to shed the inner ballast of these dense, fearful and highly limiting vibrations. In any case, they cause inflammation in your 3D body, and energetic 'baffles' in your energy body, which are rife for unfelt entities to enter on the white noise, feeding off the disharmonious vibrations, that then readjust your intentions and pathway back into the simulation.

It's time to expose the deceptions, lies and misdirections that this simulation is founded upon. Of which non other can be so limiting and encapsulating than the meat and dairy industry. It's fostering a blind acquiescence to the harvest to 4D. But the balance of sentient life is now wanting to break free. Although long overdue, the time has come. Which direction can you feel your soul calling you?

If you decide it's time to kick meat and dairy, not least due to sentient compassion, be aware, it is not necessarily an easy journey. But then neither is the spiritual one. However, each surrender, each 'sacrifice' of old energies, leads to the progressive raising of vibration and expansion of consciousness. We CAN emerge from this dull acquiescence. People across the planet ARE doing it. It's time to go back to the future - to bring the vibrations of the Original Lemurians with us into 5D/6D/7D.

If you're ready to make that journey, explore the advanced spiritual work of Openhand:

Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright blessings - to ALL sentient life!
<<< Open 💎

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I recently came across a model of behavioral change that is commonly utilized in psychotherapy and felt inspired by its bones - though I also felt an invitation to add a more soulful essence to it. The basic idea is that individuals tend to change in a sequence of stages as follows:

Pre-contemplation - I will call this Unconscious

Contemplation - Conscious of the conflict between identity and soul 

Preparation- Exploration of conflicting impulses between identity and soul

Action - Expressing new way of being as soul through experience

Maintenance - external landscape shifts in relation to this beingness creating positive feedback loops

In the "contemplation" place, the conflicting impulses seem to create this crossroad in our lives where something likely will be sacrificed without clarity around what will replace it. This often brings up anxiety and fear - because of the uncertainty and vulnerability and as Open is illuminating this is a perfect place to be.

For example, as we are exploring in this thread...if we are here sharing about the challenge/resistance we feel around shifting to a vegan diet, then we are likely feeling this uncertainty - How will others feel and respond to this? How does this impact my beliefs about myself and other life forms? How does this impact subconscious agreements I have made with myself and others? (For example, if I don't challenge how "I/we do things," I will be loved and accepted, or I will be secure and feel I belong). 

If we are willing to look at, feel these resistances, and inquire - then we may feel what way of being is invited - this may be a strong sense of personal sovereignty that isn't overloaded with emotional energy but just can claim its own path and ones right to be that. It may be empathizing with others' experience - like that of the creatures being ingested. Connecting to the energy of what is invited and expressing that is the action, and it will shift the landscape (which of course, many of us are scared of - but this change in landscape is not all about loss - it is about gaining authenticity AND then naturally drawing an environment around you that is a reflection of this authenticity). Of course this also mirrors the Breakthrough process - just another way to express that.

If you find yourself in the contemplation space - then that is wonderful because something unconscious has been made conscious - now, how can you meet this moment fully? Heart

Lots of love to everyone here - this is a big one and brings up so much! Shared in support and with compassion, Jen


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It sounds powerful Jen - I would only add one thing...

In all of these dynamics, in the background of consciousness, is the pure presence of the One. When in the midst of the convolution, where you're feeling the height of its intensity, if we can surrender and drop back into pure presence, just to witness the situation, then dissociation from the limiting dynamic happens. The soul's investment unravels, and then we can positively work into realigning the soul in ways you suggest.

I find sometimes people are doing this without even stating it - perhaps you are in the process you describe. I would say though, by really emphasising this stage, it becomes increasingly effective because you're fulfilling the purpose of the One - self-actualisation through the convolutions. You're leaning into the natural process.

I wonder how that might support the process?

Open 🙏

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Thank you so much for this reflection - I appreciate it! Praying Emoji

One of the dangers I have found in studying therapeutic practices in a traditional university setting is the absence of Soul and the pure presence from which it flows - which is like describing the functioning of a lamp while ignoring the source and quality of its light. 

What I shared above is an example of how I find my soul is bridging the 3D consciousness into the 5D consciousness by finding the truth in the various teachings and translating them into vehicles for Self-realization. There are definitely modalities that are more aligned with this and will be independently explored, but a lot of what is learned in my academic setting focuses on 3D and often is about matching one's way of being to the existing reality.

You said: When in the midst of the convolution, where you're feeling the height of its intensity, if we can surrender and drop back into pure presence, just to witness the situation, then dissociation from the limiting dynamic happens. The soul's investment unravels, and then we can positively work into realigning the soul in ways you suggest.

While I am very familiar with this as the essential part of the exploration of the energy, I can see how more explicitly emphasizing this cuts a path through the binding impacts of identification with the old programs - otherwise, there can be a spinning around in circles - getting close and backing off.  I have certainly experienced plenty of this myself and that is probably why I didn't explicitly emphasize it. At times I can become overly analytical and miss the essence - much like the program I am studying Smiling With Sweat Emoji!

Thank you so much for highlighting this aspect!! Heart


I am just pondering one thing

- we are willing to take on our souls journey

- we are willing to work through the toughest karmic entanglements

- we are willing to face implants and entities and lots of other seemingly crazy things

- we are letting outdated relationships behind

- we are giving all we can for higher truth and authenticity


yet we cannot give up having other beings suffer at our expense?


When I told my family and friends that I would like to consistently eat vegan at family reunions and birthday parties and all other kind of events, something healing happened.

They didn't argue but they listened to me.

They took me serious because they know me.

They are thinking how they can make it happen to include me.

And I feel so loved and appreciated, because I dare to be true to myself and express that 🌸

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This is poignantly put Thomas. Heart What a beautiful example of authenticity and how the feedback loops your beingness is creating brings a feeling of being loved and appreciated.

So often, we twist ourselves in knots to ensure we are loved and appreciated by others - while at the same time longing to be loved and appreciated for who we truly are. Your example shows how it takes true honoring of oneself - risking the loss of it from others - to free oneself from this dynamic.

Thank you for sharingPraying Emoji Jen


This is the stupidest thing I have ever read

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When people project like this, it's always the case that something is triggering inside that they're not owning.

The comment reveals far more about them, than the subject they're projecting at.

In which case, no matter how "stupid" they may consider the object (of their derision) to be, it has proven invaluable in revealing something in them.

Providing that is, they are willing to look.

The article has precipitated a deep exploration here for many people on the path - some of whom are very well-journeyed indeed.

The only stupid thing about that, would be to consider it stupid. Or more accurately for me to say, not "stupid", because that would be a judgment, but rather, "unconscious". Afterall, you cannot blame unconsciousness for being unconscious.

<<< Open 💎


I have been reading all the posts on this subject with interest - but also with the sense of being "guilt tripped" and made to experience self loathing in some way, which has made me uncomfortable. I am 72 years old and have been living with my partner for 24 years. We are both lacto vegetarian (with the occasional fish dinner) and whereas we used to feel virtuous, that is no longer the case. I would happily become vegan (though I would struggle with losing butter, cheese and milk in my tea) but my partner point blank refuses to give up dairy and is not willing to try. So, what Open is saying, it would appear, is if I want to access 5D I have to split up with my partner or have ongoing arguments about food. I am not prepared to do this at my age and wouldn't be able to afford to, even if I wanted to. So I will continue my spiritual quest as a "sinner" and try to access the void when I pop my clogs in the not too distant future.  Blessings and good luck to all the other "sinners" on this forum. One last point - did not Yeshua (possibly Chris Bourne himself) say that it was more important to be vigilant about what came out of ones mouth rather than what went into it? This may well be a Roman myth of course.

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Hi Shantiram,

I read your post and felt curious about whether another option is available to you (assuming you felt drawn to make some changes). I wondered whether you considered making changes for yourself regardless of whether your partner does the same as you. If you felt inspired to explore giving up dairy for example, could this just be a choice you make for yourself? Does that exploration bring up other challenges - maybe changing who shops or cooks or navigating how you accommodate different needs? If you felt like making this change and did so, how might it impact your partner and, ultimately, you? I wonder if you can imagine taking the first step toward that for yourself and then seeing what that brings up within you - how it changes the relationship with yourself (and how that is reflected in your relating experience with your partner)? Perhaps another option exists besides maintaining the status quo in a relationship and arguing about it. 

Just some things that popped in as you shared... I know it can be challenging - and I have experienced eating differently while raising children and having a partner at the time who consumed meat/dairy/eggs. It has been a learning and growth experience and ultimately it was about my relationship with myself and how that expresses or is experienced in relation to life. 

Wonderful inquiry and thank you for sharing!!




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Thanks for your insight Jen. I have considered this option. At this point in time I feel the friction that path would create may catalyse an event in my life that I am not ready to face without the Universe pushing me under the bus , so to speak. My/Our relationship is not built on a rock and it is complicated. I will be giving the matter some thought but am finding it tricky and feel very vulnerable. I also buy meat for our pet cats - it seems like a Catch 22 situation. On this planet it seems that survival involves suffering in one way or another. 

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Hi Shanitram,

Jen raises an essential point here. The soul's journey is unique and sovereign for everyone. "Sovereign" means that you make the choices that best serve your soul, and there's an invitation for all to do that. If I am in relationship with someone, and they make the highest choice of their soul, if that truly serves them, then although different to me, it in fact serves me as well. Such is the nature of the soul - it brings a sense of well being to witness another following their true path.

Plenty of people here like Jen, and previously in the past for me, have found themselves in situations where family members eat different diets. We've both brought up kids who've wanted to eat meat and dairy (I would maintain it's because the being has been hybridised that way, and because of the influences of society). But it becomes crucial to be able to say: "That's your free choice, just as this is mine. I might not agree with you, but I respect your choice, as I invite you to respect mine."

I would also say this: love that is judgmental about what I'm being and doing, that won't support my own free will to choose and be, is not love at all.

You say you're finding the situation "tricky and vulnerable". With all love and compassion, I say to you that's exactly where you need to be. Vulnertability is the precursor to change - to growth and transformation. The key is to turn into these vulnerable feelings, not turn away from them.

I've found that when I'm prepared to be honest with people, and act on my honest feelings, people are more likely to accept me. And in some cases not. But what it does lead to, are authentic relationships.

If I want to have an authentic relationship, (one of true love) then that requires me to be authentic. Which is about making a clear statement about who I am, and what my soul requires. It involves risk, because it involves loving another enough to allow them to change, to set them free, even to walk away. What I find is, that the people we then draw, are drawn by authenticity. They walk beside you. Not bound by limitation, but for a mutual desire for freedom. Each is uplifting and inspiring the other in their own journey of revelation.

Vulnerability is the place to be.

Much love and well wishes
<<< Open 💎


Dear Openhanders, it's clear, veganism is a helluva hot potato!! It's a thorny nettle to grasp. Plenty in the mainstream will defend their meat and dairy diet to the last. That's fine. No one here is judging. ❤️

People will debate until the cows stop coming home: "Is veganism healthy? Why don't I like it? Do monkeys sometimes eat meat? Why is the transition hard? My family don't support me. I don't like fruit". You might as well be saying, "I don't like Ascension." Or, "I'm happy in the simulation". Or, "I don't want to have to work too hard, or to stand out, or be all that I can be. I want it to be easy. I want everything handed to me on a plate."

First off, switching to a vegan diet doesn't necessarily mean you've switched to a healthy one. Plenty of people simply switch to meat and dairy alternatives, whilst still eating junk and processed food from the simulation. This will keep your vibration equally low. It'll be more compassionate, yes, but not necessarily healthier - maybe even the reverse. It's not just about veganism, it's about shifting consciousness and raising vibration out of the purposefully debilitating simulation. Are you happy that the shadow constrains and confines your consciousness?

Here's an insight into what becomes possible when you progressively raise vibration by refining your diet.

As a soul-exchange, I inherited a life that had been a fairly regular diet - 40 years of meat and dairy. Plus plenty of regular toxic food. My dietary/consciousness steps were guided intuitively. I was following no supportive info or research. It came completely from the soul. Immediately, I felt compelled to ditch meat and alcohol. That was quickly followed by dairy, but that did require some work on gut macrobiotics - I was drawn to alkalising foods: pears, grapes, cellery, kale, apple cider vinegar, Sauer kraut and acidophilus. The gut and digestive system fixed itself after some serious discomfort. Then I went to all raw, with no processed foods at all - nothing from a box, packet or tin (because that's not natural!). I didn't even store the food in a fridge, rather buying food daily, and putting it on the window sill to continue to gather prana. I then swtiched to one meal a day. I took water from a spring and stored it in a clay pot, outside, to blend with the Earth's natural energetic field.

I found daily intermittant fasting was massively expansive for consciousness - readily reaching up into multidimensionality. Then I was guided to become fruitarian (just consuming fruit) - by far the highest vibration of food. This was stunning - connecting me consciously with plants and trees. Finally, I felt compelled to stop eating food altogether - why consume ANY life form?

The effect was beyond words, beyond the mind's ability to grasp. I was assimilating light, directly through the endocrine system (I believe). The degree of interconnection, both on these planes and higher, was astounding. Literally EVERYTHING was in a harmonious dialogue - feeling and sensing creatures in the 3D, speaking with trees and plants, being guided intuitively through every step, communing with the elementals. As for higher dimensionals, it was being in a constant flowing dialogue with them.

Was that worth giving up the toxic BS of the simulation? Was it worth the effort? Was it worth not being in a dulled-down, "zombified" state? You might as well ask, "Is it worth breathing? Is it worth living?"

Sadly, I wasn't able to remain a breatharian. Although my soul's yearning was to head off and live in the forest (which I was on the verge of), instead, the flow brought me back to live in the Matrix, to be of service to others in their 5D Shift. So I had to find a "hybrid" state - now mostly eating one meal a day, that is plant-based with high raw content, and minimal processed food. I find it works pretty well, and it maintains well the multidimensional connection. It's exactly why I can read someone's karmic field, see their past lives, read their energy field, readily connect with the akashic record to intuit soul contracts. It's why I can see and sense entities, plus know how to remove them. It's why I can commune with Star Beings in higher dimensions. It's why I can readily intuit flows of light through the quantum field. Is that worth being disciplined about diet and meditation? A moot point!

I say to you that the 5D Being of the New Paradigm, DIVINICUS, will not be eating regular food. But living on light, downloading it from the 5D crystalline grid. For those that achieve it, that will be immaculate, in the ways I've described. Consciousness will expand out of the Homo sapiens thimble, to embrace the planet, then the solar system, then the galaxy!

It's not about veganism. Although that is an essential process of the path. It's about the expansion of consciousness, and the immaculate opportunity that brings. Is it worth it? Only each can decide that for themselves.

Bright blessings to ALL life
<<< Open 🦋

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Tricky to discuss vegan without getting into the eating disorder issues but I can vouch how very junky and unhealthy processed vegan food can be. Luckily, I've made myself sick to the point of signs of pancreatitis and gallbladder issues, and exacerbated gastritis and colitis, so I've inadvertently forced myself to stop eating crap. But it's also afforded an opportunity to refine presence through body mindfulness and listening to what it wants instead of what ego wants. It's amazing how one's senses can be enhanced by keeping it simple. I've had to drastically cut back on salt but now I'm tasting things better. The depth of flavour that comes through now...I don't have the salt to do the work for me. beautiful thing the energy shift when one truly honours and cares for one's body. And a great way to show gratitude to this wonderful vessel I've abused and neglected for so long. In terms of vegan itself, I find people tend to feel some obligation when others adopt healthier/mindful habits; it's like they get angry you're forcing it on them or judging them for not being. I recognize it in myself too though, and understand the self-centered ness of it.. Talking about vegan is like walking through a minefield no doubt. What clinched it for me after years of thinking about it was seeing dogs being boiled alive and calfs being taken from their mothers and neither of them being remotely ok with that. If I start to think about reaching for animal products I just see those images and I quickly remember how delicious a veggie stir-fry is. Of course I've reverted many times but never for long. It's just not who I am anymore. Having all these digestive issues is helping me see how much better I feel when I give my body the time it needs to digest, and especially taking smaller amounts at a time and chewing thoroughly. Prescence is key of course. I've also started to notice how delaying eating in the am keeps one in a higher vibe; easier to connect. As soon as I eat I also notice the way I get grounded right away, denser and heavier and more in the mind. I'm not ready for fasting yet but I without a doubt see the difference in energy. I'll never forget one beautiful early summer Sunday and I felt to get to one of my favourite places by the lakeside known as horsey bay. I hadn't eaten yet and only grabbed a coffee for the 20 minute walk. The light and energy of that morning were amazing, and when I got the the water's edge, it was as though I was in another world. Hard to describe but I can say it was magical. Fasting helped me there. So the evolution of my eating habits continues and with it the processing of fears of lack and loss, and learning the joy of reconnecting with and honouring my hard-working vessel that has managed to keep going despite the challenges I've put it through.i unfortunately learned early to see it as merely an esthetic to gain attention. The shift to gratitude for such an amazing functional creation feels wonderful and I'm sure she feels relief I'm caring for her now instead of harming her for my own pleasure. Can't help regret at opportunities lost, but there's still time to get her to healthier state. So vegan for the animals and vegan for me. And if I trigger other's guilt or moral sense, then I'm doing my job as a catalyst and hopefully planting a seed. 🙏

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Hi Open

Its a good thing I feel that we have all had this sensible discussion and I feel what you say about living on light will be absolutely correct and be a very natural way to be. 

This intervention simulation has gone on for years and also if I am right has happened on other planets too, and quite likely could still be so now. This is something that does worry me I think I said a long while ago I didn’t want to re incarnate certainly not back here and to also be tricked back here either.

I also worry that if we do escape from here and move onto a planet/ dimension where life is better, will there still be the chance of being lured into another trap somewhere else another controlling force and simulation.

My lesser worry side is telling me that all will be ok and to just go with the flow of the source by then I would hope to be in a different experience not in this body suit with a higher vibration than now, I know this is years away but seeing as you are so tuned in I feel the need to ask as you know I am not. 

I also worry for others is it that there will always be planets, dimensions, galaxy’s etc as I don’t have a clue how many there are, that somewhere there will be beings suffering being farmed, slaved and stuck in exactly what we are now. Would the ones on the good side always know this and come in to help hopefully sooner than later as this has been going on a long time here. It’s just a horrible thing to think that if it is removed from this Earth that somewhere out there are beings in our positions now or in the future  This is so complex and takes a lot of understanding a lot to get your head around. 

Quite amazing that you were a walk in and the body had been of about 40 years meat and Dairy, you have done an amazing change around to get where you are now, we are very lucky to have you here with us in this Matrix and to help the ones who will get their vibrations to 5D.  I don’t like the fact we are in this Matrix and to know of all the alterations done to our DNA and of being put into these 3D bodies. My family would support me in a heartbeat if I wanted to go vegan but as I did say we all have exactly the same eating patterns where the foods I mentioned are not liked. 

sending love and light ❤️💙



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Hi Findanswers,

You asked this...

This intervention simulation has gone on for years and also if I am right has happened on other planets too, and quite likely could still be so now. This is something that does worry me I think I said a long while ago I didn’t want to re incarnate certainly not back here and to also be tricked back here either.

I also worry that if we do escape from here and move onto a planet/ dimension where life is better, will there still be the chance of being lured into another trap somewhere else another controlling force and simulation.

But at the same time, you said in a previous post on this thread...

I know I could not be a vegan for a start I dislike so much of the foods I don’t like fruit or veg, nuts, tofu alternative milks etc and my family are too exactly the same.

So what (in effect) you're saying is: "because I don't like vegan foods (because I'm addicted to meat and dairy), and because I'm in a family therefore I can't make my own sovereign choices, I'm okay for other sentient life to be tortured, brutalised, slaughtered and then santised for my food plate". Can you not see you're ALREADY choosing the simulation? Also giving away your sovereignty to some other "authority"? And billions like you are doing the same?

That's exactly why it exists. And as long as people keep making these unconscious choices, it will continue to do so, either here or elsewhere.

I don't mean to be harsh, but you are looking for answers. And here's a crucial one.

Much love and well wishes
<<< Open 💎

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Hi Open

I think that’s not really fair not just for me but for everyone on this planet, that have been messed with so they do eat meat and have known nothing else their whole lives. 

Many don’t even know about any of this including the 5D Shift or even the Earth will do a flip over leaving nothing here. I myself found out only last year. 

You have said it takes people many years to become vegan, I absolutely do not think it’s ok for sentient life to be tortured, and I most certainly can make my own sovereign choices. I do not want to go Vegan not now and I don’t know when or if I ever will that will be on a sovereign path that will decide that in the future. 

I am not giving my sovereignty away either, I am not voting for a start. I do not and did not and never would have chosen this simulation if I had been consulted. 

I think my question that worries me has been answered this is going on else where and will also continue to do so, and the collective minds of all on this planet have possibly brought this here in a way, I have heard this said now a few times. All I know if all on this planet were asked do they want this dictatorship running the whole thing they would say no. 

I also said that at this moment I will not be able to raise to 5D so when I pass I will have to keep my fingers crossed I am going to a better place. I will also not be the only one not ascending at this time with this shift and I would say millions will also not be either, not necessarily by choice but some by not having an opportunity as they don’t know all this is happening. 

much love 🌎❤️💙

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Hi Findanswers,

My heart goes out to you in your continuing inquiry. The title of your comment says you feel, .
By what I've said? By the nature of the Shift? By its apparent unfairness?

I would say this, there's an essential shift that happens in the journey of the soul, that becomes a rapid accelerator of change, growth and evolution. It's when we learn that being triggered by some external event (or person) is an opportunity and a blessing. If we can accept the discomfort as our own inner process and go to work with it, then great transformation becomes possible, and quickly.

You say that most people on the planet are not choosing "dictatorship". So why the simulation? That may be the case at the level of (only) the conscious mind. However, contemplate this...

- You've well expressed and illuminated your own resistance to change (in something as basic as dietary changes in the direction of greater compassion and necessary raising of vibration).
- The Homo sapiens psyche is programmed for security, inertia, non-risk-taking, and comfort - a steady state
- Most people engage daily in the activity of doing, not being. In trying to attain an outcome, as opposed to personal growth
- People are generally resistant to being in the place of the unknown, that of infinite potential. They don't like the uncertainty
- But the Universe IS uncertain. It's constantly transforming and creating new realities. The only constant is change
- Because many people won't yet countenance that uncertainty, they're actually choosing a simulation of reality. One that stays put
- Unconsciously then, they're choosing a very sophisticated entity, the "Architect", to balance the equations and hold that inertia for them.

Indeed, believe it or not, people are actively - although unconsciously - choosing the very simulation they're protesting against.

To me, that is indeed a tragedy. When change is not necessarily as hard as people would imagine. You just have to begin by confronting what gets triggered in you and taking ownership - working the situations through with the Breakthrough Approach (see below).

I do see change in you. And I feel you're on the verge of accelerating change. You may say you're not ready for 5D, but your soul has brought you here, to Openhand. I would say that's a real possibility for you and probably the soul's calling.

There's an open hand of invitation to break through the triggering that activates...

Bright blessings
<<< Open 💎

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Hi Open

Yes what you said, like I said felt unfair to all of us that have been caught in this Matrix with all its horrible things going on all over the world. I have watched the videos I’d seen them before but hadn’t really accepted that everyone of us has contributed to making this Matrix and even so it seems Gaia. 

I don’t know how to look inside or feel for anything at this moment those gifts have not come yet. So I have to go with what’s right for me in this very moment like as much as this will be frowned upon by vegans I will have to follow a diet I like. I am open to change I have an Autistic Son so I know how change can really affect someone. True though this world we live in is uncertain I would say and if the universe the same and you have to navigate it alone then yes I’m a bit apprehensive. 

I know things never stay the same I have had a rollercoaster ride over the 50 odd years of my life. I am now going to do my very best in my thinking to think us out of this Matrix and at the moment that is all I can do. I have no idea how to confront what might trigger as I don’t know that anything has., so not exactly easy. 

I think I have changed completely since the latter part of last year, it’s been a big disappointment that the life you’ve lived is not what you thought it was, although since my teenage years I always thought this was a repetitive humdrum kind of place not really enjoying it as others did, and that the lies that have been told to us are beyond belief.

My soul could well be calling as you say I do find myself here. Who knows what turn around could happen but I certainly don’t think that I would have the time required to be ready for 5D the way I see it now it will be only the few who have put in real commitment changed their eating patterns and have got rid of the dense body weight from this intervention. I’m actually not scared of the shift itself at least we who are not 5D will all go together with the ones near us, although once out of body possibly alone again, but to perhaps end up somewhere better than here.

Maybe if we are lucky with a few familiar faces though I know we would not look like we do now. A lot to work through still thousands of questions it’s hard to believe as well this could all be thought into place again and again, I shall keep thinking the evil of all wherever they are that they see the light of their ways and return to source like some have already. 

Much Love 🌎❤️💙


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Hi Findanswers,

You said...

I don’t know how to look inside or feel for anything at this moment those gifts have not come yet. So I have to go with what’s right for me in this very moment like as much as this will be frowned upon by vegans I will have to follow a diet I like.

People can't feel inside exactly BECAUSE they're consuming dense, fearful and convoluted vibrations from the industrial food chain, especially meat and dairy. Hence they're shut down inside and can't feel an interrelation with the field or their soul.

How much would you like to connect with your soul? How much would you like to experience the kind of empathic gifts people are discussing here on Openhandweb?

It's simple. Go vegan for a month. Try intermittent fasting for a month - 18 hours fasting every day. I can practically guarantee processes would kick off where you start to feel your inner world and the soul.

If you don't change, nothing will change.

Well wishes
<<< Open 💎

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Hi Open

I will look into it and see if with my current health issues it will be ok. I think I may do the fasting and do that intermittently with vegan days. 

I will do some research and give this some serious thought, not sure when but at some point I will try for one month and put it to the test. 

Much love 🌎❤️💙

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That sounds very positive 🙏

Actually, my recommendation would be to first do a juice fast, for around 5 days. Using juiced green vegetables and fruit. For example: kale, celery, carrots, beetroot, apples, and pears with ground ginger. I would have something like this when you would usually eat lunch, then have fruit juices at other times. But they must not be processed juices - rather something you blend yourself. So there are no other ingredients in them. Just the pure juices.

You'll need to program in meditation too - to deal with the hunger pangs that are likely to trigger. The key is to breathe into them and normalise with them. It's like you reframe the experience as 'just an experience'.

See how you get of after that.

Best wishes
<<< Open 💎

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Hi Open,

I had to smile big when I read this today. While I have been pondering this post for a couples day, last night it came to me that I just wish I didn't need to consume food, and today you posted this further insight.

I use to think I ate healthy. Until about 18 months ago when a health issue really made me focus on what I was putting in my body. I have turned away from processed foods. But, I admit that part of my diet is still animal protein and dairy. I don't really buy anything from a supermarket. And the place I source from on one hand may look and doing things differently than a factory farm. With the said, I know when I inquire deep within, my current diet is a stepping stone. 

A big blessing of the health issue, was that food went from a highly desirable sensory activity, to more of focus on it being something I needed to engage in to nurture my human form. So I feel lucky that I have had some detachment from food, and using it as an avenue to seek out pleasure. I also started intermittent fasting during this time, it's something I still do and don't see ever going back.

When I had the health issue 18 months ago, I learned very quickly how so many foods trigger me. I have for some time I believe let that hold me back in fear to inquire deeper, and make deeper changes to my diet that would be more fully in alignment with my soul and the shift. The consequence of making a misstep could be significantly, where it would "require" some type of heavy pharmaceutical drug, or in a extreme case, the removal of part of an essential organ.

But one thing I feel that has spoken to me so much over the last 12-18 months, if the idea that I need to be open to let it all go. So many things I thought I knew, have really been imprints and ideas built on my illusions, and the illusions of others. Every time I have made a shift, it felt I was at that moment in a place where I would let it all go, and see what shakes out.

Thank you Open for opening the discussion, and so many others that have beautifully contributed. It is inspiring and giving me the push to look deeper, and make a further commitment on my path.







I've been astounded by the level of triggering, reaction and judgment to this (vegan) article on Facebook. A great deal coming from a low level of consciousness. There's no judgment of that - I recognise it's a contentious issue. But no matter how prickly, it must be grasped anyway.

Openhand FB article posting

I felt to share this in response...

I've written many times over the years, clearly spelling out the signs, synchronicity and philosophy on why ALL life on the planet is NOT ascending.Taking humanity for example, not everyone will be able to sustain that level of vibration. There's no shame in that. History shows us that Ascension happens in waves, when souls have journeyed enough.
Compassion, and co-creative harmony, will be the foundation energy of the New Paradigm. Which absolutely does NOT include the exploitation of other life, in a way that causes them to suffer. It's just not necessary - there are many ways to harness energy from the Torus.
People point to the 'predator and prey' dynamic of "Mother Nature". But I say to you, that's not Mother's (authentic) nature. It is a karmic construct of inquiry she's been working through herself, ever since the reptilians made their way here millions of years ago.
The emergence of the Original Lemurians was the first benevolent seeding to support that breakdown of ancient karma. The primates appeared immediately after the fall of the dinosaurs, and they were clearly plant/fruit-based (the Lemur was the first, hence "Lemurian"). But since then, an alien intervention has hybridized Original Humans into Homo sapiens (the genetic evidence is clear - see DIVINICUS). Humans we're adapted (downgraded) to farm the planet and animals to extract energy for the intervention. The film The Matrix is a clear metaphor of the intervention harvesting human activity for energy.
The Shift is about emerging out of these exploitative ways. But to be clear, where we currently stand, many are not ready to embody that level of consciousness. It will take much journeying and plentiful other incarnations on other planets to achieve that. That's no shame to anyone. We all move at different speeds with different inquiries.
I am a Planetary Shift Facilitator, working with the Ascended Masters, having supported countless other Shifts both here and in other constellations. I incarnated here specifically to support this current Shift, which I've been doing since day 1. I can definitively tell you, resolving out this 'predator-prey' and harvesting of souls dynamic, is definitely something you'll need to shed, in order to ascend to 5D.
If you doubt my words, simply inquire, "Am I living in 5D consciousness now?" The Universe will reflect to you, provided the mind is open enough to see it. To be clear, you don't suddenly jump, or raise vibration from 3D to 5D. You have to be living it now, in order that when Gaia finally shifts, you simply move into it. Those who are already in 5D consciousness, will shed the physical form in the culminating Grand Galactic Convergence.
Bright blessings to ALL sentient life.
<<< Open ❤️


Do explore the new Openhand article out today, about the essential importance of going vegan in the Shift to 5D.

And let me reiterate, I feel oodles of compassion for people who are struggling to make that shift. I know how challenging it can sometimes be ❤️.
But at the same time, I do believe the time for soft compromises with the simulation have now gone 🙏

So I'm intrigued Openhanders, based on my article above, what are your thoughts/challenges of going vegan in the Shift?

Well wishes to ALL sentient life.
<<< Open 🐄🐮

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Hi Open and everyone,

Although I gave up meat and eggs 10 years ago, my 'vegan Kryptonite' has always been cheese. I've gone long periods being purely vegan and then somehow come back to eating cheese - especially when others around me are eating it. Right now I'm eating vegan and have been eating one meal a day for the last 2 months, which feels great after the initial challenges. I imagine I won't be going back to cheese due to an increased sense of committment reflecting from your recent articles and correspondence.

I think one of the main challenges of cutting things from the diet is the conflict between what the body craves and the knowledge and compassionate level. For me, my mouth still waters when I smell meat roasting on a barbeque - There's a brief physical reaction which is quickly worked through when I imagine what it would be like to eat and feel the resulting disgust and 'wrongness'. This now also becomes the case with cheese.

One question that's related to your article but not so much to diet - could you elaborate more on what a collective entity is? Is it many souls who are connected by a hive consciousness? If so, what's the level of individuality/sovereignty in such a construction and what's the purpose of a collectivised soul exploration?

Thanks again!


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Hi Open.

I wanted to ask about the collective bubble and the helping 'God' idea.

For a couple of years I've been in 12 step spiritual program for ACA (adult children of alcoholics, which includes grown children from all kinds of dysfunctional families). I grew up in a very problematic environment, with abuse, violence, with an alcoholic step father, and so on, so I fitted the scenario/story.

It is a very effective program, where we worked to identify the inner identities (inner child, inner teenager and inner critic) and work with them, by growing an additional temporary identity called 'loving parent'. The idea is to progressively move to a place where we stop looking for love and validation on the outside and begin to look and expect for this on the inside, from our own loving parent. Over time it is supposed to heal the identities and help integrate them. In my experience it is very helpful. Healed identities are much easier to release than those traumatised and highly active in their dysfucntional expressions.

There were two other aspects that I found helpful, but a bit problematic and these two I'd like to hear your opinion about:

1) Another aspect in any 12-step program is surrendering control and handing it to a Higher Power, "more powerful than us". So there is a rightness in it, because surrendering control, effort, tightness and arrogance are indeed powerful spiritual tools. On the other hand, this Higher Power can be interpreted as the Source, or the power within us, but more often it is seen as some God outside of us and separated from us. So now I am a bit confused. Because asking for help from the universe and asking for help from God have a subtle difference in how it feels. When I turn to God, I feel more protected, less alone and as if surrounded by some soft energy. I am not sure if it is benevolent or not. But I find it much easier to surrender into this softness. Recently there is fear that I am surrendering into something malevolent, maybe Ra energy or something like that. How can I know if 'God' is something internal and benevolent I connect to or something external and disempowering?

2) The second problem I have with the program is that they heavily rely on the collective support - they build a lot on sharing personal experiences, supporting each other, calling each other right before relapsing into old destructive behaviours and patterns and so on. So there is rightness in it, because this mutual help and support works not only in ACA, but also other programs, such as NA (narcotics anonymous), etc and is a building block of the program. Plus, on the path I also find it of great help to connect with other people on their path who share their experiences. On the other hand, it seems like a collective bubble is created. It serves the purpose, but it takes the sovereignty away. For example, I was told that if I don't share with others, I won't progress. I felt great confusion, as I felt my soul rising and I felt experimenting to prove I can do it on my own, but then being cautious of spiritual arrogance as I know I fell so many times and maybe I am missing something important to learn from these people, which is how to be a part of community and get the necessary support. So there is exploration about this seeming conflict between being sovereign and self-sufficient and being a part of supportive community.

In general, these programs are meant to be for life. The idea is that the dysfunction (just like alcoholism or other addictions) is a progressive disease that if not treated only gets worse, and the way to stay 'sober' is to stay connected to the group, keep working the steps, stay within the program and live in the now. "Only today" is a way of living - today I stay sober (I don't drink, don't over eat, don't use drugs, don't fall into programmed behaviours and so on). In a way it reminds of the commitment to the soul and the path - we work to commit every day and do whatever it takes, such that there is a reflection of rightness, and on the other hand there is this sense of dependence on the group and steps to stay clear. I feel that there is an option to commit to something bigger, to the soul, to the sense of rightness, and then the addiction falls away on its own and doesn't come back if one stays committed and progressing on the path.

The problem is that in my view and experience it is rare to move on the path smoothly without falling off the track. In Kabbalah they write "don't trust yourself till the end of your days" - meaning that one can always lose track and fall off the path and make mistakes. These falls bring back the density, the destructiv behaviours and the addictions as well. So without this group consciousness it IS hard to stay 'sober'. I wonder if also staying on the path has to do with being connected to people who are also on the path, providing a clearer mirror, and helping the extraction from the simulation and how to avoid/prevent this becoming a dependence? Because it seems almost impossible to make it alone, but then depending on other people is also a problem.

Even staying vegan requires connecting to people and information that support it, otherwise there is a risk of being sucked back by naysayers and loyal meat eaters. It seems to me that there needs to be an internal balance - who we are influenced by, where we get our support and reflections from, but then constantly working to be alone and free, and relying on ONE source - our own soul?

What are your reflections about it?

Thank you,


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Hi Yulia,

I'm very aware of the 12-step process you refer to, which many have found highly effective at ditching addictions such as alcoholism. In relation to this, you said...

The idea is to progressively move to a place where we stop looking for love and validation on the outside and begin to look and expect for this on the inside, from our own loving parent. Over time it is supposed to heal the identities and help integrate them.

What we need to be careful of, when moving to the spiritual approach, is the risk of creating another identity internally that we latch onto. Why? Because it causes polarity of consciousness within (you in relation to the identity), which actually prevents the final deep immersion into the pure presence of singularity.

Another form of this I've witnessed in people applying the "I am" mantra, or "I am the Creator". The creator source is not an "I am" identity, because pure presence of infinite potential precedes any identity. In the new Openhand Book RESURRECTION, I explain in detail, how the entity Ra actually works to establish these subtle inner identities in many mainstream spiritual practices and then preys on the dualistic dynamic that happens within - the shadow extracts subtle energy from them.

Ultimately, during the crucifixion process, we'll confront and explode all identity layers. This is also described in the book.

In addition, I love the quote you mention from the Kabbalah: "don't trust yourself till the end of your days". Brilliant, I get it, but let's expand on it...

We have to move beyond black and white polarisation, and the need for the immediate answer by the ego. Instead, to soften the mind and explore more from the question itself. State the question (why veganism? for example?), then hold it non-judgmentally. Open the inner space for inquiry. Then watch for how the soul wants to illuminate into it. What signs and synchronicities does it reflect? You learn to get to know the feeling of "rightness", as opposed to 'right' and 'wrong'.

You then use this sense of "rightness" to gently adjust the tiller on your boat - carefully adjusting this way and that, to always centre in the wind of this "rightness".

Much love
<<< Open 💎

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I was 100% vegan in the past, and even 100% raw vegan for a year and a half. After several months of detox I felt amazing! It was as if my body became an instrument of light transmission. My senses sharpened. I felt connected with nature.

As opposed to this experience are my years of conventional eating. Dull, numb, disconnected, depressive living it is.

We are being convinced that we need meat for iron, and also dairy and eggs for B12 and sufficient protein. But actually both me and my friend we get most iron in blood when going vegan, which is peculiar, surprising and also not. For example, dairy inhibits iron absorption, so when removing dairy and eating legumes with green leaves (for folic acid) and with vitamin C (peppers, potatoes), you get a great iron intake.

There is protein in nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, cauliflower and broccoli. If one wants to build muscle mass, it was proven by 80/10/10 raw vegan guys (eating 80% carbs from fruits, 10% protein from nuts, and 10% fat from avocados and nuts and seeds), that muscle mass is built actually by training the muscles and getting enough calories a day, rather than consuming protein. There are also body builders who get their protein intake from nuts and seeds and grow impressive muscles. For normal people, who don't train hard, protein intake is seriously overrated.

If you're not raw vegan, combining whole grain (whole rice, for example) with legumes (lentils, chickpeas, beans) once a day gives sufficient full protein. So nothing to worry about protein at all.

The only thing left to take care of then if B12. For a while I ate organic free farm eggs because I didn't want to take supplements. But I changed my mind. There is no such thing as a better exploitation. Exploitation is exploitation, even if it looks better. So I take B12 supplements now.

Bones: good sources of calcium are green leafy vegetables, dried fruit like figs (sugar-free), beans, nuts and seeds, and tofu (organic, non-GMO). Calcium is better absorbed with vitamin D. Unfortunately, vitamin D is not present in vegan diet, so it is another supplement I am taking, especially in winter. Plus bones become denser with training, so jumping, walking and some 'weight' training are beneficial to bone density, which becomes important with ageing.

Another important topic is omega 3. There are plant-based options for supplements (from algae or flax-seeds, for example). Also seaweed, algae, chia and flax seeds and other seeds, walnuts, edamame are rich in omega 3.

Microbiome: souerkraut is a great pre and probiotic, almonds are a great prebiotic, banana too. Probiotic foods: vegan yogurt. And there are plenty of vegan probiotic supplements to help the transition.

Another thing that helps with physical detoxing is moving, sweating and weakly water enemas (of at least 1 litre). It can be a game changer.

For me the hard part is emotional and mental detoxing. Open wrote that it is important to remember that most of the stuff is not me, but the simulation fighting back. It helps. But also it is important to remember that often we eat to numb and suppress feelings and all this turns to negative energy and gets stored in body's tissues, especially fat. Often when going vegan all those suppressed emotions and energies begin surfacing and releasing. So it is a very welcome negativity flood. The important thing is not to look for someone or something to blame and not to give up the diet, but rather allow this flood to happen and welcome it as a sign of detoxing and cleansing. Fasting can help with this. I fast on water once a week, eating carrots and walnuts and sometimes oatmeal when finishing the fast. But you can fast on non-sweet juices or fruit and veggies smoothies if holding on without sugar and vitamins is tough. Also releasing emotional energy can help - talking to friends and therapists, dancing with some music fitting the emotion, writing in a diary (free-flow writing), crying, meditating, and just simply sitting with the feelings and all this negativity can help.

Being in nature is a great comfort.

And movement helps emotional detox too as it releases endorphins and helps alleviate depression, plus it helps with the warrior energy needed to overcome the difficulties with the transition - yoga, tai-chi, walking, dancing, working out (body-weight or weight training).

Watching informative, supportive and inspiring videos or reading helps a lot. I post here a 80/10/10 video that always gives me the inspiration. I love watching Karyn Calabrese, Markus Rothkranz and Cara Brotman's videos (they are raw vegan), there is another video with a guy who talks to doctors who promote veganism and cooks in between that also can inspire (I added it here). So apart from compassionate, vegan diet is amazing for physical, mental and emotional health as well.

Sugar - white sugar is an addictive substance that in my experience also helps numb and suppress feelings rather than unravel them and help process them through.

I think I got it all covered :)

Here are the videos:




1)I know a couple of people who tried to go vegan and got some health problems. It turned out their bodies couldn't get iron from plants, in one case, and in another, couldn't get B12 from supplements. So it is important to do blood tests for follow up for the first couple of years and also pay attention to the body, not to confuse detox symptoms from deficiency. 

2) I think the body remembers... The first transition is sometimes the toughest, but then even if getting lost for a while and going back to vegan, the body somehow remembers and it gets physically easier for the second, third, fourth time... Now I am one month into 100% vegan diet, about 80% raw, and I barely get any physical symptoms. It goes smoothly.

Good luck,



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Hi Yulia, this is a positive compendium of insightful info on shifting to veganism - thanks so much for sharing ❤️

The B12 Argument
The B12 argument is often used to state why humans were not plant based - why the necessity for supplements? Well you might ask a Gorilla or any other plant-based creature the same. You actually only need micro amounts of it, which can be ingested from soil. It is why I tend not to scrub my organic carrots too much! That said, the problem of course is non-organic farming methods and a high degree of toxicity in soils these days. Personally, I also use non-active B12 yeast flakes - 'inactive' because you don't want active yeast fermenting in the gut.

More on Protein
On the protein side, not everyone can eat or digest beans too well. Other sources are pea protein and hemp powders, grains such as quinoa and millet, plus Tofu is a great substitute, although it is made from soya - so you'll need to be aware of the source. What I'm finding these days in health food stores, are a raft of new snack bar products (with healthy vegan ingredients) that have high protein content, often using pea protein.

I'd caution about the amount of carbohydrates though. It would depend where those carbohydrates are coming from. Eating too much potatoes, bread and pasta, I don't believe is that great for your body. I've been working with shifting the balance more to keto, where the body is trained to burn fat and protein, as opposed to carbs. This I incorporate with bodywork (press-ups, the plank, dips, sit-ups, squats etc) to keep the muscles and joints strong, which is especially important as you're getting older (and also priceless for connecting into deep energetic coherency and groundedness - essential for ejecting intervention, who tend to tether in lower densities). I've found Maca as an essential superfood, providing protein, essential amino acids, and degrees of testosterone, which we all need (male and female) to help retain muscle strength and vitality. It's just one reason I incorporate Maca powder in my diet on a daily basis. Check this article... all about the superfood Maca

The Calcium Question
The calcium question is another interesting one - it is of course a mainstream view that calcium from dairy milk 'strengthens the bones'. Actually, recent studies have declared the reverse to be true. Calcium from dairy products has been shown to be undigestable, weakening bones and depositing undigestable calcium in the joints, thus causing arthritis... here's just one study on that

Brain Fog
I'm convinced that the consumption of animal fats and proteins contributes greatly to brain fog, and many of the so-called 'neurone diseases' these days. I have the firm intuition, that many of these 'food' products actually interupt the brain synapses. Making thought processing much slower and reducing the capacity to interpret higher dimensional info quickly. To be clear, I don't have factual evidence for this. It's more an intuitive feeling to be considered.

Openhand Conscious Cafe
We have masses of insight and info in the Openhand Conscious Cafe - check it out...

Openhand Conscious Cafe

What a highly timely and most welcome exploration we're having!
Bright blessings to ALL life
<<< Open 🐔🐮🐏

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Hi Open

This has certainly got everyone talking I have a couple of questions like Baboons, chimpanzees they eat meat was this a natural occurrence or did it happen after the intervention.

Also others eat insects these if I’m correct would be classed as meat, so let’s take the reptiles they of all different shapes and sizes must eat meat so before they arrived here the Lemurians which I think were here at that time I could be wrong would have been vegan, till the reptilians and intervention changed the whole digestive system as well as our DNA.

Also there are some animals that will eat eggs so this would be classed as dairy still again could be wrong. Was this always their way or again were they also changed to eat meat.

I know I won’t be going up to the 5D ascension and that is fine with me as long as what you say we will go to a place where our vibrations will fit if I’ve got that right, only worry is if you get caught back into this trap it’s so unbelievably horrible when you look into everything that has happened from the very start to the continuation of the intervention to this very day.

It is no wonder so many still have not got a clue about any of this and may never know.

I absolutely dislike the fact that animals are being treated cruelly for food and for cosmetics Clothing and testing. I am sure the new paradigm you speak of will not require these methods as you already explained our food requirements would be different to what they are now without need to use meat. 

I know I could not be a vegan for a start I dislike so much of the foods I don’t like fruit or veg, nuts, tofu alternative milks etc and my family are too exactly the same.

I know you understand this and respect it you’ve said that, I also don’t think like you made a comment on health, I doubt our health would be good enough to go through the demands of truly becoming vegan.

I just wanted to pop on to say Hello haven’t been on for a bit I am still busy reading, on The 5 Gateway’s now and looking forward to Divinicus think I will learn a lot from that. I’m also still looking at the website everyday and I will always find new information I didn’t know. Pleased you all had a good time at the last retreat. 

Sending out lots of love ❤️💙

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Hey Open,

I still have a few food hurdles to ditch in the cheese and butter dept thats my biggest challenge but its a working progress. 

I have also incorporated intermittent fasting into my lifestyle without being militant about it. 

The other challenge is doing a mucoid plaque fast! 

I still eat eggs as my chooks keep laying and I dont see any sense in wasting them, they get treated well with home made food and foraging in the paddock unlike commercial chickens. Even the older non laying ones get to live out their best life here on the farm. The ones that get broody get to sit on their eggs and hatch their wee chicks out unless Peter the python raids their nest! 

So being completely vegan wont be my path at this stage. I am grateful I have my feathered egg laying, fertilizing the earth friends. lol

I did watch a very interesting vid a couple of days ago about placentas of vegans v meat eaters which raised a few questions. Its an ongoing enquiry. 

Anyway that's my diet journey so far.

Bon apetite

Erin 🍒🍉🍌🍏🥑🌽🥕🌶🍄🌰🍇🥚🍋🍍🍑



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Vegan shifting happened to me fully following my stay in Palma at the beginning of the year. Before that I still had occasional cheese and eggs. oddly enough, I'm usually the one who ties himself in intellectual knots and thought loops, but this time it was the effortless stepping through a doorway. Like my last alcoholic drink 3.5 years ago, one day my entirety said 'no'. that was the end of it, no further thought of eggs or dairy. I have no real explanation of this process other than saying it feels like a chapter is complete and I've moved onto the next. I can see how the line between a commitment, using one's soulful pull and will to evolve in the shift and an intention, moulding a sort of spiritual identity with a list of changes, might be blurred on this subject. There's all sorts of programming around identity and consuming animal products. One branch of my family pride themselves on eating large rare steaks and often send me pictures. It's a difficult issue to debate with sensitivity, although the part it plays on the route to expanded consciousness is clear enough.

I think it courageous to be openly discussed in this way and see how it could be triggering for some. I feel fortunate that, like my previous relation with alcohol, I naturally transitioned through without a second thought. This could pose the question to some though, how much do you want to evolve? That could even be modified to, how much do you want to evolve now? Or instead of asking too many questions, just leave it to the energy to find a route.